270+ Funny Names for Hippos

Funny Names for Hippos
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When naming animals, hippos present the perfect opportunity for humor. Rotund in stature with outgoing personalities, these water-loving creatures seem custom-made for silly and amusing monikers.

So, we will share the funniest and most clever names for your favorite semi-aquatic mammals. From food-inspired names for hungry hippos to funny names based on their body type, personality, or sounds, you will discover name ideas for female, male, and baby hippos.

Whether you need a laugh or an amusing name for a pet hippo (in your imagination!), this list of funny hippo names will surely deliver.

Funny Names for Hippos (With Meanings)

Funny Names for Hippos infographic

Ideal for sparking a smile, these names reflect hippos’ playful and majestic sides, capturing their essence in a few whimsical words.

1. Chubby Bubbles – Captures the round, buoyant nature, reminiscent of cheerful bubbles floating on a river.

2. Sir Splash-a-Lot – Perfect for one who loves making grand, splashy entrances into the water, embodying playfulness and a touch of nobility.

3. Hippo Potter – A whimsical nod to adventure and mystery, ideal for an imaginative and curious character.

4. Munchkin – Suits a smaller or younger group member, evoking an image of cuteness and petite charm.

5. Bloaty McFloaty – Reflects the effortless floating and bloat-like appearance, adding a humorous spin to their aquatic skills.

6. Waddleworth – Implies a sense of importance combined with the adorable waddle typical of their movement on land.

7. Mudpie – Inspired by the love for mud baths, this name fits those who enjoy lounging and rolling in muddy waters.

8. Snorty – Captures the distinctive snorting sounds, perfect for a vocal and expressive individual.

9. Bubblegums – Suggests a bubbly and playful personality, perhaps always seen blowing bubbles in the water.

10. Hippo-crit – A clever play on words for a character with an unexpectedly contrasting personality, like being gentle despite a formidable size.

11. Yawnmaster – Reflects the often-seen wide yawns, ideal for a laid-back, relaxed individual.

12. Giggles – Suits one with a seemingly pleasant and light-hearted demeanor, always ready for fun.

13. Puddles – A cute name for those who love making a splash, leaving little puddles everywhere they go.

14. Thunder Thighs – Emphasizes the power and strength in their hefty build, with a humorous twist.

15. Zzzzipper – For the quick and surprisingly agile, darting in and out of the water with zip-like speed.

Funny Names for Female Hippos

Funny Names for Female Hippos

When it comes to naming female hippos, the fun doubles! Female hippos are known for their nurturing yet powerful nature.

From the graceful ones to the playful pranksters, every female hippo deserves a name that’s as enchanting and vibrant as they are. 

So, here are some whimsical and wonderful names for your female hippo friends:

  • Miss Hippolily
  • Lady Watermelon
  • Duchess Floppy Ears
  • Mama Splash
  • Princess Paddle
  • Bella Bubbles
  • Graceful Greta
  • Jolly Jenna
  • Sassy Savannah
  • Peppy Petunia
  • Rosie River
  • Sweetie Swamp
  • Twinkle Toes
  • Wiggly Willow
  • Queen Quack
  • Marvellous Mimi
  • Happy Hilda
  • Giggly Gertrude
  • Flo Flo
  • Bubbly Beatrice
  • Dainty Daisy
  • Ellie Echo
  • Fifi Float
  • Harmony Hippo
  • Ivy Island
  • Joyful Jolene
  • Kindly Kiki
  • Lively Lola
  • Mellow Molly
  • Nifty Nellie
  • Opal Ocean
  • Posh Penny
  • Quirky Quinn
  • Radiant Ruby
  • Sparkly Sarah
  • Tiptoe Tilly
  • Uplifting Ursula
  • Vivacious Vicky
  • Whimsical Wendy
  • Xtra Xena
  • Youthful Yara
  • Zesty Zoe
  • Amusing Amy
  • Breezy Bella
  • Cheerful Chloe
  • Delightful Dolly
  • Energetic Emma
  • Fancy Fiona
  • Glorious Gloria
  • Hippolicious Hannah

Funny Names for Male Hippos

Funny Names for Male Hippos

Now, let’s turn our attention to the male hippos. These big guys are often the protectors and leaders of their groups.

They’re known for their impressive size and sometimes grumpy demeanor, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun names! 

Discover names that embody their diverse personalities’ strengths, leadership, and even lighthearted aspects.

  • King Kibble
  • Baron Von Bubbles
  • Major Munch
  • Captain Chomp
  • Professor Puddles
  • Duke of Dunk
  • Sir Snorts-a-Lot
  • Marshal Mudslide
  • Admiral Aqua
  • Chief Chewie
  • Bossy Bob
  • Grumpy Gus
  • Big Ben
  • Mighty Max
  • Tough Tony
  • Jumbo Jim
  • Hercules Hippo
  • Rumble Ralph
  • Tank Tommy
  • Warrior Walt
  • Thunder Ted
  • Rocky Rhino
  • Hulk Hippo
  • Goliath George
  • Samson Splash
  • Mighty Mike
  • Lumbering Larry
  • Brawny Brad
  • Stout Steve
  • Hefty Henry
  • Mammoth Matt
  • Chunky Charlie
  • Bigfoot Barry
  • Titan Tim
  • Colossal Carl
  • Gigantic Gary
  • Heavyset Harold
  • Juggernaut Jake
  • Leviathan Louis
  • Monstrous Marty
  • Olympian Owen
  • Powerhouse Paul
  • Robust Roger
  • Solid Scott
  • Titanic Tom
  • Vast Victor
  • Whopper William
  • Zeus the Hippo
  • Mambo Marvin
  • Bruno the Brute

Funny Names for Baby Hippos

Funny Names for Baby Hippos

Welcome to the fascinating globe of baby hippos, where every name echoes their adorable and playful nature.

This section is filled with names that capture the innocence and charm of these tiny creatures. 

From their first wobbly steps to their curious splashes, these names are designed to embody the joy and endearing qualities of the youngest hippos.

  • Tiny Timmy
  • Baby Bubbles
  • Pebble Patty
  • Mini Muffin
  • Puddles Jr.
  • Little Larry
  • Squirt Sammy
  • Bambino Benny
  • Dinky Dave
  • Cutie Coco
  • Junior Jumper
  • Teeny Tina
  • Smol Simon
  • Niblet Nick
  • Munchkin Molly
  • Peanut Pete
  • Button Betsy
  • Little Louie
  • Squishy Sarah
  • Tiny Tina
  • Wiggly Wesley
  • Itsy Bitsy Ivy
  • Mini Max
  • Baby Bella
  • Pint-sized Paul
  • Doodle Danny
  • Giggly Gabe
  • Little Lenny
  • Titchy Tommy
  • Tiny Tasha
  • Baby Bouncer
  • Pixie Pete
  • Wee Wendy
  • Roly-poly Ryan
  • Diminutive Daisy
  • Miniature Milo
  • Small Sam
  • Tater Tot
  • Shorty Shawn
  • Petite Penny

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Wrapping Up with a Hippo-Sized Smile!

Whether it’s the mighty ‘King Kibble,’ the elegant ‘Lady Watermelon,’ or the tiny ‘Pebble Patty,‘ each name we’ve explored offers a unique flavor of fun and creativity.

Remember, the magic of a name lies in its ability to bring a story or character to life. So, when you’re next in need of a hippo name, think back to this list. We hope this list has been as much fun for you to read as it was for us to create. 

Keep these names handy for a day when you need a giggle, a character for your story, or just a moment of light-hearted fun.

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