270+ Funny Curling Team Names

Funny Curling Team Names
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Curling is a beloved winter sport that requires skill, strategy, and a good sense of humor. Coming up with a clever team name can be just as important as sweeping the ice.

Whether you are part of a local recreational league or aspire to compete on the world stage one day, having the right moniker sets the tone and gets your opponents chuckling. We have collected some funny curling team names that will get attention.

From funny female and male options to ideas suited for Scottish, Canadian or more general clubs, we cover all the angles.

Let’s find out!

Funny Female Curling Team Names

Funny Curling Team Names infographic

When it comes to women’s curling teams, imagination can be a game-changer. It’s about showing off your team’s personality and spirit.

Imagine the smiles and laughs as your team, with a witty name, sweeps its way across the ice. 

These creatively crafted names blend fun, charm, and the spirited essence of women in curling.

Get ready to explore names that will have everyone at the rink talking!

  • The Ice Queens
  • Broom Babes
  • Curl Power
  • The Stone Sisters
  • Sweep Dreams
  • Rock ‘n’ Rollers
  • Frosty Divas
  • Sliding Stars
  • The Freeze Frames
  • Ice Breakers
  • Snow Angels
  • Slick Chicks
  • Glacial Goddesses
  • Frosted Flakes
  • The Polar Peaches
  • Curl Girls
  • The Blizzard Belles
  • Slippery Sirens
  • Icy Hot
  • Frosty Frolics
  • Sweep Sirens
  • Chilling Charmers
  • The Snowballers
  • Icy Divas
  • Broom Busters
  • Glacial Glam
  • Snowy Sweepers
  • The Ice-olated
  • The Cool Curlers
  • Frost Fairies
  • The Arctic Angels
  • Icy Illusions
  • The Slick Sliders
  • The Frost Fighters
  • Snow Sweepers
  • The Broom Brigade
  • Icebergers
  • The Chill Seekers
  • The Snow Drifters
  • Slippery Sweethearts
  • Frosty Foxes
  • The Polar Princesses
  • Snowy Owls
  • Icicle Icons
  • The Winter Wonders

Funny Male Curling Team Names

Funny Male Curling Team Names

Men’s curling teams often bring a remarkable blend of competitive spirit and friendship.

The right name can set the tone for your team, making every match an enjoyable experience. 

So, jump into this list of male curling team names, each uniquely designed to add an extra layer of fun and identity to your team on the ice.

  • Stone Cold Sweepers
  • Ice Hogs
  • Broom Bros
  • Frosty Fellas
  • The Icemen
  • Glacial Gents
  • Snow Sweepers
  • Ice Pirates
  • Slippery Rockers
  • The Frosty Beards
  • Broom Boogies
  • The Ice Breakers
  • Curling Kings
  • The Snowmen
  • The Chillers
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • The Ice Warriors
  • Frosty Misters
  • The Broom Bandits
  • Cool Curlers
  • The Ice Brigade
  • Gliding Gladiators
  • Stone Slingers
  • The Ice Vikings
  • Broom Buccaneers
  • Snowball Smashers
  • The Frozen Few
  • Glacier Guys
  • Ice Mavericks
  • Curling Commandos
  • Shiver Squad
  • The Arctic Aces
  • Stone Sweepers
  • Snow Surfers
  • Frost Fighters
  • Icy Bandits
  • Snow Kings
  • Rockin’ Rollers
  • Broom Bashers
  • Ice Invaders
  • Polar Prowlers
  • Glacial Gang
  • Snowy Stalwarts
  • The Ice Jokers

Funny Curling League Team Names

Funny Curling League Team Names

League curling brings together teams from various backgrounds and skill levels, making it a melting pot of strategy, talent, and humor. 

Whether playing in a local league or a more competitive setting, a funny and unique team name can be the secret sauce that spices up the game. 

Here are some perfect names that are picked to lighten the mood and make every game memorable.

  • The Broom Boomers
  • Sweep Synergy
  • Icecapaders
  • The Slide Masters
  • Rockin’ Rebels
  • The Sweep Squad
  • Glacial Gliders
  • The Ice Imps
  • Curling Crusaders
  • Stone Spinners
  • Frosty Flyers
  • The Icebergers
  • Sweep Seekers
  • The Rockin’ Rollers
  • Ice Mavericks
  • The Stone Setters
  • Chilling Champions
  • Broom Zoomers
  • The Snow Slingers
  • Glacial Gliders
  • The Ice Alchemists
  • Sweep Sensations
  • Rock Rebels
  • Frost Brigade
  • Ice Avengers
  • Snowball Spinners
  • Gliding Glaciers
  • Broomstick Bandits
  • The Chill Factor
  • Stone Cyclones
  • Frosty Sweepers
  • Ice Nomads
  • Curling Comets
  • Broom Wizards
  • Rock Rampage
  • Icy Hotshots
  • Slippery Sweepers
  • Glacial Gliders
  • Stone Sentinels
  • Ice Innovators

Funny Scottish Curling Team Names

Funny Scottish Curling Team Names

Scotland, with its deep-rooted history in curling, offers a rich canvas for team names that are both humorous and culturally resonant. 

Scottish team names can be a playful homage to this heritage, blending the sport’s traditional aspects with a modern, lighthearted twist. 

These names are a perfect mix of Scottish charm and the inherent fun of curling.

  • The Kilted Curlers
  • Stone Thistles
  • The Haggis Hurlers
  • The Loch Sweepers
  • Bravehearts on Ice
  • The Tartan Sliders
  • The Celtic Sweep
  • Highland Gliders
  • Scots Rocks
  • Bagpipe Broomers
  • Frosty Sporrans
  • Bonnie Sweepers
  • Thistle Gliders
  • Highland Sweepers
  • Caledonian Curlers
  • Loch Ness Sliders
  • Scottish Sweep
  • Tartan Tossers
  • Glacial Gaels
  • Thistle Throwers
  • Brave Broomers
  • Highland Ice
  • Robert Burns Rocks
  • Glasgow Gliders
  • Edinburgh Icemen
  • Scots on Stones
  • The Kilted Gliders
  • Celtic Stones
  • The Aberdeen Ice
  • Scottish Ice Warriors
  • Broom Brigades
  • Highland Stones
  • The Ice Thistles
  • The Scotch Sweep
  • Tartan Throwers
  • Pipers on Ice
  • Clan Curlers
  • Highland Ice Sweepers
  • Ice Scots
  • Frosty Kilts

Funny Canadian Curling Team Names

Canada’s love for curling is well-known; with that comes a great sense of humor and community.

Selecting a Canadian curling team name is more than a nod to national pride; it’s an expression of the fun-loving spirit inherent in the game.

These team names are carefully picked to capture the essence of Canadian culture, blending the warmth and harmony of the sport with a playful flair.

  • Maple Sweepers
  • Ice Beavers
  • Curling Canucks
  • The Moose Sliders
  • The Eh-Team
  • Frosty Mounties
  • The Puck Pushers
  • Snowy Maples
  • Polar Pucks
  • Ice Timbits
  • The Northern Sweep
  • The Glacial Geese
  • Arctic Moose
  • Broom Leafs
  • The Snowy Eh’s
  • The Ice Hosers
  • Maple Gliders
  • Frozen Loonies
  • Curling Cabins
  • Poutine Pushers
  • Northern Lights
  • Maple Rocks
  • The Ice Syrup
  • Gliding Grizzlies
  • Frosty Toques
  • Curling Coureurs de Bois
  • The Snowy Elks
  • Beaver Broomers
  • Lumberjacks on Ice
  • Ice Mounties
  • Glacial Grizzlies
  • The Polar Bears
  • Brooming Badgers
  • The Icy Igloos
  • Maple Leafs on Ice
  • Northern Sweepers
  • Brooming Beavers
  • Frosty Pines
  • Ice Caribous
  • Snowy Syrups

Wrapping Up the Fun on Ice

As we end our curling team name voyage, remember that the perfect name is more than just words; your team’s spirit crystallizes into a fun, memorable phrase. 

Whether you lean towards the heritage-infused “Kilted Curlers,” the homegrown charm of “The Maple Sweepers,” or the playful “Frosty Divas,” your choice sets the tone for laughter and connection on the ice.

So, pick a name that sparks joy, gets a chuckle, and makes every sweep and slide even more delightful.

Here’s to finding that name that stands out and brings your team together with a shared smile.

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