Funny Tea Shop Name Ideas [Brew Ha Ha]

Tea Shop Names
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Opening a tea shop? Finding the perfect name to attract customers while making them smile is key. Creating a clever, catchy, funny tea shop name can be challenging.

Whether you are looking to open a milk tea, boba, green tea, herbal tea, or bubble tea shop, the name must be witty yet clear about what you sell.

This article provides a helpful, funny tea shop names list separated by specialty and name ideas featuring puns, rhymes, alliterations and more.

We’ll explore the importance of funny names in marketing and review some pointers when brainstorming your shop’s amusing moniker.

Funny Tea Shop Names (With Meanings)

Funny Tea Shop Name Ideas infographic

When opening a tea shop, the first impression can often come from a clever and inviting name.

It should be memorable, infused with humor, and reflect the essence of what your business is about. 

A catchy name can make potential customers smile even before they take their first sip! Here are some fun tea shop names to inspire your choice:

1. Sip & Giggle:

Immersive tea experience where every sip leads to a burst of laughter.

2. Teas & Pleas:

Delightful oasis where tea meets heartfelt conversations and friendly requests.

3. Steeped in Smiles:

Where the tea steeps as heartwarming smiles spread across faces.

4. Brewed Whimsy:

Concoction of playful flavors that dance on the taste buds with every sip.

5. Chai-larity Lounge:

Savor the clear essence of chai in an ambiance filled with light-hearted moments.

6. Infusion Confusion:

A mesmerizing mix where unexpected flavors come together, surprising and delighting in equal measure.

7. Punny Pekoe Place:

Relish the richness of Pekoe while enjoying a dash of pun-filled fun.

8. Teas Me Cafe:

Haven, where each brew playfully teases the senses, promising a memorable experience.

9. Liquid Lols Lounge:

Quench your thirst with teas that spark joy and laughter, all in a relaxing lounge setting.

10. Steep Laughs:

World of teas where humor is as rich as the brews.

11. Liquid Jests:

Revel in an array of teas that offer a splash of humor with each flavorful gulp.

12. Mug Hug:

Warm embrace in a cup, where comfort meets comedy.

13. Silly Sips:

Unwind and sip on teas with a playful spirit and light-heartedness.

14. Tease Me Teas:

Enticing blends that gently nudge your palate, evoking both surprise and delight.

15. Steeped Stories:

Every cup narrates a tale, blending age-old traditions with a modern twist.

16. Tea-mendous Times:

Experience moments of sheer tea brilliance, making every visit truly ‘tea-mendous’.

17. Giggle Gulps:

Each gulp promises a little secret, sparking spontaneous chuckles.

18. Jolly Jars:

Containers are cheerful, where every serving promises a good time.

19. Sipster’s Spot:

The go-to destination for modern tea lovers looking for a hip and happening tea vibe.

20. Laughing Liquor:

Revel in a world where the tea brews warmth and hearty laughter.

Funny Tea Shop Names Ideas List

Funny Tea Shop Names Ideas List

Your tea shop’s name acts as a front-facing ambassador for your brand.

It’s the first thing customers notice and, when done right, can hint at the delightful experience awaiting them inside.

Think of it as a welcome mat, but with a twist of humor to make it stand out.

Let’s explore some more intriguing and fun tea shop name ideas:

  • Earl Grey’s Humor
  • Brewed Whimsy
  • Sips and Giggles
  • Tea-riffic Laughs
  • Steeped in Wit
  • Chai-nanigans
  • Tea-larious Spot
  • Whistle While You Sip
  • Poured Jokes
  • Liquid Laughter Lounge
  • Tea-hee Cafe
  • Hilarity Brews
  • Sipper’s Delight
  • Tea-musing Tidbits
  • Pour and Roar
  • Mug Musings
  • Lighthearted Leaves
  • Guffaw Gulps
  • Tease and Toast
  • Brew-Haha House
  • Mirthful Mugs
  • Chai Chuckle Chain
  • Tittering Teapots
  • Liquid Levity
  • Cup of Joy and Jokes
  • Sip-tastic Smiles
  • Lively Leaf Lounge
  • Joke in a Jug
  • Chuckling Chai Chain
  • Glee and Tea
  • Brew and Chuckle Co.
  • Sips of Satire
  • Puns and Pours
  • Leafy Laughs Lounge
  • Humorous Hydration
  • Brewed Banter
  • Lighthearted Liquid
  • Teapot Tickles
  • Whimsical Waters
  • Steaming Stories
  • Laughing Leaves
  • Chuckle Chai Corner
  • Humor in a Cup
  • Snickers and Sips
  • Tea-Time Titters
  • Liquid Chuckle Cafe
  • Grinning Green Tea
  • Sip, Smile, Repeat
  • Leafy Levity
  • Teas and Pleas

Funny Milk Tea Shop Names

Funny Milk Tea Shop Names

Milk tea is not just a beverage; it’s an emotion. With its creamy texture and rich taste, it’s a treat that many look forward to.

Naming a milk tea shop requires a blend of wit and whimsy, just like the drink. 

So, if you’re ready to create a ‘buzz’ with your milk tea shop, here’s a list to get your creativity flowing:

  • Milky Mirth
  • Creamy Chuckles
  • Tease with Cheese
  • Moo Brew
  • Lactose Lols
  • Milky Way Café
  • Dairy Diary Teas
  • Silky Sips Spot
  • Calf-fee Tales
  • Udder Joy Teas
  • Moo’velous Mug
  • Dairy Dose Delight
  • Tealicious Tickles
  • Mirthful Milk Teas
  • Lacto Laughter
  • Cows and Cuppas
  • Cream of the Crop Cafe
  • Milky Marvels
  • Creamed Comedy
  • Bovine Brews
  • Laughing Lattes
  • Calf and Cup
  • Dairy Delight Den
  • Moos and Brews
  • Steamed Smiles
  • Moo’d Lifters
  • Milky Moon Café
  • Cow Cafe Chuckles
  • Bovine Bliss Brews
  • Cream Team Teas
  • Milky Miss-tea
  • Lacto Lols Lounge
  • Udderly Amoosing
  • Moo’reish Mirth
  • Pasture Punchlines
  • Dairy Dream Delights
  • Milky Mimics
  • Teas and Trees
  • Creamed Cracks
  • Dairy Doodle Teas

Funny Boba Tea Shop Names

Funny Boba Tea Shop Names

Boba, those delightful tapioca pearls have taken the world by storm! The chewy bubbles combined with refreshing tea have made it a worldwide sensation.

And as the boba trend continues to bubble up, a quirky name for your boba tea shop could be the cherry, or should we say ‘pearl’? on top. 

Dip into this list for some boba-lively naming inspiration:

  • Boba Bout Laughs
  • Pearl Puns Café
  • Tapioca Tickles
  • Bubble Burst Bliss
  • Boba Banter
  • Chewy Chuckles
  • Sip ‘n Giggle Globes
  • Bubbles and Giggles
  • Boba Blunders
  • Pop a Pearl Place
  • Chew the Scene
  • Boba-lly Fun
  • Tapioca Teasers
  • Bubble Brew Boos
  • Sip and Snicker Spheres
  • Boba Guffaw Go
  • Pearl Parodies
  • Laughable Lumps
  • Tapioca Teehees
  • Bubbling Banter Brew
  • Giggle Globules
  • Boba Bliss Bites
  • Bubble Buffoonery
  • Jolly Jelly Jars
  • Boba Joke Bowl
  • Tapioca Tidbits Tavern
  • Sip Sphere Smiles
  • Bubble Yum Yucks
  • Chewable Chortles
  • Bubble’s Belly Laughs
  • Pop’n Puns
  • Boba Buffoon Brew
  • Giggle Gulps Go
  • Bubble Boos and Brews
  • Jelly Joy Jokes
  • Chewy Chai Chuckles
  • Tapioca Giggles Galore
  • Boba and Banter
  • Popping Puns Parlor
  • Boba Burst Banter
  • Jovial Jelly Joints
  • Boba-lly Hilarious Hub
  • Pop’n Chuckle Pearls
  • Blissful Boba Bites
  • Chewy Chuckle Chai
  • Bubbling Bliss Bowl
  • Pearl Pop Parodies
  • Jelly Jester Jars

Funny Green Tea Shop Names

Funny Green Tea Shop Names

Green tea has become the go-to for many due to its health benefits and earthy taste. But who said health can’t be combined with a bit of humor? 

For those looking to sprinkle a little fun into their green tea business, here are some creative names that might just hit the mark:

  • Green Giggles
  • Laughing Leaves
  • Green & Grin
  • Brewed Bliss Buds
  • Verdant Vex
  • Tealightful Titters
  • Greener Guffaws
  • Lean on Green Laughs
  • Green Dream Scene
  • Tinted Teas & Teases
  • Green & Gleeful
  • Earthy Chuckles Chain
  • Verdant Ventures
  • Lush Leaf Laughs
  • Sips ‘n’ Smiles Greens
  • Eco Echo Chuckles
  • Healthy Hoots
  • Gleeful Greens
  • Verdant Vibes Venue
  • Green Gusto Giggles
  • Brewed Bright & Light
  • Tealightful Treats
  • Leafy Levity
  • Green Grins Galore
  • Earthy Elixirs Emporium
  • Greenery Glee
  • Brewed Green Gags
  • Verdant Valley Vibes
  • Herbal Humor House
  • Steeped Smiles Shop
  • Green Gleam & Guffaw
  • Evergreen Enthuse
  • Mirthful Matcha
  • Green & Serene Scene
  • Tealightful Chuckles
  • Lush Laughs Lounge
  • Verdant Verbal Fun
  • Green Glow & Glee
  • Vibrant Verdant Vistas
  • Grinning Greenery
  • Gleeful Green Gulps

Funny Bubble Tea Shop Names

Funny Bubble Tea Shop Names

Bubble tea, with its delightful tapioca pearls, offers a unique sipping experience that’s both chewy and flavorful.

A fun name for your bubble tea business could be the perfect way to attract customers looking for a fresh, whimsical experience. 

Dive into this list and discover playful names to add some bubbly fun to your tea venture:

  • Bubbly Banter Brew
  • Popping Pearls Parlor
  • Bubbles & Chuckles
  • Sip ‘n’ Snicker Spheres
  • Bobble Bubble Hub
  • Pearl Parody Parlor
  • Tapioca Titters
  • Giggle Globe Go
  • Bubbly Burst & Boos
  • Silly Sip Spheres
  • Bubble & Babble
  • Pop, Sip, Smile!
  • Teas & Tapioca Tickles
  • Popping Puns Place
  • Bubbling Blunders Brew
  • Guffaw Gulps & Globes
  • Pearl Puns & Pours
  • Bubbly Boba Boasts
  • Tapioca Tehees Tavern
  • Lively Liquid Bubbles
  • Bubbles & Burst Banter
  • Chew, Sip, Chuckle!
  • Pearly Whites & Winks
  • Liquid Levity & Lumps
  • Chewable Chai Chortles
  • Popping Punchlines
  • Bubble Banter Boutique
  • Pearly Pleasantries Parlor
  • Burst of Laughter Lounge
  • Boba Bubble Bloopers
  • Pearl Pop Pleasantries
  • Sip, Smile, Savor Spheres!
  • Bubbly Babble Boutique
  • Chew & Chuckle Chain
  • Blissful Bubbles & Brews
  • Jester’s Jelly Jars
  • Tapioca & Titters
  • Pearly Grin & Sip

Funny Herbal Tea Shop Names

Funny Herbal Tea Shop Names

Herbal teas, known for their therapeutic qualities, can be both a comfort and a cure.

But just because they’re all about wellness doesn’t mean we can’t infuse a little humor into their branding. 

If you’re looking to add a spoonful of fun to your herbal tea venture, here are some delightful names to brew over:

  • Herb’s Hilarity
  • Soothe & Snicker Sips
  • Therapeu-Tea Tickles
  • Whimsical Wellness Waters
  • Herb & Humor Hub
  • Brewed Botanical Banter
  • Leafy Laughs Lounge
  • Mirthful Medicinals
  • Tincture Titters
  • Giggle Grass Goods
  • Plant-Based Punchlines
  • Sereni-Tea Smiles
  • Remedial Ripples
  • Herbal Chuckles Chain
  • Sips & Silly Stems
  • Therapeutic Th giggles
  • Roots & Roars
  • Foliage Funnies
  • Laughing Elixirs Lounge
  • Wholesome Herbs & Humor
  • Chuckling Chamomile Cafe
  • Tonic & Tehees
  • Hearty Herbs & Hahas
  • Giggle Grove Goods
  • Wellness Whimsy Waters
  • Botanical Brew-Hahas
  • Jolly Jasmine Jars
  • Giggling Greenery
  • Medicinal Merriments
  • Playful Plant Potions
  • Lighthearted Leaf Lounge
  • Herb Hub Humor
  • Silly Sips & Sprouts
  • Tickle Tea Therapies
  • Wholesome Herb Hoots
  • Cheerful Chai Chain
  • Wellness Wit Waters
  • Remedies & Roars
  • Herb, Hope & Hilarity
  • Mirthful Minty Mugs


A tea shop’s name serves as its first greeting, setting the tone for delightful experiences ahead.

While all the names listed have their unique charm, when selecting the perfect moniker for your venture, consider the ambiance you aim to create, the target audience, and the memories you want them to take away. 

Whether you lean towards a “Sip & Giggle” or fancy a “Liquid Lols Lounge,” ensure your chosen name brews the essence of your brand. Happy naming and brewing!

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