Funny Hamster Names [420+ Clever Ideas]

Funny Hamster Names
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Hamsters are tiny furballs with a knack for stealing hearts and hoarding treats. Picking the right name for your hamster is an exciting part of pet ownership, offering a chance to reflect their unique personality and your sense of humor. 

Whether they are zipping around in their ball or cozily curled up in their bedding, we have funny hamster names that match every shade of their personality. 

So, let’s spin the wheel of names and find that one-in-a-million title that’s as quirky and lovable as your little furry companion!

Funny Male Hamster Names

Funny Hamster Names infographic

Male hamsters are a bundle of energy and charm, each with a personality that can light up any room.

A well-chosen name can add to the fun of pet ownership, bringing a smile each time you call him. 

From cheeky to charming, each name on this list captures your furry friend’s lively spirit.

  • Sir Fluffington
  • Mr. Whiskerwiggles
  • Captain Fuzzball
  • Cheeks McSqueaky
  • Professor Nibbles
  • Paws McMischief
  • Lord Scurry
  • Baron Von Squeak
  • Sir Snugglepuff
  • Major Munchkin
  • Prince Prickle
  • Admiral Fluffy
  • Sargent Squeakers
  • Duke Dumpling
  • Colonel Cornflake
  • King Kibble
  • Dr. Fuzzle
  • Agent Almond
  • Ninja Nutmeg
  • Squeak
  • Detective Dandelion
  • Bandit Boop
  • Gizmo Giggles
  • Pirate Peanut
  • Jester Jellybean
  • Cowboy Crunch
  • Scout Snickerdoodle
  • Joker Jamboree
  • Maverick Muffin
  • Viking Vanilla
  • Sheriff Sugarsocks
  • Wizard Whirlwind
  • Bishop Buttercup
  • Knight Nibblet
  • Monk Marshmallow
  • Emperor Eggroll
  • Ranger Raspberry
  • Paladin Pecan
  • Guru Gingersnap
  • Sultan Sunflower
  • Chief Churro
  • Wizard Walnut
  • Chancellor Cheddar
  • Earl Espresso
  • Bishop Biscuit

Funny Female Hamster Names

Funny Female Hamster Names

Each female hamster is a tiny whirlwind of charm and spunk; her name should be a dazzling reflection of that.

In this collection, we’ve rounded up names that sparkle with the same energy and whimsy as these furry little ladies. 

With a name as lovely and vivacious as hers, every call becomes a moment of joy and a testament to her adorable antics.

  • Duchess Dimples
  • Princess Peachfuzz
  • Lady Lollipop
  • Countess Cuddles
  • Queen Quibble
  • Baroness Bubbles
  • Madame Muffin
  • Empress Eclair
  • Diva Dazzle
  • Goddess Gummybear
  • Angel Apricot
  • Starlet Sprinkle
  • Dame Donut
  • Bella Butterbean
  • Cleopatra Crispy
  • Sapphire Snuggles
  • Ruby Raisin
  • Opal Oatmeal
  • Diamond Daisy
  • Pearl Popcorn
  • Luna Lavender
  • Ivy Icing
  • Hazel Honeydew
  • Amber Applepie
  • Violet Vanilla
  • Rose Raspberry
  • Daisy Dumpling
  • Lily Lemonade
  • Olive Oreo
  • Ginger Gingerbread
  • Marigold Marshmallow
  • Peony Pancake
  • Tulip Toffee
  • Iris Icecream
  • Poppy Pudding
  • Daisy Dollop
  • Jasmine Jello
  • Zara Zucchini
  • Willow Waffle
  • Athena Almond
  • Aurora Apple
  • Carmen Cupcake
  • Delilah Doughnut
  • Elsa Eclair
  • Fiona Frosting

Funny Baby Hamster Names

Funny Baby Hamster Names

Baby hamsters are bundles of joy, and their names should be equally delightful and heartwarming.

These names are picked to match their tiny size and big personalities. 

These names are perfect for your little furball, whether taking their first wobbly steps or curling up in a ball of fluff.

  • Peanut Pipsqueak
  • Jellybean Jumper
  • Biscuit Boo
  • Muffin Munchkin
  • Cupcake Cuddler
  • Doughnut Dasher
  • Marshmallow Mini
  • Pudding Pop
  • Toffee Twister
  • Waffle Whisker
  • Cookie Crumb
  • S’more Scamper
  • Brownie Bouncer
  • Popcorn Puff
  • Gumdrop Giggler
  • Caramel Comet
  • Buttercup Binky
  • Sprinkle Sprinter
  • Fudge Fluff
  • Lollipop Leap
  • Shortcake Shimmer
  • Bonbon Bumble
  • Candy Caper
  • Truffle Tumbler
  • Pixie Pie
  • Nougat Nibbler
  • Custard Cutie
  • Chiffon Charmer
  • Meringue Merry
  • Fondant Frolic
  • Éclair Explorer
  • Macaron Mischief
  • Sorbet Scurry
  • Pavlova Prancer
  • Tiramisu Twinkle
  • Gelato Glee
  • Parfait Paddle
  • Creampuff Cruiser
  • Danish Doodle
  • Strudel Swirl
  • Croissant Caper
  • Brioche Bounce
  • Scone Skipper
  • Bagel Bop

Funny Dwarf Hamster Names

Funny Dwarf Hamster Names

Dwarf hamsters, with their tiny stature and immense cuteness, deserve names as special and quirky as they are.

These little bundles of joy are known for their playful nature and energetic antics. 

From quick little sprinters to inquisitive adventurers, you’ll find a name here that perfectly fits your dwarf hamster’s unique quirks and joyful antics.”

  • Tiny Tim
  • Mini Muffin
  • Little Lenny
  • Nano Nibbles
  • Micro Munch
  • Bitty Bubbles
  • Pint-sized Pete
  • Wee Wally
  • Teensy Teddy
  • Itsy Iggy
  • Small Sam
  • Titchy Toto
  • Pocket Pal
  • Miniature Mike
  • Compact Carlos
  • Shorty Steve
  • Baby Ben
  • Little Larry
  • PeeWee Pablo
  • Minikin Matt
  • Small Fry Simon
  • Dinky Doug
  • Half Pint Harry
  • Mite Marvin
  • Bitsy Bobby
  • Teeny Tom
  • Bijou Bruce
  • Squirt Scott
  • Runt Randy
  • Dwarf Dave
  • Atom Alex
  • Speck Spencer
  • Tiny Toby
  • Munchkin Mark
  • Nibblet Nate
  • Lilliput Louis
  • Mini Mitch
  • Pebble Pete
  • Pixie Phil
  • Elfin Eric

Funny Black Hamster Names

Funny Black Hamster Names

Black hamsters are like adorable shadows with beady eyes and a flair for drama. Their sleek, dark fur gives them a mysterious and charming aura.

Naming these hamsters should be fun, reflecting their unique appearance and personality. 

From names that play on their color to ones that highlight their distinctive character, each is an excellent fit for your shadowy little friend.

  • Shadow Snicker
  • Midnight Mischief
  • Ebony Explorer
  • Onyx Odyssey
  • Coal Cuddlebug
  • Blackberry Boop
  • Sable Squeak
  • Charcoal Charlie
  • Mr. Cheeks
  • Ink Ivy
  • Jet Jumper
  • Panther Paws
  • Licorice Lively
  • Darkling Dancer
  • Night Nibbler
  • Obsidian Ollie
  • Tarball Tucker
  • Smudge Scamp
  • Velvet Vagabond
  • Cinder Circus
  • Stormy Scurry
  • Eclipse Eddy
  • Puma Pip
  • Slate Snuggles
  • Foggy Flip
  • Graphite Grin
  • Vortex Vince
  • Phantom Phoebe
  • Shade Shimmy
  • Twilight Tango
  • Pitch Pitter-patter
  • Spooky Sparkle
  • Coalball Cosmo
  • Shadowplay Sam
  • Murk Marvin
  • Dusky Duke
  • Blackout Binky
  • Nightshade Nick
  • Darkstar Daphne
  • Nocturne Nancy
  • Shady Shane
  • Ravenous Ricky
  • Crow Coco
  • Blackbird Benny
  • Darkling Daisy

Funny Hamster Duo Names

Funny Hamster Duo Names

If you are lucky enough to have a pair of hamsters, naming them can be twice the fun!

Duo names for hamsters are a fantastic way to showcase their bond and personalities. 

Whether they’re inseparable best buddies, a dynamic duo, or a comedic pair, these names will reflect their relationship and individual characters. 

From classic pairings to creative combos, these names are perfect for your furry friends who are better together.

  • Peanut & Butter
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Mario & Luigi
  • Thelma & Louise
  • Bubble & Squeak
  • Thunder & Lightning
  • Ben & Jerry
  • Chip & Dale
  • Batman & Robin
  • Bonnie & Clyde
  • Starsky & Hutch
  • Pinky & Brain
  • Frodo & Sam
  • Lilo & Stitch
  • Bert & Ernie
  • Yin & Yang
  • Sugar & Spice
  • Honey & Mustard
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Tom & Jerry
  • Sherlock & Watson
  • Simon & Garfunkel
  • Buzz & Woody
  • Laurel & Hardy
  • R2D2 & C3PO
  • Abbott & Costello
  • Han & Chewie
  • Calvin & Hobbes
  • Sonic & Tails
  • Peanut & Jelly
  • Milo & Otis
  • Tintin & Snowy
  • Wallace & Gromit
  • Kirk & Spock
  • Beauty & Beast
  • Max & Ruby
  • Fred & Ginger
  • Posh & Becks
  • Mulder & Scully
  • Ant & Dec

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Funny Fat Hamster Names

Funny Fat Hamster Names (1)

A chubby hamster is a sight of sheer joy and cuteness. Their plump little bodies waddling around the cage can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

If your hamster is on the rounder side, give them a name that celebrates their adorable chubbiness. 

These names are perfect for the hamster who loves their snacks a bit too much and brings much love and laughter into your life.

  • Chubster Chuck
  • Pudgy Pete
  • Tubby Toby
  • Bouncy Bruno
  • Plump Pablo
  • Chunky Charlie
  • Squishy Simon
  • Roly-Poly Ricky
  • Doughboy Dexter
  • Fluffy Finn
  • Bubbly Ben
  • Jellybean Jake
  • Marshmallow Max
  • Butterball Billy
  • Cushion Cody
  • Puffy Parker
  • Roundy Ryan
  • Hefty Henry
  • Jumbo Joey
  • Snugglebug Sam
  • Whopper Will
  • Bumper Bob
  • Cuddles Chris
  • Doughnut Doug
  • Waddle Walter
  • Blobby Blake
  • Chunkster Chase
  • Fatty Freddy
  • Burly Barry
  • Lumpy Leo
  • Muffin Matt
  • Dumpling David
  • Beefy Brian
  • Husky Harold
  • Stout Steve
  • Biggie Brett
  • Chunky Carl
  • Cozy Cameron
  • Meatball Mike
  • Poofy Phil

Funny Orange Hamster Names

Funny Orange Hamster Names

Orange hamsters are like little rays of sunshine with fur. Their bright and cheerful appearance is truly captivating.

If your hamster has a beautiful orange coat, pick a name that matches their vibrant color. 

These names are inspired by everything orange – from fruits to autumn leaves.

They’re perfect for the hamster whose fur glows like a little ember and who brightens up every room with their presence.

  • Tangerine Tim
  • Pumpkin Pete
  • Carrot Casey
  • Cinnamon Cindy
  • Mango Mike
  • Amber Andy
  • Ginger Ginny
  • Apricot Alex
  • Butterscotch Ben
  • Marmalade Matt
  • Sherbet Shawn
  • Marigold Mark
  • Copper Cody
  • Blaze Bailey
  • Flame Finn
  • Rusty Ryan
  • Sunset Sam
  • Papaya Pat
  • Spice Steve
  • Goldie Gary
  • Persimmon Paul
  • Saffron Simon
  • Fanta Frank
  • Coral Cole
  • Clementine Chris
  • Honey Hank
  • Peaches Perry
  • Cheddar Chad
  • Citrus Curtis
  • Sunshine Shawn
  • Maple Marty
  • Autumn Adam
  • Biscuit Brian
  • Burnt Bobby
  • Squash Scott
  • Sienna Seth
  • Fox Fred
  • Melon Mason
  • Ember Ethan
  • Ochre Oliver

Funny White Hamster Names

Funny White Hamster Names

White hamsters are like little snowflakes, each unique and beautiful in their own way. Their pristine white fur can remind you of fluffy clouds or soft snow.

Naming your white hamster should reflect their pure and elegant appearance. 

These names are perfect for the hamster who looks like a tiny, furry snowball and brings peace and joy to your life.

  • Snowball Steve
  • Cotton Candy
  • Cloud Craig
  • Marshmallow Matt
  • Frosty Fred
  • Powder Paul
  • Milky Mike
  • Vanilla Vince
  • Polar Pete
  • Icicle Ian
  • Glacier Gary
  • Ghost Gus
  • Snowflake Sam
  • Winter Will
  • Crystal Chris
  • Blizzard Blake
  • Pearl Pat
  • Chalky Charlie
  • Coconut Cody
  • Moonbeam Matt
  • Ivory Isaac
  • Ice Ivan
  • Lily Luke
  • Fluffy Frank
  • Nimbus Nick
  • Alabaster Alex
  • Cream Craig
  • Diamond Dan
  • Silk Sam
  • Dove Dylan
  • Swan Sean
  • Angel Andy
  • Frosting Finn
  • Whitaker Will
  • Marshmallow Mason
  • Snowshoe Seth
  • Sugar Shane
  • Stardust Steve
  • Milky Way Max
  • Cottonball Carter

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Naming a hamster goes beyond just a tag; it’s about capturing their essence and your affection for them in a word or two.

Throughout this guide, we have explored a plethora of names, each with its unique flavor and charm, tailored to suit different hamster personalities and appearances.

From the playful antics of a ‘Chubster Chuck‘ to the elegance of a ‘Snowball Steve,’ these names are more than just labels; they reflect the joy and fun these little creatures bring into our lives.

Whether darting through tunnels, snuggling in their bedding, or simply being their adorable selves, their name becomes a part of their identity and your shared story.

Let the naming be the start of many joyful moments with your tiny, whiskered partner in fun!

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