360+ Funny Names for Squirrels [Clever Ideas]

Funny Names for Squirrels
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Squirrels, the charming and energetic visitors in our gardens, offer a daily spectacle with their lively antics and fluffy tails. They’re more than just a visual treat; they become characters in the landscape of our outdoor lives.

Naming squirrels can be fun, especially when you pick funny and creative names. It’s a playful and respectful tribute to our bushy-tailed companions, enhancing our connection with the natural world. 

Let’s celebrate the quirks and charms of our favorite garden acrobats in a uniquely engaging and joyful way.

Funny Names for Male Squirrels

Funny Names for Squirrels infographic

Male squirrels, known for their boundless energy and mischievous antics, are lively in gardens and parks.

From names that play on their speedy moves to ones inspired by their bushy tails, each name here will surely bring a smile to your face.

Let’s meet our furry friends:

  • Nutty McFluff
  • Acorn Alvin
  • Bushy Burt
  • Sir Squeakalot
  • Whisker Willy
  • Jumpy Jack
  • Munchkin Max
  • Twitchy Tim
  • Oakley Oliver
  • Skippy Sam
  • Paws Paul
  • Furry Fred
  • Scurry Scott
  • Woody Walt
  • Fluffy Frank
  • Ziggy Zane
  • Bouncy Ben
  • Leapin’ Larry
  • Chipper Charlie
  • Speedy Steve
  • Darty Dave
  • Sneaky Sean
  • Treehugger Tom
  • Nibble Nick
  • Chatterbox Chad
  • Jumpin’ Joe
  • Scamper Shane
  • Bolt Barry
  • Digger Doug
  • Climber Clyde
  • Sprinter Spencer
  • Tailspin Tony
  • Hopper Hank
  • Stash Stan
  • Dash Daniel
  • Cache Casey
  • Giggles Gary
  • Runner Rick
  • Sneak Pete
  • Glider Gus
  • Swifty Simon
  • Peeker Parker
  • Frisky Finn
  • Nutkin Nate

Funny Names for Female Squirrels

Funny Names for Female Squirrels

Female squirrels, with their grace and elegance, are just as deserving of cute and hilarious names.

They’re often seen gracefully navigating the tree branches or tenderly caring for their young. 

These names are inspired by their delicate yet sprightly nature, reflecting both their beauty and lively side. 

  • Bella Biscuit
  • Daisy Dancer
  • Nutella Nina
  • Twinkle Tara
  • Hazel Harmony
  • Fluffy Fiona
  • Ginger Gem
  • Cinnamon Cindy
  • Bouncy Betty
  • Snuggly Sarah
  • Twirl Tina
  • Sassy Sophie
  • Munchy Mandy
  • Wiggly Wendy
  • Velvet Vicky
  • Skippy Skylar
  • Glimmer Grace
  • Prance Penny
  • Whirl Willow
  • Sparkle Stella
  • Slinky Sandy
  • Hoppity Holly
  • Nibbler Nancy
  • Swirl Sierra
  • Silky Selena
  • Pounce Paige
  • Flutter Faye
  • Jazzy Jasmine
  • Breezy Bree
  • Lively Lulu
  • Scampy Scarlett
  • Giggly Gail
  • Zippy Zoe
  • Tiptoe Tessa
  • Merry Mia
  • Dainty Donna
  • Twirl Tabby
  • Chirpy Chloe
  • Frolic Faith
  • Prance Phoebe
  • Leapin’ Lily
  • Scurry Savannah
  • Busy Bella
  • Charmy Charity
  • Whisker Wendy

Funny Names for Baby Squirrels

Funny Names for Baby Squirrels

Baby squirrels, or ‘kits,’ are the epitome of cuteness with their tiny paws and curious eyes.

These little bundles of energy are not just miniature versions of adult squirrels but have their unique charm. 

When naming these adorable kits, consider names that capture their active and innocent nature.

Let’s give these tiny adventurers names as cute as their button noses:

  • Pipsqueak Pete
  • Mini Muffin
  • Bitty Benny
  • Tiny Timmy
  • Lulu Little
  • Fidgety Fiona
  • Niblet Noah
  • Pebble Penny
  • Wee Willie
  • Scampy Sammy
  • Button Bella
  • Doodle Doug
  • Squirt Sally
  • Titchy Tina
  • Roly-Poly Ricky
  • Teensy Tessa
  • Wobbly Walter
  • Bouncer Billy
  • Morsel Molly
  • Pixie Pat
  • Tumble Tom
  • Giggles Garry
  • Nuzzle Nick
  • Peanut Paul
  • Wiggles Wendy
  • Fluffball Fred
  • Buzzy Becky
  • Snuggles Sean
  • Mite Mike
  • Jellybean Jenny
  • Dinky Dave
  • Skittle Scott
  • Sprout Sophie
  • Bambino Ben
  • Tootsie Tara
  • Puddle Perry
  • Whisker Will
  • Cuddles Cindy
  • Dandy Danny
  • Twinkle Tabby
  • Squeaky Steve
  • Frolic Frankie
  • Sparky Sarah
  • Puffball Pete

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Funny Names for Black Squirrels

Funny Names for Black Squirrels

With their sleek and glossy coats, black squirrels stand out magnificently against the greenery of our gardens and parks.

When naming these distinctive creatures, it’s fun to consider names that match their elegant and mysterious appearance. 

Each name here celebrates these dark-furred beauties’ distinctive charm and mystical allure.

  • Shadow Sam
  • Midnight Max
  • Ebony Emma
  • Onyx Oliver
  • Jet Jerry
  • Coal Chloe
  • Raven Ricky
  • Sable Sarah
  • Ink Ivy
  • Panther Peter
  • Mystery Molly
  • Charcoal Charlie
  • Smoky Simon
  • Velvet Vinnie
  • Obsidian Oscar
  • Stormy Steve
  • Night Nina
  • Blackberry Bella
  • Licorice Lucy
  • Cosmos Cody
  • Darky Daisy
  • Shade Shane
  • Eclipse Emily
  • Cinder Cindy
  • Velvet Vince
  • Phantom Phil
  • Stealthy Stan
  • Ash Ashley
  • Smudge Samuel
  • Puma Paul
  • Twilight Tina
  • Noir Nancy
  • Spooky Spencer
  • Moonlight Mike
  • Magic Matt
  • Silhouette Sally
  • Haze Harry
  • Mystic Mandy
  • Cloak Claire
  • Inkblot Ian

Funny Names for Red Squirrels

Funny Names for Red Squirrels

Red squirrels, with their striking red coats, stand out as lively characters in the woodland tapestry.

Their vibrant presence inspires a list of names that resonate with their spirited and energetic personalities.

Each name selected is a cheerful nod to the festive nature of these red-furred wonders, reflecting the zest and vibrancy they bring to their natural surroundings.

  • Rusty Russ
  • Cherry Charlie
  • Ember Emma
  • Garnet Gary
  • Ruby Ruby
  • Blaze Billy
  • Scarlet Scarlett
  • Copper Cooper
  • Auburn Abby
  • Cinnamon Cindy
  • Flame Floyd
  • Foxy Fiona
  • Ginger George
  • Saffron Sally
  • Spice Steve
  • Maple Molly
  • Poppy Peter
  • Sienna Simon
  • Sunset Susie
  • Reddy Reggie
  • Phoenix Phoebe
  • Pepper Penny
  • Merlot Matt
  • Cranberry Craig
  • Berry Barry
  • Fireball Frank
  • Carrot Casey
  • Brick Brian
  • Paprika Patrick
  • Claret Claire
  • Chestnut Chad
  • Tawny Tina
  • Maroon Mary
  • Biscuit Ben
  • Cayenne Celine
  • Zesty Zach
  • Radish Rachel
  • Ruddy Rudy
  • Sangria Sammy
  • Henna Henry

Funny Names for Gray Squirrels

Funny Names for Gray Squirrels

Gray squirrels, with their classic silvery-gray fur, are the ideal image of squirrels in many people’s minds.

They’re the familiar friends we see scampering in our backyards and local parks. 

When naming these common yet charismatic critters, think of names that match their playful nature and iconic appearance.

Let’s add a bit of fun to these well-known backyard buddies:

  • Smudge Smokey
  • Misty Max
  • Silver Simon
  • Asher Andy
  • Dusty Dylan
  • Cloudy Cody
  • Sterling Steve
  • Pebble Pete
  • Foggy Fred
  • Slate Sam
  • Stormy Stan
  • Puff Paul
  • Shady Shane
  • Shadow Shelby
  • Whisper Wendy
  • Haze Harry
  • Granite Gary
  • Frosty Frank
  • Moody Marvin
  • Ghost Gus
  • Dove Dave
  • Grizzle Greg
  • Glimmer Glenn
  • Mottle Matt
  • Swirl Scott
  • Steel Steve
  • Speckle Spencer
  • Flint Floyd
  • Woolly Walter
  • Meander Mike
  • Nimbus Ned
  • Pigeon Phil
  • Shade Shea
  • Gritty George
  • Rocky Ray
  • Gleam Greg
  • Tinsel Tony
  • Shimmer Sean
  • Echo Ethan
  • Dapple Dan

Cute Names for Squirrels

Cute Names for Squirrels

Sometimes, we want to give squirrels names that ooze cuteness and affection.

These names are perfect for those irresistibly adorable moments we witness, like a squirrel nibbling on a nut or playfully chasing its friends. 

From sweet to comical, each name here is a token of the joy and affection these adorable creatures inspire in us.

  • Snickerdoodle Sam
  • Jellybean Jenny
  • Marshmallow Max
  • Cupcake Katie
  • Pudding Pete
  • Sugar Sally
  • Cuddles Cindy
  • Bubbles Becky
  • Snuggle Simon
  • Buttercup Bill
  • Honey Hank
  • Toffee Tina
  • Pumpkin Patty
  • Muffin Mike
  • Sprinkles Scott
  • Truffle Tyler
  • Pipsie Paula
  • Biscotti Ben
  • Cookie Cody
  • Dollop Doug
  • Fudge Fiona
  • Gummy Gary
  • Jello Jack
  • KitKat Kelly
  • Lollipop Lucy
  • Munchkin Matt
  • Nougat Nancy
  • Oreo Oliver
  • Peaches Perry
  • Quiche Quinn
  • Ripple Rick
  • Sweetie Sam
  • Twix Tony
  • Velvet Vicki
  • Waffle Wendy
  • Zephyr Zoe
  • Apricot Andy
  • Bonbon Bob
  • Choco Chad
  • Dumpling Dave
  • Éclair Ethan
  • Fizzy Faye
  • Gumdrop Gus
  • Hershey Harry
  • Icing Izzy

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Bushy-Tailed Goodbyes:

From the daring acrobatics of ‘Nutty McFluff’ to the sweet antics of ‘Snickerdoodle Sam,’ each name has been a ticket to appreciating nature’s small, joyful moments. This isn’t just about naming; it’s about connecting, smiling, and finding magic in the everyday. 

So, the next time a squirrel scampers by, maybe it’ll spark a smile, and you’ll think, “There goes a Pipsqueak Pete!” reminding us that life, just like our furry friends, is full of surprises and fun.

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