250+ Funny Insurance Names Ideas!

250+ Funny Insurance Names
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Hold onto your hats and grab some popcorn. We’re about to dive into a world where creativity meets hilarity. Insurance can sometimes feel like a heavy and serious topic, but we are here to lighten the mood. 

In the midst of policies, claims, and premiums, humor can shine through in surprising ways, even in the names. This post is your one-way ticket to a laughter ride, where we have compiled a list of the funniest insurance names.

Brace yourself as this roller-coaster of amusement is set to take off!

Funny Insurance Names List

250+ Funny Insurance Names infographic - NamesCrunch

We have all seen business names that spark a giggle. In the world of insurance, the opportunities for humor are vast. 

Here is a list of funny insurance names that’ll definitely make you chuckle. After all, who says insurance needs to be serious all the time?

1. Claim Game

You know the drill! Insurance is all about claims, and this company’s name hints at the playful, back-and-forth nature of the process.

Claim Game suggests that while the business is earnest, it’s got a playful edge and maybe even makes the daunting process of making claims feel like a game.

2. Risky Business

The essence of insurance is managing risk. “Risky Business” winks at the core while also alluding to the Tom Cruise movie where dancing in socks was all the rage.

So, this is the go-to place if you’re looking to shimmy your way through potential perils.

3. PayNow CryLater

This humorous name serves as a cheeky reminder! It’s saying, “Pay your premiums now, or you might end up regretting it later.”

While the name is light-hearted, it carries a deep truth about the importance of being insured.

4. WreckCheck

Accidents happen! This whimsical name suggests they’re always on the lookout, checking for potential wrecks and ensuring clients are well-covered.

It’s like they’re saying, “Got into a fender bender? We’ve got your back!”

5. No-Harm Charm

Imagine a magical charm that protects you from all harm. That’s the idea behind this delightful name. It promises a certain enchantment to its insurance coverage, ensuring no harm comes your way.

6. InsureFire

“Are you looking for a sure thing when it comes to coverage? Look no further!”

InsureFire combines assurance with the spark and energy of fire, suggesting they’ve got the zest to ensure everything’s alright.

7. Damaged Goods Ltd.

Irony at its best! This name might raise eyebrows, but it’s all in good fun.

It’s a nod to those little mishaps in life, reminding you they’ve specialized in ensuring all kinds of ‘damaged goods’.

8. Risky Rainbows

“Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows… but sometimes it’s risky rainbows!” This whimsical name captures the unpredictability of life but with a promise of colorful protection.

9. Bubble Wrap Benefits

The ultimate protection, right? Just as bubble wrap safeguards fragile items, this company promises to cushion you from life’s unexpected bumps and drops.

10. Secured Shenanigans

While ‘shenanigans’ often imply mischief, this company assures you that even through the wildest times, they’ve secured you. Perfect for those with a zest for life but want a safety net.

11. Quirky Quota

Who says insurance has to be standard? Here, it’s done with a twist! They offer protection, but not without a quirk, ensuring you get a memorable experience.

12. Sunshine Safeguards

On a rainy day, who doesn’t crave a bit of sunshine?

This name evokes feelings of warmth and protection, ensuring that even on your gloomiest days, they’re there to brighten things up.

13. Premium Puns

“Got jokes? We do too!” This name suggests they’re not just about collecting premiums but also about sharing a laugh with their clients.

14. Cover Clown

This name paints a fun picture. Imagine a clown whose main act is ensuring protection – amusing and reliable simultaneously!

15. Slippery Coverage

No, they’re not suggesting their coverage is elusive. Instead, they hint at life’s slippery moments and how they’re always there to catch you.

16. Hedge Of Protection

A clever play on words, this name references the financial term ‘hedge’ while promising a sturdy barrier against life’s uncertainties.

17. Bumper Buffers

For the bumps in life, both literal and metaphorical, this name assures that they’re there as a buffer, softening any impact.

18. Secure Smiles

“We guarantee a smile with our secure coverage!” With a dual meaning, this name promises safety and the joy of peace of mind.

19. Umbrella Underdogs

Just as an umbrella shields you from rain, this company covers you. And as underdogs, they might surprise you with their dedication and resilience.

20. Payout Pranksters

These guys might be playful, but when it comes to payouts, they’re no joke. They handle serious matters with a dose of humor, ensuring you always leave with a smile.

Check out some other business name ideas:

Funny Car Insurance Names

Car insurance doesn’t have to be all about statistics and figures. It can have its funny side, too, especially when we look at the names.

Can you imagine chuckling while buying car insurance? 

  • Crash-n-Cash
  • Bumper Buddies
  • Dent Defense
  • Whiplash Wit
  • Funny Fender
  • Chuckle Chassis
  • Giggle Gears
  • Brake Banter
  • Humor Hubcaps
  • Mirth Mileage
  • Smiling Skidmarks
  • Roaring Roadsters
  • Puns-n-Pistons
  • Jocular Jalopies
  • Prank Potholes
  • Laughing Lambos
  • Ridiculous Rims
  • VroomVroom Vault
  • Steering Smirks
  • Tailgate Tickles
  • Jesting Jeeps
  • Hitch-n-Hilarity
  • Wisecrack Windshields
  • Chuckling Clutch
  • Giggle Gas
  • Dashboard Droll
  • Fun-SizeFiat

Funny Insurance Team Names

Let’s not leave the teams behind in this quest for laughter. After all, they’re the backbone of any insurance company. So, why should their names be any less entertaining? 

If your team needs a boost or just a good laugh, these hilarious team names should do the trick:

  • Premium Jokers
  • Witty Wagers
  • Claim Quirkers
  • The Policy Puns
  • Indemnity Idols
  • Risk Rangers
  • The Coverage Clowns
  • Fireproof Funnies
  • Damage Deflectors
  • The Quota Quirkers
  • The Hedge Hilarities
  • Payout Punchlines
  • Assurance Artists
  • The Claim Comedians
  • Giggly Guarantors
  • The Safeguard Standups
  • The Coverage Comics
  • Protection Pranksters
  • Liability Legends
  • Warranted Wit
  • The Sassy Securitas
  • Justified Jokers
  • Chuckle Champions
  • Policy Pranksters
  • Policy Punsters
  • Damage Dodgers
  • Amusing Adjusters

Funny Names For Insurance Agents

Let’s turn our attention to the individuals who help us navigate the maze of insurance – the agents.

If they can make you laugh with their name, imagine how much fun it could be to work with them. 

  • Sue Cure
  • Cliff Coverage
  • Policy Polly
  • Premium Pete
  • Risky Ricky
  • Secure Steve
  • Witty Wendy
  • Chuckle Charlie
  • Reimbursement Reggie
  • Quirky Quincy
  • Amusing Amanda
  • Claim Cleo
  • Protection Priscilla
  • Indemnity Ian
  • Wager Walter
  • Quota Quentin
  • Buffoon Ben
  • Casualty Cassie
  • Risk Ranger Ronald
  • Cover Clyde
  • Safety Sally
  • Jocular James
  • Prankster Paul
  • Underwriting Ursula
  • Liability Larry
  • Justified Justin
  • Warranted Winnie
  • Snug Sarah
  • Protection Percy
  • Giggly George

Catchy & Creative Funny Insurance Names

Humor can be a great way to stand out from the crowd, and when it comes to insurance, a catchy and funny name can be unforgettable. 

  • Giggle Guarantee
  • Secure Smiles
  • Chuckle Coverage
  • Payout Pranks
  • Assurance Amusement
  • Droll Deductibles
  • Liability Laughs
  • Mirthful Mutual
  • Hilarious Hedge
  • Jocular Joint Venture
  • Policy Puns
  • ClaimChuckles
  • Funny Fidelity
  • Whimsical Warranty
  • Banter Bonds
  • Amusing Assets
  • Nonsense Net Worth
  • Casualty Comedy
  • Amusing Annuity
  • Policy Pals
  • Jesting Joint Policy
  • Coverage Comics
  • Secure Sniggers
  • Protection Pranks
  • Insured Irony
  • Premium Pranks
  • Claim Clown

Funny Insurance Company Names

The world of insurance doesn’t always have to be dry and serious.

With the right touch of fun, even insurance companies can break away from the tiresome and put a smile on your face.

  • Oopsie Daisy Assurance
  • Clumsy Clutch Coverages
  • Boo-Boo Benefactors
  • Mishap Managers
  • Whoopsie Wallet
  • Surprise Safeguard
  • Jolt Junction Insurance
  • Twist Turn Protect
  • Outta Nowhere Insurance
  • Shock Absorber Assurance
  • Furball Fender-Benders
  • Hairy Situations
  • Paw-tection Plus
  • Hocus Pocus Policies
  • Banana Peel Protectors
  • Fender Bender Friends
  • Rainy Day Rescuers
  • Yikes! Your Insurance
  • Hiccup Helpers
  • Oops-a-Lot Cover
  • Whoops We’ve Got You
  • A Series of Fortunate Policies
  • Cushion The Blow Cover
  • Close Shave Coverages

Funny Dental Insurance Names

Dental insurance doesn’t have to be all about the serious stuff. Injecting a little humor into the names can transform them into something you’ll remember and even share a laugh about.

These names offer a fresh, playful take on an otherwise standard industry term.

Get ready to explore a collection of funny dental insurance names that are set to make your next dentist visit or insurance chat a bit more entertaining.

  • Smile Guardians
  • Grin Protectors
  • Chuckle Cover
  • Laugh Line Defenders
  • Molar Mirth Assurance
  • Giggles Guard
  • Pearly Whites Patrol
  • Chortle Care
  • Snicker Shield
  • Jester Jaw Insure
  • Chuckle Chompers
  • Humor Bite Backup
  • Smile Safeguard
  • Guffaw Gums Guard
  • Teeth Tickle Trust
  • Grin Gear Guarantee
  • Molar Merriment
  • Dazzle Dental Defense
  • Happy Mouth Haven
  • Wit Wisdom Teeth
  • Joker Jaws
  • Mirth Molars
  • Cackle Canines Coverage
  • Fun Fang Fund
  • Smile Squad Security
  • Grin Grasp
  • Beam Barrier
  • Chuckle Crest Care
  • Wit Molar Wrap
  • Laughter Ligament Link
  • Denture Delight
  • Humorous Incisors
  • Smirk Safeguard
  • Amuse Molars
  • Glee Gums Guarantee

Catchy Insurance Names

A catchy insurance name is like a magnet; it draws you in and sticks in your mind.

These names are memorable, striking a perfect balance between professionalism and creativity. They are crafted to build trust and resonate with potential customers. 

Each name here blends innovation and appeal, ensuring that your insurance company stands out in a crowded market. 

  • Secure Horizon
  • Trust Tide
  • Safe Harbor Haven
  • Shield Peak
  • Serenity Safeguard
  • Assurance Anchor
  • Guardian Glow
  • Haven Halo
  • Protect Pinnacle
  • Unity Umbrella
  • Safety Sunrise
  • Calm Crest
  • Solace Shield
  • Zenith Zone
  • Harmony Haven
  • Trust Trail
  • Serene Stream
  • Peace Pillar
  • Balance Beam
  • Cover Compass
  • Haven Heart
  • Serenity Sphere
  • Assurance Aura
  • Guardian Grace
  • Safety Spark
  • Protect Pulse
  • Unity Utopia
  • Calm Crown
  • Solace Star
  • Zenith Zephyr
  • Harmony Halo
  • Trust Torch
  • Serene Sky
  • Peace Pinnacle
  • Balance Bridge

Funny Fake Insurance Company Names

Now, we’re venturing into the realm of make-believe with some outlandishly humorous fake insurance company names.

Though they might not exist in reality, they sure do exist in our imagination! 

  • Loophole Lifelines
  • Slippery Coverage Co.
  • Last Ditch Assurance
  • Risky Rescue Ltd.
  • Barely Legal Bailouts
  • Chuckles & Coverage
  • Faulty Fixture Fiasco Ltd.
  • Fractured Umbrella Inc.
  • Fantasy Floaters
  • Squirrel Saver Solutions
  • Silly Safeguard Services
  • Hilarity Haven Holdings
  • Preposterous Policy Partners
  • Folly Fortress Inc.
  • Jokester’s Jewels Insurance
  • Risky Raindance Assurance
  • Whacky Whisker Works
  • Giggly Guardian Guild
  • Bubble Wrap Bonanza
  • Smirking Sphinx Security

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Summing Up the Smiles

Whether it’s insurance or any other sector, a touch of humor can work wonders, even in something as serious as insurance. The names we have explored today show us that, when it comes to insurance, there’s definitely room for a good laugh!

As we’ve seen, humor can be a powerful tool to connect with customers and stand out in a crowded market. These names, whether real or imaginary, serve as excellent examples of infusing a bit of fun into an industry often seen as dry and serious.

Remember, it’s all in good fun. After all, laughter is the best policy!

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