Funny Korean Names [550+ Clever Ideas]

Funny Korean Names
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Korean names, rich in cultural heritage and meaning, serve as a fascinating gateway into a world where language meets tradition. Steeped in history, these names often combine unique sounds and deep meanings, offering a glimpse into the values and aspirations of Korean society. 

Beyond their traditional elegance, Korean names have a lighter side that’s entertaining and endearing.

From funny names for individuals and pets to quirky names for businesses and teams, we’ve curated a collection that celebrates the playful spirit of Korean naming customs. 

Join us as we unveil a side of Korean names that will inform and bring a smile to your face!

Funny Korean Names (With Meanings)

Funny Korean Names infographic

Korean names can be a source of amusement when they playfully intersect with words from other languages or when their meanings bring a smile.

Imagine names that, when translated, sound whimsical or unexpectedly funny.

These names, while charming, carry a sense of cultural identity and linguistic creativity. 

In this section, each name is unique, offering a blend of humor and heritage.

1. Bada – “Ocean”: Picture someone named ‘Ocean’ trying to learn to swim.

2. Chingu – “Friend”: Imagine calling your buddy ‘Friend’ every time.

3. Haneul – “Sky”: For the one who’s always daydreaming.

4. Jinju – “Pearl”: Perfect for someone who’s a rare find.

5. Miso – “Smile”: Can’t help but grin when calling them.

6. Nari – “Lily”: For someone as delicate as a flower.

7. Sarang – “Love”: Always a heart-warmer.

8. Taeyang – “Sun”: For the one who lights up the room.

9. Uju – “Universe”: For those with out-of-this-world ideas.

10. Yeonghon – “Spirit”: Spooky or spirited? You decide.

11. Jangmi – “Rose”: Thorny or charming?

12. Haengbok – “Happiness”: Always brings a smile.

13. Gureum – “Cloud”: For the daydreamer.

14. Byeol – “Star”: Shines bright, even in the dark.

15. Dongsaeng – “Younger Sibling”: Confusing at family gatherings.

16. Hosu – “Lake”: Calm and peaceful, most of the time.

17. Noori – “World”: Has a global perspective.

18. Bit – “Light”: The one who brightens up your day.

19. Baram – “Wind”: Always moving, never still.

20. Haru – “Day”: Bright and cheerful every day.

Funny Korean Names Ideas List

Funny Korean Names Ideas List

When it comes to creating a list of funny Korean name ideas, the key is to blend humor with simplicity.

These names might play on words, connect with everyday objects, or just sound amusing to non-Korean ears. 

Ideal for characters in a story, pets, or even nicknames, these names are crafted to lighten the mood.

  • Kimchi
  • Bibimbap
  • Soju
  • Bulgogi
  • Tteokbokki
  • Jjajang
  • Samgyeopsal
  • Gimbap
  • Makgeolli
  • Hangul
  • Kkoch
  • Yeogi
  • Aegyo
  • Podo
  • Choco
  • Bingsu
  • Nori
  • Hobak
  • Mandu
  • Dalgona
  • Gochu
  • Hoppang
  • Sundae
  • Jokbal
  • Ojingeo
  • Gamja
  • Danmuji
  • Yujacha
  • Ssamjang
  • Nurungji
  • Dakgangjeong
  • Hotteok
  • Gyeran
  • Omija
  • Yeontan

Funny Korean Names for Girls

Funny Korean Names for Girls

Korean names for girls often have beautiful meanings, but there’s room for humor, too.

These names are chosen for their light-hearted nature, often bringing a chuckle or a smile. 

They blend cuteness and fun, perfect for a girl with a sparkling personality. 

  • Ha-Neul
  • Ji-A
  • Soo-Min
  • Ye-Eun
  • Min-Seo
  • Ji-Yoo
  • Eun-Bi
  • Soo-Jin
  • Hyun-A
  • Yoon-Seo
  • Mi-Sun
  • Ji-Won
  • Soo-Ah
  • Hye-Jin
  • Sun-Hee
  • Ye-Ji
  • Min-Ji
  • Eun-Kyung
  • Ji-Hye
  • Yoo-Jin
  • Seo-Yeon
  • Hae-Won
  • Soo-Yeon
  • Ji-Soo
  • Yoo-Mi
  • Hye-Mi
  • Eun-Ji
  • Soo-Mi
  • Mi-Yeon
  • Yeon-Hee
  • Ji-Yeon
  • Hye-Won
  • Yoo-Na
  • Seo-Hyun
  • Hye-Rin

Funny Korean Names for Boys

Funny Korean Names for Boys

Selecting Korean names for boys often embodies strength and character.

However, humor also finds its way into these names, adding a layer of fun and uniqueness. These names are chosen for their amusing sound or meaning, creating a memorable impression. 

A blend of traditional Korean culture with a twist of humor, perfect for adding a bit of cheer to everyday life.

Bam – Night, for the boy who loves staying up late.

Dong – East, for the one always looking forward.

Hoon – Teaching, for the know-it-all in the group.

Jae – Talent, ironically for the jack of all trades.

Ki – Rising, for the early bird.

Min – Clever, for the witty one.

Seok – Stone, for the unmovable and strong.

Shin – Belief, for the optimist.

Tae – Great, for the one with grand dreams.

Woo – Rain, for the boy who loves cloudy days.

Yul – Passion, for the enthusiastic spirit.

Bong – Mythical bird, for the dreamer.

Chul – Iron, for the tough and resilient.

Do – Path, for the adventurer.

Gyu – Standard, for the rule-follower.

Hyun – Virtuous, for the model citizen.

Joon – Handsome, for the charmer.

Kwang – Light, for the bright mind.

Man – Fullness, for the contented soul.

Nam – South, for the explorer.

Sang – Mutual, for the team player.

Soo – Long life, for the eternal optimist.

Uk – Rising, for the aspiring star.

Won – Round, for the well-rounded personality.

Yong – Brave, for the fearless adventurer.

Chan – Zen, for the calm presence.

Dae – Greatness, for the ambitious one.

Gil – Road, for the journeyman.

Hak – Learning, for the eternal student.

Jung – Righteous, for the fair-minded.

Funny Korean Names for Dogs

Funny Korean Names for Dogs

Korean dog names can be as unique and amusing as their human counterparts. These names are chosen for their fun sound and easy pronunciation, making them perfect for a beloved pet.

They reflect the playful nature of dogs, each name bringing a smile and a sense of joy. 

Nod to the delightful companionship dogs offer, with a hint of Korean culture.

Bokki – Luck, for the fortunate pup.

Choco – Sweet, for the chocolate-lover.

Dubi – Doubt, for the skeptical dog.

Eun – Silver, for the shiny-coated friend.

Gom – Bear, for the cuddly pet.

Hee – Joy, for the cheerful canine.

In – Human, for the dog who thinks he’s people.

Jip – Home, for the homebody hound.

Kkum – Dream, for the sleepyhead.

Mong – Ignorance, for the blissfully unaware.

Nal – Day, for the everyday companion.

Podo – Grape, for the sweet little one.

Roo – Flow, for the go-with-the-flow pup.

Sari – New, for the fresh addition.

Tori – Bird, for the swift runner.

Udon – Noodle, for the wiggly pooch.

Yori – Cooking, for the food-loving dog.

Bori – Barley, for the rustic rover.

Dori – Road, for the adventurous walker.

Hani – Honey, for the sweet-natured.

Jini – Genie, for the magical mutt.

Koni – Cone, for the mischievous.

Mimi – Ears, for the perky-eared pup.

Nabi – Butterfly, for the fluttering tail.

Pari – Fairy, for the enchanting one.

Rami – Branch, for the tree-chaser.

Sunni – Pure, for the innocent soul.

Tulip – Flower, for the blooming buddy.

Uri – We, for the inseparable companion.

Yumi – Beauty, for the graceful dog.

Funny Korean Names for Tall People

Funny Korean Names for Tall People

Naming tall people with funny Korean names can be a light-hearted way to celebrate their height.

These names are selected for their humorous connection to height, adding a playful element to their stature. 

Here, names are a quirky celebration of being tall, integrating Korean culture into a unique form of expression.

Goliath – Giant, for the towering figure.

Haneuli – Sky-high, for the one reaching the clouds.

Jangin – Giant, for the impressively tall.

Kkachi – Magpie, for the one who stands out.

Maunti – Mountain, for the peak-like presence.

Nopi – Height, for the one who measures up.

San – Mountain, for the elevated one.

Taepung – Typhoon, for the towering storm.

Ujuin – Astronaut, for the space-reaching height.

Yeosan – Range, for the long and tall.

Bulbit – Firefly, for the light-up-top.

Dara – Tower, for the skyscraping individual.

Gilja – Long road, for the lengthy journey.

Hwansang – Illusion, for the seemingly endless.

Jangsu – Longevity, for the endless height.

Kkotdae – Flower stand, for the towering bloom.

Meoru – Summit, for the top-reaching one.

Namu – Tree, for the forest-like stature.

Punggyeong – Scenery, for the picturesque height.

Suta – Star, for the star-reaching height.

Taesan – Big mountain, for the grand height.

Unjang – Measuring tape, for the measure of height.

Yeorum – Summer, for the long days.

Bada – Sea, for the depth and breadth.

Donghae – East Sea, for the expansive reach.

Gongwon – Park, for the wide-open space.

Haneulbada – Sky Sea, for the limitless height.

Jinheung – Prosperity, for the towering success.

Kkumjang – Dream height, for the aspirational stature.

Nara – Country, for the wide-reaching presence.

Funny Korean Names for Short People

Choosing names for short people who are humorous and affectionate can add a fun twist to their identity. They reflect the charm and uniqueness of being compact in stature, blending humor with a touch of sweetness. 

Each name is a nod to their delightful presence, offering a whimsical view of their world.

Kkoma – Little one, for the pint-sized charmer.

Jageun – Tiny, for someone with a big personality in a small package.

Mandu – Dumpling, for the cute and cuddly.

Danji – Shorty, for the one who’s always within reach.

Nanjang – Shorty, a playful nod to their compact stature.

Jjanggu – Kiddo, for the forever young at heart.

Sooni – Petite, celebrating their dainty size.

Hobit – Hobbit, for the fantasy lover with small stature.

Mini – Mini, for the small but mighty.

Chingu – Buddy, for the small friend with a big heart.

Jokki – Small cup, for the one who’s just the right size.

Suni – Tiny, for the one who’s small but full of spirit.

Jebi – Swallow, for the swift and small.

Ttungi – Peanut, for the tiny but tough.

Mijik – Short, for the one who’s compact and cool.

Ggamjjik – Tiny, for the adorably small one.

Aengmu – Sparrow, for the small and lively.

Kkachi – Magpie, for the small bird with a big voice.

Jaljang – Well-sized, for the perfectly petite.

Bijit – Midget, a playful term for the fun-sized friend.

Ggumteul – Sprout, for the little one with big dreams.

Sogum – Salt, for the essential and small.

Bbalgan – Tiny Red, for the little one with fiery spirit.

Kkuljaem – Fun Size, for the pocket-sized bundle of joy.

Nanu – Miniature, for the small but complete.

Dakji – Little one, for the tiny trendsetter.

Jageuk – Tiny, for the small but impactful.

Huchu – Little Tiger, for the small but fierce.

Kkulbam – Sweet Night, for the small dreamer.

Nancho – Shorty, for the little one with a big presence.

Funny Korean Restaurant Names

Funny Korean Restaurant Names

The name of a Korean restaurant can set the tone for the dining experience. These names are inspired by Korean words and dishes, twisted into playful and memorable names. 

Humorous and catchy names can make a restaurant stand out, attracting customers with a promise of fun and good food. 

  • KimchiKraze
  • BulgogiBliss
  • SojuSpot
  • BibimBash
  • GalbiGiggles
  • JjajangJoy
  • TteokTwist
  • ManduMania
  • HobakHaven
  • BanchanBonanza
  • GochuGrill
  • SamgyupsalSoiree
  • DakGalbiDelight
  • JapchaeJamboree
  • SundubuSmiles
  • DoenjangDive
  • GimbapGalore
  • NaengmyeonNook
  • HotteokHut
  • BingsuBungalow
  • DdeokbokkiDen
  • KkochiCorner
  • MakgeolliMeadow
  • YukgaejangYard
  • HangoverHaunt
  • PajeonPalace
  • AnjuAlley
  • GukbapGrove
  • SsambapShack
  • JeonJunction

Funny Korean Food Names

Picking Korean food names can be a source of amusement, especially when they are played with to create funny and catchy titles.

These names take inspiration from traditional Korean dishes, adding a whimsical twist that makes them memorable and fun. 

They’re a playful take on Korean cuisine’s rich and diverse flavors, perfect for sparking curiosity and a good laugh.

  • GigglyGim
  • BouncyBibimbap
  • SillySamgyeopsal
  • JollyJapchae
  • WackyKimchi
  • HappyHotteok
  • DancingDdeok
  • LaughingBulgogi
  • ChucklesChapssal
  • GrinningGalbi
  • SmileySoondae
  • CheekyChimaek
  • GleefulGochujang
  • FunkyFriedChicken
  • TickledTteokbokki
  • MerryMandu
  • JoyfulJjajang
  • GigglesGuk
  • ChortlingChijimi
  • SnickersSamgyetang
  • KookyKalguksu
  • ZanyZzim
  • QuirkyKkakdugi
  • PeppyPajeon
  • LivelyYukgaejang
  • PlayfulPatbingsu
  • RoflRiceCake
  • JovialJeonbokjuk
  • HilariousHobakjuk
  • GuffawsGalbijjim

Funny Korean Team Names

Funny Korean Team Names

Team names are a fantastic way to add a dash of humor and camaraderie to any group activity.

These names blend aspects of Korean culture, language, and popular phrases with a twist of humor, perfect for sports teams, study groups, or even office project teams. 

They’re meant to be light-hearted and memorable, fostering a sense of unity and a good laugh.

  • KimchiKickers
  • BulgogiBrigade
  • SojuSquad
  • GangnamGamers
  • HallyuHeroes
  • TteokbokkiTroop
  • MakgeolliMavericks
  • HanbokHustlers
  • K-PopKrushers
  • BanchanBandits
  • JjajangJokers
  • GalbiGladiators
  • DolsotDynamos
  • JeonJugglers
  • SamgyeopsalSprinters
  • GimbapGang
  • DakgangjeongDaredevils
  • PajeonProwlers
  • HotteokHunters
  • YukgaejangYahoos
  • BingsuBlasters
  • JapchaeJesters
  • SundubuSnipers
  • GochujangGliders
  • NaengmyeonNinjas
  • AnjuAvengers
  • KkochiKnights
  • HobakHeroes
  • PatbingsuPirates
  • BulgogiBombers

Cute Korean Names

Cute names are carefully selected for their delightful sound and heartwarming meanings, perfect for people and pets alike. 

Whether it’s for a newborn, a beloved pet, or even a character in a story, these names bring a touch of cuteness and affection.

  • Bomi – Springtime
  • Choon-Hee – Spring girl
  • Dae – The great one
  • Eun – Silver
  • Hana – One
  • Ina – Grace
  • Jae – Talent
  • Kwan – Strong
  • Mee – Beauty
  • Nari – Lily
  • Oori – We
  • Pabi – Butterfly
  • Ran – Orchid
  • Seulgi – Wisdom
  • Taeyeon – Calm
  • U-Yeong – Glory
  • Woo – Rain
  • Yeo – Mildness
  • Zin – Treasure
  • Byul – Star
  • Cho – Beautiful
  • Doori – Two
  • Eunji – Kindness
  • Gyuri – Shining
  • Hei – Grace
  • Ji-A – Wisdom and Love
  • Ki – Rising
  • Mi-Cha – Beautiful girl
  • Noori – World
  • Pyeong – Peace

Cool Korean Names

Coolness in Korean names often carries a sense of style, modernity, and a certain edge.

These names are chosen for their strong meanings and contemporary feel, making them stand out in a crowd. 

Perfect for individuals who embody a sense of coolness and charisma. 

  • Baek – White
  • Cheol – Iron
  • Dong – East
  • Hwan – Bright
  • Jin – Treasure
  • Kyung – Respect
  • Min – Clever
  • Seo – Auspicious
  • Tae – Great
  • Yong – Dragon
  • Zun – Talented
  • Chul – Firm
  • Do-Hyun – Wise
  • Gook – Nation
  • Hyun – Virtuous
  • Jae-Hwa – Respect and beauty
  • Ki-Joon – Rising sun
  • Myung – Bright
  • Nam – South
  • Seung – Winning
  • Won – First
  • Yun – Cloud
  • Bae – Inspiration
  • Chan – Zen
  • Dae-Ho – Greatness
  • Gun – Strength
  • Hyeon – Worthy
  • Ji-Hun – Wisdom and favor
  • Kyu – Standard
  • Mun – Literate


From ‘Bada’ evoking the adventurous spirit of the ocean to ‘GigglyGim’ capturing the essence of culinary delight, each name holds a unique story.

They bridge language and culture, bringing a smile and a deeper appreciation for the creativity embedded in Korean naming traditions. 

Whether seeking a cute, cool, or funny name, these selections offer a wonderful starting point. For those looking for a standout choice, consider ‘Taeyang’ for its radiance or ‘BouncyBibimbap’ for its playful energy. 

These names are conversation starters, a way to celebrate identity with humor and heart. Embrace these gems and let them inspire your own creative naming journey.

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