Funny Valentine’s Party Names (Creative Ideas)

Funny Valentine's Party Names
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You’re probably here because Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you want to throw the most epic party ever, right? The first step to throwing an unforgettable party is creating a funny and catchy name for your Valentine’s Day bash. 

Trust me, a hilarious and unique party name will grab people’s attention and set the mood for a fun and memorable night.

So, without further ado, here is a list of funny Valentine’s party names that will make you and your guests LOL!

Funny Valentine Party Names

Funny Valentine's Party Names - Infographic by Names Crunch

Throwing a Valentine’s party can be a lot of fun, and the first step to setting the mood is picking a hilarious name.

Here are 30 funny names for Valentine’s party that are sure to get your guests laughing and set the tone for a night of fun and frolic:

1. Love Potion Commotion

This name swirls together the magic of love with the buzz of excitement. Imagine a gathering where guests can mix and mingle while concocting their love potions.

It is a playful nod to romantic chemistry that promises a night filled with giggles and surprises.

2. Hugs, Kisses, and Misses

From warm embraces to sweet pecks, this name captures the essence of affection. It’s a party that embraces the ‘hits‘ and the ‘misses.’

3. Rom-Com and Bonbons

Best Funny Valentine Party Names

Coupled with delectable bonbons, this theme brings laughter and sweetness together in an irresistible blend.

4. Be Mine or Be Wine

The humor here lies in the play ‘Be Mine,’ which has a whimsical invitation to choose your adventure.

5. Sweets for My Sweetie

It’s a sugary rendezvous designed to pamper your nearest and dearest.

Whether you’re celebrating with your partner or pampering yourself, the name suggests a lovely spread of confections made to enchant your taste buds.

6. Matchmaker Mayhem

With charm and abundant laughter, this theme creates an environment where Cupid’s arrows are playfully aimed, leaving everyone in stitches.

7. Love at First Bite

With a plate full of delectable treats and the promise of connection, this name puts a spin on the idea of love at first sight.

Here, the real attraction lies in the delectable bites that spark delight from the first taste.

8. Cupid’s Carnival

Complete with games, surprises, and playful energy, this theme celebrates the triumphant side of love, promising a night of enchantment and fun.

9. Heart Throb Hobnob

This is an event where heartthrobs and engaging conversations come together. It mingles lively hearts and light banter, a charming setting for meaningful connections.

Funny Valentine's Party Names Ideas - Names Crunch

10. Wooing and Boozing

In this lively environment, guests woo while enjoying their favorite beverages.

It’s a reminder that romance isn’t too far away, even amidst the laughter and light-hearted fun.

11. Flirt Alert

With a playful nod to modern notifications, this theme creates a setting where flirting takes center stage. It’s a light-hearted gathering designed for those unafraid to let their charm shine.

12. Smitten with Mittens

Embrace a cozy gathering where mittens become a symbol of affection.

The theme marries warmth and fondness, enveloping guests in a snug and delightful atmosphere.

13. Roses, Wines, and Valentines

This classic theme weaves together the essentials of Valentine’s Day: romantic roses, fine wines, and heartfelt expressions of love. The name creates an image of elegance and beauty.

14. Love Bug Hugfest

Clever Valentine Party Names

Enter a space buzzing with affection, a haven where hugs abound, and the love bug’s bite is a cause for celebration. It’s a theme that welcomes warmth and camaraderie.

15. Charmed, I’m Sure

Step into a soirée filled with enchantment. Here, every corner holds a touch of magic, and each guest is sure to leave feeling a little more charmed by the company around them.

16. Kiss and Tell-tale

Intrigue and confessions swirl together in this playful setting. The name teases a night where secrets might be spilled, and laughter comes as easily as shared stories.

17. Amore Galore

Welcome to a celebration where love flows abundantly. This theme promises a gathering filled with affection and joy where every guest can revel in the myriad ways love manifests.

18. Heartbeat Retreat

This is a haven where heartbeats sync to a peaceful rhythm.

It’s a retreat for connection, where guests can pause the outside world and savor precious moments with loved ones.

19. Woo Woo Wooing

Unique Funny Valentine Party Names

Laughter echoes in the air as guests engage in lively wooing. It’s a theme that encourages playfulness and light-hearted connections, promising a night of joyful interaction.

20. Sweethearts and Sweet Tarts

Gather ’round with your sweetheart or savor the company of kindred spirits; this theme promises both.

From tender connections to light-hearted friendships, it’s a name that embraces everyone.

21. Be My Valentine, Not My Valet

This name suggests that while someone’s valentine is wonderful, being their ‘valet‘ or servant is best left to others.

22. Love, Laughter, and Latte

Indulge in a cozy soirée where love and laughter flow as smoothly as your favorite latte.

It’s a gathering designed for shared stories, warm drinks, and heartwarming connections.

23. Smooches and Pooches

Step into a world where love embraces both humans and their furry companions. This name promises an atmosphere of joy where pups are as welcome as hugs and smooches.

24. Cherubs and Sherbets

This whimsical theme celebrates cherubs, those little cupid-like figures, and sherbets, those tangy frozen delights. It’s an invitation to a light-hearted and fun-filled gathering.

25. Lovestruck Potluck

Enter a potluck where dishes, stories, and laughter are shared. It’s a name that embodies the joy of a community coming together, each member with a unique dish and tale.

26. Candy Hearts and Farts

It is a playful ode to the sweetness of candy hearts and the fun of unexpected moments.

It’s a reminder that love isn’t always picture-perfect but is always worth celebrating.

27. Snuggle Muggle

Channel your inner Harry Potter and gather for a cozy evening where snuggles reign supreme.

With a touch of magic in the air, this theme promises warmth and camaraderie.

28. Heartfelt and Helter-Skelter

This theme promises an evening where emotions run deep and the atmosphere is wild.

It’s an invitation to a gathering that combines sincere expressions with the delightful chaos of a fun-filled party.

29. Kisses and Misses

This name captures the full spectrum of love, from stolen kisses to adorable mishaps.

It acknowledges that there’s room for joy and shared laughter even in the misses.

30. Blushing and Crushing

Enter a party where cheeks turn rosy, and hearts are aflutter. It’s a night that captures the essence of blushing over compliments and the excitement of infatuation.

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Funny Valentines Day Party Names

Funny Valentines Party Group Chat Names

Valentine’s Day is perfect for showing your loved ones how much you care. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it!

Hosting a party with a humorous name can break the ice and set a light-hearted tone for the evening.

Here are 40 funny Valentine’s Day party names that will surely bring a smile to your face and your guests:

  • Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Let’s Party!
  • Love, Laughter, and Libations
  • Be Wine, Valentine
  • Heart Eyes and High Fives
  • Cupid’s Chaos
  • Lovebirds and Laugh Tracks
  • Swoon and Sip Soiree
  • Crushin’ It Celebration
  • Woo and Wow Powwow
  • Be Mine, Wine, and Dine
  • Smooches and Sangria
  • XOXO Extravaganza
  • Roses, Rosé, and Rendezvous
  • Hugs, Kisses, and Valentine Wishes
  • Love Potion Party
  • Cupid’s Carnival of Comedy
  • Hearts, Hats, and Chit-Chats
  • Rom-Com and Popcorn Promenade
  • Kisses, Canapés, and Cocktails
  • Love, Laughs, and Lattes
  • Amore, Appetizers, and Aperitifs
  • Cuddles, Cupcakes, and Champagne
  • Sweets, Treats, and Dancing Feets
  • Flirt Fest and Fondue Feast
  • Love Bug Luncheon
  • Heartfelt Hoedown
  • Smitten and Smiling Soiree
  • Charm, Chocolate, and Chit-Chat
  • Crush, Clink, and Celebrate
  • Heartwarming Hilarity Hullabaloo
  • Swoon, Sip, and Swing
  • Adoration, Affection, and Appetizers
  • Woo, Wine, and Whoopee
  • Hugs, High-Fives, and Highballs
  • Kisses, Kudos, and Karaoke
  • Be Mine, Be Merry, Be Mirthful
  • Cuddles, Cocktails, and Comedy
  • Smooches, Sweets, and Smoothies
  • Lovestruck and Luckstruck Lounge
  • Adore, Amuse, and Applause

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Funny Valentine’s Party Day Drink Names

Funny Valentine's Party Drink Names

Every great party needs a selection of delicious drinks, and giving them funny names can add a touch of humor to your Valentine’s Day celebration.

Check out the following names:

  • Cupid’s Crush Cocktail
  • Love Potion #9
  • Be My Boozentine
  • Rosé All Day
  • Hug in a Mug
  • XOXO Xpresso Martini
  • Smitten Smirnoff
  • Woo Woo Woozy
  • Swoon Spoonful of Sugar
  • Kiss Me Kahlua
  • Heart-Throb Hot Toddy
  • Flirty Fizz
  • Lovestruck Lemonade
  • Charm Chaser
  • Snuggle Snickerdoodle
  • Hottie Tottie
  • Cuddle Cider
  • Smooch Smoothie
  • Sweetheart Sangria
  • Cherub’s Cherry Bomb
  • Amore Amaretto
  • Crush Cosmo
  • Sip and Smirk Spritzer
  • Blushing Bellini
  • Swoonful of Sugar
  • Kissy Missy Mojito
  • Heart Warmer Whiskey
  • Woo Woo Wonder
  • Cuddles and Bubbles
  • Adoration Aperol Spritz
  • Charm and Alarm Margarita
  • Love Dove Daiquiri
  • Heartbeat Heatwave
  • Smitten Sipper
  • Flirtini Martini
  • Affection Concoction
  • Be Mine Brandy
  • Rosy Cheeks Rosé
  • Sweetie Pie Punch
  • Lovey-Dovey Delight

Funny Valentines Party Group Chat Names

Funny Valentines Party Group Chat Names

Creating a group chat for your Valentine’s Day party can be a great way to coordinate plans and share excitement leading up to the big day.

Check out the following names:

  • Cupid’s Critics
  • Smooch Snoops
  • Hug Hustlers
  • Lovey-Dovey Detectives
  • Woo-Woo Warriors
  • Charm Charmy Charmers
  • Kiss Kudos Klub
  • Cuddle Commandos
  • Swoon-Sooners
  • Heart Throbbers
  • Crush Crushers
  • Lovestruck Lunatics
  • Sweethearts and Tarts
  • Rom-Com Nom Noms
  • Kiss-n-Tell Tellers
  • Flirt Alert Experts
  • Woo-Wonderers
  • Cherub Cheer Squad
  • Heartfelt Homies
  • Snuggle Snugglers
  • Smitten Mittens
  • Love Doves in Gloves
  • Crush Crush Crew
  • Swoon Tycoons
  • Heartbeat Beatniks
  • Cuddle Buddle Bunch
  • Amore Galore Store
  • Charm Alarm Army
  • Kiss Bliss List
  • Woo-Woos and Boos
  • Smoochy Poochy Poo!
  • Lovestruck Truck
  • Sweet Tweets Meet
  • Flirty Birds Flock
  • Huggy Buggy Buddies
  • Cherub’s Chubby Chums
  • Heartfelt Helter-Skelters
  • Crush Rush Brunch
  • Swoon Buffoons Balloon


Valentine’s Day is perfect for spreading love and laughter and creating lasting memories.

Whether hosting a party or just spending time with loved ones, adding humor can make the celebration even more special.

From “Cupid’s Crush Cocktail” to “Adore, Amuse, and Applause,” we hope this list of funny party and drink names adds a dash of joy to your festivities. 

So, pick your favorite names from this list, raise a glass, and toast to a Valentine’s Day filled with love and laughter!

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