290+ Funny Phone Names [Clever Ideas]

Funny Phone Names
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Ready to give your smartphone a name that’s as quirky as its user? You are in the right place! This article serves as a platter of funny phone name ideas tailored for every brand lover.

From zany Android suggestions to comical Apple and Samsung monikers, we have assembled a list guaranteed to invoke a hearty chuckle.

Let’s dive in and find the perfect tongue-in-cheek title for your tech companion!

Funny Phone Names

Funny Phone Names infographic

Now, let’s imagine ourselves in the shoes of these creative minds and conjure up a list of potential phone names that might give our everyday devices a run for their money in a parallel universe, perhaps!

  • Starry Comm
  • PixelPop
  • Quantum Quokka
  • NanoNectar
  • Sonic Squirrel
  • ZestyZoom
  • NebulaNote
  • Quirky Quantum
  • RapidRaven
  • VelocityVista
  • TurboToucan
  • Jolly Jellybean
  • Zippy Zebra
  • Solar Seraph
  • Lunar Lynx
  • Infinity Iris
  • Cherry Cheetah
  • Arctic Aura
  • BlossomByte
  • Vibrant Viper
  • Crystal Cuckoo
  • Velvet Vulture
  • Mystic Mango
  • Dynamic Dingo
  • Spiral Sylph
  • Candid Cobra
  • Prismatic Parrot
  • Glistening Gecko
  • Ethereal Echo
  • Pulsar Puma
  • Nebula Nomad
  • Twilight Tangerine
  • Cosmo Condor
  • Lustrous Llama
  • Stratospheric Starling
  • Whispering Willow
  • Serene Serval
  • Jubilant Jaguar
  • Stellar Sphinx
  • Electric Emu
  • Odyssey Ocelot
  • Amber Armadillo
  • Solar Serval
  • Quasar Quail
  • Enigmatic Elm
  • Exotic Electron
  • Tangerine Toucan
  • Iridescent Ibex
  • Harmonic Hyena
  • Enchanted Elk
  • Whimsical Wallaby
  • Tranquil Tetra
  • Alluring Albatross
  • Timeless Tulip
  • Celestial Cygnet
  • Ethereal Elk
  • Rhythmic Raven
  • Polished Panda
  • Vibrant Valkyrie
  • Elusive Elektra

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Funny Names for Android Phone

Funny Names for Android Phone

In the bustling bazaar of Android smartphones, you’ve likely encountered many names, some majestic, others simply functional.

Android welcomes many brands as an open platform, each donning unique name tags in the crowded marketplace. 

But what if the creators sprinkled more wit and humor into these electronic sidekicks?

Let’s traverse a hypothetical scenario where Android phone names are designed to put a hearty smile on our faces.

  • MellowMango
  • ZestyZen
  • BumbleByte
  • TangoTangerine
  • JiveJaguar
  • BouncyByte
  • NiftyNebula
  • WobbleWalrus
  • QuantumQuince
  • SnazzySnail
  • FriskyFrog
  • JovialJade
  • BubblingBison
  • HarmonicHawk
  • PrancingPeach
  • TwirlingTortoise
  • JazzyJackal
  • PoshPapaya
  • JollyJumper
  • WittyWhale
  • MirthfulMantis
  • GleefulGiraffe
  • BreezyBuffalo
  • MusingMeerkat
  • LivelyLynx
  • SparklingSparrow
  • BuoyantBudgie
  • EnergeticElephant
  • NimbleNectarine
  • BubblingBee
  • VibrantVervet
  • MerryMagpie
  • BeamingButterfly
  • AmusedAlbatross
  • TickledTiger
  • CarefreeCrane
  • ElatedEagle
  • GleamingGoose
  • JoyfulJaguarundi
  • JubilantJellyfish
  • UpbeatUrchin
  • ZappyZebra
  • WhoopeeWoodpecker
  • TicklishToucan
  • PluckyPelican
  • SmileyStarfish
  • BlissfulBunny
  • PleasedPangolin
  • ChirpyChinchilla
  • GrinningGoat
  • CheerfulCheetah
  • DandyDove
  • JocularJalapeno
  • AmiableAnt
  • GenialGazelle

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Funny Apple Phone Names

Funny Apple Phone Names

While the name ‘Apple’ already carries a playful flair, we often see its product names bathed in a luxurious and sleek aura.

So, what if, in an alternate universe, Apple decided to dabble in more humorous, lighthearted naming for their beloved iPhones

Picture walking into an Apple store and being greeted with names that are not just premium but also weave in a dash of merriment and whimsy.

  • SnickerSnack
  • GigglyGrannySmith
  • BeamingBramley
  • WhimsicalWinesap
  • TicklishTango
  • MerryMacintosh
  • JocularJonagold
  • CheeryCrispin
  • JollyJazz
  • GleefulGoldenDelicious
  • BlissfulBraeburn
  • LaughingLady
  • PeppyPinkLady
  • BubblyBoskoop
  • AmusingAmbrosia
  • PleasedPippin
  • ChirpyCortland
  • GrinningGala
  • BuoyantBaldwin
  • DelightedDamson
  • ZestyZari
  • CarefreeCameo
  • PerkyPacificRose
  • JovialJonamac
  • MirthfulMelrose
  • HappyHoneycrisp
  • PuckishPixieCrunch
  • SassySunCrisp
  • GleamingGingerGold
  • SmileySnowSweet
  • SparklingSpartan
  • ExuberantEmpire
  • DrollDiscovery
  • SprightlySuncrisp
  • PlayfulPommeGrise
  • WhoopeeWaltana
  • MusingMcIntosh
  • BlissfulBelmac
  • GratefulGreensleeves
  • JubilantJonaPrince
  • TickledTopaz
  • LightheartedLuna
  • VibrantVistaBella
  • WhimsyWickson
  • QuizzicalQueensCox
  • MellowMutsu
  • SnappySnapDragon
  • PleasedPristine
  • CheerfulCoxOrange
  • AmusedAurora
  • EnchantedEgremontRusset
  • PiquantPinova
  • GleefulGravenstein
  • SmirkingSmitten
  • SnazzySweeTango

Funny Samsung Phone Names

Funny Samsung Phone Names

Samsung, a brand synonymous with innovation, often intertwines technology and elegance in its product names.

Imagine if the South Korean tech giant opted for a whimsical approach, introducing models that entwined their technological prowess with a dash of light-hearted jest! 

How would a Samsung phone christened with playful, vibrant, and chuckle-worthy names look on the shelves?

Below, we embark on a fanciful expedition, crafting names that blend Samsung’s sophistication with a playful spirit.

  • Samsung SnickerSphere
  • Samsung GigglyGalaxy
  • Samsung BeamingByte
  • Samsung WhoopeeWave
  • Samsung MerryModule
  • Samsung JovialJupiter
  • Samsung CheeryCharm
  • Samsung PleasedPixel
  • Samsung JocularJava
  • Samsung BubblingBolt
  • Samsung JollyJingle
  • Samsung GrinningGizmo
  • Samsung SnazzySpectra
  • Samsung LivelyLumina
  • Samsung PerkyPulse
  • Samsung JoyfulJade
  • Samsung TickledTechie
  • Samsung BreezyBinary
  • Samsung EagerEcho
  • Samsung HappyHalo
  • Samsung ZestyZenith
  • Samsung WhimsicalWave
  • Samsung MirthfulMagnet
  • Samsung LaughingLaser
  • Samsung GleefulGarnet
  • Samsung AmusedAmp
  • Samsung SparklingSprite
  • Samsung SnappySonic
  • Samsung MusingMatrix
  • Samsung DelightedDynamo
  • Samsung GleamingGlider
  • Samsung VibrantVertex
  • Samsung PuckishPulse
  • Samsung DrollDazzle
  • Samsung SmileySprint
  • Samsung JestingJazz
  • Samsung ZappyZoom
  • Samsung BlissfulBlaze
  • Samsung BuoyantBurst
  • Samsung FrivolousFlare
  • Samsung TicklishTrend
  • Samsung WhizWander
  • Samsung PlayfulPinnacle
  • Samsung NimbleNectar
  • Samsung JauntyJolt
  • Samsung VibrantVerve
  • Samsung JubilantJive
  • Samsung WhimsyWhirl
  • Samsung GenialGlow
  • Samsung ChirpyChase
  • Samsung ElatedEnergy
  • Samsung JigglyJiffy
  • Samsung PeppyPrism
  • Samsung JocularJest
  • Samsung QuizzicalQuest

Funny Phone Names With Meanings

Funny Phone Names Ideas List

Some brands have surprised us with innovative names that provoke a light chuckle or a bewildered eyebrow raise. 

Let’s uncover a bunch that raised the curtain and eyebrows in the smartphone market.

1. Apple iPhone: The iPhone, renowned for its sleek design and functionality, carries a simple yet powerful name associated with innovation and user-friendliness.

2. LG Chocolate: LG’s Chocolate phone wasn’t edible, but its name aptly described its smooth, stylish design and perhaps its allure to tech-savvy sweet tooths.

3. Samsung Galaxy: The name “Galaxy” conjures images of a vast and limitless universe, fitting for Samsung’s extensive range of smartphone models.

4. Google Pixel: Google’s Pixel lineup is all about capturing the world in vivid detail, pixel by pixel, making the name reflect its emphasis on photography and visual excellence.

5. OnePlus: OnePlus, a brand that keeps adding value with each release, is like a mathematical expression, always striving to be more in terms of speed, clarity, and style.

6. Motorola RAZR: The RAZR series was cutting-edge in its time, and the name “RAZR” conveyed a sense of sharp precision and sophistication in the world of flip phones.

7. Alcatel OneTouch: Alcatel’s OneTouch series emphasizes simplicity and accessibility, offering a user-friendly experience with a touch of modernity.

8. Huawei Honor: Huawei’s “Honor” series brings a sense of pride and dignity to its smartphones, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to quality and excellence.

9. ZTE Blade: The “Blade” name hints at sharpness and precision in ZTE’s smartphones, suggesting they’re cutting through the competition with their features.

10. Xiaomi Redmi: Xiaomi’s “Redmi” series evokes a fiery passion, perhaps referring to the brand’s commitment to providing high-quality devices at affordable prices.

Funny Phone Names - NamesCrunch

11. Nokia Lumia: “Lumia” embodies light and clarity, reflecting Nokia’s pursuit of creating devices with exceptional displays and camera capabilities.

12. Sony Xperia: Sony’s “Xperia” name suggests a sense of exploration and adventure, inviting users to explore the world of entertainment and technology.

13. HTC Desire: HTC’s “Desire” series invokes a sense of longing and aspiration, emphasizing the user’s desire for powerful, stylish smartphones.

14. Oppo Find: Oppo’s “Find” series implies a journey of discovery, where users can find innovative features and cutting-edge technology.

15. Vivo Y Series: Vivo’s “Y” series signifies youthfulness and affordability, targeting a younger audience with budget-friendly yet feature-rich phones.

16. Asus Zenfone: “Zenfone” combines Zen-like tranquility with the power of a phone, symbolizing Asus’s commitment to creating balanced and efficient devices.

17. Micromax Canvas: Micromax’s “Canvas” series suggests a smartphone as a blank canvas for users to paint their digital experiences.

18. Lenovo K Series: Lenovo’s “K” series emphasizes a balance between performance and affordability, offering reliable devices for budget-conscious consumers.

19. Realme Narzo: “Narzo” brings a sense of uniqueness and identity to Realme’s smartphones, promising a distinct and memorable user experience.

20. BlackBerry: This iconic phone’s name was inspired by the appearance of its keyboard buttons, resembling the small drupelets of a blackberry fruit.

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If you are searching for a phone with a touch of humor, consider shortlisting a few of these jovial names. Samsung’s “SnickerSphere” or Google’s “PixelPop” might tickle your fancy.

However, it’s crucial to remember that a phone’s name, while entertaining, should not be the sole criterion for your choice.

Ultimately, the device’s features, performance, and compatibility with your needs should guide your decision.

So, while a funny phone name can add a bit of joy to your tech journey, delve deeper into the device’s specs to ensure it’s not just humorous but also a smart choice for your digital endeavors. 

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