Funny Woodworking Business Names Ideas

Funny Woodworking Business Names
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Ever thought woodworking was all serious business and intense craftsmanship? Think again! When it comes to naming a woodworking business, some folks have an incredible sense of humor. If you are searching for a burst of creativity or simply need a good laugh, these funny woodworking business names are bound to do the trick. 

Let’s find out the unique & clever name ideas for your woodworking business!

Funny Woodworking Business Names

When setting up a woodworking business, your name is the first impression customers get. A fun name can make your business memorable and create a strong first impression.

Below, we have compiled a list of humorous woodworking names that combine the essence of the craft with a dash of wit. 

1. Knot Your Average Wood: This clever name plays on the term ‘knot‘ found in wood, suggesting this isn’t just your ordinary woodworking place; it’s a cut above the rest.

2. Plane and Simple: A playful take on the phrase “plain and simple,” with a nod to the woodworking tool ‘plane.’ This name highlights uncomplicated, straightforward work.

3. Wood You Believe It?: This whimsical name suggests amazement and astonishment. It’s like asking, “Would you believe the magic we can do with wood?”

Funny Woodworking Business Names - Names Crunch

4. Timber! Tidbits: Using the shout of “Timber!” when a tree falls, this name highlights intriguing, small woodworking pieces or tips.

5. Chop Til You Drop: A spirited name, it emphasizes dedication and tirelessness in crafting each wooden piece.

6. Bored of Boards?: A fun play on words, it hints at offering unique and innovative woodworking solutions beyond ordinary boards.

7. Nailed It Novelties: This cheeky name celebrates perfect woodworking creations and projects that hit the mark.

8. Shavings & Shenanigans: Combining wood shavings with playful mischief, this name paints a picture of a lively, fun-filled workshop.

9. Sawdust Surprises: Each creation brings its own surprise, and this name captures the magical transformation from mere sawdust.

10. Wood You Rather: A twist on the game “Would You Rather?” adds a playful element to choosing woodworking designs or products.

11. Bark & Byte: This modern name combines tree bark’s rustic charm with the digital world’s ‘byte,’ showcasing a blend of traditional and modern.

12. Tree-mendous Crafts: Crafts so magnificent, they’re as awe-inspiring as towering trees!

13. Laughing Logs: Logs don’t just become furniture; they bring joy and laughter.

14. Splinter Splendors: This name suggests that even the tiniest splinter can be transformed into something splendid.

15. Whittle Wonders: Highlighting the art of whittling, it speaks of the incredible items that can be carved out of wood.

16. Rooted in Riddles: This mysterious name hints at designs deeply connected to nature’s secrets and stories.

17. Bough Down Creations: Inspired by tree branches (boughs), it suggests creations so amazing that they demand respect.

18. Woodsy Whimsy: Bringing forth images of enchanted forests, this name speaks of designs filled with fantasy and wonder.

19. Limb-itless Designs: With a nod to tree limbs, it speaks of boundless creativity and endless possibilities.

20. Stumped? We’re Here!: This reassuring name offers guidance and help while playfully acknowledging the tree stump.

21. Joint Jest: A celebration of the technical aspect of woodworking, specifically the art of joining pieces together, but with a lighthearted twist.

22. Varnish & Vanish: The finishing touches with varnish make imperfections vanish!

23. Crafty Carvings: A nod to skilled handiwork and ingenious designs that stand out.

24. Turned & Twisted: This name highlights the transformational journey of wood, from raw material to intricate designs.

25. Hammer & Giggle: Marrying the seriousness of tools like hammers with the light-heartedness of laughter.

26. Knot Kidding Around: Emphasizing serious craftsmanship with a humorous nod to wood knots.

27. Router Ruckus: Celebrating the lively environment when a router is at work, crafting designs.

28. Plane Play: This name captures the dual essence of serious work with the woodworking plane and the playful creativity that ensues.

29. Mallet Mirth: Here, the mallet, a crucial tool, brings along not just craftsmanship but also heaps of joy.

30. Lathe Laughs: Imagining the spinning lathe machine, crafting round designs, and spreading cheer.

31. Oak-kay, Let’s Play!: A cheerful nod to oak wood, emphasizing the fun side of woodworking.

32. Pine Time Puns: Combining the softwood pine with time spent crafting and enjoying pun-filled conversations.

33. Woodn’t It Be Nice?: A dreamy name imagining the beauty and wonders of wooden creations.

34. Birch Please!: A sassy, modern twist using the birch wood variety to exclaim amazement.

35. Grain Gain Giggles: Finding humor and joy in the intricate patterns and grains of wood.

36. Sequoia Sillies: Celebrate sequoia trees’ majesty with a sprinkle of humor.

37. Cedar Side Splits: A delightful name suggesting that cedar woodwork is so impressive it’ll have you in splits.

38. Cherry Chuckles: A merry name showcasing cherry wood crafts’ fun side.

39. Maple Mischief: Indicating naughty, out-of-the-box designs using the beloved maple wood.

40. Walnut Witticisms: Clever, quick-witted humor meets the elegance of walnut wood in this name.

Well, that was our list, and if you are interested in seeing more name ideas, you can check out our detailed blog about Funny Carpentry Business Names Ideas & Funny Craft Business Name Ideas.


Woodworking, at its core, is a blend of craftsmanship and creativity. As we have explored, even the names of our works can echo this lively energy. 

Consider names that reflect your unique style and the nature of your work. But don’t just take our word for it; pick a name that makes you smile whenever you say it. 

After all, a business that starts with a chuckle is bound to bring joy to its craft!

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