250+ Funny Sandwich Names (Smiles Between Slices)

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When you think of sandwiches, you might imagine a simple construction of two slices of bread enveloping some sort of filling. Yet, the realm of sandwiches can be a whole lot more fun, especially when you play around with their names! 

This article will take you on a roller coaster ride of laughter with the most humorous and creative sandwich names out there.

Keep reading if you’re prepared to give your stomach and your funny bone a real workout. Bon Appétit!

How to Create a Funny Sandwich Name

1. Be creative and playful – Use humor, puns, rhymes, alliteration, etc. to come up with something clever or silly

2. Riff off popular culture – Reference movies, songs, celebrities, brands, trends, etc. for name ideas

3. Describe the sandwich – Focus on key ingredients, flavors, textures, appearance, etc. and create a descriptive name

4. Add location or chef names – Adding your city, street, friend’s name, etc. can make the name more unique

5. Keep it short and sweet – Aim for 1-5 words so it’s catchy and easy to remember

Funny Breakfast Sandwich Names

Pun Sandwich Name Ideas infographic - NamesCrunch

There’s nothing like a good breakfast sandwich to start your day right. Add a twist of humor, and your morning just got much brighter. 

These playful names will surely bring a smile to your face, even before you take that first satisfying bite. 

1. Egg-citeMint: 

Ever had a sandwich so good it felt like a celebration in your mouth?

The Egg-citeMint promises a delightful burst of excitement and a refreshing hint of mint. Perfect for those days when you need an extra pep in your step!

2. Sausa Jester: 

You’ve heard of jesters entertaining courts with their humor; enter the Sausa Jester sandwich!

A saucy, sausage-filled delight that plays a little joke on your tastebuds by being incredibly delicious.

It’s the royal breakfast treatment for anyone and everyone.

3. Bun Rise: 

Greet the morning sun with the Bun Rise sandwich!

As the sun peaks above the horizon, so does the flavor in this masterpiece. It’s a fluffy, light, and wholesome way to say “Good Morning” to your belly.

4. AvoGiggle: 

Avocados have a way of making everything better.

The AvoGiggle is a play on the creamy delight of avocado and the light-hearted giggle you’ll let out when you realize how tasty this sandwich is.

5. Toast Busters: 

Who are you gonna call? When hunger strikes at dawn, the Toast Busters come to your rescue.

Packed with all the essentials, this sandwich ensures no ghost of hunger remains.

6. Hamnesia: 

Best Funny Sandwich Names

It’s so delicious, it might make you forget everything else!

The Hamnesia plays on the rich and savory flavors of ham, combined in such a way that you’ll momentarily forget all your worries.

7. Beagle Bagel: 

Not a dog, but a delightful morning treat! With the Beagle Bagel, you’ll be running around with energy, just like our four-legged friends.

It’s a playful nod to the beloved pet and our favorite circular bread.

8. Omelet Omg: 

When a regular omelet won’t do, the Omelet Omg steps in!

Overflowing with delightful fillings, each bite will have you exclaiming “OMG!” in sheer surprise and pleasure.

9. Laff Latte: 

Pair this sandwich with your favorite coffee.

The Laff Latte is a hearty sandwich that adds a dash of humor to your morning routine, ensuring you start your day with a smile.

10. Chuckle Choco: 

For the sweet-toothed breakfast lover. The Chuckle Choco is a decadent treat, sprinkled with cocoa and a dash of humor, sure to make your morning taste like dessert.

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11. Wakey Bakey: 

You know it’s time to rise and shine when the Wakey Bakey is on the table. Filled with crispy bacon, it’s an alarm clock for your mouth!

12. Giggle Greens: 

Who said veggies are boring? The Giggle Greens sandwich is a testament to how fun and delicious greens can be when paired with the right ingredients.

13. Rise & Dine: 

No need to hit snooze when the Rise & Dine is waiting for you. It beckons you to rise to the occasion and dine like royalty as you start your day.

14. Pancake Prankster: 

This isn’t your average pancake sandwich. The Pancake Prankster sneaks in delightful fillings, surprising and pleasing your palate with every bite.

15. Morning Muncher: 

Hilarious Sandwich Names

For those who wake up with a fierce appetite, the Morning Muncher promises to satiate every morning craving. Loaded and ready to tackle the day, just like you!

16. Hearty Hilarity: 

A sandwich that’s as fulfilling as a hearty laugh.

The Hearty Hilarity is a robust treat, loaded with goodness to tickle both your taste buds and funny bone.

17. Cackle Croissant: 

Light, flaky, and humorous. The Cackle Croissant offers layers of fun and flavor, making it the perfect companion to your morning cuppa.

18. Breakfast Banter: 

With a mix of flavors engaging in playful banter, this sandwich is like a morning chat between close friends. The Breakfast Banter offers layers of taste and amusement.

19. Granola Guffaw: 

Crunchy, delightful, and absolutely hilarious. Dive into the Granola Guffaw when you want a mix of health and humor to start your day.

20. Sunshine Snackwich: 

Let the Sunshine Snackwich be your ray of hope on those gloomy mornings. Brimming with bright flavors, it’s a radiant start to any day.

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Funny Deli Sandwich Names

Funny Deli Sandwich Names infographic

Who said that deli sandwiches had to be boring? When it comes to naming your sandwich, the deli counter offers up a world of possibilities.

Let’s roll with it!

1. Deli-cate Joker: 

Dive into the world of delicacies with a dash of humor.

The Deli-cate Joker sandwich is a playful twist on fine deli ingredients, promising a rich experience that teases your palate while tickling your funny bone.

If you appreciate subtle jokes and refined flavors, this one is surely for you.

2. Sausage Smiles: 

Let’s be frank; sausages can make anyone smile.

The Sausage Smiles sandwich packs in the juicy, delightful flavors of sausages, ensuring each bite leaves you grinning from ear to ear.

It’s a playful homage to everyone’s favorite deli staple.

3. Salami Slapstick: 

Who knew Salami could be the star of a comedy show?

The Salami Slapstick sandwich offers hearty layers of salami, delivering a flavor-packed punch that’s as entertaining as a slapstick comedy routine.

4. Turkey Tease: 

Delicately roasted and oh-so-tempting.

With the Turkey Tease, each bite is a delightful dance of flavors, teasing and tantalizing your taste buds, ensuring they return for an encore.

5. Chicken Chuckles: 

Why did the chicken join the sandwich? To make you chuckle, of course!

The Chicken Chuckles sandwich celebrates the light-hearted fun of poultry, promising to make your mealtime a hearty laugh session.

6. Roast Beef Riot: 

Bold, juicy, and uproarious. When roast beef takes the stage, it’s nothing short of a riot!

The Roast Beef Riot serves delicious drama, ensuring your lunch break feels like a comedy club.

7. Pickle Punchline: 

Every good joke needs a punchline, and every sandwich can use a pickle!

The Pickle Punchline adds that crunchy, tangy zing, turning your meal into a full-blown comedy skit.

8. Cheesy Chuckler: 

Cheese lovers, rejoice! The Cheesy Chuckler brings together the gooey goodness of cheese with a humorous twist. It’s a lighthearted ode to all things cheesy in taste and humor.

9. Pepperoni Puns: 

Thin slices of spicy goodness paired with wordplay?

That’s the essence of Pepperoni Puns. It’s a flavorful treat that promises to spark laughter, just like a well-timed pun.

10. Swiss Giggles: 

Smooth, melt-in-your-mouth, and dotted with delightful holes.

The Swiss Giggles is a playful take on the beloved Swiss cheese, ensuring your sandwich has just the right blend of fun and flavor.

11. Prosciutto Pranks: 

Thinly sliced and deliciously savory, the Prosciutto Pranks sandwich plays a delightful game with your taste buds, ensuring every bite feels like a pleasant surprise.

12. Bologna Bellylaughs: 

Simple yet undeniably delicious. With Bologna Bellylaughs, each layer promises a burst of laughter as big as the burst of flavor.

It’s a playful tribute to the classic bologna sandwich.

13. Reuben Riot: 

The classic Reuben gets a humorous makeover!

Dive into the Reuben Riot with its tangy sauerkraut and melt-in-your-mouth corned beef.

It’s a flavor fiesta that’s bound to cause a delightful ruckus in your mouth.

14. Chicken Chuckle Club: 

Not just any club sandwich, the Chicken Chuckle Club promises layers of laughter with every bite.

It’s where juicy chicken meets humor, turning your lunch hour into a laugh-out-loud session.

15. Focaccia Funnies: 

Soft, herby, and a perfect canvas for deli delights. The Focaccia Funnies sandwich celebrates the humor in Italian bread, ensuring your deli experience is both flavorful and fun-filled.

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Funny Ham Sandwich Names

Funny & Creative Sandwich Names infographic - NamesCrunch

If you thought ham sandwiches were the epitome of ordinary, think again!

Just a touch of creativity can transform the everyday ham sandwich into a source of laughter. 

We have scoured the pantry and the dictionary to cook up the funniest, punniest names for your favorite ham-stuffed snack.

  • Hammy Humor
  • Porky Pun
  • Honey HamHaha
  • Bacon Banter
  • Piggy Punchline
  • Hilarious Hamwich
  • Prosciutto Prank
  • Squealing Sandwich
  • Chortling Club
  • Chuckling Croque Monsieur
  • Montadito Merriment
  • Smokey Snicker
  • Deli Droll
  • HamBap Banter
  • Salo Smile
  • Rasher Riot
  • Giggle Gammon
  • Pork Pleaser
  • Crackling Crackup
  • Cured Cackles
  • Porchetta Punchlines
  • Belly-laugh Bacon
  • RibsRib-ticklers
  • Ham’n Chuckles

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Funny Italian Sandwich Names

Funny Italian Sandwich Names

Italian cuisine is globally renowned for its flavors, textures, and even its names.

With diverse ingredients, Italian sandwiches offer a perfect canvas for hilarious naming opportunities.

 Presenting a list of comical Italian sandwich names that will bring a taste of Italy to your meals, with a side of laughter!

  • Pesto Pranks
  • Caprese Comedy
  • Meatball Mirth
  • Provolone Puns
  • Salami Snickers
  • Ciabatta Chuckles
  • Focaccia Funnies
  • Muffuletta Merriment
  • PepperoniPranks
  • Mozzarella Merriment
  • Sub Snicker
  • Tramezzino Titters
  • Panini Puns
  • Porchetta Punchlines
  • Mortadella Mirth
  • Bologna Bellylaughs
  • Prosciutto Pranksters
  • Marinara Merriment
  • Stromboli Sniggers
  • Calzone Chuckles
  • Bruschetta Banter
  • Salami Snorter
  • Panzerotti Puns
  • Piadina Punchlines

Funny Chicken Sandwich Names

Clever Sandwich Names

Chicken sandwiches come in so many delicious varieties.

Whether you like it grilled, fried, or smothered in buffalo sauce, there’s a chicken sandwich out there for everyone.

But let’s not forget that humor is the most crucial ingredient of all! 

  • Cluckling Club
  • Hen Humor
  • Poultry Punchline
  • Chook Chuckles
  • Biddy Bellylaughs
  • Rooster Riot
  • Grin’n’Grilled
  • Snicker’n’Spiced
  • Broiler Banter
  • Peckish Puns
  • Pullets Play
  • Yolked-Up Yucks
  • Fowl Fun
  • Egg-straordinary Eggs
  • Cackle Club
  • Cockadoodle DooDelight
  • Squawkwich
  • Gobble Guffaw
  • Chick Chuckler
  • Sniggering Slider
  • Laughing Layer
  • Chicken Chortles
  • Broody Bellylaughs
  • Winged Witticism

Funny & Creative Sandwich Names

Funny & Creative Sandwich Names

Well, a clever or funny name can make a big difference in the world of sandwiches.

It might even inspire you to try new ingredients or flavor combinations!

Here are some pun-tastic sandwich names for the creative foodie in you!

  • Pita Chuckle
  • Funwich
  • Gobble Guffaw
  • Brie-amusement
  • Pickle Puns
  • Tuna Tickler
  • Lettuce Laugh
  • Mayo Merriment
  • Sub Hilarity
  • Tomato Titters
  • Hoagie Hilarity
  • Club Cackle
  • Mustard Mirth
  • Giggly Grains
  • Ham-it-Up
  • Rye Rollick
  • Crust Chuckles
  • Hilarious Ham
  • Silly Philly Cheesesteak
  • Cheese Chortles
  • Jolly Jelly
  • Panini Puns
  • Bread Bellylaughs
  • Veggie Vibes

Funny Sandwich Shop Names

Funny Sandwich Shop Names

There’s nothing like walking into a sandwich shop with a name that makes you smile.

Not only does it set a lighthearted tone for your meal, but it also makes the shop itself more memorable. 

If you’ve ever daydreamed of opening your own sandwich shop.

Let’s add some fun into the mix with some delightful and funny sandwich shop names.

  • The Spread Head
  • Bun & Fun
  • Chortle Chomps
  • Giggling Grains
  • Yeasty Yucks
  • Deli Delights
  • Sub Snickers
  • Hoagie Hilarity
  • Loaf and Laugh
  • Lettuce Laughs
  • Meaty Merriment
  • Toasty Teases
  • Bap Banter
  • Fillings Funnies
  • Snicker Sandwiches
  • Chuckling Ciabatta Corner
  • Pita Punster’s Paradise
  • Crust Chuckles
  • Sliced Smiles
  • Club Cackles
  • Tongue-in-Cheek Toasties
  • Comedic Crusts
  • Bite Bants
  • Jolly Jams

Funny Fish Sandwich Names

Funny Fish Sandwich Names

Seafood lovers rejoice! Let’s plunge into the deep end of sandwich names with a list dedicated to our scaly friends.

Whether it’s for lunch or dinner, these fish sandwich names will swim their way into your humor-filled meal times.

  • Cod Comedy
  • Tuna Tickler
  • Laughing Lobster
  • Sardine Sniggers
  • Trout Teases
  • Hake Hilarity
  • Grouper Giggles
  • Snapper Smiles
  • Salmon Snickers
  • Mackerel Merriment
  • Fish’n’Fits
  • Haddock Hoot
  • Halibut Hahas
  • Pike Punchlines
  • Flounder Funnies
  • Clam Chuckles
  • Sole Smiles
  • Prawn Pranks
  • Bass Bellylaughs
  • Shrimp Sillies
  • Anchovy Amusement
  • Catfish Cackles
  • Bream Banter
  • Shellfish Shenanigans

Funny BBQ Sandwich Names

Who said BBQ couldn’t be funny? With a bit of imagination and a good sense of humor, even your typical BBQ sandwich can get a funny makeover. 

Perfect for summer days or simply when you’re craving that smoky, savory taste, here are some funny BBQ sandwich names to fire up your sense of humor.

  • Brisket Bellylaughs
  • Rib-tickler Ribs
  • Pulled Punchlines
  • Smoked Sniggers
  • Grilled Giggles
  • Grill Giggle Grinder
  • Tender Teases
  • Sausage Smirks
  • Pork Puns
  • Beefy Banter
  • Smokey Snickers
  • Glaze Guffaws
  • Hotdog Hilarity
  • Sizzle Smiles
  • Coleslaw Comedy
  • BBQ Belly Buster
  • Rib Rack Riddles
  • Beef Banter Baguette
  • Rub Riot
  • BBQ Bellylaughs
  • Smoke RingSmiles
  • Slaw Snickers
  • Kebab Cackles
  • Wing Wit


We have uncovered the most hilarious and inventive sandwich names that will bring a chuckle to your meal times.

Whether you’re a lover of breakfast sandwiches and deli delights or a fan of Italian cuisine, these tongue-in-cheek names will tickle your funny bone and satisfy your taste buds.

So, let’s turn lunchtime into laugh time. After all, who doesn’t love a sandwich with a sense of humor? Until next time, keep the giggles grilled and the puns piled high!

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