250+ Funny Owl Names (Clever Ideas)

Funny Owl Names
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So you have got a new owl friend, and now you are scratching your head trying to find the perfect name, right?

Choosing a name for your owl is a big deal, and why not infuse some humor into this important decision? You have landed on the right page! 

This article covers everything from funny female and male owl names to charming names for baby owls. Plus, we have a list of owl house names, night owls, snow owls, and even your soon-to-be pet owl. 

So sit tight, get ready to chuckle, and let’s help you find a name that will make both you and your feathered friend hoot with laughter!

Funny Owl Names With Meanings

Funny Owl Names - Infographic By NamesCrunch

When naming your owl, you have got an entire universe of options. But sometimes, choosing a name with a pinch of humor makes everything much more enjoyable.

A funny name will make you smile and give your owl an extra flair of personality. 

So, let’s dive into some humorous names that suit any owl, regardless of their feathers or flight skills.

  • Hootie McHootface
  • Owlbert Einstein
  • Whoopi Goldwing
  • Owl Capone
  • Owlington
  • Sir Hoots-a-Lot
  • Feathery McFeatherface
  • Owlvis Presley
  • Owlivia Newton-John
  • Owlfred Hitchcock
  • Feather Locklear
  • Hedwings
  • Who-dini
  • Owlette Oyl
  • Sherlock Hoots
  • Hootini
  • Who-Gene
  • Talontino
  • Harry Pfeather
  • Hooterella
  • Hootifer
  • Owly McBeakface
  • Whobacca
  • Hootie and the Fish
  • Who-nevere
  • Hootenanny
  • W-howl Smith
  • Hoo-dolph
  • Feather Fawcett
  • Owlden Graham
  • Peekaboo
  • Owl Jolson
  • Lady HooHoo
  • Owlmira
  • Hoots McGoots

Funny Female Owl Names

Funny Female Owl Names

For your fabulous female owl, why go with something boring when you can choose a name that sparkles with wit and whimsy? 

A funny name is an excellent way to showcase her sass and flair. Whether she’s the Queen Bee of the aviary or a little mischief-maker, these names are perfect for your feathery diva.

OwLana Del Ray: Musical Diva

DivaHoot: Sassy Star

Hootina Turner: Rockin’ Elegance

Hootney Spears: Pop Princess

Owlizabeth Taylor: Timeless Glam

Jane Feather: Classic Chic

Owlsa: Icy Grace

Who-Riette: Lovebird

Who-nna: Iconic

Featherly Cyrus: Country Glam

Madame Who: Regal Elegance

Owlivia Pope: Scandal Chic

Hoo-La-La: French Flair

Owlphaba: Magical Enigma

Owlice Wonderland: Whimsical Explorer

Twit-twoo Tina: Effervescent Spirit

Hoo-drey Hepburn: Timeless Beauty

Featherina: Balletic Grace

Talon-Swift: Swift Flyer

Hootina Aguilera: Vocal Wonder

Owlise: Elegant Simplicity

Who-ra: Adventurous

Fluff-Who: Cuddly Soft

Pecky Minaj: Rap Royalty

Owlora: Nature-Inspired

Hoo-lia Roberts: Big-Smile Beauty

Featherina Jolie: Charismatic Chic

Who-livia Wilde: Smart Wit

Owlivia Twiston-Davies: British Elegance

Lady WhooWhoo: High Society

Owleen: Halloween Queen

Who-patra: Egyptian Glam

Who-lie Andrews: Theatrical Class

Owlyssa Milano: TV Starlet

Who-lene Dion: Vocal Elegance

Owlizabeth Queen: Royal Chic

Hoo-lia Louis-Dreyfus: Comedic Charm

Chickpea: Petite Cutie

Who-kim Kardashian: Reality Glitz

Owlly Parton: Country Queen

Funny Male Owl Names

Funny Male Owl Names

When it comes to the guys, you want a name that packs a punch and shows off his swagger or sophistication.

A funny name is a fabulous way to break the ice and make everyone who meets your male owl grin from ear to ear. 

So, let’s get creative with some hilarious options for your wingman.

Hootie Gyllenhaal: Hollywood Hoots

Sir Who-a-Lot: Regal Rambler

Beakham: Soccer Star

Owliver Twist: Dickensian Tot

Owldo Emerson: Philosopher Feather

Clint Eastwing: Western Flair

Owlen Degeneres: Comedic Quirks

Hoo-lio Iglesias: Latin Crooner

Owlvis Costello: Indie Icon

Mr. Hootman: Gentlemanly

Owlin Johnson: Political Plumage

Beaker: Science Chic

WiseGuy: Mafioso Feathers

Feather McConaughey: Laid-back Luster

Hoo-n Solo: Star Pilot

Owlios: Godly Wings

Mr. Beakster: Retro Cool

Hoo-venchy: High Fashion

Talon Musk: Innovator

Hootimus Prime: Robot Leader

Owlchard Nixon: Watergate Wisdom

Hoo-perman: Super Strength

Owllen Poe: Gothic Mystery

Whobert Downey Jr.: Iron Beak

Who-ne Jackman: Broadway Brilliance

Owl Pacino: Mob Charisma

Hoo-nye West: Hip-Hop Guru

Owlston Powers: Groovy Spy

Owll Smith: Fresh Talon

Hoo-orge Clooney: Silver Fox

Owltoon John: Piano Man

Sir Who-Gene: Genetic Genius

Hoo-ke Skywalker: Jedi Wisdom

Feather Sutherland: Action Hero

Owly S. Thompson: Gonzo Journalist

The Big Hootowski: Chill Vibes

Owlfie Allen: Neurotic Wit

Wingston Churchill: Statesman

Owl Roker: Weather Wise

Hoo-ry Styles: Pop Sensation

Funny Baby Owl Names

Funny Baby Owl Names

Baby owls are just a bundle of joy and fluff! They deserve names that are as cute and charming as they are.

Funny names for baby owls will not only capture their adorable essence but also make everyone who hears them break into a smile. 

Get ready to aww over these baby owl name ideas!

  • Hootkins
  • Pipsqueak
  • Fuzzball
  • Hootlet
  • Fluffernutter
  • MiniWho
  • Tweety
  • SnugglyWuggly
  • Beaky Baby
  • Owly Jr.
  • Whoopee
  • Tootsie
  • Tiny Talon
  • Featherito
  • Hoo-Little
  • Owletta
  • Giggles
  • Bubbly Beak
  • Little Hooter
  • Owlie Wowie
  • Mini Feather
  • Baby Hoo
  • Owlito
  • Whootie Patootie
  • Hoo-Cup
  • Owltiny
  • Cuddlewing
  • Owly McTiny
  • Lil’ Hoot
  • Baby Beak
  • Whobie
  • Itsy Bitsy
  • Peepers
  • Winglet
  • Baby Owlington

For more name ideas, check out these:

Funny Owl House Names

Funny Owl House Names

Owning an owl is fabulous, but where your feathered friend resides needs some thought, too.

A unique house name adds a little pizzazz to your owl’s residence and gives your friends and family a reason to chuckle. Naming your owl’s abode can be just as much fun as calling your owl. 

So, without further ado, let’s feather this nest with hilarious owl house names!

  • The Hootel
  • Feathered Fortress
  • Owl’s Nestopia
  • The Pecking Palace
  • Owlington Estate
  • The Hoot House
  • Talon Tower
  • Beak Boulevard
  • The Wingdom
  • Fluffville
  • Hoo’s Hangout
  • The Whootery
  • Feathery Farms
  • Owllamo
  • Hootsville Manor
  • Owlasis
  • Peckington Castle
  • Whoo’s Inn
  • The Beakery
  • Owl’s Landing
  • Hoo Haven
  • Twit-Twoosville
  • The Owlmahal
  • Beak Retreat
  • Wingfield Manor
  • Fluffington Post
  • Owl’s Eden
  • Whootington Inn
  • Featherbed Flats
  • Peekaburrow
  • Owl’s Pines
  • The Owldoors
  • The Feathered Nook
  • Nestington Place
  • Hoo-Home
  • Talon Territory
  • Featherline Inn
  • Nestlewood Manor
  • Talon Heights
  • The Fluffernest

Funny Names for Night Owl

Funny Names for Night Owl

Got an owl that loves to keep you company while you binge-watch your favorite series?

These night owls need a name that celebrates their nocturnal nature. It’s something funny and fitting for an owl that loves the moonlight. 

Here’s a list of funny names for all those night owls who love to keep the party going until the wee hours!

  • Nightwing
  • Noctowl
  • Moonbeak
  • Starry Eyes
  • Midnight Hoo-er
  • MoonFeather
  • NightOwlbert
  • SleepyHoot
  • Hoo’s Awake
  • Owl Night Long
  • Midnight Pecker
  • NightOwlivia
  • Hoo-Dreams
  • Owlight
  • Nighty-NightOwl
  • Hoo-Nocturne
  • StarGazer
  • LunaHoot
  • Noctowlnooga
  • TwinkleBeak
  • NightSkye
  • MoonWatcher
  • DuskWing
  • StarryHoot
  • Twilighter
  • Owly Dream
  • MidnightOwl
  • NightFeather
  • DreamBeak
  • MoonOwler
  • Owlibious
  • StarPeck
  • NightFlyer
  • DarkWing
  • HooNight

Funny Snow Owl Names

Funny Snow Owl Names

If you have a snow owl, you have a rare gem indeed! With their beautiful white plumage, these owls deserve names as unique as they are.

Something funny and memorable will make you smile whenever you look at your frosty friend. 

Let’s make the winter wonderland more fabulous with these hilarious snow owl names!

  • Snowball
  • Frostbeak
  • IceWing
  • FlurryFace
  • ChillFeather
  • FrostHoot
  • SnowFlake
  • SnowWhiteOwl
  • IcePeck
  • FlurryHoot
  • FrostyClaws
  • ChillyBeak
  • GlacialGaze
  • HooFrost
  • Snowy McSnowface
  • BlizHoot
  • WinterWing
  • Freezebeak
  • ArcticEyes
  • FrostOwlivia
  • PolarPeck
  • SnowDrift
  • IceOwl
  • SnowCap
  • FrostyToes
  • FrigidFeathers
  • ColdClaws
  • N-iceOwl
  • FreezeHoot
  • SlushBeak
  • FrozOwl
  • HooCold
  • SnowDazzle
  • Icy Stare
  • WinterHoo

Funny Names for Pet Owl

Funny Names for Pet Owl (1)

Your pet owl deserves a name that stands out just as much as theirs.

Something that makes people chuckle and think, “Wow, what a cool and funny name!” Whether your pet owl is a real comedian or a wise observer, we have a list of names that will bring a smile to your face.

  • Sir Fluffs-a-Lot
  • Hoo-Ray
  • Beakachu
  • Smarty Beak
  • Owlfalfa
  • Comedihoot
  • HootLoop
  • OwlYouNeed
  • Whobacca
  • Owlgre
  • HootRoll
  • Owlvin
  • Peek-a-Hoo
  • SmartyHoot
  • Beak-a-Boo
  • Chucklowl
  • Hoo-la-hoop
  • Whootsier
  • Fluffernutter Jr.
  • Beakerino
  • Chucklbeak
  • Fluffington
  • Puffy McPuffface
  • Owlivia Wildebeak
  • PeekaHoot
  • Owlspresso
  • FeatherSnoop
  • Owliver Queen
  • Chucklfeather
  • GigglyWings
  • WhimsiHoot
  • FeatherOwlGalore
  • Owly McOwlface Jr.
  • Hoo-Delight
  • PunnyPeck
  • Owl B. Darned
  • Beak’n’Roll
  • GiggleWing
  • Hoo-ha-ha
  • WisecrackWing


Wow, that was a hoot, wasn’t it? Naming your owl (or their residence) doesn’t have to be mundane; it can be an absolute blast! 

Remember, the best names often reflect your owl’s unique personality, whether a diva, a night owl, or a snowy beauty.

If you’re stuck picking just one, why not shortlist your top 5 and try them out for a few days to see which one sticks? 

Names like “Hootie McHootface,” “Owlbert Einstein,” and “Feather Locklear” are not just funny but also memorable, capturing the essence of your owl in a light-hearted way. 

So pick that perfect name, and let the hooting (and laughing) begin!

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