450+ Funny Ghost Names

Funny Ghost Names
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Ghosts aren’t always about spine-chilling whispers and shadowy corners; sometimes, they are the unseen clowns of the night, with names as playful as their antics. These names are far from the typical spine-tingling labels; they’re a delightful fusion of the supernatural and the comical. 

Whether you are crafting a hilarious Halloween story, planning a themed party, or simply seeking a dose of laughter, these names are here to ensure that even in the afterlife, spirits can be the life of the party.

So, prepare to move on an amusing adventure where the supernatural meets the lighthearted, reminding us that even in the spectral realm, there’s always room for a good laugh.

Funny Ghost Names (With Meanings)

Funny Ghost Names infographic

Ghosts don’t always have to lurk in the shadows; sometimes, they’re the unspoken heroes of humor in the spectral world.

They are universal, quirky, and have a certain charm that will make you think of ghosts in a new, lighthearted way. 

These names are great for any ghost, regardless of their backstory, and are sure to bring a smile to anyone who hears them. 

1. Boo Berry – A spectral figure with a penchant for berry-related mischief.

2. Chuckle Chuck – Known for turning haunts into humorous escapades with its chuckles.

3. Floaty McFloatface – Renowned for its lively, almost comedic floating antics.

4. Giggles McGhost – Famed for filling eerie corridors with infectious ghostly giggles.

5. Howly Howard – Echoes through the night with unexpected, amusing howls.

6. Jumpy Jerry – Expert at playful startles, turning scares into bursts of laughter.

7. Laughing Larry – Brings a wave of laughter wherever it haunts, lightening the mood.

8. Mischief Milo – The prankster of the spirit world, always up for some ghostly shenanigans.

9. Noisy Ned – Creates a cacophony of sounds, turning hauntings into amusing symphonies.

10. Prankster Pete – The mastermind behind every light-hearted spectral prank.

11. Quirky Quincy – Stands out with his unusual, yet endearing ghostly quirks.

12. Rattling Ralph – Known for his signature rattling that’s more quirky than spooky.

13. Sneaky Steve – Always up to something naughty but in the most playful way.

14. Wobbly Willy – His wobbly apparitions are more likely to incite giggles than fear.

15. Zany Zack – Embodies the spirit of zaniness, turning hauntings into fun experiences.

Funny Female Ghost Names

Funny Female Ghost Names

When it comes to ghostly ladies, they can be just as mischievous and playful as their male counterparts.

These names are a mix of puns, quirky twists, and imaginative plays on words that bring out the fun side of our ghostly friends. 

They are perfect for characters in stories, fun Halloween names, or just to enjoy a giggle.

Without further ado, here are some amusing names for our female phantoms:

  • Glenda Giggles
  • Spooky Susie
  • Haunting Hannah
  • Boo-tiful Barbara
  • Ghoulish Gloria
  • Wanda Wisp
  • Eerie Eliza
  • Misty Martia
  • Creepy Cathy
  • Phantom Phoebe
  • Whispering Wendy
  • Sneaky Selena
  • Mysterious Mary
  • Spinning Sally
  • Floating Fiona
  • Jolly Jenna
  • Wicked Wanda
  • Breezy Betty
  • Chilling Chelsea
  • Delightful Daisy
  • Enchanting Emily
  • Frightening Felicia
  • Ghastly Greta
  • Hilarious Hazel
  • Invisible Iris
  • Joyful Juliet
  • Kooky Katie
  • Laughing Lila
  • Merry Mabel
  • Naughty Nancy
  • Ominous Olivia
  • Playful Penelope
  • Quirky Queenie
  • Roaming Ruby
  • Silly Sophia

Funny Male Ghost Names

Funny Male Ghost Names

The gentlemen of the ghost world deserve their share of fun, too! These male ghost names are filled with fun, creativity, and a touch of the supernatural.

They’re perfect for a laugh, a character in a spooky yet funny tale, or to lighten the mood when thinking about ghosts. 

Here’s a list of funny male ghost names that are sure to add a bit of humor to any ghostly encounter:

  • Chuckling Charlie
  • Dapper Dan
  • Ecto Eddie
  • Fumbling Fred
  • Ghoulish Gary
  • Hilarious Harry
  • Invisible Ian
  • Jolly Jim
  • Kooky Kyle
  • Laughing Louis
  • Mischievous Max
  • Nervous Neil
  • Odd Oliver
  • Playful Paul
  • Quirky Quentin
  • Roaming Roger
  • Silly Sam
  • Ticklish Tim
  • Upbeat Ulysses
  • Vexing Vince
  • Whimsical Walter
  • X-traordinary Xavier
  • Yawning Yosef
  • Zesty Zachary
  • Boisterous Ben
  • Clumsy Colin
  • Dancing Dave
  • Eccentric Eric
  • Funny Frank
  • Groovy Greg
  • Happy Henry
  • Ironic Isaac
  • Jesting Jack
  • Kind Kevin
  • Lively Leo

Funny Ghost Hunter Names

Funny Ghost Hunter Names

Ghost hunters, those brave souls who venture into the unknown, deserve names that capture their adventurous spirit and sense of humor.

They’re the ones who confront the spooky and the spectral with a mix of courage and playfulness. 

These names are perfect for ghost-hunting story characters, gamers who love a ghostly challenge, or just for a good chuckle. 

So, gear up with your EMF readers and spirit boxes, and meet our ghost hunters with the quirkiest names:

  • Specter Stalker Sam
  • Phantom Finder Phil
  • Ectoplasmic Eddie
  • Ghostly Gail
  • Haunt Hunter Hank
  • Boo Buster Betty
  • Spectral Steve
  • Wraith Wrangler Wendy
  • Ghoul Seeker Gary
  • Apparition Adventurer Andy
  • Poltergeist Patroller Paula
  • Shade Shadow Sally
  • Spirit Scout Simon
  • Haunting Hunter Harvey
  • Creepy Chaser Chloe
  • Ghostly Gazer George
  • Phantom Pursuer Pete
  • Spooky Sleuth Susan
  • Wraith Whisperer Will
  • Ghoul Getter Greg
  • Apparition Analyst Alice
  • Specter Sleuth Sean
  • Ghost Guider Gloria
  • Poltergeist Pouncer Patrick
  • Shade Surfer Sarah
  • Eerie Explorer Ethan
  • Spirit Seeker Sophia
  • Phantom Patroller Phoebe
  • Wraith Watcher Wayne
  • Ghoul Grappler Greta
  • Apparition Agent Adam
  • Specter Spy Sandy
  • Ghostly Guide Gordon
  • Poltergeist Prober Penny
  • Shade Sleuth Stanley

Funny Phasmophobia Ghost Names

In the virtual realm of phasmophobia, where the thrill of encountering ghosts in a virtual setting captivates many, the names of these spectral beings can add an extra layer of fun.

These ghost names are designed to bring a lighter touch to the eerie atmosphere of ghost-hunting games. 

They are perfect for naming your next ghostly adversary in a game or just to enjoy the playful side of phantoms:

  • Boo Blinky
  • Spookster Sparky
  • Phantom Phred
  • Ghoulie Greta
  • Wraith Wally
  • Specter Spike
  • Ghostie Garry
  • Ecto Elmo
  • Shade Sheldon
  • Poltergeist Polly
  • Hauntie Hilda
  • Apparition Arnold
  • Spectral Spence
  • Ghostly Gloria
  • Wraithy Wendy
  • Boo-Boo Barney
  • Eerie Ernie
  • Spooky Stella
  • Phantom Pete
  • Ghastly Gus
  • Shady Shelly
  • Poltergeist Pete
  • Haunting Harriet
  • Apparition Annie
  • Specter Spencer
  • Ghostly Gertrude
  • Wraith Ralph
  • Ectoplasmic Emma
  • Shade Sammy
  • Poltergeist Paul

Funny Pokemon Ghost Names

Funny Pokemon Ghost Names

In Pokemon, where creatures of all types abound, ghost-type Pokemon with funny names add a touch of comedy to the mix.

These names, inspired by the playful spirit of Pokemon, combine ghostly charm and lighthearted fun. 

Each name is a nod to the playful spirit of the Pokemon universe, where every creature, ghostly or not, has its own unique charm.

  • Ha-Haunter
  • Chucklesaur
  • Gigglydrift
  • Wailord
  • Snortrot
  • Grininja
  • Laughlypuff
  • Cackletta
  • Teeheemarowak
  • Hilaricario
  • Tittergeist
  • Jokeluxray
  • Gourdonk
  • Yuckmuk
  • Phanpy
  • Chucklizard
  • Sableye-snicker
  • Shuppet-shuffle
  • Gengiggle
  • Drifblim-blam
  • Banette-laugh
  • Grinichomp
  • Tickle-tot
  • Lickilicky
  • Chortlecho
  • Rotflan
  • Guffawile
  • Snickerquaza
  • Jesterly
  • Hoot-ha-ha

Funny Old Ghost Names

Journey back in time to an era of old ghosts, but with a comical twist. Imagine ghosts from centuries ago having names that reflect their era but with a quirky, modern sense of humor. 

These names are perfect for historical ghost stories, for characters in period ghost tales, or just for a laugh when thinking about ghosts from the good old days.

Let’s take a playful walk down memory lane with these funny old ghost names:

  • Bumbling Bartholomew
  • Chuckling Charlotte
  • Dapper Daniel
  • Eccentric Ethel
  • Foppish Frederick
  • Giggling Gertrude
  • Hilarious Harriet
  • Jovial Jasper
  • Kooky Katherina
  • Laughing Lancelot
  • Merry Mildred
  • Nifty Neville
  • Olden Oliver
  • Prankster Penelope
  • Quaint Quentin
  • Roaming Rosalind
  • Silly Sebastian
  • Ticklish Tabitha
  • Unruly Ulysses
  • Victorian Victor
  • Whimsical Wilhelmina
  • Ye Olde Yorick
  • Zesty Zachariah
  • Amusing Archibald
  • Boisterous Beatrice
  • Comical Cornelius
  • Droll Dorothy
  • Entertaining Edmund
  • Frolicsome Frances
  • Grinning Gregory

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As we close the creaky doors of our ghostly name gallery, let’s remember that the world of spirits and specters isn’t just about chills and thrills. It is where humor can shine through the shadows, turning eerie whispers into joyful laughter. 

Whether these names find a home in your next ghost story, become the name of your virtual ghost-hunting avatar, or serve as a fun conversation starter, they remind us that a dash of creativity and a pinch of humor can make even the spookiest subjects delightful.

So, the next time you think of ghosts, remember our funny phantom friends and their mischievous hunters.

Keep the spirit of fun alive, and let the hilarity of these names continue to echo in your tales, games, and conversations.

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