230+ Funny Chinese Restaurant Names

230+ Funny Chinese Restaurant Names
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Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy a good chuckle? Especially when it’s served up with a heaping side of fried rice and Kung Pao Chicken.

Well, hold onto your chopsticks because we’re about to dive headfirst into a world of delicious food and gut-busting laughter with the funniest Chinese restaurant names.

Are you ready? Because your belly is about to rumble… from both hunger and hilarity. Let’s go!

Our Top Picks for Giggles and Wontons

1. Wok This Way:

Cleverly riffing on Aerosmith’s hit song “Walk This Way,” this restaurant name will catch your attention and taste buds. And, let’s be honest, we all fancy a good pun, don’t we?

2. Wok n’ Roll:

Here’s another eatery that doesn’t shy away from a pun. Mixing food and music, this place promises a feast that’s guaranteed to get your taste buds jamming.

3. Dim Sum Assembly Required:

Who knew going for a meal could also be a playful puzzle? This name has humor, intrigue, and a promise of some delightful dim sum.

4. No Wok Today:

Ever had one of those days when you just can’t be bothered to cook? This restaurant understands you on a spiritual level. You’re going to feel seen and served!

5. Sir Woks-a-Lot:

A tribute to both Chinese cuisine and hip-hop culture? Count us in! It’s almost impossible not to smile at this creative blend of East and West.

Funny Chinese Restaurant Names

Funny Chinese Restaurant Names - NamesCrunch

No matter where we go, a sense of humor follows. Even in the restaurant business! Who knew dining out could be a source of so many chuckles?

Let’s take a look at these fun and humorous Chinese restaurant names, which serve their dishes with a side of giggles.

1. Soy Vey

This playful name merges “soy” – a staple in Asian cuisine – with “oy vey,” a Yiddish exclamation of surprise or dismay.

When you stumble upon this restaurant, expect the unexpected. After all, it’s an Asian eatery with a hint of Jewish humor.

2. Thai Tanic

Drawing humor from the famous movie Titanic, “Thai Tanic” combines it with Thai cuisine.

Just like the movie promises an epic experience, this restaurant promises an epic dining adventure.

3. Wrap Culture

A clever twist on “rap culture”, this name highlights the delicious wraps that are popular in Asian cuisine.

It’s not just about food here; it’s about blending culinary delights with contemporary themes.

4. Pho Sho

This name plays with “pho” – a Vietnamese noodle soup – and the slang phrase “fo sho,” meaning “for sure”.

If you are looking for a restaurant that is confident in its pho game, this one is it!

5. Planet of the Grapes

When Asian cuisine meets wine, you get the “Planet of the Grapes”.

A witty play on the sci-fi movie “Planet of the Apes”, this restaurant might offer you a selection of wines to go with your meal.

6. The Lo Mein Event

Here’s where the popular Chinese noodle dish “Lo Mein” gets the spotlight.

By playing on the phrase “the main event”, this place ensures that Lo Mein is the show’s star.

7. Some Ting Wong

A playful, cheeky name that’s a phonetic play on the phrase “something wrong”. This restaurant’s title is an invitation for diners to find out what’s different about their dishes.

8. Dumpling Squat

Merging fitness with food, this name combines the popular Asian delicacy, dumplings, with the exercise “squat”.

Perhaps, after eating their fill, diners might feel the need to burn off some calories!

9. Wok Paper Scissors

A hilarious twist on the classic hand game “rock, paper, scissors”, this restaurant is likely to offer dishes that are as playful and competitive as the game itself.

10. Pho-King Delicious

This name is a daring pun, combining “pho” with the affirmation that their dishes are just that good. Diners, be prepared for some ‘kingly’ delicious dishes.

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11. Wok The Plank

With a nod to pirate slang, “Wok the Plank” combines the Asian cooking pan – the wok – with the phrase “walk the plank”.

This restaurant promises an adventurous culinary journey.

12. Ramen-tic Evening

“Ramen-tic Evening” combines the beloved noodle dish, ramen, with the word “romantic”. It suggests a dinner here might be as satisfying as a romantic date.

13. Enter The Dragon Roll

Blending martial arts movies with sushi, this restaurant hints at an explosive flavor packed into every sushi roll, reminiscent of Bruce Lee’s powerful moves.

14. Game of Bowls

A clever play on the popular series “Game of Thrones”, this name highlights the importance of bowls in Asian cuisine.

Every dish becomes a game-changer in the culinary world.

15. Wokking Dead

Zombies meet Asian cuisine in this name that plays on the popular series “Walking Dead”. One can only imagine the resurrection of flavors in every dish.

16. Life of Thai

Merging “Life of Pi” with Thai cuisine, this restaurant promises an epic journey of flavors and experiences, just like Pi’s adventures.

17. Ho Lee Chow

A phonetic play that sounds like a surprised exclamation. It emphasizes the awe-inducing taste of the dishes, prompting diners to exclaim in delight.

18. Breaking Bao

Inspired by the series “Breaking Bad”, this eatery’s title hints at an intense, addictive experience – but with bao buns.

19. Dim Sum-thing Else

“Dim sum,” a Cantonese style of steamed dish, combines with the phrase “something else” to suggest that this restaurant offers more than just your usual dim sum.

20. Golden Wok to You

A heartwarming play on “golden walk to You,” this restaurant name promises a culinary experience that’s as valuable as gold.

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Funny Chinese Restaurant Names in the UK????????

Funny Chinese Restaurant Names in the UK???????? - NamesCrunch

Did you know the UK has a rich history of Chinese cuisine dating back to the 19th century?

Unsurprisingly, you will find many Chinese restaurants here with funny and clever names. 

If you’re ready for a good laugh, let’s dive into the unique and humorous world of Chinese restaurant names in the UK.

1. Wok This Way

In a delightful nod to the iconic song by Aerosmith, this name marries rock ‘n roll to Chinese cuisine.

It suggests you’ll be rocking out with every bite you take, and who would not want that?

2. Eggroll Eclipse

Much like a rare celestial event, this restaurant’s name implies that their egg rolls are so amazing they eclipse all others.

A trip here might feel like you’re dining under a very tasty solar phenomenon.

3. Soy It Isn’t So

Drawing from the phrase “Say it isn’t so”, this restaurant introduces a play on words with ‘soy’.

Their rich soy dishes probably make patrons doubt how delightful they are.

4. Thaiphoon

Puns on “typhoon” and the cuisine “Thai”, this name suggests a whirlwind of flavors. Venturing here, you’ll likely find dishes that pack a gusty punch!

5. Wok On Water

Inspired by the phrase “walk on water”, this eatery’s title implies they perform culinary miracles with their wok. The dishes here are sure to feel almost heavenly.

6. Wonton Destruction

This restaurant cheekily merges “wonton,” a Chinese dumpling, with “wanton destruction”. Don’t worry; the only thing they’re destroying is your hunger.

7. Royal Rib Tickler

Alluding to the monarchy, a prominent symbol of the UK, and the phrase “rib tickler” denoting something humorous, this name suggests a majestic and fun dining experience.

8. Pho-Nomenal

Playing on “phenomenal” and the Vietnamese soup “pho”, this establishment is confident about the outstanding quality of its pho dishes.

They believe every spoonful is bound to be sensational.

9. Lord of the Peking Duck

Combining Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” with “Peking duck”, a Chinese delicacy, this eatery promises a dining experience as epic as Frodo’s journey.

10. Wok’s Up

A clever twist on the friendly greeting “What’s up?”, this name uses “wok,” a key tool in Asian cooking.

When you enter, you’ll almost expect the chef to greet you with this phrase cheerfully.

11. Eat ‘n’ Giggle

This straightforward name suggests that dining here is about filling your belly and having a good laugh. Expect a cheerful environment with every visit.

12. Chilli Con Carnage

A punny spin on “chili con carne”, a spicy dish. Here, “carnage” is humorously used to imply an explosion of flavors and perhaps a bit of spicy chaos on your plate.

13. Tickled Tastebuds

This place promises flavors that’ll satisfy your palate and tickle it. It’s about serving dishes that bring both joy and deliciousness.

14. Curry On Laughing

Melding the British phrase “Carry on” with “curry,” a popular dish, this restaurant guarantees continued laughter and delightful curries.

15. Ring the King Prawn

Drawing inspiration from the classic “Ring the King,” this place hints at prawn dishes fit for royalty.

They pride themselves on serving prawns so good they’re worth ringing a bell for.

Check out these:

Funny Food-Based Chinese Restaurant Names

If you’re a foodie with a good sense of humor, these food-based Chinese restaurant names will leave you laughing and hungry at the same time. 

  • The Wok-ing Dead
  • Dim Sum Dimples
  • Rice to the Occasion
  • Chop Suey-larity
  • Happy Hoisin
  • Bao Out of Control
  • Wonton of Fun
  • Crispy Duck Chuckles
  • Rice and Easy
  • Stir-Fry Funnies
  • Sweet ‘n’ Sour Smiles
  • General Tso Good
  • Sizzling Smiles
  • Fry Me a River
  • Pho Sho
  • Broccoli Banter
  • Wok the Boat
  • Miso Happy
  • No Wok Sherlock
  • Kung Pao Powwow
  • Noodle Knocker
  • Moo Goo Gai Pan-emonium
  • Pho-King Funny
  • Soy-riffic Silliness
  • Dumpling Daredevil
  • Egg Roll Escapades
  • Fortune Cookie Funnies
  • Peking Duck Duck Goose
  • Szechuan Shenanigans
  • Panda-monium

Funny Chinese Restaurant Names With Puns

Who doesn’t love a good pun? These pun-tastic Chinese restaurant names will make you laugh even before you’ve rolled your chopsticks around some delicious noodles.

Let’s get started if you’re ready for a feast of puns.

  • Wok and Roll
  • Noodle Nuance
  • Wok The Talk
  • Chow Mein Event
  • Soy Interesting
  • Me So Soupy
  • Prawn To Be Wild
  • Kung Fu-ood
  • Won-tonne Wonder
  • Wok On The Wild Side
  • Takee Outee
  • Wok-a-Mole
  • Ho Lee Chow
  • Ramen-tics
  • Thaiphoon
  • Prawn Stars
  • Chilli-licious
  • Egg Roll Over Beethoven
  • Dim Sum Body Loves Me
  • Love at First Bite
  • Pho Sho
  • Wonton Destruction
  • Dum Sum You Lose Some
  • No Wok, No Reward
  • Enter The Dragon Roll
  • Beancurd Jokes
  • Fry-day Night Lights
  • Wok Up Call
  • Wok The Line
  • Noodle Knock-Knock

Funny Chinese Restaurant Names with Rhyming & Alliteration

Rhymes and alliteration can create catchy, memorable phrases; these funny Chinese restaurant names are no exception. 

From tasty treats to hilarious eats, these names are both appetizing and amusing.

Let’s hop onto this culinary comedy train if you’re ready for a good giggle!

  • Buns and Puns
  • Chow Mein Lane
  • Dim Sum Fun
  • Szechuan Shenanigan
  • Hunan Humor
  • Peking Puns
  • Dumpling Delight
  • Noodle Nonsense
  • Rice and Spice
  • Broccoli Banter
  • Soy Joy
  • Wonton Wonder
  • Stir-fry Folly
  • Egg Roll Extravaganza
  • Sweet and Sour Soiree
  • Kung Pao Pow
  • Saucy Szechuan
  • Wacky Wok
  • Sizzling Silliness
  • Ramen Rambles
  • Prawn Pranks
  • Bao Bout That
  • Tea-riffic Tastes
  • Fortune Cookie Funnies
  • Wonton Wit
  • Noodle Nooks
  • Saucy Satire
  • Hoisin Hilarity
  • Crunchy Comedy
  • Pho Follies
  • Wok Wisecracks
  • Chow Fun Funnies
  • Lo Mein Laughs
  • Bento Banter
  • Rice Raillery
  • General Tso’s Goofs
  • Miso Merriment
  • Peking Duck Drama
  • Curry Capers
  • Potsticker Prattle

We have seen everything from tasty puns in the UK to food-based chuckles and clever rhymes! These names prove that dining out isn’t just about the food; it’s about having a laugh, too.

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