Funny Dodgeball Team Names (Clever Ideas)

Funny Dodgeball Team Names
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Dodgeball isn’t just a game of dodging balls; it’s also about dodging the ordinary with a sprinkle of humor! The right team name can turn heads, raise brows, and induce giggles before throwing the first ball.

The right name can set the tone for your squad’s spirit, whether you’re forming an all-girls, all-boys, or a mixed team. Dive into this article to discover funny dodgeball team names specially curated for both boys and girls.

Let’s turn that serious game face into a chuckle, one team name at a time!

Funny Dodgeball Team Names

Funny Dodgeball Team Names - Names CRUNCH

Choosing a dodgeball team name can be a strategic move.

A humorous name can catch your opponents off-guard, leaving them chuckling instead of focusing on the game. It’s a light-hearted tactic to break the ice and set the mood right for a fun match.

Below, we have listed some witty and amusing names tailored just for the sport of dodgeball.

1. Dodge Dynasty

Drawing inspiration from the term “duck dynasty,” this name signifies a long line of dodgeball royalty.

It suggests a team with a legacy of dodging balls reigning supreme in the dodgeball arena.

2. Dodgezilla

This name playfully combines “dodge” and “Godzilla.” It paints a picture of a monstrous, unbeatable force in dodgeball, leaving opponents trembling in its path.

It’s a name that signifies strength, power, and a bit of fun terror!

3. Ballbarians

A fusion of “ball” and “barbarians,” this name is for a team that plays with wild, untamed energy.

These players don’t just throw; they unleash their inner warrior on the court.

4. Dodgy Decisions

Playing on the word “dodgy,” this humorous name suggests an unpredictable team.

Whether their decisions are strategically genius or hilariously questionable, you never know what they’ll do next.

5. Evasive Maneuvers

This team isn’t just about throwing; they are masters of evasion!

With nimble footwork and quick reflexes, they dance around opponents, making them nearly impossible to hit.

6. Dodge Ramblers

Inspired by wanderers or those who “ramble” on, this team name hints at a group that smoothly roams the court, dodging balls with ease and surprising precision.

7. Ballistic Ballers

A play on the term “going ballistic,” this name is for a team with explosive energy and throws that are off the charts in power and speed.

8. Elusive Elves

Drawing inspiration from fantasy, this name suggests players with a mischievous and elegant nature. Like elves, they’re swift, tricky, and hard to catch!

9. Dodge Chargers

Borrowing from the car model “Charger,” this team name indicates a group ready to charge into action. They are fast, fierce, and always on the offensive.

10. The Unhittables

Confidence radiates from this name. This team believes they’re virtually untouchable on the court, dodging every throw with unparalleled skill.

11. Rolling Thunder

This team name suggests a looming threat and unstoppable force.

As thunder rolls in, announcing a storm, this team makes its powerful presence known on the court.

12. Ballroom Dancers

A clever play on words, this suggests a team that moves gracefully and fluidly across the court, dodging balls with the elegance of ballroom dancers.

13. Dodge Drop ‘n’ Roll

Adapting the safety mantra “stop, drop, and roll,” this humorous name suggests a team ready with quick reflexes and a game plan for every throw.

14. Avoidance Artists

Not just players, but artists of dodging! This team turns dodgeball into an art form, with each dodge being a masterpiece of movement.

15. The Dodgefathers

A nod to “The Godfather,” this team name suggests a group that’s both respected and feared on the dodgeball court. They’re the dons of dodging.

16. Dodgy Deals

This team is unpredictable and might strike a deal with you on the court and then surprise you with an unexpected throw!

17. Not In My Court!

Assertive and bold, this name makes it clear that opponents will have a tough time scoring any hits when playing against them.

18. Throwbocop

Merging “throw” and the movie “Robocop,” this name paints a picture of a team that’s part machine, always precise, and relentlessly accurate with their throws.

19. Flighty Fighters

This team is light on its feet and always in motion. They are not just fighters but unpredictable, making them challenging to pin down.

20. Dodge Caravans

A playful twist on the vehicle “caravan,” this team moves together, coordinated, and is always on the move, making them a moving target that’s hard to hit.

21. Ballistic Missiles

These players’ throws are fast, fierce, and direct, much like missiles. They strike with precision and are known for their powerful shots.

22. Balls of Fury

With a nod to the movie “Balls of Fury,” this name suggests a passionate, fierce team that plays with a burning energy.

23. Dodge’s Creed

Drawing from “Assassin’s Creed,” this name implies a team with a code, strategy, and the stealthy moves of an assassin.

24. Throw N’ Go

This team is all about quick action. They throw, dodge, and move rapidly, always keeping their opponents on their toes.

25. Escape Artists

Masters of the dodge, this team can escape any throw, no matter how fast or tricky.

Their dodging skills are nothing short of magical.

26. Ball Busters

This confident name suggests a team that’s all about shattering the opponent’s defense and making powerful plays.

27. Flash Dodgers

Inspired by “The Flash,” these players move at lightning speed. Before you know it, they’ve dodged the ball and are ready for their next move.

28. Ball-Der Dash

Playing the game “Balderdash,” this name suggests a team that’s all about fun, unpredictability, and perhaps a bit of bluffing on the court.

29. Evaders Federation

A formal twist, this name presents a united front of players whose prime skill is evasion.

Together, they’re a federation that stands strong against any throws.

30. UntouchaBALL Stars

Combining “untouchable” and “ball,” this name oozes confidence. This team believes they’re not just players but shining stars in the dodgeball universe.

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Funny Girl Dodgeball Team Names

Funny Dodgeball Team Names - Infographic by Names Crunch

For our fierce female players, having a team name that resonates with girl power while still having a dash of humor is the way to go.

From sass to class, these names will make an impression while you dodge and dive with flair.

Embrace the energy and pick a name that speaks volumes about your all-girl squad!

1. Diva Dodgers

This name perfectly captures the essence of stylish ladies who dodge with flair. They’re not just players but divas of the dodgeball court, ensuring they remain unscathed while stealing the spotlight.

2. Dodge Dolls

These are no ordinary dolls. The Dodge Dolls embody grace and precision, weaving through opponents with a finesse reminiscent of poised figurines yet packed with athletic prowess.

3. Sassy Shooters

Bold and unapologetic, the Sassy Shooters don’t hold back.

With a sprinkle of sass and skill, they manage to charm the court while taking down their competition.

4. Ballroom Belles

Drawing from the elegance of ballroom dancing, these ladies bring sophistication to the dodgeball court.

They move harmoniously, dodging balls as gracefully as dancers twirl on the dance floor.

5. Dodge Roses

Roses are beautiful but come with thorns. Dodge Roses symbolizes women who are gorgeous and graceful yet fierce and prickly when challenged in the game.

6. The Dodge Darlings

These darlings of the dodgeball world are both endearing and skilled.

They might appear sweet, but underestimate them, and they’ll show their true dodgeball prowess.

7. Ball-erinas

Inspired by ballerinas, this name suggests players who balance agility with elegance.

Just as a ballerina gracefully pirouettes, these players dodge with finesse.

8. Dodging Duchesses

Royalty on the dodgeball court, the Dodging Duchesses play with a regal air, commanding respect while expertly evading their adversaries.

9. Lady Dodgers

A classic name that signifies women of grace and power.

These ladies take pride in their dodging skills, embodying elegance and athleticism.

10. Girly Guardians

Protective and formidable, the Girly Guardians stand firm. They guard themselves from being hit and shield their teammates with fierce loyalty.

11. Pink Panthers

Inspired by the sophisticated and stealthy Pink Panther, this team is all about sly moves and a touch of class.

They’re cunning, quick, and one step ahead of their rivals.

12. Miss Hits

A playful take on “misses” and “hits,” this name humorously suggests that while they might be misses, they rarely miss their shots or let a ball hit them.

13. Dodge Diamonds

Just like diamonds, this team is both stunning and unbreakable. They shine bright on the court, reflecting their brilliance in every dodge.

14. Queen Bees of Dodge

The Queen Bees rule the court at the top of the dodgeball hierarchy. They’re leaders, setting the pace and ensuring their team buzzes with success.

15. Glam Slam Gals

Combining glamour with the force of a slam, these ladies blend style and power into the game, ensuring they remain fabulous while dominating the competition.

16. Femme Fatales

These women are enchantingly dangerous.

While their charm might draw you in, their lethal throws and dodges ensure they are a force to be reckoned with.

17. Chic Clique

A group of stylish ladies who bring a touch of fashion to the court.

Their chic appearance is matched only by their coordinated and strategic gameplay.

18. Rebel Roses

Breaking from tradition, these roses are all about rebellion. They challenge norms, play unconventionally, and bring a touch of wildness to the game.

19. Twirl & Throw

Marrying grace with action, this name embodies the spirit of ladies who move with finesse, twirling to dodge and then swiftly throwing to score.

20. Vixen Volleyers

Vixens are known for their cunning and allure.

As volleyers, these women are masters of the throw, using their sharp instincts to outwit and outplay their opponents.

Funny Boy Dodgeball Team Names

Funny BOY Dodgeball Team Names

For our male dodgeball players, a name that exudes confidence while retaining a sense of humor can be the key to making a memorable impression.

Whether you want to emphasize teamwork, showcase your moves, or have a laugh, the following names will make your team stand out in style.

1. Dodge Kings

Regal and dominant, the Dodge Kings represent the best in dodgeball royalty.

These players don’t merely play; they rule the court with a blend of skill and majesty, aiming to retain their crown.

2. Bro-Ballers

Combining camaraderie with the game, Bro-Ballers is all about brotherhood and teamwork.

Their strong bonds, built over countless games, make them a formidable team to face.

3. Maverick Movers

Independent and unconventional, Maverick Movers bring their own unique style to the game.

Their unpredictability is their strength, leaving opponents constantly guessing.

4. Ballistic Bros

Blending “ballistic” with “bros,” this name suggests a team of guys who play with explosive energy and are always ready to back each other up, no matter the odds.

5. Dodge Dukes

Evoking a sense of nobility, the Dodge Dukes are masters of the game.

They play with a sophisticated strategy and aim to dominate the court with aristocratic flair.

6. Men of Misfire

While the name suggests potential mistakes, it’s all in good humor.

The Men of Misfire might playfully pretend to be off-target, but watch out when they decide to be on point!

7. Baller Brigade

Mimicking the unity of a brigade, this team moves in perfect sync, covering for one another and strategizing as a tight-knit unit, making them a formidable force.

8. Dodging Dudes

Simple yet effective, these dudes are all about dodging. Nimble and quick, they evade balls with a casual ease that belies their underlying strategy.

9. Lads Who Launch

These young men are all about the offensive.

They repeatedly launch their way to victory with powerful throws and coordinated attacks.

10. Aim Game Gang

With an emphasis on precision, the Aim Game Gang focuses on the prize.

Their throws are calculated, and their aim is impeccable, making them a tough team to outwit.

11. Dodge Dragoons

Inspired by the swift cavalry, these players strike fast and move with coordinated precision, making them a dynamic force on the dodgeball court.

12. Throttle Throwers

Harnessing the raw power of a throttle, these players unleash their energy in every throw. Their game is about speed, power, and relentless attacks.

13. Dodge Demigods

Elevating their game to a nearly divine level, the Dodge Demigods play with otherworldly prowess. Opponents might wonder if they have divine intervention on their side.

14. Marvelous Misfires

Combining humor with skill, this name suggests a team full of surprises.

They might pretend to misfire, but their true marvel lies in their strategic gameplay.

15. Gents On The Go

Always moving and always strategizing, these gents are never static.

Their agility and constant movement make them hard to pin down and even harder to predict.

16. The Evading Aces

Masters of evasion, these aces make dodging an art form. They’re always one step ahead, leaving opponents chasing shadows.

17. Macho Movers

Brimming with confidence and masculinity, the Macho Movers play with a swagger.

Their strong teamwork and game strategy complement their bold moves.

18. Dodge Disciples

Dedicated to the art of dodgeball, these players approach the game with near-religious fervor.

They study, strategize, and play with a devotion that’s hard to beat.

19. Baller Battalion

Drawing inspiration from a military battalion, this team is all about discipline, strategy, and coordinated attacks.

Together, they stand strong, ready to face any challenge.

20. Aim High Hunks

Merging skill with a touch of charm, these hunks play well and aim to win hearts. They bring both style and substance to the dodgeball court.

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Wrapping Up

Selecting the right dodgeball team name is more than just fun; it is about uniting players under a shared identity. As you gear up for the game, consider what you want your team’s name to convey.

After all, a great reputation can be the initial spark that ignites team spirit and leaves a lasting mark on the court. 

So, take a moment, reflect on the options, and maybe even have a team vote. Whichever name you land on, make it memorable, make it fun, and let it set the tone for every match to come.

Happy playing, Dodgeballers!

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