250+ Thanksgiving Team Names

Thanksgiving Team Names
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When November rolls around, it’s time to start planning the ultimate Thanksgiving feast. And what better way to get into the holiday spirit than by coming up with a fantastic Thanksgiving-themed team name for your family’s Turkey Bowl flag football game or turkey trot race?

To help make your friendly competition especially festive this year, we have cooked up a delicious spread of catchy, cute, funny, and clever team names inspired by Thanksgiving traditions, trivia, turkey trots, side dishes, and more.

With these creative team name ideas, your family and friends will surely have tons of food, football, and fun.

Thanksgiving Team Names

Thanksgiving Team Names infographic

Thanksgiving is all about fun, warmth, and a dash of competition.

Whether you’re gearing up for a family football match, a community event, or just some festive fun, the right team name can set the tone. 

In this spirit, let’s explore a range of Thanksgiving team names that are both meaningful and memorable.

1. FeastFighters: This name conjures images of epic battles over the last piece of pie, a playful nod to the friendly competitive spirit of Thanksgiving.

2. PilgrimPacers: Reflecting the historical roots of Thanksgiving, this name is perfect for teams who appreciate the holiday’s origins and enjoy a good-paced celebration.

3. TurkeyTroopers: Ideal for teams with a sense of humor and a love for the star of the Thanksgiving table, the turkey.

4. GravyBoatGladiators: For those who take their gravy seriously, this name is a fun homage to the unsung hero of the Thanksgiving meal.

5. CornucopiaCollectors: Symbolizing abundance and nourishment, this name is great for teams who embrace the bountiful spirit of Thanksgiving.

6. HarvestHustlers: A name that captures the essence of hard work and the rewards of a bountiful harvest, perfect for energetic and dynamic teams.

7. PumpkinPiePros: For the team that believes dessert is the highlight of Thanksgiving and always leaves room for pie.

8. StuffingSquad: This is a quirky shoutout to everyone’s favorite side dish and is perfect for teams who love the comfort food aspect of Thanksgiving.

9. CranberryCrew: A nod to the classic Thanksgiving condiment, this name is ideal for teams who like a mix of sweet and tart in their celebrations.

10. ThankfulThinkers: For a team that values reflection and gratitude, this name embodies the deeper meaning of Thanksgiving.

11. AutumnAthletes: Emphasizing the season and a love for sports, this name is perfect for active teams participating in Thanksgiving games.

12. GobbleGang: A fun and light-hearted name, ideal for teams who approach Thanksgiving with joy and a sense of humor.

13. FallFiestaFolks: Perfect for teams who view Thanksgiving as a celebration, this name captures the festive and party-like atmosphere.

14. PiePlatoon: It is all about teamwork in baking or devouring delicious pies, a staple of Thanksgiving desserts.

15. WattleWarriors: A playful reference to the turkey’s unique feature, this name is great for teams with a sense of fun and whimsy.

Catchy Thanksgiving Team Names

Catchy Thanksgiving Team Names

Creating a catchy Thanksgiving team name is like crafting the perfect recipe, as it needs the right ingredients, a bit of creativity, and a dash of fun.

These names should be easy to remember, roll off the tongue, and encapsulate the essence of your team’s personality. 

Let’s dive into some catchy names that will be a hit at any Thanksgiving gathering.

1. FeastFrenzy: Captures Thanksgiving preparations and celebrations’ excitement and bustling energy.

2. PumpkinPals: Simple yet endearing, this name is perfect for teams that value friendship and enjoy the sweet side of Thanksgiving.

3. GobbleSquad: A catchy and fun name, it immediately brings to mind the joyful sounds of a Thanksgiving feast.

4. HarvestHeroes: Ideal for teams who see themselves as champions of the Thanksgiving spirit, celebrating the fruits of their year’s labors.

5. PiePioneers: For the trailblazers who always bring the most innovative and delicious pies to the Thanksgiving table.

6. TurkeyTitans: Speaks to the strength and size of your team, with a playful reference to the holiday’s main dish.

7. GratitudeGuardians: A name that emphasizes the importance of being thankful, perfect for teams who take the time to appreciate their blessings.

8. CranberryChampions: For teams who stand out at the Thanksgiving table, much like the vibrant cranberry sauce among the spread.

9. AutumnAllies: This is all about camaraderie and the shared love for the fall season, encapsulating the essence of Thanksgiving.

10. FeastMasters: A strong name for teams who excel in creating the ultimate Thanksgiving feast.

11. PilgrimPatrol: For teams with a sense of adventure and a nod to the historical aspect of Thanksgiving.

12. StuffingStars: Fun tribute to the unsung heroes of Thanksgiving dinner, the stuffing aficionados.

13. GravyGuild: For those who appreciate the art of making and enjoying the perfect gravy, a cornerstone of Thanksgiving meals.

14. TurkeyTroubadours: Perfect for teams that bring music, fun, and storytelling to the Thanksgiving table.

15. PumpkinParade: A lively and colorful name, ideal for teams who bring energy and excitement to Thanksgiving celebrations.

16. HarvestHarbingers: Suggests a team that leads the way in celebrating the abundance and joy of the season.

17. GobbleGuardians: For teams dedicated to preserving and enjoying the fun and festivity of Thanksgiving.

18. PiePros: A simple yet catchy name, perfect for teams who are experts at baking or enjoying the finest pies.

19. CranberryCavaliers: The name is for teams who approach Thanksgiving with a bold and adventurous spirit.

20. FeastFiesta: A fun and lively name, it captures the party-like atmosphere and joy of Thanksgiving celebrations.

Funny Thanksgiving Team Names

Funny Thanksgiving Team Names

Injecting humor into your Thanksgiving team name can make the festivities even more enjoyable.

A funny name breaks the ice and sets a lighthearted tone for the event. 

Here’s a list of whimsical and amusing Thanksgiving team names that will get a chuckle.

1. TurkNerds: A playful blend of ‘turkey’ and ‘nerds,’ this name is perfect for teams who embrace their quirky side during Thanksgiving.

2. GravyBoatCaptains: For those who take their gravy seriously and humorously, this name is a whimsical nod to their passion.

3. PilgrimPunsters: Ideal for teams who love wordplay and historical references, combining fun with the Thanksgiving theme.

4. StuffingStuffers: A humorous take on the act of preparing and enjoying stuffing, perfect for teams with a love for this Thanksgiving staple.

5. PumpkinPranksters: For teams known for their playful tricks and love for pumpkin-themed festivities.

6. TurkeyTicklers: A light-hearted name for teams that bring laughter and joy to the Thanksgiving table.

7. CornucopiaComedians: Perfect for groups who love to share jokes and laughter, symbolizing the abundance of good times.

8. GobbleGigglers: Find humor in every part of the Thanksgiving celebration, especially the turkey.

9. FeastFunnies: Suggests your team is all about enjoying the feast with a side of humor.

10. HarvestHilarity: Who sees the fun in the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving preparations?

11. PumpkinPiePals: That combines pie’s sweetness with the warmth of friendship and a touch of humor.

12. GravyGuffaws: For teams that find the lighter side of even the most serious Thanksgiving dish – the gravy.

13. CranberryClowns: Playful nod to the joy and laughter that the bright cranberry sauce brings to the table.

14. AutumnAmusers: Ideal for teams that bring entertainment and light-heartedness to Thanksgiving celebrations.

15. PiePunsters: For teams who love a good pie and a good pun, blending humor with the delights of Thanksgiving desserts.

16. TurkeyTeasers: A fun name for teams that enjoy a bit of light-hearted teasing, especially about the main dish.

17. StuffingSnickerers: For groups that find joy and amusement in the simple pleasures of Thanksgiving, like a well-made stuffing.

18. GobbleGoofballs: Embracing the silly and fun aspects of Thanksgiving.

19. PilgrimParodists: Perfect for teams who enjoy making light-hearted parodies of the traditional Thanksgiving elements.

20. CornucopiaCrackers: Bring a burst of laughter to the Thanksgiving table, much like a cornucopia brims with abundance.

21. FeastFools: Playfully suggests your team doesn’t take the Thanksgiving competition too seriously.

22. PumpkinPiePranksters: Love both the sweetness of pumpkin pie and the joy of a good prank.

Thanksgiving Trivia Team Names

For the trivia buffs out there, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show off your knowledge of history, traditions, and fun facts about this cherished holiday.

A clever trivia team name can be a conversation starter and a way to highlight your team’s wit and wisdom. 

Whether it’s a historical reference or a play on Thanksgiving themes, these names are designed to spark curiosity and showcase your team’s trivia prowess.

1. PilgrimPros: Ideal for teams with deep knowledge about the origins of Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims’ journey.

2. MayflowerMinds: Iconic ship that brought the Pilgrims to America, perfect for history buffs.

3. TurkeyTriviaTroupers: Experts in all turkey-related facts, from history to cooking tips.

4. HarvestHistorians: Excel in knowledge about Thanksgiving’s agricultural roots.

5. FeastFactFinders: Perfect for those who love digging into the history and traditions behind the Thanksgiving feast.

6. AutumnAnswers: Suggest your team has all the responses about fall and Thanksgiving trivia.

7. PumpkinPiePundits: Combine their love for this classic dessert with a wealth of Thanksgiving knowledge.

8. CornucopiaKnowers: Symbolizes a bounty of knowledge, just like a cornucopia brims with abundance.

9. GravyGurus: Great for teams who know the best gravy recipes and the history behind this essential dish.

10. PilgrimPoindexters: Smart name for teams that take pride in their detailed knowledge of the Pilgrims’ story.

11. TurkeyDayThinkers: Those who approach Thanksgiving trivia strategically and thoughtfully.

12. StuffingScholars: Great for teams who have researched everything about this favorite side dish.

13. NovemberNerds: A general yet playful name for teams who are experts in all things related to the month of Thanksgiving.

14. FeastFactsFolk: Love sharing interesting tidbits about the Thanksgiving meal.

15. CranberryClever: Name that suggests a sharp and witty knowledge about all things cranberry and Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Team Names


The Thanksgiving Turkey Trot is a beloved tradition for many, combining fun, fitness, and the festive spirit of the holiday.

When it comes to naming your turkey trot team, you want something that reflects your enthusiasm for the run and the joy of the season. 

These names are designed to be playful, encouraging, and indicative of the lively spirit of the Turkey Trot.

1. GobbleGallopers: Perfect for teams who are as enthusiastic about running as they are about enjoying Thanksgiving.

2. TrottingTurkeys: A fun, self-deprecating name that shows your team doesn’t take itself too seriously.

3. PilgrimPacers: Ideal for teams that maintain a steady pace and have a historical nod to the Pilgrims.

4. FeastFeet: For teams who run with the promise of a delicious Thanksgiving feast at the finish line.

5. HarvestHustlers: This name captures the energy and enthusiasm of teams eager to embrace the spirit of the harvest season.

6. PumpkinDashers: A playful name for teams who are as quick and lively as the name suggests.

7. TurkeyTrackers: Great for teams that keep their focus on the goal, just like tracking a turkey.

8. AutumnAthletes: For those who love the fall season and embody its energy in the turkey trot.

9. CornucopiaChasers: Suggests a bounty of fun and enthusiasm, much like a cornucopia overflowing with harvest.

10. GravyRunners: A humorous name for teams who might be running off the extra gravy they plan to enjoy.

11. PilgrimSprinters: For teams that combine speed with a historical Thanksgiving theme.

12. StuffingSprinters: A playful name for teams who are running as fast as they can, maybe to get to the stuffing first.

13. CranberryCruisers: Ideal for teams that enjoy a smooth, steady pace, like the flow of cranberry sauce.

14. PiePlodders: A light-hearted name for teams who might be more about the pie at the end than the pace.

15. TurkeyTrotters: A classic and straightforward name, perfect for any team participating in a Turkey Trot.

16. MayflowerMovers: This name is great for teams that love a historical twist and a bit of a challenge.

17. PumpkinPacers: For teams that set a comfortable pace and enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

18. HarvestHares: A playful name for teams that run fast and are inspired by the bounty of the harvest season.

19. GobbleGaiters: For teams with a unique running style or just a love for fun, turkey-themed wordplay.

20. FeastFastFeet: A name that suggests your team is as quick as they are excited for the Thanksgiving feast.

Side-Inspired Thanksgiving Team Names

When it comes to Thanksgiving, the side dishes are just as important as the main course.

For teams that love the diverse flavors and stories behind these beloved dishes, side-inspired team names are the way to go. 

The names below are a fun way to pay homage to the unsung heroes of the Thanksgiving table and showcase your team’s unique personality and preferences.

1. StuffingSprinters: Perfect for teams who can’t wait to dive into the stuffing, this name reflects a love for this quintessential side dish.

2. GravyGang: Highlights a team’s love for the most essential Thanksgiving side as gravy.

3. CranberryCrew: Ideal for teams that appreciate cranberry sauce’s sweet and tart balance.

4. PotatoPatrollers: They take their mashed potatoes seriously and want to enjoy every bite.

5. GreenBeanBunch: Great for teams who love this classic, healthy Thanksgiving side.

6. PiePals: A playful name for teams with a sweet tooth, especially regarding Thanksgiving pies.

7. CornCobbers: Perfect for teams that enjoy the simplicity and sweetness of corn on the cob.

8. CasseroleCruisers: For teams that appreciate the comfort and variety of casseroles on the Thanksgiving table.

9. RollRovers: A fun name for teams who believe that no Thanksgiving meal is complete without a basket of warm rolls.

10. YamYogis: Ideal for teams that find a zen-like joy in yams’ sweet and savory flavors.

11. PumpkinPatchers: For teams with a special place in their hearts for anything pumpkin-flavored.

12. BrusselBuddies: This name is perfect for teams who love Brussels sprouts and their unique taste.

13. CarrotCompanions: For those who appreciate carrots’ sweet, earthy flavor in their Thanksgiving feast.

14. SquashSquad: A name that celebrates the diverse and delicious ways squash can be enjoyed during Thanksgiving.

15. BiscuitBrigade: Perfect for teams that can’t get enough of fluffy, buttery biscuits on their Thanksgiving table.

16. AppleAddicts: For teams with a penchant for apple-themed dishes, from pie to cider.

17. TurnipTeam: A name for groups who enjoy Thanksgiving’s underrated yet delicious turnip dishes.

18. PecanPosse: Ideal for teams with a special appreciation for pecan pies and other delights.

19. CauliflowerCrew: For those who bring a touch of modern flair to the table with dishes like cauliflower mash.

20. BroccoliBuddies: This name is for teams who enjoy broccoli’s fresh, green contrast amid the Thanksgiving feast.

Clever Thanksgiving Team Names

Clever Thanksgiving Team Names

Clever team names for Thanksgiving should mix wit, creativity, and a dash of holiday spirit.

These names are perfect for those who appreciate a smart play on words, a touch of humor, or a creative twist related to Thanksgiving themes. 

Ideal for trivia teams, cooking competition groups, or any gathering where intelligence and a bit of cleverness are valued, these names will set your team apart with their originality and ingenuity.

  • ThymeLords
  • PilgrimPuzzlers
  • GobbleGeniuses
  • FeastFigures
  • MayflowerMavericks
  • TurkeyTacticians
  • HarvestHackers
  • PieScholars
  • GravyBrains
  • StuffingStrategists
  • CornucopiaCrackers
  • PumpkinProdigies
  • CranberryClever
  • AutumnAlchemists
  • BasteBrigadiers
  • PilgrimPlanners
  • YamsYielders
  • WattleWizards
  • RollRenegades
  • PotatoProfessors

Best Thanksgiving Team Names

When it comes to the best Thanksgiving team names, think of words that embody the essence of the holiday as warmth, gratitude, family, and, of course, the feast itself.

These names should be universally appealing, easy to remember, and capture Thanksgiving’s festive and joyful spirit. 

They are suitable for any team participating in Thanksgiving activities, whether it’s a cooking contest, a family football game, or a community event.

  • GratitudeGang
  • FeastFellows
  • HarvestHeroes
  • TurkeyTitans
  • PilgrimPals
  • AutumnAces
  • CornucopiaCrew
  • PumpkinPatrol
  • CranberryClan
  • StuffingSquad
  • BasteBuddies
  • PiePioneers
  • GravyGuardians
  • MayflowerMates
  • YamsYardsticks
  • RollRangers
  • TurkeyTroupers
  • AutumnAdmirals
  • PilgrimPioneers
  • HarvestHawks
  • CranberryCaptains
  • StuffingStars
  • PumpkinPilots
  • GravyGurus
  • FeastFanatics

Wrapping up

From the whimsical FeastFunnies to the historically rich PilgrimPacers, these names encapsulate the essence of Thanksgiving’s joy, camaraderie, and festive spirit. 

Teams gearing up for Turkey Day can now choose from various options, each bringing its unique flavor to the celebration.

The best name is one that resonates with your team’s character and the essence of this heartwarming holiday. 

May your choice spark smiles, foster unity, and add an extra sprinkle of fun to your Thanksgiving festivities. Happy Thanksgiving, and may the best team name win! 

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