200+ Funny Names for Pimples

200+ Funny Names for Pimples
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Pimples, zits, spots, whatever you call them. They pop up unexpectedly, often at the worst possible times, and love taking center stage, right? But instead of letting them ruin our day, let’s have a little fun with these uninvited guests. 

Get ready to go into an amusing catalog of funny and creative names for pimples that will make you chuckle and hopefully soften the blow when these pesky spots appear.

List of Funny Names for Pimples

Funny & Creative Names for Pimples infographic

We’re all familiar with the feeling of waking up and finding a shiny new pimple on our faces. It’s frustrating. 

How about assigning funny names to our pimples? Sounds weird? Trust me; it will tickle your funny bone! Below is a unique catalog of silly names you can give those infuriating skin guests. 

1. Zit-Zilla
You know, like Godzilla, but for zits? This name takes after the monstrous fictional creature, Godzilla, implying the pimple’s monstrous size and presence.

This name is for you if your zit is as dominant as the King of Monsters. Remember when Godzilla stomped through Tokyo? That’s Zit-Zilla conquering your face.

2. Spot the Dot
This playful twist on the phrase, “Spot the difference.” This might be the perfect name if your pimple is so tiny yet noticeable.

It’s like playing a game on your face, where the dot always wins.

3. Red Rudolph
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, had a very shiny nose. Similarly, if you have a bright red pimple leading the way, you might want to call it Red Rudolph.

It’s probably lighting up your face like a Christmas tree.

4. Crimson Crater
A red and deep pimple could be humorously termed a Crimson Crater. It’s as if Mars sent a piece of its red, cratered landscape onto your skin.

5. Pimple Popper
A name inspired by those who can’t resist the urge to pop their pimples. It’s a reminder of that guilty pleasure and the infamous videos on the internet that have captivated many.

This is the name of your pimple, and it looks ready for its fifteen minutes of fame.

6. Juicy Lucy
If it’s ripe and looks full, it might be a Juicy Lucy. This name is about the juiciness of that rebellious pimple, standing tall and proud.

7. Cheeky Cherrypop
Perfect for that audacious pimple on your cheek, this name combines cheekiness with the idea of popping a cherry. It’s bold, it’s daring, and it’s unapologetically there.

8. Bulbous Bumpkin
Some pimples are just…bumpy and out there, like a countryside bumpkin who doesn’t quite fit into the urban landscape. It’s the pimple version of a fish out of water.

9. Sneaky Spotnik
Inspired by the term ‘sputnik,’ this name is perfect for that surprise zit that appeared overnight. It stealthily landed on your face while you were dreaming about clearer days.

10. Craterface
Taking a humorous spin on the aftermath of a zit, this is for when one pimple leaves a mark that feels like a moon’s crater. You know who to blame when your skin feels like a lunar landscape.

11. McSpotface
In line with humorous internet trends, this cheeky name is reminiscent of Boaty McBoatface. If you want to give your pimple a trendy name, McSpotface should do the trick.

12. Volcano Vesuvius
Named after the infamous Mount Vesuvius that erupted and devastated Pompeii, this is for that pimple that looks like it’s about to erupt any second.

Beware, it might just leave ruins behind!

13. Pus Pusterson
Sounds funny, right? This name is a quirky way of acknowledging some pimples’ white, pus-filled nature.

14. Red Dot
Simple, direct, and honest. Just like that straightforward red dot on a white canvas. If your zit is the center of attention, this is its name.

15. Blemish Buddy
Because sometimes, your pimple feels like that friend who overstayed their welcome. You didn’t invite it, but it’s here, so you might as well get to know it.

16. Red Raisin
For that, it dried up but still had noticeable pimples. It’s past its prime but refuses to be ignored, much like a raisin amidst fresh grapes.

17. Pea-sized Peril
Small but mighty! This pimple may be tiny, but it sure does pack a punch in the attention it grabs.

18. Whack-a-Mole Wart
This name plays on the popular game “Whack-a-Mole.” Just when you think you’ve dealt with one, another pops up.

19. Forehead Foe
Your forehead’s nemesis. Standing tall and proud right where everyone can see it. It’s the enemy you didn’t see coming.

20. Chin Chimney
For that pimple or series of pimples that rise tall on your chin, reminiscent of a chimney standing tall on a house.

21. Cheeky Charlie
It’s got the audacity of Charlie Chaplin’s on-screen antics. Bold, noticeable, and always in the limelight.

22. Nosey Neville
Situated right on the nose, this pimple is as conspicuous as someone being nosy in your business. Always poking around where it’s least wanted.

23. Volcanic Visage
If your face feels like it’s having a volcanic eruption, this name encapsulates that dramatic imagery.

24. Dimple’s Dilemma
When a pimple sets camp right next to your lovely dimple, stealing all the attention, that’s a real dilemma.

25. Blob Bob
Blob Bob is that shapeless, sizeable pimple that seems to sprawl across your skin. It’s like the clumsy guy at a party who spills his drink everywhere.

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Funny & Creative Names for Pimples

Funny & Cute Names for Pimples infographic - NamesPursuit

The next list delves deeper into our creative minds, gifting your pimples with hilarious and innovative names.  

When you next spot a pimple in the mirror, these imaginative names are guaranteed to turn frowns into chuckles and bring a bit of sunshine to a cloudy day:

  • Red Beacon
  • Whitehead Wonder
  • Face Freckle 
  • Mischievous Mole
  • Zit Zeppelin
  • Pimple Picasso
  • Facial Firework
  • Bumpy Bouncer
  • Cheek Champion
  • Dermis Dot
  • Spot Sergeant
  • Nose Knob
  • Blister Bravado
  • Warty Wallace
  • Misfit Mound
  • Blemish Bandit
  • Eruption Everest
  • Pus Puff
  • Pimpled Pirate
  • Skin Scare
  • Derm Derrick
  • Whitehead Warrior
  • Zit Zealot
  • Pimple Purveyor
  • Mount Misery
  • Bump Blossom
  • Breakout Bandito
  • Cyst Sailor
  • Zit Zenith
  • Dewdrop Dimple

Funny & Cute Names for Pimples

Pimples can be annoying but are also a natural part of life. So why not treat them like the tiny, cute nuisances they are? 

Here’s a list of adorable & pun names for your pimples that will make them feel less like enemies and more like pesky pals:

  • Rosy Posey
  • Tiny Twinkle
  • Sunny Button
  • Ruby Doo
  • Pimple Puff
  • Zitty Kitty
  • Baby Bump
  • Dainty Dot
  • Sweet Swell
  • Cheeky Cherry
  • Dimple’s Cousin
  • Lil’ Blush
  • Cherry Twirl
  • Pinky Pop
  • Cheek Charm
  • Pus Puffin
  • Shiny Star
  • Tootsie Tot
  • Blemish Baby
  • Perky Pop
  • Dewdrop Darling
  • Button Buddy
  • Roly-Poly Ruby
  • Pouty Pimple
  • Blemish Blossom
  • Bumpy Boo
  • Lil’ Lava Lamp
  • Darling Dimple
  • Pimple Pookie

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Funny Slang Words for Pimples

How many different ways can we refer to these annoying little skin invaders without resorting to medical terminology? You’ll be surprised! 

With their widespread infamy, pimples have earned themselves some amusing nicknames in the realm of slang. So, let’s take a linguistic tour of the humorous world of pimple slang:

  • Face Volcano
  • Skin Popcorn
  • Cheeky Intruder
  • Zit Zapper
  • Pimple Poppers
  • Blotch Splotch
  • Derm Derm
  • Bumpy Surprise
  • Red Rover
  • Spot Stopper
  • Dot Disturber
  • Cheeky Cheetah
  • Pus Pool
  • Swell Bell
  • Blemish Blaster
  • Pimple Pitfall
  • Spotties
  • Splotchy Spots
  • Pimple Pebbles
  • Face Frisbees
  • Cheek Chiclets
  • Forehead Freckles
  • Mount FaceMore
  • Pus Puddle
  • Blemish Bombs
  • Spot Sparkles
  • Pimple Pixels
  • Cheeky Charmers
  • Zit Zoot
  • Red Rangers

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Funny Names for Big Pimples

Big pimples! The ones that you can feel coming on days before any occasion. They’re hard to ignore and sometimes can be downright painful. 

But don’t lose your cool! Let’s take a humorously creative approach. Here are some names that’ll get you laughing and relieve some of that big pimple stress:

  • Crater Creator
  • Everest Epidermis
  • Volcano Vesuvius
  • Jumbo Jamboree
  • Mammoth Mount
  • Pimplezilla
  • Gigantic Glob
  • Mount Eruption
  • Titanic Tumor
  • Big Ben Blemish
  • Colossal Crater
  • Grand Canyon Grime
  • Hubble’s Bubble
  • Mega Mount
  • Whopper Wart
  • Goliath Glob
  • Planet Pimple
  • Humongous Hump
  • Blob Behemoth
  • Spot Sasquatch
  • Jumbo Jelly
  • Mammoth Mound
  • Blemish Boulder
  • Zit Zeppelin
  • Epic Epidemic
  • Giant Germ
  • King Kong Cyst
  • Monster Mound
  • Godzilla Glob
  • Pimple Peak

Say Goodbye with a Grin!

Pimples, zits, blemishes call them what you want; they can be a nuisance, especially when they arrive unannounced. But by renaming these uninvited guests with some humor and creativity, we can make their stay a little less infuriating. 

So, next time a pesky pimple pops up, instead of groaning, smile, give it a funny name from our list, and say, “I see you, Mount Misery!” or “Hello, Pimple Pookie!“. Trust us, it won’t make the pimple disappear, but it will surely lighten your day.

So keep chuckling because life’s too short to worry about small bumps…

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