Funny Names for Guitars That’ll Strike a Chord

Funny Names for Guitars
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Choosing the right name for your guitar can be as tricky as learning that first chord. But who said naming has to be serious? Why not a dash of humor? In this article, we’ll explore a medley of amusing names for your guitar, decoded with their meanings. 

We have curated lists for general funnysuggestions, as well as names that befit female and male guitars. Whether you’re searching for a light-hearted name or one with a gendered twist, we’ve got you strumming in the right direction. 

Let’s make naming your six-string a laughing matter!

Funny Guitar Names (With Meanings)

Funny Names for Guitars (With Meanings) infographic

When it comes to naming your guitar, no rule says it has to be serious. Why not spice things up with a humorous twist? A quirky name can add a unique character to your instrument and make it even more memorable. 

Below, we have crafted a list of 20 names that are sure to bring a grin to your face every time you pick up your six-string.

1. Strum Buzzy – Perfect for the guitar that always keeps the buzz alive in every jam session.

2. Stringy McStringface – Whimsical choice for those who love a playful twist on naming conventions.

3. Plucky Charm – This name shines for guitars that seem to bring good fortune with every chord.

4. Sir Strum-a-Lot – A regal name for the guitar that deserves a noble title for its majestic sounds.

5. Chordi B – A modern spin for the hip, contemporary guitar that’s always in the limelight.

6. Frettie Mercury – For the guitar that champions rock and always steals the show.

7. Tunasaurus Rex – A blast from the past; ideal for the vintage guitar with an ancient roar.

8. Pickle String – Quirky choice for the instrument that adds a tangy twist to every tune.

9. Fretlock Holmes – For the keen guitar with a sharp ear and a detective’s intuition for music.

10. Darth Fretter – Suited for a guitar with a sound so powerful, it feels like it’s from a galaxy far, far away.

11. Six-String Sling – A great fit for the agile guitar that’s always ready to swing into action.

12. Laughlodyte – Ideal for the humorous guitar that’s always the life of the party.

13. Strumshine – That brings rays of joy and sunshine with every strum.

14. Gigglesmith – Name befitting a guitar that crafts laughs as effortlessly as tunes.

15. Melody Mischief – For the playful guitar always up for a bit of musical tomfoolery.

16. Pluck Rogers – Best for the futuristic guitar, ready to take on intergalactic jams.

17. Captain Chordbeard – Fitted for a guitar with a commanding presence and a love for high-sea harmonies.

18. Strumble Bee – Guitar that flits between tunes with the grace and buzz of a bee.

19. Wooed Whisper – Gentle name for the guitar whose soft tunes can charm anyone within earshot.

20. Laughing Lute – Ideal for an instrument that ensures there’s always a touch of joy in its melodies.

Funny Names for Guitars Ideas List

Funny Names for Guitars Ideas List

Giving your guitar a fun, memorable name can be an exciting adventure! Think of it as adding a dash of personality to your cherished instrument.

A good name can become a conversation starter or just make you smile during practice. Ready for some inspiration? 

Check out this extensive list of 60 comical guitar names, perfect for any personality:

  • Plucky McPluckface
  • Strumminator
  • Giggle Wire
  • Sir Pluckalot
  • Tune Tangler
  • Chuckle Chord
  • Groovy Stringbean
  • Woo Woo Woo-er
  • Pluckzilla
  • The Strumsum Game
  • Sir Gigglestring
  • Melody Maverick
  • E-string Einstein
  • Gigglystringer
  • Tickle Tune
  • Strumbrella
  • Wooed Warrior
  • Twinglestar
  • Sir Woo-a-Lot
  • Laugh-ody
  • Twinkle Toon
  • Woo-hoo Woo-er
  • The Chuckling Chord
  • Giggle Grinder
  • Pluckaroo
  • Sir Strummington
  • Woo-meister
  • Chuckling Chordster
  • Harmony Hoot
  • Chucklodyte
  • Woo Woo Warrior
  • Melody Muse
  • Giggly Goose
  • Strumbleupon
  • Captain Woo Woo
  • Woo-strummer
  • Giggle Gadget
  • Woo-winder
  • Chord Chuckler
  • Woo Woo Wagon
  • Sir Woo Woo
  • String-a-Ling
  • Melody Mingle
  • Woo-tastic Toon
  • Giggle Guider
  • Woo-wagon
  • Chuckle Chaser
  • Strumming Sparrow
  • Woo Woo Wizard
  • Chucklestring Chief
  • Wooed Wonder
  • Giggle Giggler
  • Woo-woo Woofer
  • Captain Chucklechord
  • Woo Woo Wanderer
  • Giggle Groover
  • Woo Wizard
  • Woo Woo Woofer
  • Chuckle Charmer
  • Woo-struck

Funny Names for Female Guitars

Funny Names for Female Guitars

Naming your guitar can be just as personalized as naming a pet or even a child. If you’ve got a feminine guitar that’s begging for a quirky, fun moniker, you’re in luck!

From names inspired by famous women to playful puns, we have a list that’s bound to have the perfect fit. 

Here are comical and endearing names specially crafted for female guitars:

  • Strumming Sue
  • Lady Lute-laugh
  • Giggly Greta
  • Plucky Penny
  • Chordelia
  • Laugh-ody Lisa
  • Melody Mona
  • Strummin’ Stella
  • Harmony Hannah
  • Pluckrose
  • Tootsie Tune
  • Woo Woo Wendy
  • Lullaby Lucy
  • Jivin’ Jane
  • Belle of the Ballad
  • Fretful Fiona
  • Giggle Gemma
  • Songbird Sally
  • Chuckle Cher
  • Dolly Strumshine
  • Beat Betty
  • Note Nora
  • Melodic Mandy
  • Riff Ruby
  • Lively Lydia
  • Pluck-Pet Patty
  • Woo Woo Wanda
  • Fretfancy Faye
  • Lively Lulu
  • Harmony Harriet
  • Tina Twingle
  • Dainty Donna Strum
  • Giggly Grace
  • Riffing Rita
  • Twinkle Tess
  • Serenading Sarah
  • Belle Beat
  • Tune-ful Tina
  • Melody Mia
  • Harmony Heidi
  • Beat Bessie
  • Lively Lana
  • Strumming Sheila
  • Plucky Paula
  • Tune-tastic Tasha
  • Jammin’ Julie
  • Musical Marge
  • Groovy Gloria
  • Laughing Linda
  • Ballad Barb

Funny Names for Male Guitars

Funny Names for Male Guitars

For all the guys out there with guitars, naming your instrument can add a touch of humor to your jam sessions.

Male guitars deserve names that resonate with machismo yet with a light-hearted twist. 

Dive into our list of amusing names that are perfect for giving your male guitar a personality all its own:

  • Strumming Steve
  • Riffing Rick
  • Groovy Greg
  • Plucky Pete
  • Melodic Mike
  • Jammin’ Joe
  • Ballad Bob
  • Tune Tony
  • Lively Larry
  • Chuckling Chuck
  • Beat Billy
  • Harmony Hank
  • Jolly Jim
  • Laughing Luke
  • Riff Rob
  • Melody Matt
  • Jamming Jack
  • Woo Woo Walter
  • Fretful Frank
  • Giggly George
  • Tune-tastic Tom
  • Sir Strumalot
  • Musical Mark
  • Note Nick
  • Beatbox Barry
  • Rhythmic Ron
  • Groove Gary
  • Chuckle Charlie
  • Jive Jerry
  • Pluckaroo Paul
  • Beat Buddy Ben
  • Laughing Leroy
  • Giddy Gus
  • Harmony Harry
  • Jammin’ Jake
  • Musical Max
  • Riffing Ray
  • Beatbox Blake
  • Strumming Sam
  • Woo Woo Will
  • Fretmaster Fred
  • Groove Garry
  • Jammin’ Justin
  • Note Neil
  • Plucky Phil
  • Riff Rex
  • Songsmith Scott
  • Woo Woo Wayne
  • Lively Lester
  • Groovin’ Gavin

For more ideas, check out these


Whether you’re leaning towards a playful pun, a contemporary spin, or a quirky twist, each name brings its own flavor and personality to your instrument. 

If you’re in a pickle about which to choose, consider the nature of your guitar or reflect on its special quirks. Perhaps “Pickle String” or “Laughlodyte” might just strike the right chord.

Whatever you decide, let it be a name that resonates with you, making every strum, pluck, and chord a memorable experience. 

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