Funniest Crayon Name Ideas

Funniest Crayon Names
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The world of crayons isn’t just about colors; it’s about creativity and humor too! In this article, we’ll unveil some hilariously named crayons and their meanings that might just tickle your funny bone.

Curious about crafting your crayon names? We’ve got a list to inspire your humorous side. Lastly, we’ll delve into crayon color names that are as amusing as they sound. 

Ready to add a splash of laughter to your art? Read on!

Funny Crayon Names (With Meanings)

Funniest Crayon Names infographic

When coloring, a hidden layer of amusement is added when the crayon you’re using has a name that makes you giggle.

These names aren’t just for a chuckle; they also add a whimsical twist to your art. 

Here’s a compilation of 20 such crayon names that promise to bring a smile to your face:

1. Ninja Nightshade: Stealthy and mysterious, this hue captures the essence of a ninja’s silent movements during nighttime escapades.

2. Penguin Pajama Party: Cool and comfy, this color mirrors the cozy gatherings of penguins in their icy abode.

3. Bunny’s Blush: Delicate and endearing, the shade brings forth images of a bashful rabbit’s rosy cheeks.

4. Spaceship Sparkle: With a gleam out of this world, this hue transports you to intergalactic voyages.

5. T-Rex Tango: Bold and rhythmic, it evokes the mighty dance of a T-Rex on a moonlit night.

6. Octopus Overture: Deep and enchanting, reminiscent of an octopus orchestrating a symphony beneath the waves.

7. Moose Muffin: Warm and wholesome, this shade feels like a freshly baked treat in a forest lodge.

8. Dolphin Daydream: Soft and serene, it paints a picture of dolphins frolicking amidst ocean mists.

9. Koala Kite: Breezy and light, imagine a koala soaring through the skies on a gentle wind current.

10. Llama Lullaby: Calm and soothing, the hue mirrors the peaceful serenades of a llama under a starry sky.

11. Chimp Cherry: Vibrant and juicy, the color reflects a chimp’s joy upon discovering a ripe cherry.

12. Snail’s Song: Slow and melodic, this shade embodies the harmonious trail a snail leaves behind.

13. Elephant Echo: Majestic and resonating, this hue encapsulates the echoing calls of an elephant in vast plains.

14. Polar Pizza: Crisp and appetizing, it captures the delightful moments of polar bears enjoying a frosty feast.

15. Raccoon Radio: Tuneful and lively, channeling a raccoon’s midnight jam on a vintage radio.

16. Giraffe Giggles: Light-hearted and tall, envision a giraffe sharing a joke with its long-necked pals.

17. Panda Parade: Majestic and rhythmic, it conjures images of pandas marching proudly through bamboo groves.

18. Caterpillar Concert: Melodious and wriggly, picture a group of caterpillars creating symphonies on leafy instruments.

19. Bat Ballet: Graceful and nocturnal, imagine bats performing a moonlit dance in the cavernous theatre.

20. Whale Waltz: Grand and aquatic, this shade transports you to the deep blue, where whales dance to oceanic ballads.

Funny Crayon Names Ideas List

Funny Crayon Names Ideas List

Sometimes, the joy of coloring isn’t just in the art but also in the quirky names you get to say as you pick up each crayon.

These names showcase creativity and brighten up any mundane coloring task. 

For those of you looking for inspiration or simply a good chuckle, here’s a list of 60 fun and unique crayon names:

  • Bear Bop
  • Kitten Kaboodle
  • Vampire Vanilla
  • Wolf Whistle
  • Goblin Grape
  • Wizard Wink
  • Mermaid Marshmallow
  • Robot Rainbow
  • Dino Doodle
  • Angel Apple
  • Monster Mango
  • Zebra Zen
  • Astronaut Apple Pie
  • Pirate Peach
  • Alien Apricot
  • Knight Night Sky
  • Dragon Donut
  • Leprechaun Lemonade
  • Fairy Fudge
  • Witch Watermelon
  • Mummy Marmalade
  • Ghoul Gold
  • Phantom Pineapple
  • Zombie Zucchini
  • Gargoyle Grits
  • Owl Orangeade
  • Jester Jellybean
  • Elf Espresso
  • Nymph Nectarine
  • Sphinx Smoothie
  • Centaur Cider
  • Griffin Grapefruit
  • Cyclops Cherry Pie
  • Yeti Yogurt
  • Phoenix Popsicle
  • Siren Sorbet
  • Unicorn Udon
  • Medusa Mocha
  • Ogre Omelette
  • Manticore Mint
  • Hobbit Honey
  • Warlock Waffles
  • Troll Tiramisu
  • Sprite Spaghetti
  • Gnome Nougat
  • Dwarf Doughnut
  • Valkyrie Vanilla Bean
  • Satyr Sundae
  • Faun Fizz
  • Minotaur Macaroon
  • Harpy Hotcake
  • Banshee Brownie
  • Gremlin Green Tea
  • Pegasus Pancake
  • Chimera Chocolate
  • Basilisk Berry
  • Kraken Key Lime
  • Naga Nutella
  • Sasquatch Sorghum
  • Cerberus Caramel

Funny Crayon Color Names

Funny Crayon Color Names

Colors have the power to evoke emotions and feelings. But when colors come with names that make you smile, the experience becomes doubly delightful!

Imagine coloring with shades that look great on paper and tickle your sense of humor. 

Without further ado, let’s introduce you to crayon color names that are as vibrant in humor as they are in hue:

  • Sneezing Saffron
  • Blushing Banana
  • Tickled Teal
  • Giggling Gold
  • Chortling Charcoal
  • Munching Magenta
  • Snickering Silver
  • Rofl Rose
  • Bemused Blueberry
  • Smirking Sky
  • Grinning Grape
  • Chuckling Cherry
  • Smiling Sunflower
  • Jesting Jade
  • Larking Lavender
  • Haha Honeydew
  • Pleased Peach
  • Laughing Lemon
  • Tittering Tangerine
  • Sniggering Sage
  • Mirthful Mint
  • Beaming Blue
  • Humored Hazelnut
  • Grateful Grapefruit
  • Jolly Juniper
  • Amused Apple
  • Delighted Dandelion
  • Gleeful Guava
  • Joyful Jellybean
  • Lighthearted Lemonade
  • Merry Marigold
  • Optimistic Orchid
  • Pleased Pineapple
  • Relished Raspberry
  • Satisfied Strawberry
  • Thankful Thistle
  • Uplifted Umber
  • Vivacious Vanilla
  • Witty Watermelon
  • Exhilarated Espresso
  • Yukking Yarn
  • Zappy Zinnia
  • Ticklish Taupe
  • Hearty Huckleberry
  • Rapturous Raspberry
  • Festive Fig
  • Bolstered Berry
  • Eager Elderberry
  • Hilarious Hyacinth
  • Mused Mulberry
  • Nurtured Nectar
  • Outrageous Oat
  • Puckish Plum
  • Quizzical Quince
  • Reveling Redwood

For more ideas, check out these


To summarize, crayon names can do more than describe a shade; they can spark laughter and nostalgia.

As you journey through these inventive titles, consider jotting down those that make you chuckle the loudest or transport you to a joyful moment. 

While all names bring unique charm, a few might become your favorites. Embrace the humor and let it inspire your next artistic manner!

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