150+ Funny Softball Jersey Names Ideas

Funny Jersey Names For Softball
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Gearing up for the softball season is no easy task. Everybody loves a good laugh, especially with the softball game’s thrill.

It is not only the game that excites us but also the unique, quirky names printed on the back of our jerseys to make your team stand out. 

So, are you ready to paint your team in the hues of creativity and laughter? Worry not if you are racking your brains for some humorous softball jersey names. We have got your back!

Funny & Catchy Jersey Names for Softball

Catchy names are like catchy tunes; they stick in your head! So, why not spice up your softball games with funny and catchy jersey names that will make your team unforgettable? 

Here are some rib-tickling and catchy softball jersey names that will make your team stand out, all while keeping the fun and humor rolling.

  • The Fast and the Curious
  • Out of Your League
  • Base Invaders
  • All About That Base
  • Game of Throws
  • Mitts Happen
  • Bats What I’m Talking About
  • Breaking Balls
  • Ain’t No Bunt
  • Runs in our Jeans
  • Smokin’ Bases
  • Pitching Ain’t Easy
  • Bat Day
  • No Hit Sherlock
  • Diamond Minds
  • Swing Theory
  • Runs for Fun
  • Holy Hits
  • Sliding Scale
  • Agony of De-Feet
  • Cleats on Fleek
  • Not Fast, Just Furious
  • Glove Actually
  • Pitch Slapped
  • Fly Ballers
  • Sultans of Swing
  • Born to Run
  • Bases May Break
  • Game Over
  • Ball of Duty
  • Yager Bombers
  • One Hit Wonders
  • Base Instincts
  • Scared Hitless
  • Glove Story
  • Catch-22

Funny & Famous Jersey Names for Softball

Nothing grabs attention like a bit of fame and laughter combined!

Here are some funny spins on well-known names you can use as your softball jersey name. 

These names will not only crack you up but also add a touch of glamor and stardom to your team.

  • Batney Spears
  • Hitney Houston
  • Base Beiber
  • Softball Swift
  • Catcher in the Rye
  • George Washing-run
  • Homerun Hemingway
  • Sliding Swift
  • Buntney Spears
  • Pitch Jagger
  • Mitt Romney
  • Bat Damon
  • Infield Einstein
  • Slider Swift
  • Bases Baldwin
  • Ball Boyardee
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Outfield Oprah
  • Catcher Carter
  • Bunting Beckham
  • Lady Ga-glove
  • Swing Sinatra
  • Justin Timbercatch
  • Meryl Sweep
  • Batrick Swayze
  • Michael Jordiamond
  • Britney Spear-ers
  • Audrey Hitburn
  • Jackie Robinson Cano
  • Leonardo DiCatchio
  • Ball Gates
  • Slide Pitt
  • Jennifer Ball-pez

Funny Jersey Names for Softball

Best Funny Jersey Names for Softball - Names Crunch

Life’s too short for ordinary names, especially when you can go wild with your creativity on the softball field.

These hilarious softball jersey names will make your team the talk of the tournament and give you a good laugh every time you wear your jerseys.

1. Hit for Brains: 

This clever twist plays on the phrase “not having a hit for brains,” suggesting that the team might not be the brightest bulbs, but they know how to hit the ball!

2. The Swinging Divas: 

Celebrating the fierce and fabulous females of softball. This name combines the sporty action of ‘swinging’ with the sass of a ‘diva.’

3. Glove Affairs: 

A playful take on the term “love affairs.” It emphasizes players’ deep bond with their gloves, almost like they’re in a romantic relationship.

4. Ball Busters: 

This fearless name suggests that the team is so good they are literally “busting” or breaking the ball with their powerful hits.

5. Cleat Chasers: 

Playing on the idea of chasing after cleats, it humorously refers to those obsessed with the game and chasing after every ball.

6. The Gear Junkies: 

This one’s for teams that are total enthusiasts about their softball gear. Just as a tech junkie can’t have enough gadgets, these players can’t have enough gear.

7. Caught Looking: 

A term in baseball and softball when a pitch strikes out a batter without attempting to swing.

This name humorously suggests the team’s opponents will be so awed they’ll be ‘caught looking.’

8. Pitch Slapped: 

A blend of ‘pitch’ and the phrase ‘being slapped.’ It’s a fun way to say that the team’s pitch is so good it feels like a slap in the face to opponents.

9. Pitches Be Crazy: 

Playing off the slang term, this name cheekily hints that the team’s pitchers are unpredictable and wild on the field.

10. Bat Intentions: 

A pun on ‘bad intentions’ suggests that this team comes to the field with a serious ambition to swing and hit.

11. Mitt Fits: 

This suggests that while the team might not always fit in (like a misfit), they fit perfectly with their mitts in the field.

12. Bat Street Boys: 

Combining the sporty element of ‘bat’ with the popular band ‘Backstreet Boys,’ this name appeals to those who love a bit of 90’s nostalgia for their sports.

13. No Glove, No Love: 

Emphasizing the importance of gloves in the game, it plays on the popular phrase suggesting that without protection, there’s no action.

14. Dirt Diamonds: 

Diamonds are the gemstones we all love, but in softball, the diamond refers to the field. This name celebrates the field’s dirt as the true gem of the game.

15. The Soft Serves: 

Playing off the term used in volleyball, this humorous name suggests that while their serves might be soft, they’re still impactful.

16. Dirt Divas: 

Combining the toughness of playing in the dirt with the sassiness of a diva, this name suggests a team of fierce females who own the field.

17. Bat-itude: 

Merging ‘bat’ and ‘attitude’ oozes confidence, indicating a team bringing much swag to the field.

18. . Base Desires: 

Twisting the term ‘basic desires,’ this name indicates that for this team, their basic desire is all about conquering those bases.

19. The Umpire Strikes Back: 

A fun reference to ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ from Star Wars, indicating that the umpire (or the team) is always ready to make a comeback.

20. Pitch Please: 

A cheeky play on words, it’s a fun way to show some sass, suggesting that this team is all about their pitch game.

21. Foul Balls: 

While a ‘foul ball’ in softball has been hit outside the boundary lines, this name humorously implies that the team plays hard, even if it means getting a little naughty.

22. Fielder’s Choice: 

Referring to a specific play in softball, this name suggests that the fielders always make the best decisions, both in life and on the field.

23. Sluggers Delight: 

A nod to the players who excel in batting. Just as there’s ‘sugar and spice and everything nice,’ these sluggers bring delight every time they’re up.

24. Sons of Pitches: 

A clever play on words, it’s a humorous way to address a team of pitchers who dominate the field.

25. Caught Off Base: 

Much like being ‘caught off guard,’ this playful name suggests that this team is always ready to surprise their opponents.

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Animal-Inspired Funny Jersey Names for Softball

Why not incorporate wild humor into your team identity with these animal-inspired softball jersey names?

These humorous, animal-inspired jersey names could be your perfect match for those who feel a close connection to the animal kingdom.

Each of these names not only brings out the fun side of your team but also channels the spirit and energy of the animal kingdom.

  • Batting Cheetahs
  • Slugging Sloths
  • Hitting Hippos
  • Baserunning Baboons
  • Balling Buffalos
  • Glove-wearing Gorillas
  • Dugout Dolphins
  • Pitching Penguins
  • Outfield Otters
  • Infield Ibexes
  • Diamondback Dingoes
  • Batting Bears
  • Fast-Pitch Foxes
  • Slider Snakes
  • Softball Sharks
  • Leopard Leapers
  • Power Hitting Parrots
  • Bunting Beavers
  • Zebra Zoomers
  • Batting Bullfrogs
  • Slider Squirrels
  • Scoring Scorpions
  • Hammering Hawks
  • Running Rhinos
  • Fastballs Flamingos
  • Panther Pitches
  • Wombat Whackers
  • Hare Hitters
  • Gorilla Grounders
  • Vulture Vipers
  • Lion Line Drives
  • Fast Foxes
  • Ball Chasing Beagles
  • Swing Stingrays
  • Batting Bumblebees
  • Pitching Pumas

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Food-Inspired Funny Jersey Names for Softball

Food Inspired Funny Jersey Names for Softball - Names Crunch

Who says food and sports don’t mix? For all the foodies, these deliciously funny jersey names will add a sprinkle of humor and a dash of taste to your softball experience.  

Bring in some delicious humor with these food-inspired softball jersey names. They are sure to make everyone’s stomachs grumble in delight and laughter!

  • Slider Slaw
  • Homerun Hotdogs
  • Popcorn Poppers
  • Burger Batters
  • French Fry Fielders
  • Ballpark Buns
  • Tater Tot Titans
  • Diamond Donuts
  • Popsicle Pitchers
  • Catcher Cupcakes
  • Baserunning Bagels
  • Bunting Burgers
  • Slider Sandwiches
  • Pizza Pitches
  • Hitting Hummus
  • Guacamole Gloves
  • Fastball Fries
  • Diamond Dishes
  • Fielding Fritters
  • Pepperoni Pitches
  • Burrito Batters
  • Salsa Sluggers
  • Infield Ice Creams
  • Cheddar Chasers
  • Muffin Mitts
  • Outfield Omelets
  • Scoring Sausages
  • Nacho Ninjas
  • Taco Titans
  • Base Baguettes
  • Pretzel Pitches
  • Jelly Jam Jugglers
  • Pancake Pitchers
  • Waffle Walkers
  • Doughnut Dugout
  • Slider Sushi

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Nature-Inspired Funny Jersey Names for Softball

There’s nothing more harmonious than the blend of sports and nature. Let’s kick things off by looking to Mother Nature for inspiration. 

Here are some comical, nature-themed softball jersey names that combine the beauty of the great outdoors with the exhilaration of the game.

Get ready to laugh, cheer, and add an extra splash of fun to your matches!

  • Batty Bat Trees
  • Home Run Hydrangeas
  • Sunflower Sluggers
  • Diamond Daisies
  • Sliding Sunflowers
  • Pouncing Poppies
  • Hitting Hibiscus
  • Jumping Junipers
  • Whispering Willows
  • Dodging Daisies
  • Oak Avengers
  • Pine Pitchers
  • Maple Mavens
  • Sassy Spruces
  • Birch Batters
  • Cedar Sliders
  • Flytrap Fielders
  • Ivy Leaguers
  • Walnut Warriors
  • Tulip Twisters
  • Rushing Rivers
  • Sunny Summits
  • Mountain Mavericks
  • Canyon Crushers
  • Valley Vipers
  • Prairie Prowlers
  • Dune Dodgers
  • Cascade Chasers
  • Tundra Titans
  • Forest Foxes
  • Meadow Mustangs
  • Ocean Otters
  • Breeze Busters
  • Typhoon Titans
  • Lightning Leopards
  • Thunder Thumpers

Why Choose Funny Jersey Names for Softball?

Opting for humorous jersey names in softball elevates the team spirit and fosters a sense of community among players.

These names make for memorable moments and chuckles on the field and act as stress relievers, enabling players to approach the game with a light-hearted attitude.

It is about blending a passion for the sport with the pure joy of shared laughter.

The Last Pitch of Humor

Whether it’s the natural world’s charm, the catchy ring that gets stuck in your mind, or the famous characters that add a dash of stardom, these funny Softball jersey names aim to add a sprinkle of joy to the game. 

So, pick a name that suits your team’s personality, wear it proudly, and let the games begin. Remember, it’s not just about winning; it’s about having fun, making memories, and maybe even making someone laugh!

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