250+ Funny Boutique Names [Trendy Ideas]

Funny Boutique Names
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Opening a boutique? Finding the perfect name can be quite a task! A good boutique name must be catchy, reflect what you sell, and ideally make people smile. Coming up with ideas is fun, but how do you narrow it down to pick the right one?

In this article, you will explore funny and catchy boutique names across categories, whether opening a western wear store, a baby store, or just a quirky little shop.

We will look at examples, trends, and tips for matching names to your products and brand.

Read on for many funny, fabulous boutique name ideas to inspire your new venture!

Funny Boutique Name Ideas

Funny Boutique Name Ideas

When it comes to boutique names, there’s a whole world of possibilities.

The perfect name can be a blend of puns, pop culture, and mood that catches the attention of passersby and encourages them to step inside. 

It’s like a little invitation wrapped in a joke! So, if you’re hunting for a name that stands out and adds a sprinkle of laughter to your brand, this list might be your treasure trove.

  • Drape Escape
  • Glitter Glitch Galore
  • Frocks & Fox Socks
  • Posh Splash Dash
  • Glance at the Pants
  • Kitsch Stitch Bitch
  • Twirl’s World
  • Glam Slam Bam
  • Tutu Too Cool
  • Flare Affair
  • Sheen Jean Scene
  • Frill ‘n Spill
  • GownTown Countdown
  • Dressy Messy Emporium
  • Hue & Shoe Boo
  • Spangle Mangle
  • Giggles & Jiggles
  • Tassels Hassles
  • Feisty in Paisley
  • Doodle Poodle Apparel
  • Mirth in Skirt
  • Frisky Whisky Wear
  • Threads & Shreds
  • Bows & Bellows
  • Lacy Spacey Place
  • Rags & Riches Pitch
  • Whiff of the Riff
  • Pizzazz in a Glass
  • Tassel Castle
  • Peek Unique Chic
  • Tease in Tees
  • Polka & Mocha Spot
  • Velvet Revolt
  • Whims & Brims
  • Kitschy Catchy Cache
  • Zip in the Trip
  • Frolic & Trollic
  • Ruffle Shuffle
  • Wink Pink Sink
  • Glitz Blitz Fits
  • Mingle in the Jingle
  • Chiffon & Lifelong
  • Trinket Blanket
  • Jest in the Vest
  • Zest Quest Best

Trendy Boutique Names

Funny Trendy Boutique Names

Fashion is always evolving, and so is the trend in naming boutiques.

Infusing trendy elements with humor can result in a name that resonates with today’s savvy shoppers. 

So, if you’re looking for a contemporary and chucklesome name, you’ve come to the right place. 

A trendy and fun name can make your boutique instantly appealing, setting the stage for an exciting shopping experience.

  • Boho Bloopers
  • Chic Clicks
  • Trendset and Forget
  • Glam Jam Boutique
  • Hip Hip Hoo-Ruffle!
  • Retro Metro Jokes
  • NeoNeon Nonsense
  • Fade and Shade Funnies
  • Quirk in the Skirt
  • Frocks and TikToks
  • Meme’s Jeans
  • Flashy Lashy Luxe
  • Drip Trip Shop
  • PopPop Pop-up Shop
  • Groove Moove Garments
  • Twirl and Whirl World
  • Zest in the Vest
  • Flair with Flare
  • Snap, Clap & Wrap
  • Hipster Whispers
  • Flowy and Glow-y Go-to
  • ModBod Odd Spot
  • Threads with Reddits
  • Chic Fleek Street
  • Glam Slam Thank You Ma’am
  • Peppy Zippy Boutique
  • Vogue Jokes & Totes
  • Sleek Peek Week
  • FabDrab Dress-Up
  • Twinkle Tweak Boutique
  • Trendy Wendy’s Wardrobe
  • Dainty but Dauntless
  • Pixie Prank Palace
  • Stellar Teller of Textiles
  • Trendsend & Recommend
  • Flow & Faux Showroom
  • Posh Tosh Spot
  • Fleek on the Street
  • Glitter Twitter Attire
  • Plush Blush Boutique
  • Trending Mending Den
  • Quip in the Slip
  • Fluke in the Look
  • Spiffy Gifty Loft
  • Dandy Candy Shoppe
  • Punny Bunny Boutique
  • Fizz and Whizz Wares
  • Velvety Levity Lounge
  • BopShop Nonstop
  • Quaint Saint Sway
  • Lark in the Park
  • Vogue in the Joke Book
  • Whimsy Glimsy Gowns
  • Laugh & Craft Loft
  • Bright Sight Nightwear
  • Trend Blend End
  • Cheeky-Chic Niche
  • Starry Charray Array
  • Nifty Thrifty Giftees
  • Clever Lever Treasure Trove

Funny Western Boutique Names

Funny Western Boutique Names

The charm of the Wild West is timeless! If your boutique carries a range of rustic, cowboy, or western-themed attire, then a fun western-inspired name can help set the mood.

With the right blend of Western twang, you can create a name that’s as catchy as a country tune. 

Here’s a list of names that merge the spirit of the Wild West with a touch of creativity to give your boutique a unique identity.

  • Saddle Gaggle
  • Lasso & Laugh
  • Boots & Hoots
  • Spurs & Purr
  • Stetson Jest On
  • Denim Shenanigans
  • Western Jestern
  • Prairie FunFairy
  • Rodeo Riddle
  • Cowgirl Chuckles
  • Barn Yarn
  • Ranch Antics
  • Hay Play Day
  • Wild Smile Mile
  • Outlaw In-Law
  • Chaps & Giggles
  • Frontier Fun-tier
  • Tumbleweed Tease
  • Sassy Lassy Saloon
  • Ranchy Punchy Place
  • Gallop & Gossip
  • Wrangler Jangler
  • Yeehaw Tee-Ha
  • Desperado Bravo
  • Cacti & Tie
  • Goldmine Punchline
  • Horse & Morse Code
  • Western Question
  • Prairie Merry
  • Lone Star Laugh Bar
  • Wagon Swagon
  • Duel & Jewel
  • Cowboy Joy Toy
  • Rustic Fustic
  • Buckaroo Ballyhoo
  • Outback Comeback
  • Frontier Banter
  • Wild West Jest Fest
  • Rustle Hustle
  • Ranch Bunch Punch
  • Cattle Battle Rattle
  • Roundup Stand-up
  • Barrel & Apparel
  • Lariat Variet-E
  • Rodeo Brodeo
  • Plains & Puns
  • Canyon Companion
  • Prairie Hilarity
  • Colt Jolt
  • Sheriff Kerfuffle

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Funny Baby Boutique Names

Funny Baby Boutique Names

There’s nothing more heartwarming than the giggles of a baby, and if your boutique specializes in adorable baby gear, then why not have a name that’s equally adorable and funny? 

Naming a baby boutique requires an extra touch of sweetness, whimsy, and joy.

Here’s a list of charming and chucklesome names tailored just for baby boutiques!

  • Bibs & Giggles
  • Toot & Cute
  • Diapers & Dappers
  • Booties & Duties
  • Lullabye-Bye
  • Tinkle Twinkle
  • PaciFancy
  • Cuddly Wuddly Woo
  • Dribble & Scribble
  • Tot Plot Spot
  • Pampers & Hampers
  • Rattle Battle
  • Munchkin Junction
  • Squeak Peek
  • Binky Jinky
  • Snuggle Juggle
  • Nappy Happy
  • Tootsie Wootsie
  • Bubby Hubby
  • Cozy Dozy Depot
  • GooGoo GaGa Galore
  • Bubble Trouble
  • Nuzzle & Puzzle
  • Tot Trot Spot
  • Puddle Cuddle
  • Babble Rabble
  • Swaddle & Waddle
  • Giggle Wiggle
  • Tippy Toe Show
  • Whimsy Nimsy Nappy
  • Moppet Shop
  • Dumpling Jumping
  • Chubby Cubby Hub
  • Sprout Shout-out
  • Tiny Whiny Winery
  • Pacifier Fireflyer
  • Kiddo Shadow Show
  • Nipper Skipper
  • Infant Chant Chateau
  • Coo & Shoe
  • Binky Linky Lounge
  • Nuzzle Muzzle Market
  • Tot’s Spot of Thoughts
  • Snookums Bookums Nook
  • Gigglet Fidget Fit

Catchy & Funny Boutique Names (With Meanings)

Funny Boutique Names infographic

If you are looking to make your boutique the talk of the town, adding a touch of humor to its name can be just the thing to set it apart.

A fun name can be memorable, allowing your brand to be easily recalled by customers. 

Here are some laugh-worthy boutique names that will not only get attention but will also leave an impression.

1. Glitz ‘n Giggles –

This name is a playful blend of glamour and fun. Ideal for a boutique that offers sparkly, standout pieces yet wants to emphasize a light-hearted shopping experience.

2. Knot Your Average Shop –

A witty play on words suggests that the boutique isn’t just ordinary. It’s perfect for a store that offers unique pieces or designs you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

3. Sequins and Sarcasm –

Perfect for the high-fashion boutique with a sense of fun. It speaks to those who love a bit of sparkle with their daily dose of wit.

4. Dress to Impress, No Stress –

This name assures customers that they’ll find impressive styles without the hassle. It’s an attractive choice for a boutique with a hassle-free shopping experience.

5. Chic Peek Boutique –

A stylish name that teases a sneak peek into the latest trends. It hints at exclusive fashion finds awaiting discovery.

6. Frills and Thrills –

For the boutique, it offers exciting, frilly, and dramatic pieces. It suggests a shopping experience full of delightful surprises.

7. Haute Jokes and High Heels –

Combining high fashion with comedy, this name is suitable for a boutique that’s both stylish and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

8. Sass and Class Emporium –

This name suggests a blend of trendy, bold styles with timeless elegance. Perfect for a store that caters to a fashion-forward yet sophisticated clientele.

9. Fashion Funnies –

For the boutique that combines hilarity with the latest trends, suggesting that shopping there is both fashionable and fun.

10. Thread Lightly –

A witty take on “tread lightly,” implying the boutique offers delicate, finely crafted garments.

11. Hem and Ha Couture –

This name combines detailed attention to garment detail (hem) with a hint of indecision (ha), suggesting various choices.

12. Witty Wearhouse –

Perfect for a storehouse of fashion that’s trendy and has a sense of humor.

13. Puns and Petals Boutique –

Suggests a boutique with floral designs and a fun attitude. A great choice for those who offer floral-themed apparel or accessories.

14. Gown Town Clowntown –

Ideal for a boutique specializing in gowns with a quirky twist. It tells customers that while specializing in formal wear, they’re not afraid to have a little fun.

15. Snicker Stitches –

This name suggests care-made garments, perfect for a boutique that offers quirky designs and values craftsmanship.


The art of boutique naming is a blend of creativity and brand reflection. A catchy name doesn’t just help stand out; it draws customers with its charm.

While we have curated many options across various themes, consider the essence of your brand, your target audience, and the emotions you want to evoke when narrowing down your choices. 

For those seeking a quick tip, names like “Drape Escape,” “Boots & Hoots,” and “Bibs & Giggles” are a few top picks that seamlessly combine wit and appeal.

Whatever you choose, ensure it resonates with your vision and leaves a lasting impression. 

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