250+ Funny Zombie Names

250+ Funny Zombie Names
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Zombies! The mysterious creatures that roam around aimlessly, gnawing and groaning. But what if we told you they could be more than that? Yes, zombies can be funny and entertaining too. 

Imagine a world where zombies have funny names that make you laugh instead of running away in fear. Here, we will uncover a list of the best funny zombie names that will surely bring a chuckle.

Funny Zombie Names Ideas

Funny Zombie Names Ideas

Zombies, those ghoulish and staggering creatures, might be famous for their brain-eating habits, but that doesn’t mean they can’t tickle our funny bone! 

We are serving a fun-filled menu of zombie names, guaranteed to spark giggles even in the eeriest moments.

1. Drop Dead Fred: 

A clever take on the phrase “drop-dead gorgeous,” this name mixes irony with the image of a once-dapper Fred who has now become a staggering, mindless creature.

Drop Dead Fred’s charm may have decayed, but the humor behind his name remains fresh.

2. Scareah Carey: 

This witty name transforms the famous singer Mariah Carey into a terrifying zombie queen.

Imagine her not hitting high notes but rather lunging for brains. The transformation from pop diva to ghoulish creature adds a humorous twist.

3. Stumble-ina: 

Picture a zombie who once might have been a graceful ballerina but now stumbles around clumsily.

Stumble-ina captures the ironic contrast between elegance and awkwardness, creating an amusing visual image.

4. Rotten Robbie: 

Robbie’s name is no longer associated with youth and vitality but with decay and decomposition.

The alliteration of “Rotten Robbie” gives it a catchy ring while highlighting the gruesome reality of zombie life.

5. Moldy Mandy: 

Another name using alliteration, Moldy Mandy, tells the tale of a once-lived girl covered in mold and filth.

The vivid imagery and creative wordplay make it a humorously grotesque option.

6. Lumbering Larry: 

Larry’s clumsy and slow gait is now his defining characteristic. This name paints an amusing picture of a zombie who’s more likely to trip over his feet than catch his next meal.

7. Zombob Squarepants: 

A whimsical combination of the iconic cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants and the world of the undead.

This playful name provides a fun crossover that will amuse both zombie and cartoon enthusiasts alike.

8. Brainy Bryan: 

No longer a symbol of intelligence, “Brainy” Bryan now refers to his insatiable appetite for brains. This punny name makes light of his morbid craving, providing an ironic twist on his former intellectual prowess.

9. Graveyard Gary: 

A name that rhymes and carries a sense of foreboding, Graveyard Gary gives off an eerie yet comical vibe.

Gary’s eternal link to the graveyard makes it a humorously fitting name for our undead friend.

10. Shuffling Sheila: 

Sheila’s slow and dragging movements are humorously captured in her name. A light-hearted way to describe a zombie’s gait, this name provides vivid and humorous imagery of Sheila’s peculiar walk.

11. Bumbling Bob: 

Bob’s clumsy and inept behavior is immortalized in this catchy name. The alliteration makes it memorable, and the imagery provides a funny portrayal of a zombie who can’t quite get things right.

12. Grisly Gracie: 

This name paints a picture of Gracie, who once might have been graceful but is now a gruesome sight.

The ironic contrast adds to the humor and gives Gracie a comically morbid flair.

13. Scary Potter: 

A hilarious twist on the beloved wizard Harry Potter, turning him into a frightening zombie. The play on words will surely delight fans of the magical world, adding an amusingly dark twist to a well-known character.

14. Bitin’ Bieber: 

Justin Bieber gets a zombie makeover with this name, transforming the pop sensation into a brain-hungry creature.

The wordplay on “biting” adds a comical touch and offers an amusing visual.

15. Decomposing Don: 

Don’s once-robust figure is now in a state of decay, giving rise to this humorously descriptive name. The alliteration and vivid imagery turn something grotesque into a chuckle-worthy moniker.

16. Chompy Charlie: 

Charlie’s insatiable hunger for flesh is the focal point of this amusing name. Using the word “Chompy” adds a playful element, turning a grim characteristic into something lighthearted.

17. Slurpin’ Steve: 

Steve’s sloppy eating habits are highlighted in this fun name. His tendency to slurp while feasting on his prey adds a humorous and slightly disgusting twist, making it a memorable choice.

18. Rancid Rachel: 

Rachel’s putrid and decaying state is captured in this catchy name. The adjective “Rancid” adds a creative touch, emphasizing zombie existence’s morbid yet funny reality.

19. Munching Mike: 

Mike’s voracious appetite for brains gives rise to this fun and descriptive name. It paints an amusing picture of Mike enjoying his ghastly meals, turning a morbid trait into a humorous moniker.

20. Gnawing Nancy: 

Nancy’s relentless gnawing is the focal point of this catchy name. Her incessant craving for flesh is depicted light-heartedly, creating a whimsical image that will surely entertain.

21. Nibbling Nick: 

Nibbling Nick’s cautious approach to feasting on brains adds an amusing touch to the terrifying concept of zombies. The word “Nibbling” downplays his ferocity and adds a playful twist.

22. Shambly Sam: 

Sam’s disheveled appearance and unsteady gait give rise to this amusing name. His shambling movements are captured perfectly, turning an eerie trait into something comically endearing.

23. Groaning Greg: 

Greg’s constant groans are immortalized in this humorous name. The onomatopoeic word “Groaning” makes the name resonate with readers, adding a funny and relatable touch to Greg’s undead state.

24. Rotting Rita: 

Rita’s decaying state is captured in this vivid name. While the word “Rotting” could be seen as macabre, in this context, it’s used to highlight Rita’s transformation in an amusingly grotesque way.

25. Chomping Chad: 

Chad’s vigorous biting and chewing habits inspire this lively name. His zest for devouring brains is portrayed in a way that turns something horrifying into a funny and memorable moniker.

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Funny Zombie Girl Names

Funny Zombie Girl Names

The undead world doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom regarding zombie girls. This section is a lighthearted exploration of humorous and quirky names for female zombies. 

If you’re writing a zombie-themed book or screenplay, designing a video game, or planning a themed party, having a list of funny zombie girl names can be invaluable.

  • Drooling Diana
  • Stumbling Stella
  • Lumbering Laura
  • Clumsy Cora
  • Shuffling Sheila
  • Bumbling Betty
  • Staggering Sue
  • Tottering Tina
  • Meandering Megan
  • Wandering Wanda
  • Grumbling Greta
  • Mumbling Mandy
  • Hissing Harriet
  • Rambling Rita
  • Lurching Linda
  • Trudging Tracy
  • Wobbling Wendy
  • Dithering Doris
  • Faltering Felicity
  • Teetering Tessa
  • Hobbling Helen
  • Ambling Alice
  • Doddering Daisy
  • Groaning Gloria
  • Crumbling Carla
  • LimbLunche Lola
  • Rumbling Rosalie
  • Shambling Sherry
  • Brain Drainer Brenda
  • Undead Ursula

Funny Zombie Boy Names

Funny Zombie Boy Names

Let’s not forget the gentlemen of the undead world. If you’re creating a male zombie character and want a name that is as humorous as it is grotesque, this list is for you.

These names are silly, quirky, and full of humor, perfect for adding some lightness to our dreary zombie-filled world. After all, if we can’t laugh at our zombified counterparts, who can we laugh at?

  • Barry D’Alive
  • Shuffling Sheldon
  • Bumbling Brad
  • Justin Pieces
  • Doug Graves
  • Phil Down
  • Shambly Sean
  • Zombified Zack
  • Munching Matt
  • Moaning Mike
  • Moe Mentum
  • Scary Scott
  • Stumbling Steve
  • Rabid Rob
  • Chomping Chris
  • Pierce Heart
  • Chuck Itall
  • Limping Liam
  • Frightful Frank
  • Groaning Graham
  • Ghastly Gus
  • Creepy Carl
  • Biting Billy
  • Pouncing Patrick
  • Rattling Ryan
  • Snarling Sam
  • Eerie Eric
  • Ravaging Rick
  • Feral Fred
  • Shrieking Shane

Funny & Cute Zombie Names

With their rotting flesh and guttural moans, zombies don’t exactly scream “cute.” But we’re about to turn that around! Believe it or not, zombies can be adorable too! 

Here’s a segment dedicated to these unlikely, charming brain-munchers. This list of funny yet cute zombie names might have you cuddling a zombie plushie instead of hiding under your blanket!

  • Brainy Bites
  • Zom-bunny
  • Mouldy Muffin
  • Brain-Eating Betty
  • Puddin’ Pop
  • Zom-Bee
  • Googly Ghoul
  • Crumbling Cupcake
  • Munchkin Monster
  • Shambly Shamrock
  • Fuzzy Deadkins
  • Rotten Raspberry
  • Gory Goldilocks
  • Zom-bumblebee
  • Rotting Raisin
  • Zom-kitty
  • Giggly Ghost
  • Shuffly Snugglebug
  • Lurching Ladybug
  • Zomberry
  • Lil’ Lurker
  • Boogie Bear
  • Zom-bambi
  • Ghouly Gumdrop
  • Slumbering Sprout
  • Boo-Berry
  • Crusty Cookie
  • Shuffly Sugarplum
  • Rotten Rosebud
  • Grisly Giggler

Funny & Cool Zombie Names

Are you tired of the same old scary and grotesque zombie names? Or want to mix things up with some names that are as cool as they are funny. Well, we’ve got you covered! 

Our selection of funny and cool zombie names is perfect for the hipster zombies who want to keep their style even after crossing over to the undead. 

  • Deadbeat Dylan
  • Hipster Horror
  • Ghoulish Gatsby
  • Shuffling Swagger
  • Gnawing Nero
  • Rotten Romeo
  • Munching Maverick
  • Biting Beckham
  • Rancid Rico
  • Gore Gabbana
  • Brains Balenciaga
  • Ghastly Gucci
  • Lurching Lagerfeld
  • Chomping Chanel
  • Prowling Prada
  • Boney Banksy
  • Zombie Zoolander
  • Macabre McQueen
  • Creepy Cobain
  • Shambly Sinatra
  • Morbid Morrissey
  • Eerie Elvis
  • Dreadful Drake
  • Limping Lennon
  • Frightful Fendi
  • Ravaging Rocky
  • Shrieking Snoop
  • Feral Ferragamo
  • Groaning Guetta
  • Lurking Louboutin

Funny Zombie Team Names

Funny Zombie Team Names

Do you have a group of survivors and need a team name? Or maybe you’re organizing a zombie-themed event or party? Either way, you’ll need a team name that’s as funny as fear-inducing. And we’ve got just the list for you. 

These zombie team names are sure to get you all laughing. So, gather your gang of the living dead and let these funny team names inspire you:

  • The Wandering Dead
  • Bite NightClub
  • Moan Rangers
  • Shamble Ramblers
  • Gnawty by Nature
  • Drool Cool School
  • Brain Drain Chain
  • Munch Bunch
  • Rotten Lot
  • Shambling Shufflers
  • Zombieland Band
  • The Undead Thread
  • Gruesome Twosome
  • Decomposing Posse
  • Dead Ahead Squad
  • The Creeping Peeps
  • Grisly Gang
  • Scare Pair
  • Groan Zone Patrol
  • Walker Stalkers
  • The Bumbling Bunch
  • Carrion Crew
  • The Roaming Moaners
  • Gruesome Foursome
  • The Stumbling Ensemble
  • Terrifying Ten
  • The Cadaver Collective
  • The Gore Corps
  • The Nibble Tribe
  • The Deadhead Spread

End of the Zomedy Show

Incorporating humor into the zombie narrative can create a unique and entertaining twist. This not-so-serious guide to funny zombie names shows that zombies can have a humorous side, too! These names are perfect for adding a fun element to your zombie stories, games, or themed events. 

So, don’t just scream in fear the next time you encounter a zombie. Instead, crack a smile, give them a funny name, and turn the horrifying adventure filled with laughter. After all, a sense of humor might be the best survival tool in a world overrun by the undead.

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