150+ Funny Spider Names Ideas

Funny Spider Names
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With their eight legs and beady eyes, spiders often get a bad rap.

But these creepy crawlers can also have creative, even humorous monikers.

So, today, we will explore some of the funniest spider names out there.

Get ready to meet female spiders named Charlotte and Penelope and male spiders called Lucas and Oliver.

We will also look at silly spider species names that influence the arachnids’ appearance or habits.

And no spider name compilation would be complete without listing hilarious nicknames people have given to tarantulas, those big, hairy pet spiders.

Funny Female Spider Names

Funny Female Spider Names

Having a female spider means you have got an eight-legged queen on your hands.

She deserves a name that radiates both sass and hilarity. 

No worries; we’ve covered you with names celebrating her fierce, funny, and fabulous nature. Here we go:

  • Miss Spinster
  • Webby Wanda
  • Silken Sheila
  • Spinarella
  • Tangled Tina
  • Legsy Lulu
  • Fangtasia
  • Arach-lady
  • Webbra
  • Silky Susie
  • Scurry Sally
  • Queenie Weenie
  • Charlotte’s Wit
  • Madame Fuzzy
  • Spinny Minnie
  • Itsy Bitsy Betty
  • Jumpin’ Jenny
  • Fuzzette
  • Scuttle Sally
  • Leggy Luna
  • Web Whitney
  • Fangy Fiona
  • Skitty Kitty
  • Lady Webworth
  • Gossamer Gwen
  • ArachnoBelle
  • Silk Sophia
  • Dizzy Daisy
  • Wiggly Wendy
  • Cobweb Carol

Funny Male Spider Names

Funny Male Spider Names

A male spider is your eight-legged knight in shining armor, perhaps just in a silk web.

Either way, he needs a name that speaks volumes about his quirky personality. 

Here’s a list that combines humor and a dash of macho flair:

  • Sir Webalot
  • Spinny Vinny
  • Webster Wild
  • Legster Larry
  • Spindle Steve
  • Fangman Frank
  • Web-ley
  • Scurry Steve
  • Woolly Walter
  • ArachnoBob
  • Jumping Jack
  • Silk Sid
  • Spidey Stan
  • Tangle Ted
  • Lord Webward
  • Scuttler Sam
  • Skitter Scott
  • Webwardo
  • Jittery Joe
  • Fuzzy Freddy
  • Gossamer Gus
  • Crawler Carl
  • Websley
  • Spinner Sven
  • Thread Thad
  • Sir Legsington
  • Cobby Colin
  • Wiggly Walt
  • Spidey Spike
  • Hairy Henry

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Funny Spider Names & Meanings

Funny Spider Names infographic - Names crunch

Why should dogs and cats get all the fun names?

Spiders are cool pets, too! And they deserve names that make us giggle every time we say them. 

Here are 35 names for your eight-legged buddy that are as unique and amusing as the spiders.

1. Webalicious
A name that combines “web” and “delicious,” it’s perfect for a spider that loves weaving intricate, eye-catching designs.

2. Crawly McCrawlface
A playful spin on the famous “Boaty McBoatface,” this one’s for spiders that seem to have endless energy for exploring.

3. Spinjamin
If Benjamin Franklin had been a spider, he’d surely have loved this inventive name.

4. Webba Fett
Inspired by the iconic Star Wars bounty hunter Boba Fett, this is a name with some serious character.

5. Fangtastic Fred
Does your spider have noticeable fangs? Go ahead, give him a name that celebrates his standout feature.

6. Eighterade
For the energetic spider fueled by a never-ending vitality supply, much like the popular sports drink.

7. Bugsy
Not for the mobster at heart but for the spider who’s a pro at catching pesky bugs.

8. Scurry Potter
If your spider’s weaving seems almost magical, this Harry Potter-inspired name is just the ticket.

9. Venom McVenom
A bit on the nose, but perfect for a spider that’s venomous and proud of it.

10. Crawlton
With the sophistication of Carlton from “The Fresh Prince,” this name exudes class and swagger.

11. Webra-cadabra
When your spider’s web-spinning skills seem like pure magic, you can’t go wrong with this name.

12. Itsy McBitsy
It is a humorous take on the classic nursery rhyme spider, ideal for a small and spry eight-legged friend.

13. Arachnoodle
This is an artsy pick for the spider that loves to doodle intricate designs into its web.

14. Legolas Eightlegs
Channel your inner Tolkien fan with this name that celebrates excellent marksmanship and multiple limbs.

15. DJ WebSpinner
If your spider’s web-spinning skills remind you of a DJ spinning records, this name hits the right note.

16. Silk Spectre
Ideal for the elegant spider whose silky web could be considered a work of art.

17. Spidey Poppins
For the friendly neighborhood spider that seems to float through the air gracefully, much like the famous nanny.

Funny Spider Names

18. Webkins
This one’s for the spider who feels less like a pet and more like a part of your family.

19. Skitter McSkitterson
For spiders that are exceptionally quick on their feet or eight legs.

20. Web Slinger Sue
With a tip of the hat to Calamity Jane, this name suits a spider with a strong and daring character.

21. Gossamer Gerty
This one’s reserved for the spider who spins such fine, gossamer-like webs that you can’t help but admire them.

22. ScuttleButt
This name offers a cute and cheeky twist for the spider who’s always bustling around.

23. Mr. Fluffweb
Perfect for that adorable, fuzzy spider who loves to spin extra fluffy webs.

24. Fidget Spinner
If your spider is constantly moving, almost as if it’s playing with a fidget spinner, here’s your name.

25. Lady Webington
An aristocratic choice for the spider that seems to reign over her web domain like royalty.

26. Queen Arachnia
This name offers a majestic flair for the spider that seems to rule her surroundings.

27. Buggy McBugface
This name celebrates your spider’s expert bug-catching skills in a lighthearted way.

28. Sir Webs-a-Lot
A name befitting a spider that spends much time perfecting its web.

29. Webbie Wonder
For the spider that continues to surprise you with its fascinating web designs or remarkable agility.

30. Threadrick
If your spider is a master at threading its web, this unique name celebrates that talent.

31. Cobweb Cassie:

Ideal for a spider whose cobwebs are a work of art.

32. Jitterbug: 

It is an excellent name for a spider that can’t seem to stay in one place.

33. Spiderella: 

For a spider, that could be the princess of all arachnids.

34. Crawlia: 

A name that suggests both crawling and a certain feminine charm.

35. Webmaster Flash: 

For the spider that spins its web faster than you can blink.

For more name ideas, check out these:

Funny Spider Species Names

Funny Spider Species Names

Who says science can’t be funny?

If you have a spider species you would like to give a humorous twist, this list is for you. 

Go ahead and explore these creative takes on names for spider species.

They might not be scientifically accurate, but they’re amusing!

  • Fuzzlegiggleus
  • Crawlalotum
  • Skitteriskus
  • Spinfunnius
  • Webomatica
  • Leglorious
  • Tangleronica
  • Gigglypede
  • Scuttlemaximus
  • Jumpidoodle
  • Threadius
  • Hilarachnia
  • Scarynotscary
  • Laughysilkus
  • Chucklarius
  • Arachniyuk
  • Smileylegs
  • Zippyspinus
  • Webzinger
  • Gigglesnare

Funny Tarantula Nicknames

Funny Spider Species Names

Alright, Tarantula owners, this one is especially for you! Your tarantula is like the celebrity of the spider world: big, bold, and fabulous.

With such star quality, they need a nickname that fits their unique persona while making people laugh out loud. Let’s go all out!

  • Tarantulina Jolie
  • Hairy Styles
  • Fluffernutter
  • Cuddles McFuzz
  • Legzilla
  • Fluffy McFluffface
  • Webzilla
  • Gigglypuff
  • Taran-Tease
  • Spinjamin Button
  • Tarantoolie
  • Furry McFurson
  • Woolly Wonka
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy
  • Threadward
  • Tanglefoot Tim
  • Cuddle Monster
  • Velveteen Dream
  • Fuzzinator X
  • Mr. Fluffles
  • Spinny the Pooh
  • Sir Fuzz-a-lot
  • Eight-leggy Stardust
  • Gigglefoot
  • Bigfoot Jr.
  • Woolly Woo
  • Wiggly Woo
  • Spidey Sensei
  • Taranchuckle
  • Websley Snipes
  • Hairy Houdini
  • Fang-tastic Fred
  • Webmaster Woo
  • Tickle Toes
  • Itsy Bitsy Giant
  • Spinny Cent
  • Webington Woo
  • Fangalicious
  • Tarantutu
  • Fluff Daddy
  • OctoCute
  • Silk Spectacular
  • Mr. Fuzzy Pants
  • Woolly Mammoth Jr.
  • Taran-Tango

Funny Spider Plant Names

Funny Spider Plant Names

Don’t underestimate the power of a funny name to bring life to your spider plant!

It’s the one plant that can put up with your forgetfulness and still look fabulous. 

Check out these names that will make your spider plant the life of the party.

  • Spinderella
  • Chloro-Phil
  • Planty McPlantface
  • Webleaf
  • Stalky McStalk
  • Rootie Tootie
  • Sproutacus
  • Greenthumb Gary
  • Leaf Erikson
  • Planter Parker
  • Sir Sprouts-a-Lot
  • Vinesent Van Grow
  • Sproutlock Holmes
  • Photosynthia
  • Chlorofeel
  • Growver Cleveland
  • Rooty McRootface
  • Foliage Fiona
  • SpiderPlant-Man
  • PhotosyntheSteve
  • Herb Marley
  • Leafy McLeafFace
  • Spriggy Stardust
  • BotaniBill
  • Sassy Sprout
  • Vin Diesel (for a vine-like look)
  • Lil’ Frondy
  • Grootie Tootie
  • Rootney Spears
  • Baby Yoda Leaf
  • Branchelina Jolie
  • Foliage Franklin
  • Root Bader Ginsburg
  • Mozart the Plant
  • Growzilla

In Conclusion

As we have seen, spiders can have some creatively humorous monikers, from Charlotte’s Web’s charming Charlotte to silly names like Hairy McScary for a tarantula.

When picking a funny name for your next eight-legged friend, choose one that reflects the spider’s appearance, species, or personality.

Penelope is perfect for a jumping spider, while Lucas suits a quick male spider.

You can also consider funny meanings; names like Itsy Bitsy are playful nods to spider size.

Ultimately, choose a spider name that tickles your funny bone.

After all, a good spider nickname should make you smile as much as these funny monikers we explored.

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