300+ Funny Names For Christmas Party

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Christmas parties are about having fun, creating joyous memories, and building bonds with friends, family, or colleagues. As we all know, a great party starts with a fantastic name, right? 

It sets the tone, brings in the giggles, and excites people for the celebration. And when it comes to Christmas, the holiday magic gets even brighter when humor comes into play. 

That’s why we’ve put together a handy list of funny Christmas party names, so you can add that extra sparkle to your holiday festivities and make your party unforgettable!

How to Come Up With a Funny Christmas Party Name?

Coming up with a humorous Christmas party name requires a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of festive spirit. Here’s a quick guide to spark your imagination:

Blend Festive Words: Merge traditional holiday terms like ‘Yule,’ ‘Noel,’ or ‘Mistletoe’ with playful words such as ‘shenanigans’ or ‘antics.’

Character Inspiration: Think of Christmas icons like Santa, Rudolph, or Frosty and imagine them in unusual, funny situations.

Festive Food Fun: Play around with names of holiday treats like ‘mince pies,’ ‘eggnog,’ or ‘pudding’ for a delicious twist.

Rhyme & Alliteration: Rhyming or alliterative phrases can add a catchy, whimsical touch. E.g., ‘Reindeer Rave’ or ‘Santa’s Shindig.’

Incorporate Party Vibes: Reflect the mood of your party, whether it’s a ‘jingle bash’, a ‘snowball soiree,’ or a ‘tinsel gathering.’

Funny Names Ideas for Christmas Party

Funny Names Ideas for Christmas Party

The festive season is not just about twinkling lights and gifts; it’s also about laughter, bonding, and creating cherished memories.

As you plan your Christmas party, let’s dive deep into the humor behind these hilarious party names, ensuring your guests are in for a good time before the party begins!

1. Sleigh Gang: 

Imagine a group of Santa’s reindeer forming a hip crew. This name brings to mind a cool team, ready to light up the Christmas skies and the party floor.

2. Yule Lols: 

‘Yule’ is an ancient word for Christmas, and combined with ‘Lols’ (short for laughs out loud), you get a festive season filled with chuckles and joy.

3. Santa Fanta: 

Taking inspiration from the popular beverage, this name mixes the magic of Santa Claus with the zest of Fanta, promising a bubbly and colorful Christmas event.

4. Jingle Bunch: 

The sounds of bells jingling are synonymous with Christmas. Picture a group of friends getting together, much like a bunch of jolly bells, ready to spread festive cheer.

5. Xmas Xplosion: 

An explosive celebration awaits! This name suggests that your Christmas party will be so grand, an explosion of joy and festivity.

6. Elf Laughs: 

Elves are the cheeky little helpers of Santa. They represent Christmas’s fun, mischievous side, where laughter and jokes exist.

7. Reindeer Riot: 

A playful twist on the classic reindeer theme. It suggests a wild, fun-filled Christmas party where things might get a little out of hand, but in a good way!

8. Claus Clowning: 

Santa Claus is coming to town, and he’s in the mood for some jesting! It’s a reminder that there’s always room for some good old humor, even during busy times.

9. Frosty Funnies: 

Drawing inspiration from Frosty the Snowman, this name brings forth images of a winter wonderland filled with cheerful snowmen sharing jokes.

10. Jolly Jinglers: 

Jingles and songs characterize the holiday season. This name pays homage to those who bring music and laughter to our celebrations.

11. North Pole Party: 

The epicenter of all things Christmas! Hosting a ‘North Pole Party’ promises a festive bash as authentic and joyous as Santa’s own home.

12. Mistletoe Mayhem: 

Mistletoe is known for sparking romance during the holiday season. This playful name hints at the fun chaos that can ensue under a hanging mistletoe.

Funny Names For Christmas Party - Infographic by Names Crunch

13. Rudolph Rave: 

Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, hosts his party! It suggests a night of dancing and merriment led by everyone’s favorite reindeer.

14. Snowball Squad: 

Remember those fun snowball fights? This name captures the essence of a team ready for some snowy action and fun.

15. Tinsel Troupe: 

Tinsel represents the sparkle of the holiday season. This name brings to mind a bright group with festive spirit and enthusiasm.

16. Jolly Jamboree: 

A jamboree is a large celebration or party. Add ‘jolly’ to it, and you will have a lively and joyous Christmas gathering.

17. Kris Kringlers: 

Playing on Santa Claus’s other name, Kris Kringle suggests a group of Santa enthusiasts celebrating in style.

18. Noel Nuttiness: 

‘Noel’ is another term for Christmas. Combine it with ‘nuttiness’ and have a party filled with zany, wacky Christmas fun.

19. Mince Pie Mixup: 

Mince pies are a Christmas staple. This name hints at a delightful and perhaps comedic confusion involving these festive treats.

20. Pudding Pranksters: 

Inspired by the traditional Christmas pudding, it conjures up images of mischievous folks playing pranks with a festive twist.

21. Carols & Crackups: 

Beautiful Christmas carols and hearty laughter make for a melodic and merry celebration.

22. Bauble Banter: 

Christmas tree baubles are symbols of the holiday season. Here, they become a metaphor for light-hearted conversation and cheerful chatter.

23. Eggnog Escapades:

Eggnog, the classic holiday drink, sets the stage for adventurous and fun-filled festivities.

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Funny Christmas Cocktail Party Names

Funny Christmas Cocktail Party Names

Cocktail parties are all about mixing and mingling. Adding a funny Christmas touch to the name of your cocktail party is like icing the Christmas cake. 

Raise your glasses and get ready to laugh out loud with these entertaining cocktail party names.

  • Jingle Juice
  • Boozy Baubles
  • Tipsy Tinsel
  • Gin-gle Bells
  • Merry Martinis
  • Holly Highballs
  • Santa’s Spritzers
  • Frosty Fizz
  • Elf Elixirs
  • Candy Cane Cocktails
  • Mistletoe Margaritas
  • Reindeer Rum
  • Yuletide Yardarm
  • Spiked Spruce
  • Claus Cosmos
  • Noel Negronis
  • Red-nosed Rose
  • Eggnog Ecstasy
  • Bubbly Blizzard
  • Snowball Sangrias
  • Rudolph’s Rosé
  • Poinsettia Punch
  • Comet’s Campari
  • Merry Mimosas
  • Sleigh Bell Sips
  • Vixen’s Vodka
  • Prancer’s Prosecco
  • Christmas Cosmos
  • Peppermint Pisco
  • Kris Kringle Kahlua
  • Partridge Punch
  • Nutcracker Nog
  • Blitzen’s Bourbon
  • Grinch’s G&T
  • Silver Bell Spritz
  • Snowflake Schnapps
  • Dasher’s Daiquiris
  • Wonderland Whiskey
  • Festive Fireball

Funny Christmas Party Names for Kids

Funny Christmas Party Names for Kids

If you’re planning a Christmas party for kids. There is nothing like a hilariously creative name to get those giggles going. 

You’ll love these names whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or a designated party planner. They’re funny, they’re festive, and they’re sure to make your party stand out!

  • Elf Express
  • Snowball Soiree
  • Santa’s Sidekicks
  • Candy Cane Carnival
  • Jingle Bell Jamboree
  • Reindeer Ruckus
  • Frosty’s Fan Club
  • Mistletoe Mischief
  • Wonderland Wackos
  • Tinsel Troupe
  • Claus Crew
  • Jolly Jinglers
  • Gingerbread Giggles
  • Ornament Oddballs
  • Pudding Pranksters
  • Holly Hilarity
  • Yuletide Yahoos
  • North Pole Nutters
  • Rudolph’s Rebels
  • Snowman Squad
  • Kris Kringle’s Kiddos
  • Tinsel Town Troublemakers
  • Reindeer Rebels
  • Caroling Comedians
  • Bauble Buffoons
  • Festive Fools
  • Wreath Wackos
  • Stocking Stuffers
  • Peppermint Pranksters
  • Santa’s Silly Squad
  • Noel Noodleheads
  • Jingle Bell Rockers
  • Partridge Party People
  • Christmas Crack-ups
  • Santa’s Little Sillies
  • Jolly Jokers
  • Nutcracker Nuts
  • Festive Funsters
  • Holly Jolly Jokers
  • Tinsel-tastic Team
  • Merry Munchkins
  • Snowflake Shakers
  • Holiday Hoopla Heads
  • Frosty’s Folly

Funny Christmas Party Names for Adults

Christmas isn’t just for kids! Adults can also enjoy the holiday cheer with a dash of humor.

Whether for an office party, a friend’s get-together, or a family reunion, these fun party names will have everyone feeling merry and bright.

  • Santa Snickers
  • Yule Giggles
  • Claus Cackles
  • Elf Extravaganza
  • Festive Frolics
  • Holiday Hilarity
  • Mistletoe Mirth
  • Reindeer Ruckus
  • Snowman Silliness
  • Tinsel Teasers
  • Yuletide Yucks
  • Bauble Bonanza
  • Holly Hootenanny
  • Jingle Jokers
  • Noel Nonsense
  • Rudolph’s Riot
  • Sleigh Bells & Bellylaughs
  • Winter Wisecracks
  • Christmas Chuckles
  • Eggnog Escapades
  • Festive Funnies
  • Kris Kringle Kraziness
  • Poinsettia Pranks
  • Tree Trimming Titters
  • Wreath Wackos
  • Starry Snickers
  • Jolly Jinglers
  • Mince Pie Mischief
  • Pudding Pranks
  • Carols & Comedy
  • Gingerbread Gags
  • Bauble Boisterousness
  • Chimney Chortles
  • Stocking Stuffers
  • Candy Cane Comedy
  • Gift Giggles
  • Cookie Crew
  • Bells & Banter
  • Nutcracker Nonsense

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Funny Code Names for Christmas Party

Let’s switch gears a bit. Perhaps you’re planning a Christmas party with a twist. Whether it’s for a fun game, a mystery theme, or to add a little secret agent style to your Christmas gathering, these funny code names will add an exciting touch of intrigue!

  • Yule Log
  • Mistletoe Maverick
  • Jingle Jester
  • Tinsel Teaser
  • Elf Enigma
  • Candy Cane Conundrum
  • Holly Hacker
  • Santa’s Sneak
  • North Pole Nuisance
  • Frosty Phantom
  • Pudding Puzzler
  • Reindeer Rogue
  • Snowflake Sleuth
  • Bauble Baffler
  • Jolly Joker
  • Kris Kringle Key
  • Claus Coder
  • Winter Whisperer
  • Sleigh Bell Spy
  • Yuletide Yodeler
  • Eggnog Enigma
  • Nutcracker Nod
  • Festive Forager
  • Carol Cryptic
  • Rudolph Riddle
  • Stocking Stuffer Snoop
  • Partridge Puzzler
  • Ornament Oracle
  • Peppermint Phantom
  • Gingerbread Gossiper
  • Wreath Wrangler
  • Blizzard Bluffer
  • Noel Ninja
  • Chimney Chaser
  • Tinsel Tattler
  • Holiday Houdini
  • Merry Marauder
  • Snowman Schemer
  • Starlight Stalker

Funny Team Names for Christmas Party

Creating a unique and funny team name for a Christmas party can add extra fun to the festival.

They can be funny and set the mood for all the crazy fun you’re about to have!

  • Jingle Ballers
  • Mistletoe Misfits
  • Santa’s Helpers
  • Prancer’s Pranksters
  • The Yule Fools
  • Caroling Comedians
  • Tinsel Terrors
  • Eggnog Enthusiasts
  • North Pole Ninjas
  • Reindeer Wranglers
  • Snowman Squad
  • The Bauble Bunch
  • Gift Wrap Gurus
  • Stocking Stuffers
  • Holly Jollies
  • Candy Cane Crew
  • Christmas Crackers
  • Gingerbread Gang
  • Festive Funnies
  • Pudding Pals
  • Blizzard Bunch
  • Claus Clowns
  • The Noel Know-alls
  • Jolly Jinglers
  • Sleigh Belles
  • The Winter Wizards
  • Mistletoe Mavericks
  • The Peppermint Posse
  • Kris Kringle’s Krew
  • The Yuletide Yahoos
  • Rudolph’s Rebels
  • Wreath Wreckers
  • The Tinsel Titans
  • Festive Fanatics
  • Santa’s Stand-ups
  • Polar Express Patrol
  • The Sleigh Riders
  • Frosty’s Friends
  • Nutcracker Nuts
  • Comet’s Comrades
  • Bells Brigade
  • Christmas Carolers
  • The Tree Trimmers
  • Dasher’s Daredevils
  • The Present Pals

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Funny Table Names for Christmas Party

A well-planned Christmas dinner is like a battlefield; each table is a team! Why not make dinner fun by giving each table a funny name?

Not only will it add a giggle, but it’s also a great conversation starter!

  • Turkey Triumph
  • Candy Cane Corner
  • Mistletoe Manor
  • Jingle Bell Junction
  • Holly Huddle
  • Yuletide Yard
  • Snowman Station
  • Gingerbread Gazebo
  • TinselTown
  • Santa’s Stopover
  • Rudolph’s Runway
  • Pudding Place
  • North Pole Nook
  • Frosty’s Fort
  • Noel Niche
  • Christmas Carol Cove
  • Elf Expressway
  • Bauble Boulevard
  • Reindeer Row
  • Tinsel Terrace
  • Starlight Spot
  • Manger Meadow
  • Kringle Kitchen
  • Snowflake Spot
  • Sleigh Bell Street
  • Partridge Park
  • Wreath Way
  • Bells Bistro
  • Dasher Drive
  • Vixen Vale
  • Comet Corner
  • Cupid’s Cove
  • Donner Diner
  • Blitzen Bistro
  • Stocking Street
  • Fireplace Foyer
  • Christmas Cookie Court
  • Present Plaza
  • Peppermint Parkway

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Funny Holiday Names

Funny holiday names are like secret ingredients that spice up our yearly calendars with laughter and light-heartedness. These aren’t your usual holidays; they are the ones that make you pause and smile, perhaps even sparking conversations around the dinner table. 

So, get ready to mark your calendars with some of the most amusing and light-hearted holidays you’ve ever heard of!

  • Backward Day
  • No Socks Day
  • Awkward Moments Day
  • Bad Poetry Day
  • World Juggling Day
  • Eat What You Want Day
  • Hug a Plumber Day
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • Lazy Day
  • Public Sleeping Day
  • Be Late for Something Day
  • Lost Sock Memorial Day
  • Old Rock Day
  • Ugly Sweater Day
  • Dance Like a Chicken Day
  • National Nothing Day
  • Odd Socks Day
  • Big Wind Day
  • Hobbit Day
  • Mad Hatter Day
  • Ask a Stupid Question Day
  • Fruitcake Toss Day
  • Blame Someone Else Day
  • International Ninja Day
  • National Doughnut Day
  • Race Your Mouse Day
  • Talk in an Elevator Day
  • Wiggle Your Toes Day
  • Tell a Fairy Tale Day
  • International Caps Lock Day

Farewell to Festive Chuckles

From the lively buzz of adults gathering to the innocent chuckles of a kids’ party, Christmas is a season that brings everyone together. Humor enhances the joy of these gatherings, and picking a funny name for your Christmas party is a surefire way to set the tone for a memorable event. 

Forget the same old “Christmas Party”; this year, you will gift your guests a party that screams fun before they enter the door. 

Remember, Christmas isn’t just about the food and the presents; it’s about the laughter, the memories, and the perfectly named festive get-togethers that keep the spirit alive.

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