Funny Tattoo Shop Names [Catchy & Vintage Ideas]

Funny Tattoo Shop Names
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Getting inked is an artform; your tattoo parlor’s name should reflect that creative spirit. The perfect moniker will be witty and memorable, inviting customers to view your artists’ imaginative designs.

In this article, we’ll explore funny and catchy tattoo shop names, including clever spins on traditional motifs and quirky names that will make people smile.

From vintage vibes to girl power themes, you will find a fantastic name for your new studio. We will also look at options for funny tattoo artist names that showcase each individual artisan’s style.

With these creative tattoo business name ideas, you can show off your shop’s unique personality and make a bold first impression.

Funny Tattoo Shop Names (With Meanings)

Funny Tattoo Shop Names infographic

Tattoo shops often seek to stand out from the crowd, not only through their intricate artistry but also with their unique names. 

So, for those looking to add a dose of fun to their brand or just curious about some amusing names, here’s a list to tickle your funny bone:

1. Ink-a-Dink-Doo: A whimsical choice, this name resonates with those who cherish childhood rhymes and seek nostalgia with their ink.

2. Tatt-Who?: This clever play on words sparks curiosity, inviting clients to delve into the mysteries of the art they’ll soon wear.

3. Eternal Doodle Parlor: Marrying the timeless art of tattooing with lighthearted doodles, this spot promises depth and fun in its designs.

4. Stabby Tabby Tattoos: With a catchy rhythm and a feline twist, it offers a hint of playful mischief for cat lovers and ink enthusiasts alike.

5. Not Your Grandma’s Tattoos: Modern, bold, and breaking conventions, this name signals a fresh approach to tattoo artistry, different from old-school styles.

6. Sir Inks-a-Lot: A nod to nobility and dedication, this moniker suggests a tattoo artist of renowned skill and passion.

7. Puns & Needles: Combining humor with the essence of tattooing, it’s a destination for those who appreciate wit and art equally.

8. Tat’s All Folks!: Drawing inspiration from classic cartoons, it promises an experience of humor and vibrant visuals.

9. Legit-to-Quit Tattoo Haven: Assuring authenticity and commitment offers a haven for those serious about their body art desires.

10. Blink & Ink: Highlighting the swift expertise of its artists, this name assures clients of a smooth and efficient tattooing process.

11. Tat-Tea Party: Infused with a blend of tea and tattoos, it’s a haven for those who relish relaxing parlor vibes.

12. Inky Pinky Parlor: With a splash of color and rhyme, this spot embraces the fun and finesse of tattooing.

13. Inkling Winkling Studio: Alluding to subtle hints and twinkling stars, it captures the essence of delicate and intricate designs.

14. Tattoogle: Merging digital vibes with traditional ink, it’s a place for modern tattoo enthusiasts.

15. Barely There-Too: Specializing in subtle, minimalist designs, this parlor appeals to those wanting a hint of art with an understated touch.

16. The Drawing Board: Taking inspiration directly from the artist’s canvas, it signifies the origin and evolution of every tattoo design.

17. Tatt-Tales Studio: Each tattoo tells a story, and this studio prides itself on bringing those narratives to life on the skin.

18. Laugh & Tatt: Celebrating the lighter side of life, it combines joyous moments with lasting memories through ink.

19. Scribble & Nibble Tattoos: Perfect for those who appreciate a cozy environment, it promises a fusion of art and perhaps a bite to eat.

20. Inky McInkface: With a touch of humor and a dash of quirkiness, this place is bound to appeal to those with a sense of fun and adventure.

Funny Tattoo Shop Names Ideas List

Funny Tattoo Shop Names Ideas List

A name can say a lot about a tattoo shop’s personality. Having a vast list of quirky, fun names can be invaluable for those setting up a new shop or simply in the mood to rebrand. 

Here’s an extensive list of names, each tailored to give your shop that unique and humorous twist:

  • Artistic Prick
  • Inky Pops
  • Tatt-astrophe Studios
  • Doodle Doers
  • Lick & Stick Tattoos
  • Inky Doodle Day
  • Tat-Tea Time Studio
  • Scribbled Dreams Parlor
  • Ink Maiden
  • Starry Night & Bright Tattoos
  • Giggles & Grit Ink Spot
  • Tickle Me Tattoo
  • Ink-Spire Me
  • Tattooie Talkies
  • TatMatic
  • Grin & Bare It Tattoos
  • Inky Winks
  • Chuckles & Chains Tattoos
  • Giggle Gaggle Inkers
  • Tattletale Tattoos
  • Chuckle & Chisel
  • Not Just Ink-ling
  • Funny Bone Inks
  • Tattwo Times Fun
  • Giggly Gravitas Studio
  • Chuckling Needle Nest
  • Scribble Ribble Tattoo
  • Inky Witty Parlor
  • Light Laughs & Linework
  • Chuckle Buckle Tattoos
  • Amuse-Me Inks
  • Inklings with Blinkings
  • Tattoo Lagoon
  • Tatt-a-Lot Lounge
  • Quirk & Quill
  • Ink Think Tank
  • Glee & Graffiti Studio
  • Tattoodle Doodle
  • Lively Lines & Laughs
  • Ticklish Tattoo Terrain
  • Light-hearted Lineworks
  • Chuckle Chunk Ink Hub
  • Mirth & Masterpiece Tattoos
  • Snickers & Stickers Studio
  • Jest & Join Tattoos
  • Happy Trails Tattoo
  • Chuckleberry Ink Inn
  • Teehee Tatt Spot

Funny Female Tattoo Shop Names

Funny Female Tattoo Shop Names

Empowering women in the world of tattooing has brought forth some of the industry’s most skilled and innovative artists. 

Here’s a collection of names that champion the spirit of female tattoo artists, infusing wit and charm into every character.

  • Lady Inklings
  • Giggly Goddess Tattoos
  • Ink Diva Den
  • Tattoo Tutu Parlor
  • Damsel Doodles
  • Laughing Lass Inks
  • Miss Tattique
  • Queen Quirk Tattoos
  • Wink & Ink Empress
  • Chic-ink Boutique
  • Sassy Strokes Studio
  • Inky Pinky Palace
  • Lively Lady Lines
  • Glam & Grit Tattoos
  • Ms. Inky Winks
  • Girl Guffaw Tattoos
  • She-Scribbles Studio
  • Giggling Goddess Groove
  • Queen Bee Quill
  • Lady Luck & Laugh Inks
  • Diva Doodle Den
  • Princess Prickle Parlor
  • Madame Mirth Tattoos
  • Vixen Vignettes
  • Missy Mischief Tattoos
  • Inky Belle Boutique
  • Tatt-Tiara Terrain
  • Lady Chuckles Lounge
  • Dame Doodles Domain
  • Pixie Prick Parlor
  • Miss Quirky Quill
  • Empress Ink Emporium
  • Lady Lark & Lines
  • Miss Giggly Graphics
  • Bella Blink Tattoos
  • Dainty Doodles Diva
  • Tickled Pink Parlor
  • Chic Chuckle Chamber
  • Mistress Mirth & Magic
  • Siren Scribbles Studio
  • Lady Lighthearted Lounge
  • Diva’s Doodle Dynasty
  • Madame Marvelous Marks
  • Lass & Lively Lines

Vintage Tattoo Shop Names

Vintage Tattoo Shop Names

A blend of nostalgia with the art of tattooing creates an ambiance that’s both classic and captivating. 

Here’s a collection of names, each echoing the timeless charm of yesteryears.

  • Timeless Tints Tattoos
  • Retro Reverie Studio
  • Antique Artistry Inks
  • Vintage Vignettes
  • Epoch Inks Emporium
  • Bygone Brandings
  • Classic Canvas Tattoos
  • Old World Wonder Inks
  • Heritage Handiwork Tattoos
  • Time-honored Tints
  • Nostalgia Needle Nest
  • Legacy Lines Lounge
  • Yesteryears’ Yarns Tattoos
  • Vintage Valor Vault
  • Past’s Pristine Parlor
  • Heirloom Handworks
  • Revered Relics Tattoos
  • Aged Artistry Abode
  • Classic Craft Chamber
  • Bygone Brandish Boutique
  • Timeworn Tint Terrace
  • Relic Reverence Room
  • Historic Hue Haven
  • Timeless Tale Tattoos
  • Venerable Vintage Visions
  • Golden Age Graphics
  • Ancestral Art Atelier
  • Olden Odes Tattoos
  • Yore’s Yarn Yard
  • Fabled Frame Factory
  • Time-honored Traces
  • Past’s Prestige Parlor
  • Retro Realm Room
  • Legendary Lines Lounge
  • Vintage Valor Venue
  • Epoch Elegance Estate
  • Antique Aura Atelier
  • Nostalgic Needle Nook
  • Bygone Beauty Boutique
  • Classic Chronicles Chamber
  • Revered Retro Reverie
  • Heirloom Hue House

Catchy Tattoo Shop Names

Funny Tattoo Shop Names (With Meanings)

In the tattoo industry, setting yourself apart begins with a compelling name.

With every storefront, website, and business card, the name sets the tone for the experience a client can expect. 

And for those still on the hunt for that ideal catchy name, here’s a list tailored to leave an indelible mark:

  • Ink Impressions
  • Artistry Alcove
  • Skin Symphony
  • Marked Muse
  • Tattoo Tempo
  • Design Dynasty
  • Eternal Etchings
  • Inklination Studio
  • Marked Marvels
  • Tattoo Temple
  • Canvas Chronicles
  • Ink Instincts
  • Pristine Patterns
  • Design Domain
  • Sketch Sanctum
  • Lively Lineage
  • Skin Spectrum
  • Quill Quest
  • Marked Mastery
  • Design Drift
  • Eternal Echoes
  • Tattooed Terrain
  • Artistic Avenue
  • Marked Mansion
  • Crafted Canvas
  • Ink Intuition
  • Graphic Galaxy
  • Sketch Saga
  • Tinted Temple
  • Engraved Eden
  • Tattoo Tales
  • Marked Memories
  • Inky Insights
  • Design Den
  • Canvas Castle
  • Tattooed Trails
  • Marked Moments
  • Crafted Chronicles
  • Design Drizzle
  • Artistic Arcadia
  • Tattooed Tapestry
  • Epic Etchings
  • Lush Lineage
  • Canvas Cove
  • Design Domain
  • Tattooed Triumphs
  • Timeless Tints
  • Skin Saga
  • Tattooed Treasures
  • Ink Isle
  • Graphic Grove

Funny Tattoo Artist Names

Funny Tattoo Artist Names

An artist’s name, like their work, can be their signature, defining their style, personality, and branding. 

For tattoo artists looking to infuse a bit of humor into their brand or for those simply curious, here’s a list of playful names to bring a smile:

  • Doodle Dave
  • Inky Izzy
  • Prickle Pete
  • Sketching Sam
  • Artsy Arnie
  • Needle Ned
  • Tinting Tina
  • Marking Mike
  • Etching Ellie
  • Graphical Gary
  • Drawing Donna
  • Needling Nora
  • Patterning Paul
  • Line-loving Lucy
  • Inky Iris
  • Shading Shawn
  • Doodlebug Dan
  • Needling Nancy
  • Picturing Phil
  • Doodling Drew
  • Tracey Traces
  • Graphic Grace
  • Artful Andy
  • Patterned Pat
  • Quirky Quill
  • Inkling Ian
  • Tattooing Tim
  • Artistic Alice
  • Masterful Max
  • Sketchy Sue
  • Line-loving Liam
  • Needling Nellie
  • Quirky Quentin
  • Marking Mary
  • Shade-loving Shane
  • Inky Ira
  • Artful Arlene
  • Stencil Steve
  • Canvas Carol
  • Doodlebug Daisy
  • Etching Ethan
  • Tracey’s Tracings
  • Graphic Garry
  • Quill Queen
  • Shade-loving Sheila
  • Needling Neil
  • Doodling Derek
  • Canvas-loving Cara
  • Stencil Stella
  • Tracing Terry
  • Quirky Quill Quinn


From fun names like “Ink-a-Dink-Doo” to cool ones like “Tattoogle,” there’s something for everyone.

Think about the feel you want for your shop. A great name can attract people and get them talking about your place. 

So, get creative and pick a name that stands out, makes people smile, and sticks in their minds!

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