250+ Funny Drone Names You’ll Ever See

Funny Drone Names
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Drones are taking over the skies for both work and play. As drones become more popular, people are getting creative with naming their unmanned aerial vehicles.

Coming up with a clever drone name can be a fun way to personalize your tech toy and set it apart from the crowd.

So, in this article we will cover funny names with clever meanings, ideas for military and professional drones, funny team names, and humorous names for drone businesses.

Whether you’re looking for a silly name for your hobby drone or a catchy brand name for your drone startup, this list of funny drone names will spark your creativity.

Funny Drone Names (with Meanings)

Funny Drone Names infographic

When choosing a name for your drone, humor can add a delightful twist. A fun name makes your drone memorable and adds a touch of personality. 

Here’s a list of names that are sure to bring a smile to your face:

1. Sky Chuckler
This name paints a picture of a drone that not only soars the skies but brings joy and laughter along the way. It’s ideal for a drone that aims to spread cheer.

2. Hovering Humor
With a knack for staying in place, this drone adds a touch of humor to its hovering abilities, ensuring smiles every time it’s airborne.

3. Sir Giggles-a-Lot
As regal as it sounds, this drone takes its duty to entertain seriously, ensuring that every flight comes with its share of giggles.

4. Fluff the Flyer
Light as a feather and brimming with charm, this drone flits around, spreading amusement with its gentle approach.

5. Whirly Giggle
Embodying the delightful spins and turns, this drone promises an amusing experience filled with lighthearted twirls.

6. Floaty McFunface
Casually floating and evoking joy, this name suggests a drone that’s all about good vibes and leisurely flights.

7. Buzzing Banter
Known to create a soft buzz and bring playful conversations to life, this drone is a social butterfly in the skies.

8. Spinny Spoofer
With its unique spinning tricks, this drone offers a dose of fun, keeping onlookers engaged with its cheeky maneuvers.

9. Drift & Drizzle
Softly drifting like a light rain, this drone merges subtleness with charm, always ready to sprinkle a bit of joy.

10. Whisked Whim
Quick and unpredictable, this drone dashes around on a whim, making its flights full of surprises and merriment.

11. Lofty Laugher
Rising high and evoking chuckles, this drone ensures that its aerial adventures are always paired with light-hearted joy.

12. Dronie McDroneface
A playful nod to internet culture, this drone embraces humor wholeheartedly, becoming the talk of any event.

13. Chuckling Chopper
This drone is bound to induce chuckles not just with its name but with its delightful antics high above.

14. Giggle Glider
Sliding gracefully across the sky, this drone captures hearts with its smooth glides and cheerful presence.

15. JestJet
Speedy and witty, this drone zips around, turning the sky into its personal stage for jests and jokes.

16. Flirty Flapper
Dancing and prancing in the air, this drone flirts with the wind, making every flight a charming spectacle.

17. Ticklish Taker-Off
Launching with a burst of joy, this drone’s take-offs are always a sight, tickling one’s funny bone every time.

18. Sassy Soarer
With a bit of sass and a lot of class, this drone takes to the sky, ensuring every flight is as stylish as it is fun.

19. Laugh Lift
Rising with a burst of laughter, this drone’s ascents are filled with lightness, turning the skies into a playground of joy.

20. Whimsical Whirler
Moving with flair and a touch of whimsy, this drone dances in the sky, turning every twist and turn into a visual delight.

Funny Drone Names Ideas List

Funny Drone Names Ideas List

Your drone’s name can reflect its character, your sense of humor, or even a memorable moment you had while flying. 

With so many options out there, let’s explore a longer list of funny drone names that are witty, quirky, and sure to stand out:

  • Skyline Snicker
  • Float & Flaunt
  • Whirly Woo
  • Breezy Tease
  • Airy Antic
  • Loopy Lou
  • Zesty Zephyr
  • Hovering Hoot
  • Giggle Gust
  • Swoopy Spoof
  • Chuckle Chaser
  • Blip & Bloop
  • Swirl & Twirl
  • Wobbly Woofer
  • Zippy Zealot
  • Skedaddle Sky
  • Puff & Puns
  • Beaming Blimp
  • Tickle Tumble
  • Silly SkySweeper
  • Mirthful Mover
  • Jolly Jetter
  • Frolic Flyer
  • Haha Hoverer
  • Cheeky Copter
  • Bumbling Breeze
  • Chuckling Cruiser
  • Dandy Droner
  • Glee Glider
  • Jokester Jet
  • Larky Lifter
  • Mosey & Mingle
  • Nifty Nester
  • Pranky Propeller
  • Quirky Quiver
  • Rollicking Rotor
  • Snazzy Skyline
  • Tease & Twirl
  • Upbeat Uplifter
  • Vivacious Voyager
  • Witty Whisker
  • Xtra Xcitable
  • Yawny Yoller
  • Zany Zoomer
  • Peppy Prop

Funny Drone Team Names

Funny Drone Team Names

When a group of drone enthusiasts come together as a team, they’re not just showcasing their piloting skills, but also their camaraderie and collective personality.

A quirky, light-hearted team name can uplift the spirit, foster unity, and make every flight session a memorable one. 

For those who want to inject a bit of humor into their team spirit, here are some amusing team names for your drone squad:

  • Sky Gigglers
  • Hovering Hoots
  • Soar & Snicker
  • Whimsical Whirlers
  • The Floating Funnies
  • Airborne Antics
  • The Buzzing Buffoons
  • Winged Wisecrackers
  • Lofty Larks
  • Altitude Attitude
  • Skyline Satires
  • Flighty Funsters
  • Whirly Whiskers
  • Jestful Jetters
  • Hovering Hyenas
  • Propeller Pranksters
  • Chuckle Choppers
  • The Guffaw Gliders
  • Uplifted Uproars
  • Glee & Gravity
  • Soaring Satirists
  • Altitude Amusers
  • Droned Out Daredevils
  • Flight Fluffs
  • Breezy Banter Brigade
  • Ascend & Amuse
  • Whimsy Wings
  • Aero Jesters
  • Joke Jets
  • Skyward Snickers
  • Airy Comedians
  • The Elevating Elites
  • Floating Funnymen
  • Lofty Lampooners
  • Giggly Gliders
  • Prop & Puns Patrol
  • Skyward Sillies
  • The Merry Mavericks
  • Hover Hilarity
  • Breezy Bellylaughs
  • Whirling Witticisms
  • Soaring Snickers
  • Jestful Jockeys
  • Aerial Gags Gang
  • Sky’s Stand-Ups
  • Pinnacle Pranksters
  • Altitude Chucklers
  • Hover Hootenannies
  • Aerial Antic Allies
  • Fly-by Funnies
  • Zesty Zephyr Zingers

Funny Drone Business Names

Funny Drone Business Names

The name you choose can set the tone for your brand, attracting customers and setting you apart in the marketplace.

If you’re aiming for a fun, approachable, and light-hearted brand identity, a humorous business name can be the perfect choice. 

Here are some comical business names for your drone venture:

  • Skyline Chuckles Inc.
  • Whirl & Giggle Ventures
  • Droning Delights Ltd.
  • Buzz & Business Enterprises
  • Altitude Amusement Co.
  • Hover Humor Hub
  • Lofty Laughs Logistics
  • Whimsical Wings Warehouse
  • Skyward Smirks Studio
  • Aero Amusements Agency
  • Propelled Punchlines
  • Flight & Funny Firm
  • Lofty Laugh Lounge
  • Airy Antics Incorporated
  • Soar & Snigger Services
  • Jest Jet Journeys
  • Whimsy Works Worldwide
  • Soaring Sarcasm Studios
  • Skyward Satire Sales
  • High Humor Holdings
  • Elevated Entertainment Inc.
  • Drone Giggles Gallery
  • Skyline Smirk Services
  • Altitude Antics Agency
  • Hover & Hilarity Hub
  • Propelled Pranks Productions
  • Fly & Fun Factory
  • Aero Amusement Avenues
  • Skywise Wit Works
  • Whirlygiggle Warehouse
  • Sky Laughter Logistics
  • Jestful Journeys Inc.
  • Uplift & Uproar Unlimited
  • Buzzing Banter Business
  • Skyward Smile Services
  • Soar & Snort Studios
  • Levity Lift Limited
  • Prop & Play Productions
  • Ascending Amusements
  • AeroLaughs Agency
  • Skyline Sillies Store
  • High & Hilarious Hub
  • Soaring Satire Services
  • Whimsy Whirl Worldwide
  • Elevated Entertainments
  • Whirling Wit Works
  • Glee & Gravity Goods
  • Aerial Chuckles Chamber

Wrapping up

From the cheeky “Floaty McFunface” to the elegant moves of “Whimsical Whirler,” the skies are undoubtedly brighter with these jovial juggernauts around. When contemplating a name for your flying companion, consider the personality you wish to convey. 

Perhaps “Sir Giggles-a-Lot” tickles your fancy, or “Giggle Glider” feels right. Whichever you lean towards, ensure it mirrors the joy and amusement you desire from your drone’s escapades. Happy flying!

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