Funniest Business Names in the Philippines!

Funniest Business Names in the Philippines
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One thing that makes the Philippines really stand out is its strong sense of humor. It pops up everywhere in everyday talks and even in business names! Yes, that’s right. Business names!

Filipinos’ creative minds and lively language have created some truly unique and funny business names. So let’s enjoy exploring the laugh-out-loud business names found across the Philippines.

Funny Business Names in the Philippines

Funny Business Names in the Philippines - Infographic by Names Crunch

In the Philippines, creativity and humor fuse seamlessly in the business world. Ever walked past a store and did a double-take because of its witty name? Let’s unravel the hilarity behind some of these names and give you a hearty chuckle.

1. Wrap N’ Roll

Sounds familiar, right? This clever twist on “rock n’ roll” suggests they probably serve wraps, shawarma, or burritos.

It’s a blend of food and music in just three words, highlighting the Filipino’s fun spirit.

2. Pansitantonio

Taking inspiration from the famous “San Antonio,” this name puts a Filipino touch by including “Pansit,” a popular noodle dish in the Philippines.

The fusion creates an amusing Filipino-Western vibe.

3. The FriendChips

A delightful play on “friendship,” it’s almost certain they’re into the chip business, serving all things crispy. This name exudes warmth and camaraderie, just like enjoying chips with pals.

4. Starbuko

This playfully sounds like a certain international coffee chain, doesn’t it? “Buko” in Filipino means coconut.

So, imagine sipping coconut-infused drinks under this banner!

5. Bread Pitt

Surely inspired by the Hollywood icon Brad Pitt, this bakery must be turning heads with its ingenious name.

Associating their bread with a superstar suggests they only serve A-list pastries!

6. Bread Zeppelin

Ah, a homage to the legendary band “Led Zeppelin.” Floating bread comes to mind, probably soft, fluffy, and heavenly like a zeppelin in the skies.

7. The Codfather

For seafood lovers, this hilarious twist on the classic movie title “The Godfather” hints at fish dishes, particularly cod. A mafioso fish does paint a fun picture!

8. Fishta Claus

Holidays at this place must be fish-tastic! By combining “Santa Claus” with fish, we’re served a mental image of a jolly old fish gifting us delicious dishes.

9. Shawn Mendoughnuts

Borrowing fame from pop star Shawn Mendes and adding a doughnut twist makes this place sound like a treat for the ears and taste buds.

10. Lugaw Queen

“Lugaw” is Filipino rice porridge. It is paired with the term “queen,” suggesting top-tier, royal-quality porridge fit for the monarchy.

11. John Lemon

Taking a cue from John Lennon, this probably is a refreshing juice bar, with lemony concoctions giving you both zest and legendary vibes.

12. Michael JackSISIG

Combining Michael Jackson with Sisig, a beloved Filipino dish, it’s a moonwalk into Filipino culinary genius.

13. Chaaarming!

Tea, anyone? “Cha” means tea, so this spot probably serves charming brews to warm your heart.

14. Harry’s Porker

A playful take on Harry Potter but in the culinary realm. You’d half expect a spellbinding pork dish from this whimsical place.

15. Fry-Da Kahlo

This quirky mash-up of the renowned artist Frida Kahlo suggests a menu teeming with fried masterpieces.

16. Bakery Perry

Drawing inspiration from pop sensation Katy Perry, one could assume this bakery delivers chart-topping, firework-worthy pastries.

17. Burnout Burger

This name is humorous and oddly relatable for weary souls seeking comfort in food. Nothing beats a burger to extinguish those burnout blues!

18. Cereal Killers Café

With a mischievous nod to “serial killers,” this cafe probably offers a lethal range of delicious cereals, murdering your hunger in a snap.

19. Thirsty Barber

Perhaps a barbershop with an in-house bar? Whatever it is, it sounds like a place to quench your hair and thirst needs.

20. Sinangag Express

“Sinangag” is Filipino garlic fried rice. This implies a fast-paced service, where your cravings for this breakfast staple are quickly satisfied.

21. Swak na Swak

“Swak” means just right in Filipino. This name oozes perfection and precision, making customers feel they’re in the right place.

22. Coffee-na Lang Dear

A blend of romance and caffeine! Translated, it’s like saying, “Just coffee, dear.” An endearing way to invite someone for a coffee date.

23. Lord Stow’s Bakery

This doesn’t sound overtly funny until you realize it’s a play on J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings.” Maybe their pastries have a mythical Hobbiton touch?

24. Enter-tea-ment

A blend of “entertainment” and “tea.” Surely, a cafe where sipping tea is a wholly enjoyable experience, probably with live performances.

25. Charlie’s Longga

A nod to “Charlie’s Angels,” but with “Longga” referring to Longganisa, a Filipino sausage. It’s a divine breakfast choice, making you feel like you’re on a food mission.

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Funny Tagalog Business Names ????????

The Filipino language, Tagalog, adds a unique flavor to these business names. They utilize local humor and everyday phrases, making these business names relatable and incredibly funny.

Here are Tagalog business names that will leave you laughing out loud:

Sa WAKAS – “Finally” food shop.

NA-LUTO MO – “You cooked it” eatery.

PARE, STOP – “Buddy, stop” diner.

ANAK NG TINAPA – “Smoked fish child” snacks.

BASTA IKAW, NAKA-KAPE – “As long as you’re caffeinated” café.

LUGAWAN NI ONOY – “Onoy’s porridge place”.

RAPSA – “Delicious” food joint.

BENTA BENTA LANG – “Just selling” shop.

MASARAP BA? – “Is it delicious?” eatery.

SISIG OF THE TIMES – Modern sisig restaurant.

SARI SARI PALABOK – Various palabok dishes.

PULUTAN EXPRESS – Fast appetizers joint.

KAINAN SA KANTO – “Eatery at the corner”.

TURO TURO SA KANTO – “Point point at the corner”.

KAMAYAN SA PALAISDAAN – Hand-eating at the fishpond.

NAIINOM NA KAPE – “Drinkable coffee” café.

BURGER MO ‘TO – “This is your burger”.

SOYA NG INA MO – “Your mother’s soy”.

TALONG AND SHORT OF IT – “Eggplant and short” snacks.

GULAYAN MO ‘TO – “This is your vegetable”.

PAELLA PA NIMO – “More of your paella”.

GULAMAN AT SAGO – “Gelatin and tapioca”.

SUMAN LOVES YOU – “Rice cake loves you”.

MAIS CON HIELA – “Corn with ice”.

PALENGKE BOY – “Market boy”.

GOTO MONTE CARLO – “Monte Carlo porridge”.

PARES RETIRO – “Retiree’s pair”.

PANDESALAMAT – “Thank you bread”.

SILOGAN NI GIAN – “Gian’s silog place”.

LUGAWAN NI GILO – “Gilo’s porridge place”.

ITLOG NI KUYA – “Big brother’s egg”.

MAMI-N PAPI – “Mami and Papi”.

BIBINGKA ESPESYAL – “Special rice cake”.

KARE-KARE NI KARLA – “Karla’s kare-kare”.

PA-CHICKEN NGA – “Give chicken”.

BENTLOG – “Bent egg”.

PANCIT NG TAGA MALABON – “Malabon’s noodle”.

SISIG HANGOVER – “Sisig for hangover”.

TAPA KING – “King of cured meat”.

TOKWA’T BABOY – “Tofu and pork”.

Funny Food Business Names in the Philippines

Oh, the charm of Filipino food! And the names of the food businesses are no less charming. They take puns to a new level and create an amusing connection between food and humor.

  • Pizza Hot
  • Grilla Barbecue
  • BeefX Burgers
  • Eat My Balls
  • Crispilicious
  • Dairy Cream
  • Milk-tealogy
  • Waffable
  • Unli Rice is Life
  • Kain Na!
  • Shake Mo ‘Yan Tea
  • Samgyupsalamat
  • Agico Vegetarian Café
  • Chew Love
  • Kwek Kwek for More
  • Eat My GF (Garlic Fries)
  • Filling Station
  • Yellow Cab Pizza
  • Juicy Burger Factory
  • Balay Dako
  • Binalot Fiesta
  • Tapa the World
  • Tapsi ni Vivian
  • Rufo’s Famous Tapa
  • KKK Food Revolution
  • Jollibee
  • Chowking
  • Greenwich
  • Mang Inasal
  • Pancake House
  • Bonchon Chicken
  • Goldilocks Bakeshop
  • Red Ribbon
  • Shakey’s Pizza
  • Kenny Rogers Roasters
  • Army Navy Burger + Burrito
  • Yellow Cab Pizza Co.
  • Pizza Volante
  • Chicken Inasal
  • Bagnet 8065

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And We Laughed All the Way! ????????

Filipinos know how to mix business with fun. And it’s not just about attracting attention. These names embody the Filipinos’ love for humor, creativity, and fondness for puns and wordplay.

In the Philippines, business is not just about commerce, it’s also about sharing a laugh and creating memories. 

So, the next time you’re in the Philippines, don’t forget to check out these businesses. Who knows, you might end up with a product or a service, a hearty laugh, and a memorable story to tell!

References and Sources:

  • Various business directories in the Philippines.
  • Local cultural knowledge and linguistic nuances.
  • Personal experiences and observations.

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