290+ Funny Crow Names (Caw-Medy)

Funny Crow Names
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Looking out the window, we will likely spot one of nature’s most intelligent creatures, crows. So, if you have ever befriended a crow or just enjoyed their company from afar, you might wonder, “What could be a fun and quirky name for a crow?” 

This article is here to help you out. Let’s find out some funny crow names that will leave you chuckling and make your interaction with these birds even more amusing.

Funny Crow Names Ideas (Caw-some Characters)

Funny Crow Names Ideas - Names Crunch

One of the great joys of befriending a crow is giving your feathered friend a funny, unique name.

Giving a name brings personality and life to our interactions with them. 

In this section, let’s explore a collection of hilarious crow names, perfect for that cackling crow who likes to keep things interesting!

  • Beak-Speare
  • Caw-culator
  • Black Beak Bopper
  • Sir Caws-a-Lot
  • Poe-et
  • Crowvid-19
  • Crow Magnon
  • Feather Locklear
  • Quoth the Raven
  • Crow-nan
  • Crowbar
  • Black Feathered Boss
  • Scare-Crow
  • Crowlla De Vil
  • Flap Jack
  • Cawfee Lover
  • Wing Leader
  • Birdie Sanders
  • Crow-n Artist
  • Midnight Maven

Funny Male Crow Names

Now, onto our charming male crows. A crow with a sense of humor and cleverness needs a name that fits just right. 

Without further ado, here are some funny crow names tailored for your male feathered friends.

  • CrowboCop
  • Edgar Allan Crow
  • Alfred Hitchbeak
  • Buh-crow
  • Crow-k Twain
  • Caw-ton Candy
  • Crow-sby
  • Beakman
  • Wingston Churchill
  • James Beakd
  • Caw-meo
  • Crow-dela
  • Stephen King of Crows
  • Crowlius Caesar
  • Vladimir Peckin
  • Caw-stello
  • Crow-bocop
  • Crow-neil Armstrong
  • Crowpernicus
  • Crow-sain Bolt
  • Crowsley
  • Robert Crowney Jr 
  • Squawk-eye
  • John Peck-crow-vich
  • Bird Reynolds
  • Jerry Cawfield
  • Raven Lunatic
  • Crowstoevsky
  • Brad Squawk
  • Caw-l Drogo

Funny Female Crow Names

Funny Male Crow Names - Names Crunch

It’s commonly believed that female crows are just as intelligent, if not more so, than their male counterparts. 

So, if you have spotted a graceful, clever crow in your vicinity, she deserves a name as humorous as she is smart.

1. Feather Fawcett: 

Inspired by the dazzling actress Farrah Fawcett.

If your crow radiates charm and a touch of classic Hollywood glamour, this could be the name that suits her!

2. Beaktrice: 

A play on the timeless name “Beatrice.” For a crow with a touch of elegance and perhaps a penchant for classic literature, Beaktrice will resonate perfectly.

3. Crow-prah Winfrey: 

Borrowing the brilliance from Oprah Winfrey, this name suggests that Crow is intelligent and a leader amongst her peers. Maybe she hosts her bird talk show in the trees?

4. Lady CawCaw: 

A punny nod to the sensational Lady Gaga.

If your crow has a bold, standout personality and perhaps a flair for the dramatic, this is the name for her.

5. Crowdrey Hepburn:

Inspired by the iconic Audrey Hepburn, this name would suit a crow with unmatched grace and sophistication.

Think of a crow elegantly nibbling on breakfast by your window.

6. Beakyonce: 

Does your crow rule the roost like Beyoncé rules the music world? If she’s a diva in her own right, consider naming her after the queen of pop.

7. Mary Pop-ins: 

This one’s for the crow with a nurturing side, always popping in when needed, much like the fictional character Mary Poppins.

8. Caw-delia: 

A play on the name “Cordelia,” hinting at a regal and sophisticated demeanor. Perfect for a crow that carries herself with an air of royalty.

9. Meryl Chirpy: 

Drawing inspiration from Meryl Streep, this name is for the crow with a wide range of chirps and caws, showcasing her diverse ‘acting’ abilities.

10. Featherine: 

Simple, elegant, and chic, just like the bird herself. It blends “Feather” and the common suffix “ine,” which hints at delicacy and beauty.

11. Emily Chickenson: 

A playful twist on the poet Emily Dickinson’s name. This could be an apt choice if your crow seems contemplative or poetic.

12. Vivien Peck-leigh: 

Inspired by Vivien Leigh, the famous actress known for “Gone with the Wind.” Ideal for a crow with a hint of old-world charm and elegance.

13. Wingona Ryder: 

A nod to the talented Winona Ryder. This one’s perfect for the crow that’s a bit quirky and endearingly unpredictable.

14. Margaret Scratcher: 

Here, we’ve cleverly adapted “Margaret Thatcher,” suggesting a crow with leadership qualities, perhaps with a penchant for scratching around for treats.

15. Kate Wing-slet: 

Inspired by Kate Winslet, The Crow with an adventurous spirit is perhaps reminiscent of the actress’s role in “Titanic.”

Funny & Cool Crow Names

Crows are not just fascinating but also have a certain coolness about them.

Their jet-black feathers, quick wit, and uncanny intelligence make them some of the most intriguing creatures. 

So, why not find them names that are as funny as they are cool? Here are chuckle-worthy crow names to tickle you!

  • Crow Magnon
  • Beak-Z
  • Caw-cadoodle-doo
  • Crowbot
  • Poe-et
  • Peaky Blinders
  • Flaps McFeathers
  • Crowbocop
  • Black Beak Beauty
  • Beakman’s World
  • Caw-nery Row
  • Heckle & Jeckle
  • Sir Caws-a-Lot
  • Sherlock Crows
  • Screech King
  • Cawmando
  • Billie Beak-iday
  • Crowbacca
  • Cawmdian
  • Beakster Boy
  • Black Winged Bandit
  • Caw-tastrophe
  • Feathery Frenzy
  • Russell Crow
  • Beakthoven
  • Midnight Maven
  • Blackbeak Pirate
  • Beak Boss
  • Winged Wonder
  • Talon Trouble
  • Crowvid-19
  • Captain Caw
  • Crowlombus
  • Feathery Flash
  • Cawmen Sandiego

Funny Scarecrow Names

Scarecrows stand tall in the fields, warding off any potential feathery trespassers.

But who said these guardians of the grain couldn’t use a funny name? 

Whether it’s a character in a story or an actual scarecrow in a field, here are some hilarious names to make those scarecrows all the more entertaining.

  • Scaredy Straw
  • Hay-Man
  • Grain Guardian
  • Farmer Fright
  • Scareblair
  • Strawfright Express
  • Cereal Sentinel
  • Farmyard Phantom
  • Ghoulish Guardian
  • Raffia Rafiki
  • Field Phantom
  • Crop Crusader
  • Bale Bale
  • Hay Hair Harry
  • Burlap Buddy
  • Straw Stand-off
  • Grain Ghost
  • Crop Cop
  • Maize Minder
  • Field Fright
  • Harvest Haunter
  • Straw Sentry
  • Scarecrow Scrapper
  • Field Fighter
  • Fodder Frightener
  • Strawman Scare
  • Sentry of the Stalks
  • Haystack Haunter
  • Cornfield Crusader
  • Strawman Scapegoat

Funny & Famous Crow Names

With their distinctive characteristics, crows are often featured in films, books, and pop culture, making them quite the famous birds! So why not combine their fame with a life of humor? 

Here’s a list of funny and famous crow names inspired by pop culture, literature, and movies.

  • Crow Poppins
  • Blackbeak Potter
  • Feather Locklear
  • Jon Snow White (Game of Crows)
  • Caw-nan O’Brien
  • Edgar Allan Crow
  • Winston Churchill
  • Beaky Blinder
  • Crowprah Winfrey
  • Crowella De Vil
  • Heckle and Jeckle
  • Huginn and Muninn
  • Ravenclaw (From Harry Potter)
  • Alfred Hitchbeak
  • Beakie Smalls
  • Crowvid Bowie
  • Steven Spielbeak
  • Russell Crowe
  • Crowie Mandel
  • Beakyonce
  • Crow-n West
  • Peckasso
  • Brandon Lee (The Crow)
  • James Caw-d

A Caw-medic End!

We have soared through the sky of hilarity, twisting and turning with each witty crow name. Remember, these names are more than just a laugh. They show the fun side of our feathery friends. 

Whether it’s for your crow companion, a character in a story, or just a fun chat, these names add a bit of humor to any day. Keep the laughter going, and let every crow caw in unison with your joy! 

Until next time, keep looking skyward! Who knows what other funny crow names might fly your way?

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