600+ Funny Filipino Names [Unique Ideas]

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The Philippines is home to some wonderfully unique names that bring smiles and giggles. From traditional names with interesting meanings to modern creations that sound silly, Filipinos have a knack for coming up with lighthearted monikers.

This article explores funny Filipino names across categories like personal, business, pet, and more. While these names may give you a good laugh, they carry cultural meaning or hopeful wishes from parents.

We will cover popular trends and explain name meanings so you can better appreciate the humor Filipinos find in the names they give. With an open and respectful spirit, read on for a look at this playful naming tradition.

Funny Filipino Names (With Meanings)

Funny Filipino Names infographic

Filipino names aren’t just about traditional names; they often have a unique and playful touch.

In the Philippines, naming conventions can be a fun mix of creativity, humor, and, sometimes, just pure imagination. 

These names might come from a blend of parents’ names, a memorable event, or even a favorite celebrity or character.

Below are some funny Filipino names that will make you smile. 

1. Buboy – Often used as an affectionate term for boys, similar to “buddy” or “pal.”

2. Ningning – Nname that conveys brightness or sparkle, reflecting a vibrant personality.

3. Bangs – Typically a playful, casual name with no specific meaning, akin to a pet name.

4. Totoy – A fond nickname for young boys, implying youthfulness and innocence.

5. Ging-Ging – Sweet and affectionate term, commonly used for girls, denoting endearment.

6. Inday – Popular nickname in the Visayas, frequently used for girls and suggesting gentleness.

7. Kaloy – A diminutive form of Carlos, often used affectionately for males named Carlos.

8. Chuchay – Playful and affectionate nickname, often used for a girl.

9. Dodong – A term of endearment, typically used for younger males, suggesting respect and affection.

10. Nene – Commonly used for girls, this name implies youth and tenderness.

11. Kikay – Nickname often used for someone fashionable and girly.

12. Boyet – A common Filipino nickname for a young man or boy, often friendly.

13. Tisoy – Everyday term for someone with fair or mestizo features.

14. Bongbong – A playful and lovable nickname often used for a chubby person.

15. Miming – Term of endearment for a cat or someone with a feline-like personality.

Funny Filipino Girl Names

Funny Filipino Girl Names

Filipino girl names have a cheerful and amusing twist, reflecting the nation’s love for creativity and joy.

These names can combine traditional Filipino words, modern twists, or even a play on international names. 

From names that dance off the tongue to those that carry a musical rhythm, each one is a testament to the vibrant essence of Filipino culture.

Mayumi – Modest

Ligaya – Joy

Malaya – Free

Tala – Star

Halina – Entice

Diwata – Fairy

Bituin – Star

Dalisay – Pure

Amihan – Northeast wind

Mahinhin – Demure

Masaya – Happy

Ningning – Brilliance

Luningning – Glitter

Kalayaan – Freedom

Paraluman – Muse

Liwayway – Dawn

Bulaklak – Flower

Sinag – Ray

Rosas – Rose

Alindog – Charm

Hiraya – Imagination

Kumukutikutitap – Twinkling

Bughaw – Blue

Makiling – Mythical mountain

Habagat – Southwest wind

Ilog – River

Maynila – Manila

Bituwin – Star

Pag-asa – Hope

Paloma – Dove

Tag-ulan – Rainy season

Marikit – Beautiful

Liwanag – Light

Perlas – Pearl

Araw-araw – Daily

Funny Filipino Boy Names

Funny Filipino Boy Names

Filipino boy names usually have a distinctive and playful ring to them. These names are not just labels; they’re part of a story, a memory, or a family joke.

They often reflect the Filipino penchant for combining words, creating new sounds, or giving a local twist to popular names. It’s all about the joy and fun in the process of naming. 

Each name here is a blend of tradition, fun, and a dash of creativity, showcasing the cheerful spirit of the Philippines.

Junjun – Little Jun

Toto – Young boy

Agapito – Beloved

Bayani – Hero

Dudut – Playful nickname

Ningnong – Endearing term

Jomjom – Affectionate nickname

Dagul – Short stature

Habagat – Monsoon

Isko – Young boy

Wawoy – Cute nickname

Manoy – Elder brother

Nognog – Dark-skinned

Jepoy – Nickname for Joseph

Makmak – Affectionate term

Tibo – Masculine

Ulo – Head

Kulot – Curly-haired

Waway – Mischievous

Xymon – Variation of Simon

Zandro – Defender

Aldo – Elder

Baldo – Bold

Noning – Endearing term

Bubot – Young, immature

Boyboy – Boyish nickname

Pongpong – Cute nickname

Narding – Nickname

Kulas – Nickname

Polpol – Playful nickname

Enteng – Nickname

Monmon – Affectionate term

Tikboy – Young boy

Gino – Nickname for Eugenio

Hapon – Afternoon or Japanese

Funny Filipino Business Names

Funny Filipino Business Names

In the Philippines, business names have a humorous twist, reflecting the fun-loving nature of Filipino culture.

Whether it’s a play on words, a humorous take on a familiar phrase, or a clever mix of English and Filipino languages, these names will surely make you chuckle. 

Here are some funny Filipino business names that are as amusing as they are ingenious. They embody the humor and fun that Filipinos are known for.

Curl Up and Dye (Hair Salon)

Bread Pitt (Bakery)

Hair Force One (Barbershop)

The Fried of Marikina (Restaurant)

Juan Direction (Travel Agency)

Mang Inasar (BBQ Restaurant)

Wok This Way (Chinese Restaurant)

Big Mak (Burger Stand)

Sewer Side (Tailoring Shop)

Fish Be With You (Seafood Restaurant)

Knot Today (Wedding Planner)

Pane in the Glass (Window Repair)

Lord of the Wings (Chicken Wings Spot)

Pansit Cantina (Filipino Restaurant)

My Thai (Thai Restaurant)

Laba-Love Laundry (Laundry Service)

Grillenium Falcon (Grill Restaurant)

Copy Cat Digital Printing (Print Shop)

Plan Bee Farm (Honey Supplier)

Shoe-per Man (Shoe Store)

Teaquila (Tea Shop)

BarBerQ (Barbershop and BBQ)

Wrap Battle (Food Wrap Stand)

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (Hair Salon)

Java The Hut (Coffee Shop)

Donut Panic (Donut Shop)

Wrench a Sketch (Auto Repair)

Meating Place (Meat Shop)

Eggciting Eggscape (Egg Supplier)

Paws A Moment (Pet Shop)

Funny Old Filipino Names

Old Filipino names carry a certain charm and history that reflect the country’s rich cultural past. They blend native Filipino, Spanish, and sometimes even American influences, creating a unique tapestry of linguistic heritage.

They’re a delightful mix of the traditional and the unusual, showcasing the depth and diversity of Filipino identity through the ages.

Let’s explore these funny and quaint old Filipino names that tell the stories of the past and carry a sense of heritage and identity with them.

Remedios – Remedies

Constancia – Constancy

Florencio – Blossoming

Purificacion – Purification

Teofilo – God-loving

Esmeralda – Emerald

Bienvenido – Welcome

Caridad – Charity

Honorata – Honored

Iluminado – Enlightened

Generoso – Generous

Dolores – Sorrows

Eulogio – Praise

Rosalinda – Beautiful rose

Narciso – flower

Paciencia – Patience

Venancio – Hunter

Luningning – Brightness

Cresencio – Growth

Adoracion – Adoration

Bonifacio – Good fate

Trinidad – Trinity

Macario – Blessed

Presentacion – Presentation

Felicisimo – Most happy

Gregoria – Vigilant

Maximiano – Greatest

Socorro – Help, relief

Epifanio – Manifestation

Malou – Maria Lourdes

Funny Filipino Last Names

Funny Filipino Last Names

Filipino last names are as diverse and colorful as the country’s culture. They often have interesting origins, some from the country’s history, others from nature, and many result from a unique blend of linguistic influences. 

The uniqueness of these names can often lead to amusing situations, especially when translated or pronounced in different ways.

Each name here is a reminder of the Philippines’ rich and varied history.

Dimaano – Uncertain origin

Tampipi – Woven basket

Maligalig – Restless

Dagdag – Additional

Dalisay – Pure

Makulit – Persistent

Quibuyen – Unique origin

Bulaong – Treasure

Katigbak – Ancestral name

Halakhak – Laughter

Labajo – Small knife

Dalupang – Native plant

Manalang – To hesitate

Bumanglag – To stand out

Tumangan – To hold

Ligot – Tied up

Baluyot – Sack

Kalawakan – Universe

Palabay – Easygoing

Pangilinan – To ask

Takbo – Run

Sumulong – Advance

Panganiban – Fearful place

Pangan – Eldest child

Manansala – To damage

Masipag – Industrious

Himagsikan – Revolution

Funny Filipino Restaurant Names

Funny Filipino Restaurant Names

Filipino restaurants usually choose names that are not just catchy but also have a humorous twist, reflecting the fun and festive nature of Filipino dining.

It’s a way for restaurant owners to showcase their creativity and give their customers a glimpse of the enjoyable dining experience that awaits them. 

These names also reflect the love for good food and good times that are central to Filipino culture. They are as delightful and unique as the dishes they serve.

Kare-Kare Kita – Love for Kare-Kare

Hipon Coming Back – Shrimp-themed comeback

Adobo Connection – Adobo-themed bonding

Sinigang Gang – Sinigang lovers group

Eat Bulaga – Surprise meal, fun dining

Lechon My Mind – Focused on Lechon

BiyaHero – Heroic fish-themed

Balutiful Day – Beautiful day with Balut

Pansit Happy – Happy Pancit experience

Halo-Halo House – House of mixed desserts

Sarap ng Buhay – Deliciousness of life

Lumpiang Shanghai Love – Love for Lumpia Shanghai

Sisig Society – Community of Sisig lovers

Tapa Out – Specialty in Tapa

Bagnet Universe – Universe of Bagnet

Tinola-rrific – Fantastic Tinola

Mami Ng Tahanan – Mother’s Noodle Soup

Pinoy Pizza Parlor – Filipino-style pizza place

Bicol Express Lane – Fast Bicol Express

Pancit ng Ina Mo – Mother’s Pancit

Langhap-Sarap – Deliciously aromatic

Kanin Get Enough – Can’t get enough rice

Goto Believe – Must try Goto

Tokwa’t Baboy Forever – Forever Tofu and Pork

Sinanglaw Spot – Place for Sinanglaw

Hapag Kainan – Dining table feast

Gulay All The Way – All about vegetables

Inasal Insanity – Crazy for Inasal

Kaldereta Corner – Corner for Kaldereta

Taho-tally Awesome – Totally awesome Taho

Funny Filipino Team Names

In the Philippines, team names are often created with a blend of comedy, creativity, and a dash of local flair.

Filipinos love to infuse their team names with wit and playfulness, whether for a sports team, a group project, or a fun gathering. 

Crafted to bring a smile and foster team spirit, these names reflect the light-heartedness and bond that Filipinos cherish in group endeavors.

Tawanan Troopers – Laughing soldiers

Gulay Gang – Vegetable squad

Karaoke Kings – Singing champions

Isaw Invaders – Street food raiders

Adarna Army – Mythical bird believers

Tikbalang Team – Mythical creature squad

Halo-Halo Huddle – Mixed dessert group

Buhay Bahay – Home life

Aswang Allies – Mythical creature friends

Sigla Squad – Energy team

Parol Patrol – Lantern guardians

Saranggola Sailors – Kite flyers

Tsinelas Chasers – Slipper sprinters

Jeepney Jumpers – Public transport enthusiasts

Tambay Tribe – Hangout gang

Chika Champs – Gossip gurus

Alamat Aces – Legend experts

Pandesal Posse – Bread buddies

Sinulog Dancers – Festival performers

Arrozcaldo Allies – Porridge pals

Mangga Mavericks – Mango masters

Buko Battalion – Coconut crew

Sago Stars – Tapioca stars

Puto Pirates – Rice cake raiders

Sumbrero Squad – Hat team

Leche Flan Lovers – Custard connoisseurs

Tambol Troopers – Drum troops

Agila Avengers – Eagle defenders

Bayanihan Brigade – Community helpers

Anting-Anting Army – Amulet aficionados

Funny Filipino Dog Names

Filipinos love their pets, and this affection is often showcased through the unique and humorous names they give their dogs.

These names often reflect Filipino culture, cuisine, and a penchant for playful and endearing terms. 

From food-inspired names to cute diminutives, each Filipino dog name is a delightful mix of the quirky and the charming. 

Kulit – Playful

Haba-Dila – Long Tongue

Kulet – Mischievous

Bungisngis – Always Smiling

Takaw-Tinapay – Bread Lover

Asong-Kalye – Street Dog

Kalokohan – Nonsense

Kikirot – Ticklish

Lambingero – Affectionate

Poging-Aso – Handsome Dog

Trip-Trip – Fun-loving

Makulit – Stubborn

Engkanto – Enchanting

Tsuper-Tsubibo – Mini Driver

Maginoo – Gentleman

Madam – Elegant Lady

Pilyo – Naughty

Sabi-Sabi – Talkative

Kunsintidor – Indulgent

Bangus – Milkfish

Lasinggero – Drunkard

Adik-Sa-Pagkain – Food Addict

Mataray – Snobbish

Giliw-Giliw – Sweetie

Kuromatiko – Grumpy

Liksi-Liksi – Agile

Kalabit-Kalabit – Playful Poking

Matipuno – Muscular

Ligtas – Safe

Sutil – Stubborn

Funny Native Filipino Names

Native Filipino names are steeped in the country’s rich cultural and linguistic heritage. These names have deep meanings rooted in the country’s history, nature, or indigenous languages.

They celebrate the Philippines’ diverse ethnic groups and their contribution to its identity. 

Each name, with its unique sound and meaning, is a nod to the rich tapestry of Filipino heritage and the depth of its linguistic diversity.

Malakas – Strong

Maganda – Beautiful

Liwanag – Light

Lakandula – Traditional Title

Diwata – Fairy or Goddess

Bagwis – Wing

Lualhati – Joy

Mayumi – Modest

Amihan – Northeast Wind

Tala – Star

Kalayaan – Freedom

Maharlika – Nobility

Liwayway – Dawn

Masipag – Hardworking

Dalisay – Pure

Bayani – Hero

Alon – Wave

Bituin – Star

Habagat – Southwest Wind

Malaya – Free

Harana – Serenade

Pag-asa – Hope

Alab – Blaze

Agila – Eagle

Bulan – Moon

Katipunan – Association

Lakambini – Female Leader

Tandang – Old in a Respectful Way

Batumbakal – Rock Iron

Paraluman – Muse

Funny Filipino Food Names

Funny Filipino Restaurant Names

Filipino cuisine is known for its vibrant flavors, colorful presentations, and, often, its humorous and catchy food names.

These names can be playful puns, descriptions of the dish’s appearance or ingredients, or quirky terms that have become part of the culinary language. 

From savory dishes to sweet delights, these names are as appetizing as they are entertaining. Here’s a list of amusing Filipino food names that are as funny as they are delicious:

Tawa-Tawa Tuna – Laughing Tuna

Kalderetang Kawawa – Pitiful Stew

Hala Ka Pork – Oh No, Pork!

Gulay Ko ‘To – This is My Vegetable

Bangus sa Bangus – Milkfish Surprise

Giniling-ng Giniling – Minced Minced

Lecheng Manok – Naughty Chicken

Nakaka-Inis Adobo – Annoying Adobo

Tortang Taena – Cursed Omelette

Itlog Mo’y Itlog – Your Egg is an Egg

Kanin At Kape – Rice and Coffee

Ubebe – Purple Yam Baby

Saging Lang Ang May Puso – Only the Banana Has a Heart

Lutong Bahay – Home-Cooked 

Chicken sa Minanok – Chicken in the Nest

Bicol ‘To Bicol – This is Bicol

Taguan Kaldereta – Hide and Seek Stew

Binabad Ka Ba? – Were You Soaked?

Tikoy Luto Luto – Cooked Tikoy

Tuna Mo Pa ‘To – Is This Your Tuna?

Daing ‘Yan! – That’s Dried Fish!

Kalderetang Kambing – Goat Stew

Gata Galore – Coconut Milk Feast

Maisip Ka Lang – Just Thought of You

Sinigang Na Baka Bakit? – Why Sour Beef Soup?

Balik-Loob Baboy – Reformed Pig

Bicol Express Iba – Different Bicol Express

Lengua De Gatas – Milk Tongue

Kaunti Na Lang – Just a Little Left

Monggo Na Lang – Just Mung Beans

For more name ideas, check out these

Laugh, Learn, and Love: The Filipino Way

These are not just mere words but sparkling gems of cultural identity. These names, quirky and delightful, are mirrors reflecting the heart and humor of the Philippines. 

They’re not just labels; they’re stories, they’re ice-breakers, and they’re a testament to the fun-loving nature of Filipinos. 

Whether you’re a Filipino enjoying a nostalgic trip down memory lane or a curious explorer from another land, these names will leave you with a smile and a newfound appreciation for the unique and joyous Filipino culture. 

So, let’s remove the names and the laughter and warmth they represent, reminding us that even names can bring a smile to the rich tapestry of Filipino culture.

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