300+ Funny Knife Names

Funny Knife Names
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Knives come in all shapes and sizes, from small pocket knives to large machetes. While their primary purpose may be useful, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with them! Naming your knife can give it some extra personality.

In this article, we’ll look at funny and creative names you can give different types of blades, from kitchen cutlery to CS:GO video game weapons.

Even if you are looking for irony, a giggle, or a conversation starter, you will find plenty of clever knife nicknames here.

Each name also comes with a brief explanation of its meaning or origin.

Funny Knife Names (With Meanings)

Funny Knife Names infographic

Every knife has a story; sometimes, that story is best told with a bit of humor.

In this space, knives are more than just sharp edges and handles; they are bearers of chuckles and grins. 

Each name here transforms an ordinary blade into a source of amusement, perfectly suited for those moments when you need a little light-heartedness in your life.

1. Edge of Hilarity: A blade that’s always on the brink of bringing laughter.

2. Giggles Grind: A knife that sharpens your sense of humor and its edge.

3. Chuckle Chisel: Perfect for carving out moments of merriment.

4. Snicker Slicer: Slices through solemnity, leaving a trail of chuckles.

5. Jest Jagger: A knife that cuts with wit as sharp as its blade.

6. Humor Hatchet: Chops through the mundane with a hearty dose of humor.

7. Whimsy Wielder: A blade brandished with lighthearted flair.

8. Laugh Line: Designed to etch smiles with every use.

9. Joke Jabber: Always ready to poke fun in a playful way.

10. Glee Glider: Glides through tasks, leaving joy in its wake.

11. Folly Folder: A foldable knife that’s a companion in comedic escapades.

12. Mirth Machete: Cuts a path through the jungle of seriousness.

13. Tickle Trimmer: Trims away the doldrums with a tickle of fun.

14. Banter Blade: Engages in witty exchanges as it slices.

15. Smirk Saber: A blade that wields sarcasm and smirks with each swing.

Funny Big Knife Names

Funny Big Knife Names

The grandeur of big knives demands names that are equally impressive and amusing.

Here, the bigger the knife, the bigger the laugh, turning these impressive blades into tools of the trade and beacons of hilarity in your collection. 

These aren’t just tools for slicing; they’re giants of jest, each with a name as grand and amusing as their size. 

  • Jumbo Jester
  • Gargantuan Giggler
  • Massive Mirth
  • Colossal Chuckler
  • Titan Tickle
  • Humongous Humorist
  • Gigantic Grinner
  • Leviathan Laugher
  • Behemoth Banter
  • Whopper Wisecrack
  • Mammoth Mock
  • Hulk Hilarity
  • King of Chuckles
  • Emperor of Euphoria
  • Giant Guffaw
  • Mammoth Mocker
  • Jester of Giants
  • Baron of Bellylaughs
  • Duke of Delight
  • Monarch of Mirth
  • Overlord of Laughter
  • Squire of Smirks
  • Jovial Giant
  • Behemoth of Banter
  • Colossus of Comedy
  • Titan of Titters
  • Giggle Gladiator
  • Chuckle Champion
  • Snicker Sovereign
  • Joke Juggernaut
  • Whimsical Warrior
  • Folly Fortress
  • Mirthful Mountain
  • Humor Hercules
  • Laughter Leviathan

Funny Kitchen Knife Names

Funny Kitchen Knife Names

Kitchen knives are about precision, efficiency, character, and humor in the culinary world.

Each knife in your drawer is a culinary instrument and a potential source of laughter and joy. 

From slicing tomatoes to dicing onions, these kitchen companions can carry fun and playful names that turn everyday cooking into a delightful experience.

  • Veggie Slayer
  • Carrot Commander
  • Tomato Tamer
  • Chop Chop Champion
  • Slice and Dice Ace
  • Onion Obliterator
  • Garlic Gladiator
  • Spud Slicer
  • Cucumber Cutter
  • Pepper Paladin
  • Zucchini Zapper
  • Lettuce Liberator
  • Bread Buddy
  • Butter Blade
  • Fruit Fencer
  • Meat Master
  • Cheese Chopper
  • Salad Samurai
  • Berry Blade
  • Eggplant Explorer
  • Pumpkin Punisher
  • Radish Raider
  • Lemon Lance
  • Mushroom Maverick
  • Asparagus Agent
  • Broccoli Brawler
  • Cauliflower Crusader
  • Spinach Spear
  • Avocado Avenger
  • Corn Crusader
  • Potato Peeler Pro
  • Herb Hacker
  • Nutmeg Ninja
  • Ginger General
  • Beetroot Baron

Funny Pocket Knife Names

Funny Pocket Knife Names

Pocket knives, those small, foldable buddies that fit right into your pocket, are not just handy tools; they can also be a barrel of laughs.

Every fold and flip reveals not just a blade but a pun, a joke, and a playful quip that makes these tiny tools a source of endless amusement wherever you go.

Whether it’s for camping, everyday carry, or just as a collector’s item, these little blades have big personalities. 

  • Mini Mirth Maker
  • Chuckle Chopper
  • Giggle Gadget
  • Pocket Punster
  • Foldable Funnyman
  • Laugh Line Cutter
  • Jester Jagger
  • Snicker Slicer Mini
  • Banter Blade Junior
  • Smirk Switchblade
  • Tiny Tickler
  • Pint-Sized Prankster
  • Jest Jagger
  • Humor Hacker
  • Whimsy Whittler
  • Glee Gadget
  • Mirthful Mini
  • Quip Cutter
  • Jokester Jackknife
  • Wisecrack Whittler
  • Folly Folder
  • Tickle Trimmer Petite
  • Chortle Chisel
  • Amusement Axlet
  • Pocket Peals of Laughter
  • Bantam Banterer
  • Diminutive Droll
  • Lilliputian Laugher
  • Slight Smiler
  • Chuckle Chunk
  • Little Laugh Line
  • Munchkin Mocker
  • Peewee Prank
  • Fun-Sized Frolic
  • Miniature Mirth

Funny CS:GO Knife Names

For the CS:GO enthusiasts, knife skins are more than just in-game items; they’re a statement of style and humor.

Picking a funny name for your CS:GO knife can add more fun to your gaming experience. 

Here, the names are as sharp and witty as the blades they represent, turning every virtual encounter into an opportunity for a good laugh.

  • Victory Ventriloquist
  • Blade Banter
  • Stealthy Snicker
  • Combat Chuckle
  • Skirmish Smirk
  • Tactical Titter
  • Ambush Amuser
  • Warfare Wisecrack
  • Laughing Lacerator
  • Giggling Gladiator
  • Mirthful Mauler
  • Fun Flanker
  • Jocular Jabber
  • Hilarity Hacker
  • Jest Juggler
  • Witty Warrior
  • Slaying Smiler
  • Dueling Delighter
  • Clash Clown
  • Ruse Raider
  • Battle Babbler
  • Sneak Snigger
  • Playful Pouncer
  • Merriment Marauder
  • Jokester Juggernaut
  • Chuckle Commando
  • Frivolous Fighter
  • Sarcasm Slasher
  • Mockery Mercenary
  • Tease Tactician

Funny Butterfly Knife Names

With their unique flipping action, butterfly knives are not just cool; they can be downright hilarious, too.

Giving these knives funny names adds to the enjoyment of mastering their twirls and flips. 

These names add a twist of humor to the skillful art of handling a butterfly knife, turning each flick and twirl into a performance of skill and delightful wit.

  • Flipper’s Funnies
  • Twirl Tickle
  • Chuckling Cutter
  • Giggling Gyro
  • Joker’s Juggle
  • Laughing Lopper
  • Mirthful Mixer
  • Bantering Blade
  • Flipping Frolic
  • Whirling Whimsy
  • Swoosh Smirk
  • Spinning Snicker
  • Twisting Tickler
  • Swirling Silly
  • Razzle-Dazzle Razor
  • Breezy Bantam
  • Whimsical Waver
  • Dizzy Delight
  • Flippy Funster
  • Swishy Smiler
  • Dallying Dancer
  • Prankster Pivot
  • Skit Slicer
  • Jest Jamboree
  • Capering Cutter
  • Whirlwind Wisecracker
  • Flickering Funny
  • Edge-ucated Cutter
  • Teasing Twirler
  • Cavorting Clipper

The Cutting Edge of Chuckles: 

As we wrap up our amusing voyage through the kitchen of funny knife names, remember that a touch of fun can brighten even the most mundane objects in our lives. 

From the tiny pocket knives to the impressive butterfly blades, we’ve seen how a quirky name can transform them from mere tools to sources of smiles and laughter.

Whether you’re chopping veggies in the kitchen, enjoying a camping trip, or showing off your skills in CS:GO, these names will surely add a sprinkle of joy.

Let’s cherish the lighter side of life, where even our everyday items can be a reason to smile. So, the next time you pick up a knife for cooking, gaming, or just admiring your collection, think of these names and come up with some of your own.

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