200+ Funny Submarine Names [Hilarious Ideas]

Funny Submarine Names
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What’s in a name? When it comes to submarines, the name can reveal a lot about the culture and humor of those who sail in these stealth war vessels.

So, today, we will explore some of the funniest submarine names and their meaning.

From silly submarine crew names to the wacky ideas submarine commanders have developed over the years, you will learn why submariners have a well-deserved reputation for their unique humor.

We’ll also look at some creatively named civilian and historical submarines. So prepare to take a humorous plunge as we delve into the fun world of funny submarine names!

Funny Submarine Names (With Meaning)

Funny Submarine Names infographic

Breaking away from the conventional, we’ve curated a list that lends these magnificent sea vessels a touch of jest, proving that even the mightiest submarines can have a lighthearted side.

1. Bubbles McFloats:

Think of a playful submarine that effortlessly floats and dances among the ocean currents, emitting a bubbly charm like an underwater protagonist in a whimsical tale.

2. Under-the-Sea Serenade:

his name paints a picture of a submarine that glides smoothly, offering a tranquil and melodic journey through the ocean’s depths, much like a romantic serenade.

3. Deep Dive Diva:

Perfect for a vessel that’s not just about exploring the ocean’s abyss but with style and panache, asserting its dominant presence with a touch of flair.

4. H2Oh-That’s-Funny!:

A light-hearted play on the water molecule “H2O,” this name suggests a submarine that brings an element of surprise and laughter to its expeditions.

5. Aquatic Chuckler:

Envision a submarine that finds amusement in the underwater world, always ready for a good chuckle amidst the marine wonders.

6. Giggling Gulper:

Apt for a submarine that seems to ‘gulp’ vast amounts of seawater in amusement, embracing the ocean’s depth with an infectious giggle.

7. Not-a-Boat:

A tongue-in-cheek reference to the submarine’s distinct identity, highlighting its uniqueness from conventional boats in a humorous way.

8. Watery Wisecracker:

Think of a submarine with a witty persona, always ready with a clever jest or comment about its surroundings, making every voyage entertaining.

9. Sneaky Seaweed:

Perfect for a submarine that stealthily navigates the waters, blending seamlessly with the seaweeds, yet always ready for a playful surprise.

10. Ocean’s Jester:

A submarine that thrives on fun, bringing laughter and joy to the often-serious world of the deep blue, much like a court jester in an oceanic kingdom.

11. Sub-lime Cruiser:

An ingenious play on words, this name is fit for a submarine that offers an exceptional, ‘sublime’ cruising experience filled with moments of zest and humor.

12. Nautical Noodle:

Evoking images of a flexible and playful submarine, this name is excellent for a vessel that twists and turns with a noodle’s agility and fun spirit.

13. Abyssal Belly-Laugh:

For a submarine that dives deep into the abyss yet finds reasons to spread infectious laughter and joy in the darkest depths.

14. Coral Cackler:

Imagine a submarine that maneuvers through coral reefs with precision and a merry cackle, making marine life and corals part of its festive journey.

15. The Floating Joke:

A submarine that stands out for its capabilities and unique ability to infuse humor into every voyage, making each trip feel like a joyous anecdote.

16. Wet ‘n’ Witty:

Ideal for a submarine that combines the essence of its watery realm with a sharp wit, ensuring that its voyages are as entertaining as they are explorative.

17. Depth’s Daredevil:

Suited for a fearless submarine that delves into the deepest parts of the ocean, yet does so with a cheeky grin, unafraid and always ready for an underwater adventure.

18. Silly Sea Sneaker:

Picture a playful and sneaky submarine darting through the waters with a childlike glee, always ready for a game of hide and seek.

19. Underwater Woo-Hoo:

A name that exudes excitement, perfect for a submarine that celebrates every dive and exploration with an enthusiastic “Woo-Hoo!”

20. Hull of Hilarity:

A submarine that, from its exterior to its core, is filled with laughter and jest, ensuring that every voyage is packed with moments of sheer hilarity.

Funny Submarine Name Ideas

Funny Submarine Name Ideas

The task of naming a submarine carries a weight of tradition and significance.

Here, we offer myriad submarine naming inspirations, each crafted with a balance of respect for the vessel and a nod to fun. 

Whether you’re an author, a game developer, or someone with a penchant for the nautical, these names promise a refreshing departure from the usual.

  • Ocean’s Onion
  • Briny Belly Laugh
  • Wavy WittyWagon
  • Titanic Tickler
  • Surf ‘n’ Smirk
  • Sub-Par Submarine
  • Not-So-Deep Diver
  • Drenching Daydream
  • Salty Snorter
  • Abyssal ChuckleCraft
  • Nautical Kneeslapper
  • Fathom’s Funnybone
  • Sea Level Silly
  • Deep Joke Javelin
  • Oceanic Oddball
  • Surf’s Up, Chuckles Down!
  • Deeper, Laugher, Faster
  • Whimsical WaveRider
  • Not-a-Fishy-Sub
  • Chuckling Current Cruiser
  • Below Sea Level Lunatic
  • Wet Whistle Wonder
  • Gurgling GuppyGetter
  • Seafloor SnickerCraft
  • Marine Merriment Machine
  • Tidal Teaser
  • Whimsy WaveWanderer
  • Briney Chuckle Boat
  • Neptune’s Knee-Slapper
  • Mariner’s Mirth
  • Silly Seafloor Scooter
  • Hilarious Hull-hover
  • Dive and Delight
  • Bubbly Bottom Buddy
  • Sunken Sunbeam
  • Liquid LaughCraft
  • Aqua Antic Ambassador
  • Sea Snort Submersible
  • Underwave Giggler
  • Mirthful Marine Machine
  • Depth’s Daydream
  • Soaked Smile Sailor
  • Floating Fun Factory
  • Marine Meme Machine
  • Wavy Whisperer

Funny Submarine Crew Names

Funny Submarine Crew Names

The true backbone of any submarine lies in its unwavering crew.

These brave souls who delve into the deep ocean are often revered for their skills and commitment.

Our playful interpretation pays homage to this dedication but with a twist. 

Venture into a realm where the reverence for the crew is expressed through names filled with wit and playful company, offering a fresh take on the unsung heroes of the deep.

  • Captain BubblyBeard
  • First Mate Fin-Flipper
  • Sergeant SaltySocks
  • Corporal Coral-Cuddler
  • Ensign Eel-Escapade
  • Private PlanktonPunch
  • Lieutenant LaughingLobster
  • Admiral AquaticAntic
  • Seaman SeaSnicker
  • Petty Officer PufferPuns
  • Chief ChortlingClam
  • Deckhand Dive-Doodle
  • Navigator NauticalNosepinch
  • Radioman RippleRiff
  • Sonarman SqueakySquid
  • Torpedoman TickleTail
  • Boatswain BlubberBlitz
  • Midshipman MirthfulMackerel
  • Engineer EchoingEcholocation
  • Diver DrizzleDrizzler
  • Helmsman Hull-Haha
  • Supply Officer SeahorseSnicker
  • Gunner GigglingGuppy
  • Lookout LaughingLanternfish
  • Medic MarineMerriment
  • Signalman SplashyStarfish
  • Steward SillySardine
  • Mechanic MumblingManatee
  • Watchstander WateryWhoop
  • Fireman FishyFunnies
  • Electrician EddyEddy
  • Damage Control DancingDolphin
  • Culinary Specialist CrispyCrab
  • Comms Officer ChucklingChiton
  • Chaplain ChirpingChub
  • Coxswain ComicalCuttlefish
  • Photographer PhunnyPhotoPhish
  • Seaman Apprentice AnemoneAntics
  • Petty Officer PerkyPlaice
  • Sonar Technician SillyShrimp
  • Aircrewman AmazingAnchovy
  • Rescue Swimmer RiddleRay
  • Musician MelodicMussel
  • Flight Surgeon FlirtyFlatfish
  • Intelligence Officer InkyIntrigue
  • Logistics Specialist LarkyLimpet
  • Master-at-Arms MerryMullet
  • Public Affairs PlayfulPlankton
  • Recruiter ReelingRidiculous
  • Security Officer ScurryingScallop
  • Technician TicklingTuna
  • Training Officer TeasingTetra
  • Undersea Warfare Specialist UpbeatUrchin
  • Yeoman YowlingYellowtail
  • Zero Pressure ZestyZooplankton

Funny Submarine Passenger Names

Funny Submarine Passenger Names

A submarine’s voyage often encompasses more than just its crew.

Passengers, each carrying their own stories and experiences, add layers to the journey. 

In this imaginative spin, we introduce you to a roster of submarine passengers whose names evoke curiosity and guarantee a chuckle or two. 

It’s a fun fusion of humor and marine adventure, certain to make any voyage memorable.

  • Benny BubbleBlower
  • Sandy SeaSmirk
  • Mandy MarineMuse
  • Tommy TidalTickler
  • Wendy WavyWhisper
  • Oliver OceanOgler
  • Lenny LiquidLark
  • Patsy PlungePrankster
  • Sammy SurfSnicker
  • Dottie DeepDiver
  • Larry LaughingLagoon
  • Cassie CurrentCatcher
  • Andy AbyssAdmirer
  • Polly PlanktonPeeper
  • Denny DepthDancer
  • Lila LiquidLover
  • Bobby BubblingBrook
  • Tina TidalTease
  • Roger RippleRider
  • Millie MarineMerrymaker
  • Vinny VastVenturer
  • Selina SeaSider
  • Jimmy JetStreamJoker
  • Nellie NeptuneNudger
  • Donny DeepseaDreamer
  • Peggy PlungePioneer
  • Ronnie ReefRover
  • Lulu LagoonLover
  • Timmy TrenchTraveler
  • Gerty GigglingGulf
  • Sally SunkenSmirk
  • Danny DiveDynamo
  • Nancy NauticalNudge
  • Vicky VortexVoyager
  • Manny MarineMuse
  • Terry TidalTwister
  • Lottie LaughingLeviathan
  • Freddy FathomFrolicker
  • Penny PlungePixie
  • Larry LiquidLark
  • Verna VastVolumeVoyager
  • Winnie WhimsicalWaves
  • Sonny SunkenSunbeam
  • Dina DeepDelight
  • Ronnie RippleRaffle
  • Linda LiquidLuxe
  • Peter PlanktonPrank
  • Sally SeaShine
  • Ollie OceanOracle

Funny Civil War Submarine Names

Funny Civil War Submarine Names

History and humor might seem like unlikely bedfellows, but the results can be enlightening and entertaining when they merge.

Turning our lens to the Civil War era, a period steeped in gravitas and intensity, we’ve crafted a list that mixes this historical weight with lighthearted creativity. 

Dive into a collection of submarine names that revisit a pivotal time in history but with a humorous flair that’s sure to intrigue.

  • Rebel Ripples
  • Union Undertow
  • Confederate Chuckler
  • Yankee YarnSpinner
  • Blue Belly Bubbler
  • Gray Gulf Giggler
  • Lincoln’s Laugher
  • Davis’ DiveDoodle
  • Northern Nautical Nudge
  • Southern SeaSigh
  • Blockade BypassBliss
  • Rebel ReefRover
  • Union Undercurrent
  • Civil ChuckleCraft
  • Secession SnickerSub
  • Emancipation Immersion
  • Gettysburg Gurgler
  • Antietam AquaticAntic
  • Appomattox Abyssal
  • Bull Run BubblingBoat
  • Confederate CurrentCatcher
  • Yankee YawYarn
  • Bluecoat BubbleBlower
  • Graycoat GigglingGulf
  • Lincoln’s LiquidLark
  • Dixie DiveDelight
  • Yankee YonderYacht
  • Confederate CoralCruiser
  • Stars-and-Stripes Submersible
  • Dixie DepthDancer
  • Northern NeptuneNudger
  • Southern SeaShaker
  • Civil SeaSider
  • Union Underwave
  • Rebel RippleRider
  • Lee’s LiquidLaugh
  • Grant’s GurglingGlide
  • Fort Sumter Surfer
  • Mason-Dixon DeepDiver
  • Emancipator Echoer
  • Rebel’s Resurface Riddle
  • Union’s Undertow Uproar
  • Confederate CoralComedy
  • Yankee’s YawnYacht
  • Southern SunkenSmiles


This guide highlights the lighter side of underwater adventures, from cleverly crafted vessel names to playfully titled passengers and historical references with a twist. 

Whether you’re a history buff, a marine enthusiast, or seeking a good chuckle, the depth of creativity in naming these submarines proves that laughter truly knows no bounds. Dive into humor, and let it buoy your spirits!

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