200+ Funny Hurricane Names

200+ Funny Hurricane Names
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When you think of hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, or big storms, a sense of fear usually accompanies those thoughts. But let’s lighten the atmosphere a bit.

Picture the charm of humorous hurricane names, adding a touch of fun to these otherwise fearsome natural phenomena.

Switch gears from the standard stormy names that tend to stir fear and concern.

Let’s shake it up and get ready to swap those frowns for smiles as we turn the tables on nature’s fiercest. 

Funny Hurricane Names Ideas

200+ Funny Hurricane Names infographic - NamesCrunch

Hurricanes don’t have to sound terrifying, do they? We’ve all heard of hurricane names like Katrina, Sandy, or Andrew. But what if they were named with a bit of humor? 

A funny name could help us feel a bit more lighthearted in the face of Mother Nature’s fury.

So, here are some fun and laughable hurricane names that could make weather reports way more entertaining:

1. Hurricane Hair-Tousler

Ah, the Hair-Tousler! This hurricane will surely mess up your pristine hairdo.

When you thought your hair looked immaculate, this gusty gal gives it that just-out-of-bed look. It might be time to invest in a stronger hairspray.

2. Sir Swirl-a-Lot

Imagine a hurricane so regal that it demands a knighthood. Sir Swirl-a-Lot prances around with the grace of a knight in shining armor, albeit one who’s quite fond of creating chaos.

Remember, this isn’t just any storm – it’s Sir Storm to you.

3. Tempest Teapot

Have you ever heard the saying “a storm in a teapot”? Well, this hurricane takes it quite literally.

With all the vigor of a brewing tempest but confined to the whimsical circumference of a teapot, this one’s all about making tempests personal.

4. Stormy SillyBilly

Meet the clown of hurricane names. Stormy SillyBilly doesn’t quite know if it wants to rain or shine.

It’s a hurricane with a personality disorder one moment, causing a stir. The next it’s playfully pulling pranks.

5. Windy Woozles

This hurricane’s name reminds one of a mischievous child running around causing trouble.

Windy Woozles sounds like something you’d name a toy, but do not be fooled. It can be as playful as unpredictable.

6. Tropical Twister

An obvious play on the popular game, this hurricane has you and your neighbors twisting and turning to its whims.

Just imagine a giant mat across the coast, with Mother Nature making the moves.

7. Whirlwind Whoopie

There’s something fun about saying “Whirlwind Whoopie”.

It brings back memories of the joyous shout of “Whoopie!” when sliding down a hill. This hurricane’s a whirlwind party, and everyone’s invited.

8. Twisto McTwistface

Inspired by the internet’s love for naming things, Twisto McTwistface is the millennial hurricane. The storm brings a smile to your face before the actual storm.

9. Puddle-Pusher

Ever seen those puddles on the street and thought, “Who made these?” Meet Puddle-Pusher.

A hurricane might not flood your house, but it will surely push enough rain around to ruin your new shoes.

10. Blowy McBreezerson

If Twisto McTwistface had a gentle cousin, it would be Blowy McBreezerson.

This hurricane’s more about the soft breezes than the aggressive gusts, like a summer fan, but on a large scale.

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11. Tropical Tango

Why run from a hurricane when you can dance with it? Tropical Tango makes you feel like putting on a flowy dress and dancing to the rhythm of the raindrops.

12. Maelstrom Marmalade

Marmalade is sticky, and so is the situation when Maelstrom Marmalade hits.

This hurricane makes everything more challenging, like spreading cold marmalade on toast.

13. Twister Twiddle

It sounds like a dance step, doesn’t it? But instead of twisting your partner around, it’s the palm trees that take a twirl.

You might want to join in. Make sure you twiddle indoors.

14. Windbreaker Willie

Windbreaker Willie has the energy of an excited dog off its leash. It runs around, wagging its tailwind and occasionally giving you a wet rain slap.

15. Whirlin’ Dervish

A historical spin to our list, the Whirlin’ Dervish is inspired by the mystical dance of the dervishes.

Just as they whirl in spiritual ecstasy, this hurricane dances with fervor.

16. Tumbleweed Twister

Imagine a Western movie where the wind, instead of outlaws, blows its tumbleweeds around. That’s Tumbleweed Twister for you. It’s the Wild West of storms!

17. Zephyr Zinger

This isn’t just any wind – it’s a zephyr, the gentlest of breezes. And just when you think it’s safe, it throws in a zinger!

18. Cyclone Slapstick

Drawing from the comedy world, this hurricane is all about the unexpected. One can never be sure if it will give a light tap or a full-on slap.

19. Hurricane Hula

The tropical vibes of this hurricane might make you want to don a grass skirt and sway. It’s a storm that brings a touch of Hawaii with every gust.

20. Typhoon Tickler

The last on our list, but definitely not the least. A typhoon that doesn’t just blow you away but tickles your funny bone while it’s at it.

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Funny Typhoon Names List

If you thought hurricanes could be funny, wait till you hear these typhoon names!

Typhoons and hurricanes are the same type of weather phenomenon occurring in different parts of the world. 

Let’s discover the fun side of these Pacific powerhouses with our list of comical typhoon names:

  • Typhoon TeeHees
  • Typhoon Toodle-oo
  • Windy Woozles
  • Twirly Top
  • Whirly Whoopee
  • Tempest Tootle
  • Whirlwind Whoopie
  • Typhoon TickleToes
  • Sir Swoosh-a-Lot
  • Storm Smiley
  • Windy WooHoo
  • Twister Teaser
  • Breezy Bonanza
  • Typhoon Tootsie
  • Stormy Swoosh
  • Storm Snickerdoodle
  • Windy Wriggler
  • Whirlwind Wobble
  • Cyclone ChuckleCheeks
  • Monsoon Macaron
  • Hurricane HokeyPokey
  • Windy Waggles
  • Twister Twiddle
  • Typhoon Tinker
  • Storm Squee
  • Cyclone ChuckleBuns
  • Typhoon Tizzy
  • Hurricane Hoofer
  • Tempest TicketyBoo
  • Whirlwind Whoopee

Funny Cyclone Names

Cyclones, those swirling powerhouses of wind and water, can be quite intimidating.

But let’s reimagine them with a sprinkle of humor that is sure to blow you away with laughter:

  • Chuckling Cyclones
  • Twirling Tickles
  • Spiraling Sillies
  • Whirling Waggish
  • Rotating Rambunctious
  • Laughing Loop
  • Prancing Pinwheel
  • Giggling Gyre
  • Whisking Wisecracks
  • Jolly Juggernauts
  • Mirthful Maelstroms
  • Frolicsome Funnels
  • Boisterous Blusters
  • Hilarity Hurricanes
  • Jesting Jets
  • Dancing Dervishes
  • Snickering Swirls
  • Revolving Revelries
  • Whimsical Whirlwinds
  • Tittering Typhoons
  • Breezy Banter
  • Spirited Spins
  • Chucklesome Circles
  • Windy Witticisms
  • Rotating Rambunctious
  • Beaming Blasts
  • Smirking Swirls
  • Roaring Rib-ticklers
  • Gustful Giggles
  • Spinning Spectacles
  • Playful Pinwheels
  • Gyrating Gaiety
  • Laughing Loops

Funny Storm Names

Whether it’s a dust storm in the desert or a snowstorm up in the mountains, all storms deserve a chance at being funny.

Imagine the next storm being less about the havoc it wreaks and more about the chuckle it brings.

  • Chuckling Clouds
  • Giggling Gusts
  • Drizzling Divas
  • Blusterous Bellylaughs
  • Tempestuous Tickles
  • Squalling Snickers
  • Laughing Lightning
  • Whirling Wisecracks
  • Jesting Jets
  • Hailing Hilarity
  • Rainy Rib-ticklers
  • Showery Shindigs
  • Breezy Bloopers
  • Downpour Delights
  • Funny Flurries
  • Humorous Hailstones
  • Teasing Thunders
  • Flurry Fizz
  • Chucklesome Cloudburst
  • Tornado Twinkletoes
  • Smiling Showers
  • Whimsical Whirlwinds
  • Windy Wiggles
  • Merriment Monsoon
  • Jolly Jetstream
  • Witty Waterspouts
  • Zany Zephyrs
  • Larking Landslides
  • Hilarious Hurricanes
  • Merry Mist
  • Thunder Thimble
  • Goofy Gusts
  • Breezy Banter

The Final Whistle in the Wind

Navigating through the laughable list of funny storm names. We’ve shown that even things like hurricanes, typhoons, and big storms can have funny names that make us laugh!

These amusing names may not calm the storm, but they can definitely bring a smile to your face. Just picture a ‘Whirling Wisecrack’ or a ‘Twister Titters’ coming your way!

So next time you hear about a storm, why not give it a funny name and share a laugh? Stay safe, and keep chuckling!

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