These Funny Mushroom Names Are Serious Fun

Funny Mushroom Names
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Mushrooms come in all shapes and sizes, with some bearing funny or peculiar names that bring a smile to our faces.

In this article, we will explore some of the most funny mushroom monikers that have been devised over the years.

From the scientific corridors of taxonomy to the bustling alleys of businesses inspired by these fungi, prepare for a journey that reveals the enchanting, humorous, and often overlooked side of the mushroom kingdom.

Funny Mushroom Names (With Meanings)

Funny Mushroom Names infographic

The mushroom world is brimming with unexpected delights, especially when it comes to their quirky names.

Nature, with its playful twist, has given these fungi names that spark smiles and chuckles. 

Dive into this list, and let’s unearth these fungal funnies!

1. Lawyer’s Wig: With a tall, cylindrical shape that looks like the wigs lawyers once wore in court, it’s easy to see how this mushroom got its name.

2. Hairy Navel: This little mushroom has a fuzzy center, reminiscent of a belly button with a bit of fluff – hence the playful name.

3. Chicken of the Woods: Vibrant in color and with a taste and texture resembling chicken, this mushroom’s name is both descriptive and appetizing.

4. Dead Man’s Fingers: These mushrooms eerily resemble the pale fingers of a person, jutting out from the ground as they belong to someone buried beneath.

5. Plums and Custard: With colors similar to ripe plums and creamy custard, this mushroom looks like a dessert brought to life in the woods.

6. Elfin Saddle: Its unique structure brings to mind a tiny saddle, perfect for mythical woodland creatures like elves.

7. Snakeskin Grisette: This mushroom’s cap looks like it’s draped in snakeskin, giving it a reptilian elegance.

8. The Blusher: When damaged, this mushroom changes color, much like a person blushing, hence the charming name.

9. Weeping Widow: Droplets, or “tears,” often appear on this mushroom, painting a picture of a sorrowful widow in nature’s narrative.

10. Witches’ Butter: A jelly-like fungus with a striking yellow-orange hue, it’s easy to imagine this being a key ingredient in a witch’s potion.

11. Bleeding Fairy Helmet: When cut or broken, this mushroom exudes a red liquid, making it seem like a magical fairy’s protective headgear that’s been wounded.

12. Old Man of the Woods: Covered in a hairy, beard-like texture, this mushroom resembles a wise, old figure of the forest.

13. Shaggy Ink Cap: This mushroom’s cap melts away, releasing a black liquid similar to ink, and its fuzzy appearance adds to the visual flair.

14. Parrot Toadstool: Its vibrant greenish-yellow color is reminiscent of the exotic plumage of some parrots, hence the tropical name.

15. Slippery Jack: Known for its slimy cap, especially when wet, this mushroom is as slippery as a prankster named Jack trying to elude capture.

Funny Mushroom Name Ideas

Funny Mushroom Name Ideas

Sometimes, the vastness and variety within the mushroom kingdom invite our imaginative spins on naming.

While these might not be etched in any official record, they echo the playful essence of fungi and the joy of creativity. 

Join us on this lighthearted journey, where names seem like playful whispers from enchanted forests.

  • Chuckle Cap
  • Giggly Gill
  • Jester’s Jewel
  • Laughter Latchkey
  • Belly-laugh Bolete
  • Mirthful Morel
  • Teehee Truffle
  • Silly Spore
  • Grinny Grower
  • Fungal Funnybone
  • Ticklish Toadstool
  • Happy Helmet
  • Comical Cap
  • Jestful Jelly
  • Whimsical Waxcap
  • Mingle Morel
  • Chuckling Chantrelle
  • Haha Hygrophorus
  • Goofball Gill
  • Hearty Humorcap
  • Sunny Spore
  • Radiant Riser
  • Joyful Jelly
  • Marvelous Mycena
  • Pleased Puffball
  • Gleeful Grower
  • Blissful Button
  • Lighthearted Lentinus
  • Playful Polypore
  • Grateful Gill
  • Jubilant Jelly
  • Cheerful Chanterelle
  • Bouncy Boletus
  • Gleaming Glowcap
  • Merry Mycelium
  • Sprightly Shroom
  • Lively Lactarius
  • Popping Polypore
  • Bubbling Button
  • Delighted Dome
  • Radiant Russula
  • Frolicsome Fungus
  • Beaming Bolete
  • Whimsy Whitecap
  • Giddy Grower

Funny Edible Mushroom Names

Funny Edible Mushroom Names

Hold on to your forks! These mushrooms aren’t just laugh-worthy; they’re munch-worthy too.

The edible members of the fungi family often come with labels that sound like they’ve been plucked from a gastronomic fairy tale.

Delight in these edible mushrooms whose names are as flavorful as their profiles. Prepare your palate; there’s more to these mushrooms than meets the taste buds.

  • Shaggy Mane
  • Beefsteak Fungus
  • Jelly Ear
  • Charcoal Burner
  • Fairy Ring Champignon
  • King Trumpet
  • Hedgehog Mushroom
  • Wood Blewit
  • The Prince
  • Angel’s Wings
  • Golden Oyster
  • Horn of Plenty
  • Puffball
  • Velvet Shank
  • Brown Roll Rim
  • Giant Puffball
  • Fat Jack
  • Deceiver
  • Freckled Dapperling
  • Cinnamon Cap
  • Wine Cap
  • Fairy Inkcap
  • Shrimp of the Woods
  • Yellow Knight
  • Orange Peel Fungus
  • Blue Foot
  • Butter Wax Cap
  • Gypsy Mushroom
  • Honey Fungus
  • Lion’s Mane
  • Magpie Inkcap
  • Panther Cap
  • Purple Brittlegill
  • Rosy Gomphidius
  • Scarlet Elf Cup
  • Saffron Milk Cap
  • Silver Leaf
  • Snowy Waxcap
  • Stinkhorn
  • Straw Mushroom
  • Turkey Tail
  • Wood Ear
  • Zoned Rosy Rustgill
  • Red-cracking Bolete
  • Butter Bolete
  • Clouded Funnel
  • Common Funnel
  • Dark Fieldcap
  • Gilded Bolete
  • Poplar Fieldcap

Funny Poisonous Mushroom Names

Funny Poisonous Mushroom Names

Even among the cautionary tales of the mushroom domain, where certain species guard their fierce secrets, there’s an undercurrent of humor. 

Though unsafe to consume, these mushrooms bear names that juxtapose their danger with unexpected light-heartedness. 

But always remember, while these might tickle your tongue with their names, they are not to be trifled with!

  • Death Cap
  • Destroying Angel
  • Poison Pie
  • Fool’s Funnel
  • Panther Cap
  • Witches’ Heart
  • Deadly Webcap
  • Sneezing Amanita
  • Jester’s Bane
  • Ghostly Entoloma
  • Fiery Bolete
  • Fatal Fly Agaric
  • Deadly Dapperling
  • Phantom Fungus
  • Noxious Navel
  • Deadly Dome
  • Fatal Fairy Ring
  • Ghastly Grisette
  • Mortal Morel
  • Dangerous Dots
  • Killer Cap
  • Bane of the Woods
  • Treacherous Truffle
  • Nasty Nightcap
  • Deadly Dewdrop
  • Toxic Toadstool
  • Perilous Polypore
  • Menacing Mycena
  • Fatal Fun Guy
  • Sinister Shroom
  • Wicked Waxcap
  • Lethal Latchkey
  • Vexing Veil
  • Deadly Delight
  • Fatal Frill
  • Bitter Bolete
  • Looming Lactarius
  • Ghastly Gill
  • Treacherous Tuber
  • Ominous Oyster
  • Risky Russula
  • Deceptive Dome
  • Toxic Trumpet
  • Malignant Mycelium
  • Perilous Parasol

Funny Mushroom Burger Names

Funny Mushroom Burger Names

In the gastronomic land, where mushrooms lend their earthy flavors to satiating burgers, another layer of delight is their quirky names. 

From innovative eateries to gourmet kitchens, these mushroom burger names promise a comforting blend of fun and culinary artistry, making each bite a memorable experience.

  • Fungi Fiesta Burger
  • Shroomie Sliders
  • Morel Muncher
  • Portobello Punchline
  • Myco-melt Marvel
  • Bolete Bun Bites
  • Gilled Goodness Grub
  • Lentinus Laughstack
  • Chanterelle Chuckles
  • Toadstool Tummy Tickler
  • Polypore Patty Party
  • Fun-gi Feastwich
  • Truffle Trouble Tower
  • Button Burger Bliss
  • Enoki Euphoria
  • Mycelium Munchies
  • Gill Grill Thrill
  • Rustic Russula Wrap
  • Spore-tastic Sandwich
  • Porcini Panini Pleaser
  • Hyphal Hamburger
  • Crimini Crave Crate
  • Mushroom Mirth Meal
  • Waxcap Whoopie Wrap
  • Cap ‘n Crunch Combo
  • Shaggy Stack Snack
  • Fungal Flipper Filler
  • Puffball Power Pack
  • Earthy Eats Ensemble
  • Lactarius Luxe Lunch
  • Oyster Option Overload
  • Bearded Bolete Bite
  • Fruiting Body Fiesta
  • Cordyceps Crunchwich
  • Fungus Fusion Feast
  • Sporocarp Sandwich Stack
  • Myco-magic Melt
  • Gill-tastic Grub Grab
  • Stellar Shroom Slider
  • Shiitake Showstopper
  • Mycena Melt Moment
  • Earthstar Elation
  • Fungal Flair Flap
  • Tasty Toadstool Turnover
  • Burgering Bolete Boom
  • Cap-tivating Crunch
  • Shiitake Shake-up
  • Amanita Amuse-bite
  • Portobelly Pleasure Pack
  • Myco-mingle Munch

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Funny Mushroom Species Names

Funny Mushroom Names (With Meanings)

Peeling back the layers of scientific documentation and taxonomy reveals a surprising twist: mushroom species names that gleam with humor and wit. 

Far from the stoic corridors of botany, these names infuse a touch of joy and amusement into the scholarly study of fungi, making the intricate world of species both enlightening and entertaining.

  • Laughing Gym
  • Bitter Bolete
  • Warty Cavalier
  • Flirt’s Finger
  • Fairy’s Bonnet
  • Tipsy Tumbler
  • Blushing Bracket
  • Devil’s Tooth
  • Angel’s Apron
  • Sulky Suillus
  • Frowning Funnel
  • Jovial Jelly
  • Mirthful Mycena
  • Prickly Parasol
  • Bumbling Bracket
  • Giddy Ganoderma
  • Chuckling Cortinarius
  • Teasing Tricholoma
  • Hilarious Hygrocybe
  • Tickled Termitomyces
  • Bashful Bolbitius
  • Gleeful Galerina
  • Whimsical Woodwax
  • Playful Pluteus
  • Smiling Stereum
  • Lively Lepiota
  • Joyous Jelly
  • Humorous Helvella
  • Grinning Ganoderma
  • Dandy Dryad’s Saddle
  • Pleased Paxillus
  • Rapturous Russula
  • Goofy Gyroporus
  • Jolly Jack-O’-Lantern
  • Blithe Boletinellus
  • Sprightly Stropharia
  • Jubilant Jaapia
  • Nifty Nidula
  • Delighted Daedalea
  • Zany Zelleromyces
  • Larky Laccaria
  • Comical Coprinus
  • Beaming Bolbitius
  • Frisky Fomitopsis
  • Jester’s Jeweled Jelly

Funny Mushroom Business Names

Funny Mushroom Business Names

The ambitious landscape is dotted with mushroom ventures that understand the magic of a catchy name.

These businesses, inspired by the world of fungi, have crafted names that are memorable and radiate charm, wit, and a hint of the unexpected. 

As we explore this list, anticipate a fusion of business insight and mycological enchantment.

  • Fungi & Frolic Farms
  • Myco-Mirth Mart
  • Shroomie Boutique
  • Cap-Tastic Cultivars
  • Bolete Bazaar
  • Morel Marvels Inc.
  • Spore-tacular Stores
  • Gills & Thrills Emporium
  • Mushroom Medley Market
  • Mycelium Majesty Co.
  • Fungal Fancies Factory
  • Toadstool Treasures Ltd.
  • Spore Galore Grocers
  • Whimsy Woodsy Wares
  • MycoMerriment Merchants
  • Portobello Playhouse
  • Enchanting Enoki Enterprises
  • Fungi Froth Café
  • Stellar Spore Shoppe
  • Gill-ted Gifts Gallery
  • Bountiful Button Barn
  • Shroom Shine Sellers
  • Fruiting Fun Fest
  • Whimsical Waxcap Works
  • Chanterelle Charms Corp.
  • Toadstool Treats and Trinkets
  • Lively Lentinus Lounge
  • Earthstar Emporium
  • Fungal Flair Fashions
  • Mycena Mania Mall
  • Spore-adise Plaza
  • Giddy Growers Greenhouse
  • Blissful Bolete Boutique
  • Cordyceps Cornerstore
  • ShroomBloom Boomroom
  • MycoMagic Marketplace
  • Gleaming GrowGoods Gallery
  • Enoki Elegance Emporium
  • Stellar Shroom Stocks
  • Fungi Fantasy Factory


With such diversity in taste and terminology, it’s clear that fungi have much more to offer than just their culinary delights.

As we’ve uncovered, the results are informative and downright amusing when you mix nature with a pinch of creativity. 

So the next time you come across a mushroom in the wild or think about diving into the mushroom business, remember: there’s always room for a little fun in fungi! 

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