290+ Funny Basset Hound Names

Funny Basset Hound Names
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Basset Hounds are one of the most amusing and charming dog breeds, with their droopy eyes, short stature, and wrinkled skin.

Their personality and appearance easily lend themselves to humorous name choices that will make you smile.

So, today, we will provide funny, cute, clever, and silly Basset name suggestions for males and females, which reflect the breed’s colors and amusing looks and behaviors.

Even if you prefer more traditional people names or totally wacky monikers for your Basset, you’ll find plenty of ideas here to capture your dog’s playful essence with the perfect comedic name.

Funny Basset Hound Names (With Meanings)

Funny Basset Hound Names infographic

Basset Hounds are known for their unique personality quirks.

They’re the comedians of the dog world, with their expressive faces and goofy antics. A name that highlights their amusing traits can be a perfect fit. 

Whether you’re looking for something cute, funny, or a bit unusual, here are some comical names that are sure to suit your Basset Hound’s hilarious character:

1. Wobble Wonder:

A playful name for a dog with a wobbly, whimsical walk.

2. Floppy Flapper: Inspired by those adorably floppy ears that flap in the wind.

3. Bumble Boomer:

For a dog who bumbles around with booming energy.

4. Chuckles Chubby:

A cute name for a Basset Hound with a round belly and a cheerful demeanor.

5. Goofy Goober:

Perfect for a lovably silly and goofy personality.

6. Jolly Jumper:

For a Basset Hound with a surprisingly energetic jump.

7. Munchkin Mooch:

A term of endearment for a small, food-seeking pup.

8. Puddles Plumper:

For a dog who loves splashing in puddles and is pleasingly plump.

9. Snuggles Snoop:

For a dog who loves to snuggle and snoop around.

10. Tippy Tumbler:

Reflects a clumsy but endearing nature, prone to tumbles.

11. Whiskers Wiggles:

This suits a dog with expressive whiskers and a wiggly demeanor.

12. Ziggy Zagger:

For a dog that moves in unpredictable, zigzag patterns.

13. Bouncer Beagle:

A bouncy, energetic Basset Hound with Beagle-like traits.

14. Doozy Dasher:

For a Basset Hound that dashes around in an amusing, lively manner.

15. Gumbo Grins:

A name that brings big, happy smiles to mind, like enjoying a tasty gumbo.

Funny Male Basset Hound Names

Funny Male Basset Hound Names

Selecting a name for your male Basset Hound is like picking the title of a book; it sets the tone for the story.

These gents of the canine world, with their droopy eyes and laid-back behavior, deserve humorous and dignified names. 

Let’s explore these names that mirror his stately yet comical nature, which suits his royal-like posture as he lounges in his favorite spot.

  • Sir Snore-A-Lot
  • Baron von Barks
  • King Kibble
  • Duke Droolington
  • Earl Ears-a-Lot
  • Marquis de Slobber
  • Buddy Boop
  • Charlie Chonk
  • Dexter Doodle
  • Eddie Earflops
  • Frank Furter
  • Gus Grump
  • Hank Hopper
  • Ivan Itch
  • Jake Jowls
  • Kenny Ketchup
  • Leroy Licks
  • Max Muncher
  • Ned Napper
  • Oscar Ogle
  • Pablo Puddle
  • Quincy Quirk
  • Ralph Rollover
  • Sammy Squish
  • Tony Tailwag
  • Ulysses Unleashed
  • Vince Velcro
  • Walter Waddle
  • Xavier Xtra
  • Yogi Yawn
  • Zeke Zoom
  • Louie Lolloper
  • Monty Muffins
  • Rolling Rumpus
  • Scooter Snuffles

Funny Female Basset Hound Names

Naming a female Basset Hound is an adventure in creativity. These ladies are more than just pets; they’re family members with distinct personalities.

A name that captures her essence can be a fun and loving tribute to her character. 

From elegant to playful, each of these names is selected to match the charm and distinctiveness of your female Basset Hound.

  • Queenie Wobbles
  • Lady Longears
  • Miss Floppy
  • Duchess Droopy
  • Countess Cuddles
  • Princess Puddles
  • Bella Baguette
  • Muffin McFloof
  • Sassy Sniffer
  • Giggles Goober
  • Waffles Waggy
  • Diva Doodles
  • Noodle Nugget
  • Peanut Paws
  • Jellybean Jiggles
  • Buttercup Bouncer
  • Cookie Crumbles
  • Snickerdoodle Snuffles
  • Tootsie Trotter
  • Daisy Doozy
  • Pudding Paws
  • Fifi Fumbles
  • Olive Oodles
  • Gidget Grumbles
  • Twinkle Toes
  • Biscuit Boomer
  • Cupcake Cuddler
  • Mopsy Muffin
  • Taffy Tumbles
  • Lulu Lollipaws
  • Dottie Dazzler
  • Honey Hiccup
  • Mimi Muffler
  • Goober Glam
  • Zuzu Zoomer

Funny Reddish Brown Basset Hound Names

Funny Reddish Brown Basset Hound Names

Reddish-brown Basset Hounds are like autumn leaves that come to life with their warm, cozy colors.

Their fur color reminds us of spices, cozy firesides, and sweet treats. Naming a reddish-brown Basset Hound can be a playful nod to their unique coat. 

Each name is a playful celebration of their coloring, bringing images of sunny afternoons and cozy firesides to mind.

  • Cinnamon Swirl
  • Ginger Snap
  • Maple Mirth
  • Hazel Hilarity
  • Rusty Rumpus
  • Auburn Amuse
  • Sienna Smile
  • Chestnut Chuckle
  • Copper Caper
  • Brandy Boomer
  • Nutmeg Nudge
  • Toffee Tickle
  • Mahogany Mirth
  • Biscuit Banter
  • Pumpkin Prank
  • Amber Antic
  • Spice Sprinkle
  • Woody Wisecrack
  • Rustle Romp
  • Cocoa Cackle
  • Henna Hum
  • Sorrel Silliness
  • Maroon Mischief
  • Garnet Guffaw
  • Cherry Cheer
  • Fox Frisk
  • Terra Tease
  • Ochre Oddity
  • Burgundy Bounce
  • Sienna Sarcasm

Funny Black & White Basset Hound Names

Black and white Basset Hounds are striking in appearance, deserving of names that are as distinct as their coloration.

Their names should reflect their unique color pattern, resembling classic elegance or playful charm.

A well-chosen name can pay homage to their distinctive looks, embodying both the sophistication and the playfulness of their color scheme.

  • Oreo Odyssey
  • Panda Pantomime
  • Domino Droll
  • Tuxedo Tickle
  • Checkers Chuckle
  • Patches Prank
  • Spade Smile
  • Pepper Ploy
  • Harlequin Humor
  • Zebra Zest
  • Inky Intrigue
  • Moo Moo Mirth
  • Dalmatian Delight
  • Skunk Snicker
  • Bandit Banter
  • Sooty Sass
  • Puffin Play
  • Orca Outburst
  • Magpie Merriment
  • Raccoon Ruse
  • Badger Beam
  • Marble Mingle
  • Whisker Wink
  • Panda Puddle
  • Spot Smirk
  • Keys Kink
  • Dice Delirium
  • Ying Yang Yap
  • Pinto Pleasure
  • Sprinkles Spree

Cool Basset Hound Names

The cool factor of a Basset Hound can’t be underestimated. These dogs exude an effortless charm that’s hard to ignore.

Choosing a cool name for your Basset Hound is about matching their laid-back vibe with a touch of flair. 

These names resonate with their cool, composed, and occasionally quirky nature, perfect for a dog as unique as a Basset Hound.

  • Maverick Muse
  • Phoenix Flicker
  • Axel Amble
  • Blaze Banter
  • Zephyr Zeal
  • Jet Jester
  • Storm Strut
  • Rocco Rebel
  • Diesel Dapper
  • Knox Knack
  • Titan Tumble
  • Hawk Hum
  • Gage Grin
  • Slate Smirk
  • Thor Thrive
  • Nova Nifty
  • Ace Adventure
  • Brock Breeze
  • Cruz Charm
  • Dash Dynamo
  • Echo Ease
  • Flint Frolic
  • Griff Groove
  • Jett Joy
  • Koda Kick
  • Lync Laugh
  • Nash Nuzzle
  • Orion Oomph
  • Pax Play
  • Quade Quirk

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Wrapping It Up With a Wag: 

As we come to the tail end of our Basset Hound naming adventure, remember that the name you choose for your pup reflects the joy and personality they bring into your life. 

Whether you went for a funny male or female title, a color-inspired name, or something cool and quirky, each name on our list is a ticket to smiles and memorable moments with your furry friend. 

Your Basset Hound isn’t just another pet; they’re a character in your life story, and their name should be as special as the bond you share. 

So pick that perfect name, and prepare for the wonderful journey of laughter and companionship ahead with your uniquely named pal.

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