290+ Funny Name for Snakes

290+ Funny Name for snakes
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When you think of snake names, serious and intimidating names like ‘Slither’ or ‘Viper’ might come to mind. But who says snakes can’t have funny and unique names, too? I’m here to guide you through the jungle of amusing and whimsical names for your sly pet snake.

First, a Disclaimer! We believe every creature deserves respect, including snakes. While we encourage light-hearted fun, treating our pets with the love and care they deserve is always essential.

Why Pick Funny Snake Names?

Picking funny names for your snake breaks the stereotype of these creatures being intimidating or fearsome. It fosters a light-hearted connection between the owner and the pet.

By selecting a humorous name, you’re emphasizing the snake’s endearing qualities, making interactions more enjoyable for you and your visitors. Plus, it’s a delightful conversation starter!

Funny Names for Snakes

Funny Names for Snakes - Infographic By Names Crunch

In snakes, humor isn’t often the first thing that comes to mind. But let’s give your pet snake a name that will make everyone giggle! Here are the names that will tickle your funny bone:

1. Slime Noodle: 

This is a playful twist on the word “snake” combined with the fun imagery of a noodle. Who said your pet can’t be both slimy and noodly? Imagine calling for Slime Noodle in the park!

2. Ssssssam: 

It’s a classic name with an elongated hiss! It’s as if your snake is introducing himself in his native tongue. Gives a touch of character to the common name Sam.

3. Belly Dancer: 

Snakes are famous for their belly-sliding moves. This name pays homage to their graceful dance along the ground, much like the mesmerizing moves of a belly dancer.

4. Danger Noodle: 

You’ve probably seen this name on social media. It’s a light-hearted way of addressing the slightly dangerous aura that snakes often have. But don’t be fooled; not all dangerous noodles are that dangerous!

5. Slytherin Pants: 

A nod to the famous ‘Harry Potter’ house, Slytherin. Just imagine your snake wearing tiny pants and representing its house! It’s a fun crossover for Potterheads.

6. Scalemate: 

Like a playmate but with scales! This name suggests your snake isn’t just a pet but a buddy. Plus, it hints at the snake’s scaly texture in a fun manner.

7. Slinky: 

Remember the toy that used to ‘slither’ down the stairs? That’s the inspiration here. It’s a cute name that suits a playful, wiggly snake.

8. Fuzz Lightyear:

While snakes are anything but fuzzy, this playful twist on ‘Buzz Lightyear’ from Toy Story adds a fun, animated character dimension to your reptilian pet.

Funny Names for Snakes

9. Noodle McGee: 

Adding the ‘McGee’ gives a playful, human-like surname to the noodle-like nature of a snake. It makes your snake sound like the star of a fun children’s book!

10. Ribbon Wrangler: 

Snakes often resemble ribbons, especially when they move. The ‘wrangler’ part adds a cowboy flair, making your snake sound like the sheriff of the terrarium!

11. Snakey McSnakeface: 

This is a cheeky nod to the internet’s sense of humor. It’s a name that does not beat around the bush – it’s a snake, and I’m proud of it!

12. Legless Larry: 

It’s an ironic name, given snakes don’t have legs. Just think about introducing him, “Meet Larry, but don’t look for his legs!”

13. Squeeze Master: 

Many snakes are known for their constricting abilities. This name acknowledges that skill with a touch of humor, making your snake sound like a superhero of the reptile world.

14. Cuddle Commander: 

While snakes aren’t the typical cuddly pets, this name plays on the irony, imagining a snake taking command of cuddle sessions.

15. Threadnought: 

Combining ‘thread’ and ‘dreadnought,’ this name is perfect for a snake that’s slender like thread but has the aura of a mighty battleship.

16. Fang-dango: 

A fun wordplay on the dance ‘Fandango’ with ‘fang’ hints at the dance-like movement of snakes and their iconic fangs.

17. Sidewinder Sally: 

Sidewinders are a type of snake known for their unique movement. Sally gives this movement a cute, personified touch.

18. Slithers Swiftly: 

Not just a description but a name. It tells a story of how your snake might move swiftly and silently.

290+ Hilarious Name for snakes Ideas

19. Spaghetti Sid: 

That is a funny and apt description for a snake! Like spaghetti, Sid can be long-wiggly and often finds himself in a twist.

20. No-legged Nomad: 

This is a humorous take on the snake’s lack of legs and tendency to move around.

21. Sir Hissalot: 

Imagine a snake with an aristocratic air, always ready to hiss in disapproval or to say hello. That’s Sir Hissalot for you.

22. Captain Coils: 

Perfect for a snake with strong coiling tendencies. Captain Coils sounds like he’s leading an army of coils.

23. Reptile Rapper: 

While your snake might not drop beats, its rhythmic movements can resemble rap’s flow.

24. Silky Serpent: 

This highlights the smooth, graceful nature of snakes. They move like silk, making them look regal and elegant.

25. King Coil: 

If you think your snake rules the roost (or terrarium), this name will suit its regal, coiling nature.

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Funny Names for Garter Snakes

Garter snakes are often the first pet snake for many due to their small size and harmless nature. Their name comes from their resemblance to the old-fashioned garters used to hold up socks.

If you have one of these charming little serpents, here are thirty funny names for your garter snake:

  • Garter Giggler
  • Sock Swinger
  • Slip Knot
  • Stripey Steve
  • Laced Loo
  • Ribbon Racer
  • Striped Squeezer
  • Hose Hugger
  • Belty Biter
  • Elastic Eddie
  • Silk Slider
  • Bandana Boa
  • Tie Twister
  • Sash Sidewinder
  • Belted Belly
  • Lacy Loop
  • Garter Gazer
  • Stocking Stuffer
  • Ribbon Racer
  • Striped Slinker
  • Tassel Twister
  • Suspender Slither
  • Belted Boa
  • Stocking Swinger
  • Laced-Up Larry
  • Striped Stretcher
  • Ribbon Wrestler
  • Garter Grappler
  • Belted Belly
  • Lace Looper

Funny Names for Female Snakes

Female snakes often exhibit vibrant colors and patterns, and they’re known for their fierce, protective nature. But there’s a softer, funny side to them too!

If you’re looking for a humorous name for your female snake, here are thirty suggestions:

  • Sssssusan
  • Slithery Sarah
  • Anaconda Ana
  • Jazzy Jasmine
  • Twisty Tina
  • Spiral Samantha
  • Hissy Hilary
  • Sneaky Sophia
  • Cuddly Carly
  • Tango Twister Tanya
  • Belly Dancer Bella
  • Fuzz Lightyear Fiona
  • Zigzag Zoe
  • Looping Luna
  • Pasta Poser Patty
  • Scalemate Sally
  • Sneaky Selena
  • Silky Serpent Samantha
  • Smoothie Sue
  • Wiggly Wendy
  • Sneaky Sophia
  • Rattle Rachel
  • Wrappy Whitney
  • Legless Linda
  • Boa Brenda
  • Zigzag Zoe
  • Python Penelope
  • Slinking Selena
  • Cuddle Commander Chloe
  • Silly Squeezer Stephanie
Funny Names for Female Snakes

Funny Names for Male Snakes

Male snakes are known for their bold, striking patterns and strong hunting instincts. These fellas deserve names that pack a punch of humor!

Here are thirty names that can make your male snake the funniest one in the terrarium:

  • Slithering Sam
  • Hiss-Terical Harry
  • Danger Noodle Dave
  • Slytherin Steve
  • Snakey McSnakeface
  • Huggy Bear Hank
  • Cuddle Commander Carl
  • Sir Hissalot
  • Coily Cyrus Charlie
  • Fuzz Lightyear Fred
  • Hiss Majesty Mike
  • Captain Coils Chris
  • Smoothie Steve
  • Belly Dancer Bob
  • Winding Wally
  • Slippery Sid
  • Tango Twister Tim
  • Pasta Poser Paul
  • Slithers Swiftly Scott
  • Squeeze Master Steve
  • Danger Noodle Dave
  • Hiss Majesty Mark
  • No-legged Nomad Neil
  • Sssssam
  • Slippy Simon
  • Slidey Steve
  • Looping Larry
  • Sly Sly
  • Sidewinder Sid
  • Rattle Randy

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Funny Names for Corn Snakes

Corn snakes are one of the friendliest species of snakes. Their beautiful patterns resemble the maize, or “Indian corn,” that their name is derived from.

They’re popular pets and certainly deserve names as colorful as their scales! Here are thirty fun and charming names for your corn snake:

  • Maizey Maze
  • Kernel Kuddler
  • Cob Crawler
  • Corny McCornface
  • Popcorn Popper
  • Husky Houdini
  • Silo Slyther
  • Farmer Fangs
  • Candy Corn
  • Cobweb Crawler
  • Maize Mamba
  • Golden Grains
  • Cornbread Cuddler
  • Grainy Grappler
  • Sweetcorn Swirl
  • Maize Mover
  • Crop Circle
  • Grain Gobbler
  • Cobweb Coiler
  • Harvest Hugger
  • Husk Hopper
  • Stalky Sidewinder
  • Silo Slider
  • Grainy Giggles
  • Kernel Kisser
  • Crop Top
  • Cornfield Cruiser
  • Cornflakes
  • Cornucopia Crawler
  • Gritty Gripper

Funny Names for Snake Plants

Snake plants, with their tall, sharp leaves that look like snakes standing straight up, also deserve funny names. Here are thirty humorous names for your snake plant:

  • Hissteria
  • Slithery Sprout
  • Snakey Sprig
  • Viper Vine
  • Sssssapling
  • Coily Cactus
  • Sidewinder Shrub
  • Hissbiscus
  • Twisty Tulip
  • Slinky Stem
  • Python Petunia
  • Sneaky Sunflower
  • Boa Blossom
  • Fang Fern
  • Slythering Spruce
  • Rattle Rose
  • Slithering Sapling
  • Cuddle Cactus
  • Noodle Nettle
  • Coilvine
  • Sly Stem
  • Slinkweed
  • Legless Lily
  • Tango Twister Tree
  • Spiral Sprout
  • Jiggly Jasmine
  • Serpent Sunflower
  • Bendy Bamboo
  • Slithering Spruce
  • Silly Sedge

Funny Alternative Names for Snakes

We all know snakes as, well, snakes. But what if we played with words to devise alternative, amusing names for these mesmerizing creatures? Here are twenty unique, funny alternatives for the word ‘snake’:

  • Legless Lizards
  • Slytherin Sliders
  • No-legged Nomads
  • Sliding Slinkers
  • Coiled Comedians
  • Hissy Huggers
  • Reptilian Ribbons
  • Slinky Squeezers
  • Scaled Sliders
  • Belly-Dancing Boas
  • Fangy Funambulists
  • Swirling Slinkers
  • Slithering Silhouettes
  • Squiggly Squeezers
  • Slip-Sliding Serpents
  • Sneaky Squigglers
  • Grinning Garters
  • Wiggly Wonders
  • Dancing Danglers
  • Scaly Scooters

 A Happy Hiss to End Our Fun

Naming our slithering friends with humor isn’t just entertaining; it builds a bridge of understanding, showing snakes in a friendlier light.

Whether smitten by Slime Noodle or captivated by Captain Coils, picking a playful name is a joyful way to celebrate your pet’s unique charm.

So, let your creativity shine, and choose a name that tickles the funny bone and warms the heart. Happy naming!

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