Funny Candy Bar Names That You Never Heard!

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Ever wondered why some candies have hilarious names? It’s not just a coincidence! In this article, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of funny candy bar names, exploring why a humorous name is often a key ingredient in the recipe for candy success.

From global favorites to quirky finds from the UK, we will unwrap the stories behind some of the funniest chocolate bar names.

Why Does Candy Even Need a Funny Name?

Imagine walking down the candy aisle, and among the usual names, you spot a candy bar named “ChocoLol” or “GiggleNugget.” You would definitely do a double-take, right?

Funny names grab attention, make memorable impressions, and, honestly, they make the candy-eating experience a tad bit sweeter (pun intended). Not only do they entertain us, but they also show that candy makers have a sense of humor, too!

Funny Candy Bar Names

Funny Candy Bar Names - Infographic by NamesCrunch

Candies come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. Imagine sharing a candy bar that satisfies your sugar craving and makes you laugh!

Below is a compilation of imaginative candy bar names that will get a chuckle or two. 

1. ChuckleChews

A delightful mix of fruity flavors that’ll make you chuckle with every chew. It is ideal when you need a burst of humor and sweetness.

These candies are the life of the party, both in taste and in name.

2. GummyGiggles

Gummy candies are so irresistibly tasty they will make you giggle with glee.

They are shaped like little laughing faces, ready to be your snack-time companion and brighten your day.

3. LollyLaughs

Swirling, colorful lollipops are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Perfect for those who enjoy a slow, savory experience with a side of laughter. Their twisty design mirrors the fun twists in a good joke.

4. TickleTaffy

Stretchy, tangy, and designed to tickle your taste buds! This taffy promises a playful eating experience, with surprising flavors that feel like a tickle on your tongue.

5. WhimsyWafers

Thin, crispy wafers with a whimsical touch. Packed with layers of flavors, each bite transports you to a world where candy and comedy come together in harmony.

6. HahaHoneycombs

Golden, crunchy honeycomb pieces that’ll have you saying “haha” with their sweet and airy texture. A nod to the delightful laughter that the sweetness of honey can bring.

7. SnickerSnacks

Bite-sized goodies that evoke a quiet snicker rather than a loud laugh. It is best shared with friends during a movie night or as a sneaky snack when you need a pick-me-up.

8. RoflRaspberries

Fruity raspberry candies that pack a punch! They’re bursting with tangy flavor, making them impossible to resist and easy to “rofl” about with friends.

9. LmaoLimeBites

Lime-infused candies that are both tart and sweet, making you exclaim “LMAO” at the unexpected burst of zest. Perfect for when you need a tangy treat and a good laugh.

10. TeeheeToffees

Soft, buttery toffees that’ll have you murmuring “teehee” with every chew. Each piece is wrapped in comical little wrappers and tells a short, sweet joke.

11. SillySugars

Bright, colorful sugar candies that don’t take themselves too seriously. Their playful shapes and radiant colors are a delightful treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.

12. GuffawGumdrops

A candy that gives a nod to the hearty laughter we all need. Each gumdrop is a flavor and joy reminiscent of those guffaw moments in life.

13. MirthMints

Cool, refreshing mints that are sure to bring cheer and joy with every piece. Perfect for a quick palate cleanser and a guaranteed mood booster.

14. JestJellies

Soft, squishy jellies with a comedic twist. These jellies playfully jiggle, making them the jesters of the candy world.

Clever Candy Bar Names Ideas

15. FunFruitChews

A delightful array of fruit-flavored chews. Each pack promises a journey of fun, laughter, and fruity goodness.

16. GiggleGum

Bubble gum that’s designed to give you a giggle with every pop. Whether blowing bubbles or enjoying the chew, this gum keeps the mood light.

17. HumorHardCandy

These candies take their time to melt, giving you a prolonged experience of sweetness and a hint of humor, much like a well-told joke.

18. WisecrackWatermelon

Juicy watermelon candies with a witty twist. Every piece comes with a tiny wisecrack or pun, adding a touch of humor to the sweetness.

19. ChortleCherryBites

Cherry-flavored candies that bring a chortle with their tangy-sweet burst. It is a must-have for those who enjoy humor and zesty flavors.

20. JollyJujubes

Soft, chewy, and absolutely jolly! These jujubes come in various fruit flavors, each promising a merry moment.

21. BanterBites

Candies that encourage light-hearted banter among friends. Each bite is an invitation to share a laugh, a story, or a sweet moment.

22. LaughyLemonDrops

Tangy lemon drops that make your lips pucker in amusement. A perfect blend of sour and sweet, making you laugh out loud with every piece.

23. SmileSweets

Candies are designed to turn any frown upside down. With a medley of flavors and shapes, there’s a smile sweet for every mood.

24. AmuseMints

Fresh mints that not only refresh your breath but also amuse your taste buds. Each mint promises a crisp, cool sensation and a light-hearted giggle.

25. JovialJellyBeans

Jelly beans burst with various flavors, bringing joy with every handful. It is the perfect treat for those looking for variety and cheer in every bite.

26. DelightDrops

Little droplets of pure delight. They melt in your mouth, releasing a cascade of flavors that dance on your tongue.

27. PunnyPeanutButterCups

Peanut butter and chocolate come together with a twist of puns. Each cup has a small pun printed on the wrapper, ensuring a chuckle before indulging.

28. HilarityHoney

Honey-infused candies that evoke sheer hilarity with their sticky-sweet goodness. Perfect for a light-hearted snack or to share a laugh with friends.

29. JoyJawbreakers

Hard candies that challenge your jaw but bring sheer joy. Each layer unveils a new flavor, making the experience long-lasting and delightful.

30. MerrimentMorsels

Tiny morsels packed with flavors that bring merriment and joy. Ideal for those who enjoy variety and a sprinkle of fun in their candies.

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Funny Chocolate Bar Names

Funny Chocolate Bar Names - Names Crunch

Chocolate is a universal love language. But what if your favorite treat came with a side of humor?

Adding a touch of wit to chocolate bar names makes the experience delightful and memorable.

Dive into this list of fanciful chocolate names, and maybe the next time you crave some cocoa goodness, you’ll reach for a bar that makes you smile!

1. ChocoChuckles

ChocoChuckles promises a rich cocoa experience that will melt in your mouth and tickle your funny bone.

Every bite is an invitation to savor the richness of chocolate while indulging in a lighthearted moment.

2. BrowneeHeeHees

Have you ever had a brownie that made you giggle? BrowneeHeeHees are baked bites of chocolate delight with a cheeky twist.

They’re perfect for those moments when you need a burst of cocoa warmth and a sprinkle of humor.

3. CocoaCackles

Chocolate bars that are so delectably smooth they’ll make you cackle with pleasure. Perfect for sharing, each segment breaks off with a funny quip or joke, ensuring the laughter never stops.

4. MilkyMirth

A blend of creamy milk chocolate that fills your mouth with joy. It’s a celebration of the simple joys, a sweet, sweet treat filled with playful fun.

5. SniggerSnaps

Crispy chocolate snaps that promise a subtle crunch and a whole lot of sniggering fun.

Each snap is layered with flavors, revealing little humorous surprises in every bite.

6. GrinGanache

Luscious chocolate bars filled with a rich ganache center that will make you grin from ear to ear. It’s a sumptuous treat with a side of cheeky charm.

7. TeeheeTruffles

Soft-centered truffles bring a gentle “teehee” with unexpected flavor combinations. A fun mix of humor and luxury in every chocolaty bite.

8. RoflRounds

Circular chocolate bites that roll with laughter quite literally! Each bite guarantees a “ROFL” moment and is filled with layers of flavors.

9. BlissBites

Tiny chocolate morsels that provide moments of pure bliss. Each bite is a sweet escape, transporting you to a world where chocolate reigns supreme.

10. WitWhip

Creamy chocolate bars with a whipped center deliver a witty punch with every mouthful.

It’s for those who love their chocolate light, airy, and with a touch of clever humor.

11. PleasurePranks

Chocolates with a playful, prankish twist. When you think you have figured out the flavor, a new and surprising taste bursts forth, ensuring a playful eating experience.

12. JoyJolts

Solid chocolate chunks infused with popping candies give you joy with every bite.

It’s a sensory treat that plays with your taste buds in the most delightful way.

13. HappyHazelnuts

Rich chocolate bars dotted with crunchy hazelnuts promise happiness in every bite. The nuts add not just texture but also a merry dance of flavors.

14. GiggleGold

Golden-wrapped chocolates that guarantee a giggle. Each piece is a treasure trove of cocoa richness, making them the gold standard in humorous treats.

15. DelightfulDarks

For those who love their chocolate dark and their humor light. These bars strike the perfect balance between the deep flavors of cocoa and the delightful playfulness of a good chuckle.

16. LightheartedLindts

Lindt chocolates that don’t take themselves too seriously. Smooth, melting centers wrapped in fine chocolate they’re the perfect treat for a lighthearted moment.

17. MellowMerriment

Chocolate bars that bring about a mellow sense of joy. Crafted with care, these bars are a gentle journey through cocoa landscapes, making every bite a merriment.

18. SillySwirls

Twirly chocolates that swirl with silliness. Each swirl is a dance of flavors, with cocoa and fillings intertwining in a humorous ballet.

19. ChuckleChips

Chocolate chips that are perfect for baking, snacking, or simply chuckling over. Their bite-sized nature ensures that every mouthful is a tiny festival of fun.

20. BeamBars

Chocolates that are sure to make you beam with joy. Crafted with love, each bar is a radiant expression of cocoa magic sprinkled with light-hearted fun.

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Funny Chocolate Bar Names UK

Funny Chocolate Bar Names uk - Names Crunch

Across the pond in the UK, the humor is as rich as the chocolate! So, if you ever find yourself in a UK candy shop, be on the lookout for some cheeky chocolate names.

While the following list is purely for fun, who knows, some might just become the next big hit in British confectionery!

  • CheekyChocoChunks
  • BritBites
  • TeaTimeTitters
  • PoshPrankPralines
  • WittyWhittaker’s
  • Queen’sQuips
  • JollyJaffas
  • LarkyLindors
  • CheeryChelseaChocs
  • BlightyBlissBars
  • ChucklingCadbury
  • MirthfulMilka
  • GleeGalaxy
  • BanterBournville
  • ToffeeTeases
  • RibticklingRipples
  • ThamesTreats
  • SillySherwoods
  • HahaHeathrows
  • LondonLaughsLumps


Well, there you have a lovely variety of candy and chocolate bar names guaranteed to tickle your taste buds and your funny bone! With so many sweet treats paired with chucklesome titles, there’s never a dull moment in the candy aisle. 

If you ever need a quick pick-me-up, why not reach for a “ChocoChuckles” or have a chuckle with “BrowneeHeeHees”? And for our UK pals, a “CheekyChocoChunks” or “TeaTimeTitters” might do the trick. After all, who says sweets can’t come with a side of humor? 

So, the next time you’re hunting for a treat, let your sense of humor lead the way – you might find your new favorite candy bar!

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