Funny Sword Names (Unique & Hilarious)

Funny Sword Names
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Swords, symbols of power and courage, often bear names that inspire awe and respect. Yet, there’s a delightful realm of blade nomenclature that opts for humor over heroism.

So, in this article, we will dive into some of the most amusing and funny sword names out there.

Whether you are a fantasy enthusiast, a fan of irony, or need a good laugh, these names will not disappoint. Ready to draw some giggles?

Let’s embark!

Funny Sword Names Ideas

Funny Sword Names Ideas - Infographic By Names Crunch

These sword names might not fear enemies’ hearts, but they will surely give them a good chuckle.

Here are 25 funny sword names that will tickle your funny bone:

1. Sir Stabs-a-Lot: Legend has it this sword belonged to a knight with an unmatched poking strategy. They say he never slashed, only stabbed… a lot.

2. Poking Stick of Fun: A favorite among jesters, this blade was the life of medieval parties. A gentle poke here and there and laughs were ensured.

3. Slicey McSlashface: Named during a legendary sword-naming contest in the town of Bladesville, its owner was clearly a fan of quirky name structures.

4. Unthreatening Thorn: Designed to look like a single rose thorn, this sword’s deceptive appearance has fooled many adversaries into underestimating its wielder.

5. Choppy’s Playmate: The twin sword of a renowned blade named ‘Choppy’, this sword may sound friendly but has witnessed many epic battles.

6. The Gentleman’s Poker: Suave and sophisticated, this blade was designed for the classy fighter who prefers elegance with a side of humor.

7. Swing-n-Miss: Legend has it that its original owner never managed to hit a single target. Still, the name stuck even after the sword found a more competent wielder.

8. Overcompensator: A massive sword, sometimes too big for its wielder. It’s rumored to make up for other, um, shortcomings.

9. The Lighthearted Lancer: Perfect for a cavalier with a sense of humor. The blade is sharp, but its spirit is playful.

10. Pointy End Goes Here: Used for training rookies, this blade’s name gives a simple yet vital tip for beginners.

11. Stabby Tabby: A curious blade with a handle shaped like a cat’s tail. Perfect for feline lovers with a sense of humor.

Funny Names for Link's Skyward Sword

12. The Underwhelming: Contrary to its name, this sword has seen countless victories. The modest title only adds to its charm.

13. Not-So-Deadly Dancer: With a balance perfect for twirls and pirouettes, it’s a favorite among battle bards and fighting minstrels.

14. Gigglesword: Embedded with a minor enchantment, this sword lets out a chuckle every time it’s swung. Some find it endearing; others find it distracting.

15. Peacekeeper’s Paradox: It’s said to be forged for peace, but its sharp edge tells another story, making it a true paradox.

16. The Silly Saber: Engraved with jokes along its blade, it’s meant for those who fight with a smirk.

17. Jestering Edge: Crafted for the king’s jester, who wanted to play a knight but with a comical twist.

18. Chuckles’ Chopper: Named after a famous blacksmith, Chuckles is known for his hearty laugh and expert craftsmanship.

19. The Friendly Firer: This blade, surprisingly, enjoys company. It is said it shines brighter when amidst friends.

20. Sir Slices-a-Little: The cousin to Sir Stabs-a-Lot, this blade prefers precise cuts over chaotic stabs.

Funny Sword Names for D&D

21. Noodle Nudger: A sword with a flattened tip, perfect for playful nudges or arranging a plate of spaghetti.

22. The Whimsical Wielder: Crafted in a land of fairy tales, this sword boasts an ornate design with swirling patterns and a hint of mischief.

23. Happy Hitter: It’s not about the damage but the joy of the swing! This sword embodies the cheerful side of battles.

24. Joke’s Edge: Enchanted to whisper a joke into its wielder’s ear upon unsheathing. The blade’s humor is an acquired taste.

25. The Glee Glaive: A long blade with a musical note motif, rumored to hum cheerful tunes during duels.

Funny Japanese Sword Names

Funny Japanese Sword Names

With their elegant curves and sharp edges, Japanese swords are usually associated with deep traditions and warrior codes. But who says we can’t have a little fun?

Imagine a samurai unsheathing a sword with a name that’s more chuckles than challenges. It would be a hilarious twist to the usual intimidating aura.

Below are 15 funny Japanese-inspired sword names:

Sushi Slicer: Rumored to be the favored blade of a samurai who was also a sushi chef. He believed in precision, whether in battle or slicing sashimi.

Neko’s Nail: Crafted in the shape of a cat’s claw, this blade is deceptive. Cute at first glance, it’s razor-sharp and has scratched out victory in many battles.

Bento Boxer: A compact, foldable sword, much like the organized sections of a bento box. Ideal for the samurai on the go!

Kawaii Katana: Decorated with adorable motifs, it’s the choice for those who believe fighting can be cute. Don’t underestimate it; behind the cuteness lies deadly precision.

Ramen Razer: This blade is as essential to its owner as ramen is to Japanese cuisine. Plus, it’s rumored to cut through enemies as swiftly as noodles in broth.

Miso Mighty: Small but potent, much like a bowl of miso soup. Its wielder is known to have a deep and impactful presence on the battlefield.

Wasabi Whacker: A blade with a bite! Strikes from this sword are said to be as intense as the fiery hit of wasabi.

Tofu Tickler: A gentle-natured blade, ideal for those who approach combat with a softer touch, much like the delicate texture of tofu.

Sake’s Swing: A sword with a smooth swing, much like the flow of sake from a bottle. However, its impact is as heady as the drink itself.

Tamago Tapper: A golden-hued blade reminiscent of sweet tamago (egg) sushi. It’s loved for its blend of beauty and functionality.

Chibi Chopper: A shorter sword, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in agility and swiftness, much like chibi characters in anime.

Matcha Masher: With a green tinge, this sword’s strikes are as swift and refreshing as a sip of matcha tea.

Sumo’s Slimmer: A hefty, broad blade that’s ironically named, as it’s believed to cut down challenges as efficiently as a sumo wrestler.

Tempura Tempter: A crispy, sharp-edged blade that lures its enemies in, much like the allure of golden, fried tempura.

Mochi Mover: A soft-spoken sword that packs a punch. Its strikes are surprising and sticky, leaving foes in a bind much like mochi’s sticky texture.

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Funny Minecraft Sword Names

Funny Minecraft Sword Names

Minecraft! The game where you can build worlds and defend them, too. Swords are a crucial part of your defense, so naming them is an absolute delight.

But instead of the usual “Dragon Slayer” or “Ender’s Bane,” why not add a sprinkle of humor? After all, in a pixelated world, there’s plenty of room for pixel-sized jokes. 

Here are 15 hilarious names for your Minecraft sword:

Pixel Poker: This blade isn’t about high-res graphics but efficiency. With every strike, foes might think a pixelated pointer is nudging them.

Block Bopper: A must-have when those blocks won’t cooperate. With this sword, you’ll be “bopping” away enemies and maybe even a few stubborn blocks.

Creeper’s Chuckle: Designed to get the last laugh against creepers. With this sword, their explosive nature will be a mere giggle to you.

Diamond Doodler: Ever wish to sketch with diamonds? While this sword might not help with art, its blade is sharp enough to etch a win in any fight.

Ender’s Eyepoker: The Endermen might not appreciate the joke, but their teleporting tricks will not match you with this sword.

Nether Nudger: A blade crafted to give those fiery Nether inhabitants a playful nudge. It’s your trusty tool for all Nether escapades.

Zombie’s Zinger: Fend off the undead with humor. Zombies won’t know what hit them, but they’ll certainly feel the “zing” of this blade.

Pixel Pointy Thing: When naming swords gets too mainstream, why not go with something blatantly obvious and whimsically descriptive?

Crafty Cutter: An ode to Minecraft’s crafting system. This sword is as versatile as a crafting table with resources in combat.

Bedrock Breaker (just kidding!): No sword can break bedrock, but naming it so might intimidate your foes or give your friends a good chuckle.

Lava Lover: A blade that thrives near molten challenges. It is not recommended for swimming in lava, but it is handy for those living on the edge.

Stone Slapper: Ever felt the urge to slap a stone? While not its primary function, this sword can make you feel that power.

Witty Whittler: Perfect for those who enjoy a good play on words as they whittle down their enemies in the blocky universe.

Square Sticker: With every swipe, it reminds foes that in Minecraft, everything, including pain, is just a bit more… square.

Biome’s Bestie: Every biome has its challenges. With this blade, you’re prepared to befriend and conquer them all, from jungles to snowy tundras.

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Who says things must be all serious and battle-hardened in the world of swords? These funny and creatively-themed sword names bring a smile to the face and a twist to the tale. 

If you are ever in need of a sword name that stands out, why not pick from our favorites like “Sushi Slicer,” “Pixel Poker,” or “Creeper’s Chuckle“? A sword with a sense of humor is never dull. 

Happy swinging!

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