Funny Black Car Names [300+ Cool Ideas]

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Naming your slick black car injects some much-needed personality into your daily drive. This article has you covered whether you’ve got a hulking SUV or a tiny two-seater.

We’ll explore the funniest and most creative black car names, from edgy options for guys to cute choices for gals. You’ll soon find the perfect, hilarious moniker to capture your whip’s attitude.

With big and small names explained, you’ll be prepared to give your baby the alter ego it deserves.

So get ready to meet your ride’s new character with this roundup of laugh-out-loud, funny black car names. Your black car’s new nickname awaits!

Funny Black Car Names (With Meanings)

Funny Black Car Names infographic

The blend of a sleek black car with a name that brings laughter is truly special. It’s not just about identifying your vehicle but offering a moment of joy to anyone who hears it. 

These names strike the perfect balance between a black car’s classic aura and a hearty laugh’s joy.

So whether you’ve got a sporty coupe or a massive SUV, here’s a list to tickle your funny bone!

1. Night Rider’s Comic: Melding the night’s mystique with a playful touch, this name is for those who cherish nighttime drives with a side of humor.

2. Darth Vroom: A nod to the iconic “Star Wars” villain with the playful twist of a revving engine sound. Ideal for pop culture enthusiasts with a need for speed.

3. Black Beauty’s Blooper: Drawing from the famed horse, Black Beauty, this name adds fun, suggesting elegance mixed with light-hearted moments.

4. Onyx Oxymoron: Combining the rich black shade of onyx with the playful twist of contradiction, this name boasts uniqueness and charm.

5. Charcoal Chuckles: Perfect for those who see the humor in everyday life, it blends the deep hue of charcoal with infectious laughter.

6. Midnight Mischief: For the night adventurers who find joy in the unexpected twists and turns of the night.

7. Shadow Shenanigans: A hint at the playful tricks one might experience with a car that moves as swiftly and silently as a shadow.

8. Twilight Twister: Conjuring images of dusky adventures, this name is for those who enjoy drives during the magical hours between day and night.

9. Cosmic Coal Car: Infusing the vastness of the cosmos with the deep black of coal, this name evokes a sense of mysterious space adventures on wheels.

10. Pitch-Humor Punch: Blending the darkest shade of black, pitch, with a punch of humor, it’s a name for those who appreciate depth with a side of wit.

11. Blackberry Jester: Inspired by the fruit’s deep hue, it mixes seriousness with a jesting spirit, making every ride feel like a delightful escapade.

12. Eclipse’s Ego: For cars that stand out even when overshadowed, with a dash of playful pride, much like an eclipse.

13. Galaxy Giggles: Bringing together the vast expanse of galaxies with a light-hearted chuckle, ideal for those who dream big and laugh heartily.

14. Dark Matter Matters: Playing on the enigmatic substance in the universe, this name adds weight and importance to the vehicle with a touch of mystery.

15. Nebula’s Nonsense: Evoking images of the beautiful cosmic clouds, it pairs the majesty of space with a whimsical twist, perfect for dreamers with a sense of humor.

Funny Black Car Names for Boys

Funny Black Car Names (With Meanings)

Combining masculinity and creativity can lead to some of the funniest car names.

This list has been curated keeping in mind the adventurous spirit of many young men. 

Each name ensures that every drive feels fun and has a touch of individuality.

Let’s spice things up a bit with these boyish, light-hearted names.

  • Phantom Phunny
  • Blackbolt Buddy
  • Sir Drives-a-lot
  • Knight’s Knee-slapper
  • Pitch-Perfect Prankster
  • Dark Horse Daredevil
  • Coal Cruiser Chuckle
  • Vantastic Voyager
  • Night Ninja Novelties
  • Batman’s Bloopers
  • Blackhawk’s Humbug
  • Carbon Comedy Cruiser
  • Blackbox Buffoon
  • Stealthy Stand-up
  • Eclipse Entertainer
  • Onyx Oddball
  • Dark Dream’s Delight
  • Coal-Hearted Comedian
  • Nightshade Nonsense
  • Raven’s Rib-tickler
  • Twilight Teaser
  • Obsidian Obscenities
  • Black-Beary Funny
  • Nightfall Nutcase
  • Starry Sky Sarcasm
  • Stealth Silliness
  • Abyss Amuser
  • Midnight Moon’s Mirth
  • Licorice Laughs
  • Caviar Comicality
  • Inkblot Irreverence
  • Noir’s Nifty Notes
  • Jet Jester
  • Dark Delight Dude
  • Shade’s Shenanigans
  • Coal Comfort Comedy
  • Nightfly Nifty Nut
  • Onyx Outrageousness

Funny Black Car Names for Girls

Funny Black Car Names for Girls

Compact, zesty, and full of life, small black cars effortlessly turn heads on the streets.

They exude an unmatched energy that begs for a name as vibrant as their spirit. 

Dive into this list, where names capture the essence of these nifty vehicles and sprinkle a playful touch, making every journey memorable.

  • Noir Knock-Knock
  • Lady Licorice Laughter
  • Midnight Mascara Marvel
  • Onyx Oneliner
  • Velvet Vroom Vixen
  • Black Swan’s Silliness
  • Galactic Gloss Giggle
  • Cosmic Charcoal Chic
  • Black Diamond Diva Droll
  • Raven’s Ribbons & Riddles
  • Charcoal Charm & Chuckle
  • Obsidian’s Oddities
  • Black Beauty Banter
  • Starlit Sky’s Snicker
  • Twilight Tulle Tease
  • Eclipse Elegance & Jest
  • Caviar Class & Clown
  • Blackcurrant Bliss & Blunder
  • Nightingale Nonsense
  • Nebula’s Neat Nuttiness
  • Sable Satire & Style
  • Blackbird’s Blithe Banter
  • Abyss’s Adorable Antics
  • Nightflower’s Nifty Notes
  • Starry Silhouette’s Sarcasm
  • Dark Daisy’s Delight
  • Noir’s Nimble Nonsense
  • Lustrous Luna’s Laugh
  • Inkspot’s Inspirations
  • Black-Beary Witty
  • Pitch-Princess Playfulness
  • Black Cherry Chuckles
  • Sleek Sable’s Snickers
  • Cosmic Cinder Comedy
  • Vantablack’s Vogue & Vex
  • Black Pearl’s Punchline
  • Twilight Tint’s Twinkle
  • Shadow’s Satirical Shine

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Funny Big Black Car Names

Funny Big Black Car Names

Big black cars exude a presence that’s hard to ignore. Their majestic size deserves a name that highlights their grandeur and adds a playful twist.

Even those mighty vehicles can carry names that’ll have you and others chuckling whenever you mention them. 

So, for those who drive these giant chariots and want to add a sprinkle of humor to their mighty presence, here’s a grand and giggly list!

  • Behemoth’s Belly Laugh
  • Titan’s Tickler
  • Jumbo Jetsetter Jokes
  • Black Bear Banters
  • Midnight Monolith Mirth
  • Colossal Coal Comedy
  • Gargantuan Giggle Gear
  • Limo’s Loony Lines
  • Mammoth’s Midnight Mischief
  • Onyx Overlord’s One-Liners
  • Pitch-Perfect Pachyderm
  • Kingpin’s Kooky Kruise
  • Leviathan’s Lightheartedness
  • Gigantic Galaxy Guffaw
  • Behemoth Blackout Banter
  • Darkside Dynamo Delight
  • Herculean Humor Hauler
  • Black Bus Buffoonery
  • Night Giant’s Glee
  • Twilight Titan’s Tease
  • Darkside Drifter’s Delight
  • Eclipse Entertainer Extra-large
  • Stealthy Super-Size Satire
  • Humongous Highway Humor
  • Mammoth Moonshine Marvel
  • Pitch-Black Powerhouse Pranks
  • Cosmic Cruiser Chuckles
  • Nightship Nifty Nods
  • Shadow Shuttle’s Silliness
  • Gigantic Galaxy Giggles

Funny Small Black Car Names

Funny Small Black Car Names

Small cars are the animated sprites of the automotive world. Their elegant nature and sleek black finish offer a canvas for some truly adorable and humorous names. It’s all about merging that compact charm with witty wordplay. 

Here, you’ll find names that mirror the energy and versatility of compact cars, infused with a dose of wit and charm.

  • Lil’ Onyx Oddity
  • Pint-Sized Pitch Prank
  • Midnight Munchkin’s Merriment
  • Night Nugget’s Nonsense
  • Charcoal Chortler Compact
  • Blackberry Button’s Banter
  • Eclipse Elf’s Euphoria
  • Tinted Tidbit’s Teaser
  • Cosmic Cub’s Chuckles
  • Stealthy Sprout’s Silliness
  • Tiny Twilight Tidings
  • Charred Cherub’s Chuckle
  • Night Nymph’s Nifty Notes
  • Obsidian’s Mini Mirth
  • Shadow’s Sprightly Smile
  • Black Bud’s Buffoonery
  • Lil’ Licorice Laughs
  • Tiny Twilight Tinker
  • Nebula’s Nipper Nonsense
  • Black Bolt Baby’s Banter
  • Coal Cube’s Comedy
  • Starry Sprinkle’s Satire
  • Onyx Oomph’s Outburst
  • Nightling’s Neat Nuttiness
  • Sleek Sable Spritz’s Smile
  • Petite Pitch Playfulness
  • Black Button’s Bliss
  • Micro Midnight Mischief
  • Inkdrop’s Inspirations
  • Shade’s Small Shenanigans
  • Coal Crystal’s Cuteness
  • Cosmic Compact Chuckles
  • Noir Nipper’s Notes
  • Pitch-Pocket Playtime

Cool Black Car Names

Cool Black Car Names

While humor’s great, sometimes you want your car’s name to ooze style, class, and sheer coolness.

After all, a glossy black finish has been a symbol of sophistication forever. 

These names encapsulate the inherent coolness of a black car, striking a chord with those who love their rides suave, stylish, and memorable.

  • Nocturnal Knight
  • Obsidian Oracle
  • Cosmic Cruiser
  • Eclipse Enchanter
  • Galaxy Glide
  • Midnight Maverick
  • Shadow Sovereign
  • Stellar Silhouette
  • Onyx Odyssey
  • Twilight Titan
  • Abyssal Ace
  • Night Nebula
  • Darkside Drifter
  • Blackbolt Baron
  • Charcoal Chieftain
  • Cosmic Commander
  • Pitch Phantom
  • Raven’s Reign
  • Starry Sentinel
  • Stealthy Streak
  • Twilight Templar
  • Vantablack Vanguard
  • Blackout Baron
  • Nightfall Nomad
  • Eclipse Elite
  • Galactic Guardian
  • Onyx Overlord
  • Shadow Shaman
  • Stellar Scepter
  • Twilight Tsar
  • Abyssal Admiral
  • Cosmic Captain
  • Midnight Monarch
  • Onyx Outlaw
  • Pitch Pioneer

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Choosing the right name for your black car can add a sprinkle of fun to every drive. Whether you’re leaning towards names that evoke creativity, individuality, or sheer elegance, the essence lies in choosing one that resonates with your car’s persona and sense of identity. 

From our extensive list, some standout funny names include “Midnight Munchkin’s Merriment,” “Night Nugget’s Nonsense,” and “Tiny Twilight Tinker.

While there’s a treasure trove of suggestions, always remember that the best names emerge from personal connections and unique experiences. 

So, whether you drive a colossal cruiser or a nifty nugget, embrace a name that makes every ride memorable! 

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