Funny Panda Names (Hilarious Ideas)

Funny Panda Names
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When you gaze at a panda, have you ever pondered what comical moniker would suit it best? Names are more than just labels; they carry meaning, character, and often a dash of humor. 

In this article, we’ll unravel a collection of humorous panda names, complete with their amusing interpretations. Whether you’re curious about male, female, or even adorable baby panda appellations, we’ve got you covered. 

Get ready to explore a name treasury that’s as delightful as these black and white beauties themselves!

Funny Panda Names (With Meanings)

Funny Panda Names infographic

Who doesn’t love the adorable, roly-poly presence of pandas? These creatures exude charm and warmth, and naming them can be a delightful exercise.

If you’re on the hunt for names that reflect their fun-loving nature, you’re in the right place. 

Below is a curated list of twenty names designed to capture the whimsical essence of these magnificent bears.

1. Pandarazzi: Inspired by the world of flashing cameras, this name captures the attention-loving side of a panda that’s always in the limelight.

2. Bambuzzle: An imaginative fusion of bamboo and puzzle, Bambuzzle evokes the curious nature of pandas trying to solve life’s little mysteries.

3. Fluffernut: This endearing term highlights a panda’s fluffy exterior while hinting at their nutty, unpredictable antics.

4. Cuddlenook: Perfect for that panda who seeks out cozy corners, yearning for warmth and snuggles amidst serene settings.

5. Pandalore: Echoing tales and legends, Pandalore suggests a panda with a story to tell, possibly an old soul in a furry body.

6. Bambino: Drawing from Italian roots, this name paints a picture of a young, spirited panda ready to embark on life’s adventures.

7. Snugglebear: A moniker that instantly brings to mind a panda who loves affection, embracing moments of tenderness and comfort.

8. Pandango: A lively twist, imagining a panda with rhythm in its paws, dancing the day away with enthusiasm.

9. Tumbleboo: Apt for that clumsy yet adorable panda, always rolling and tumbling, yet landing in our hearts with every move.

10. Puddlepaw: Think of rain-drenched meadows and a panda leaving cute, wet footprints behind; that’s Puddlepaw for you.

11. Gigglemuff: A name that evokes laughter, ideal for the panda with a knack for bringing joy and chuckles wherever it goes.

12. Swooshfur: Envision a panda with swift grace, moving through the forest with a breezy elegance that’s hard to miss.

13. Puffle: Short, sweet, and evocative, this name encapsulates the soft, rounded charm of our favorite bear.

14. Beargle: Combining bear-like steadiness with the agility of an eagle, Beargle suggests a panda with a keen, observant nature.

15. Bamboogie: For the panda that grooves and sways, this name captures the spirit of a bear that dances to its tunes.

16. Pandalight: Illuminating our world with its presence, this name mirrors the glowing aura of a truly special panda.

17. Rumbletum: Think of a panda with a hearty appetite whose tummy rumbles echo through the serene landscapes.

18. Snoozepuff: Conjuring images of a panda that loves its nap time, finding bliss in moments of restful slumber.

19. Whiskerwobble: For those pandas with twitching whiskers, always sensing, always curious, making them irresistibly cute.

20. Fuzzball: Embodying the round, fluffy essence of a panda, this name is a nod to their soft, huggable nature.

Funny Panda Names Ideas List

Funny Panda Names Ideas List

We have ventured into the playful side of creativity to bring you a list of sixty names that would be perfect for any panda, whether it’s your favorite zoo animal or a cuddly toy in your bedroom.

  • Bambooster
  • Pandapop
  • Fuzzywinks
  • Snoozleberry
  • Gigglesnort
  • Puffington
  • BambooBounce
  • Fluffington
  • Jigglepanda
  • Chucklechub
  • Pandalume
  • Snugglepuff
  • Bambam
  • Puffypaws
  • Muffintop
  • Gigglefoot
  • Fluffaroo
  • Pandoodle
  • Nuzzlebear
  • Puffletoes
  • Whiskerwiggle
  • Pandalump
  • Twinkletoes
  • Nappyfur
  • Jollyboo
  • Tumblefluff
  • Bumblebear
  • Pandazzle
  • Fluffmuff
  • Pandalight
  • Jigglejub
  • Cuddlebump
  • Wobblewhisk
  • Chuckletoes
  • Gigglyboo
  • Puddlepuff
  • Fuzzledoodle
  • Bambamboo
  • Pandalicous
  • Gigglypuff
  • Tumblebumble
  • Snuggletoes
  • Giggleberry
  • Puffapanda
  • Whiskerbounce
  • Snoozlewinks
  • Pandaloom
  • Nuzzlebumble
  • Flufflepuff
  • Chucklewinks
  • Bumblepaws
  • Jigglejub
  • Pandalooma
  • Whiskerjiggle
  • Puffleberry
  • Gigglysnort
  • Nuzzlewuzzle
  • Fuzzlesnort
  • Pandalight

Funny Male Panda Names

Funny Panda Names (With Meanings)

Pandas, with their big eyes and gentle demeanor, are undeniably some of the most beloved animals on the planet.

When it comes to naming male pandas, adding a dash of humor can be the perfect way to highlight their playful antics and delightful personalities. 

If you seek whimsical names for the male panda in your life (or your imagination), you’ll find ample inspiration below.

  • Sir Bamboozle
  • Puffster
  • NoodleBear
  • Bambro
  • PandaGent
  • Wobbleton
  • Mr. Fluffyfeet
  • BubbaBear
  • Pandsome
  • BumbleBro
  • Nuzzlenose
  • Sir Snoozalot
  • Pandalord
  • JesterBear
  • BamBam
  • Baron Fluff
  • Mr. Pandalino
  • RumbleRoo
  • Fuzzington
  • Panderino
  • JigglyJaws
  • Sir Cuddlebunch
  • Fluffmeister
  • Bambrother
  • Pandalad
  • WhiskerWiz
  • Cuddlesworth
  • Lord Puffington
  • RollyPoly
  • DapperDoodle
  • PuffyPrince
  • Sir Chuckleton
  • WhiskerWanderer
  • BamKing
  • FuzzBro
  • Pandariffic
  • Sir Pandalot
  • GiggleGuru
  • Baron Bamboozler
  • Fluffnstuff
  • BubbaBoo
  • PuffDuke
  • WhiskerWhiz
  • DoodleDuke
  • Pandaloompa
  • GiggleGent
  • PuffPanda
  • WhiskerWander
  • Mr. Fuzzalicious
  • Bambassador
  • PuffinPal
  • JollyJester
  • Sir Snuggleface
  • FluffFellow
  • Pandabuddy
  • JiggleJaw
  • Baron Bumble
  • GiggleGuy
  • Pandaloomer
  • WhiskerWizard

Funny Female Panda Names

Funny Female Panda Names

Naming female pandas is equally exciting, if not more. Their gentle grace, combined with their comical frolics, offers a beautiful canvas for humorous names.

To capture the essence of female pandas, the names listed below blend elegance, wit, and sheer fun. 

Dive in and explore names that perfectly capture the female panda’s spirit.

  • Miss Bamboola
  • PuffPrincess
  • Pandarella
  • Fluffarella
  • BambiBelle
  • Pandiva
  • GigglyGal
  • Lady Puffington
  • WhiskerWench
  • Miss Puffalot
  • CuddleQueen
  • Pandalina
  • Bambabe
  • GiggleGoddess
  • WhiskerWink
  • DoodleDuchess
  • Pandalore
  • Miss Fluffington
  • JiggleJewel
  • Bamblossom
  • Puffette
  • CuddleCrown
  • Miss Pandamonium
  • Lady FuzzFeet
  • WhiskerWish
  • FluffFairy
  • DoodleDame
  • GiggleGem
  • Bambalina
  • Lady Pandalove
  • Miss Snugglebunch
  • PuffPetal
  • FluffFlower
  • Bamberry
  • WhiskerWonder
  • Pandarina
  • PuffPlume
  • GigglyGlow
  • DoodleDoll
  • Miss Pandalight
  • JiggleJoy
  • Lady Lullaby
  • FluffFrost
  • Bambabeauty
  • WhiskerWave
  • Pandalume
  • GiggleGleam
  • DoodleDiva
  • PuffParadise
  • WhiskerWhirl
  • Miss Munchalot
  • JiggleJewel
  • Lady Laughalot
  • FluffFlicker
  • Pandapetal
  • GiggleGlimmer
  • WhiskerWaltz
  • DoodleDazzle
  • PuffPrism
  • Pandalight

Funny Baby Panda Names

Funny Baby Panda Names

Baby pandas are nature’s little bundles of joy, tumbling around with a cuteness that’s hard to resist.

Their innocent eyes and tiny paws demand names that are as endearing as their mischievous antics. 

If you’re seeking names that encapsulate baby pandas’ giggly, playful spirit, this list is specially tailored for you.

  • Pipsqueak
  • TinyTumble
  • Bambinozle
  • Fluffkin
  • Pandalumpkin
  • Wobbletot
  • Pufflette
  • Jigglebean
  • MiniMunch
  • Bittyboo
  • Pandapoppy
  • Snugglenugget
  • Whiskerling
  • Doodlebug
  • Pandalittle
  • Flufflepuff
  • Tumbletot
  • CuddleCub
  • Puffpebble
  • BamBubba
  • Whiskerwidget
  • Gigglebud
  • Pandaling
  • Fuzzbud
  • Jigglejelly
  • NuzzleNiblet
  • TinyTwinkle
  • Bambaby
  • Littlesnort
  • MiniMuff
  • Puffpumpkin
  • Whiskerwhip
  • Fluffernutter
  • Pandalollipop
  • BamBitty
  • Jigglyjunior
  • Pandapeanut
  • Cuddlekins
  • Bambamboolet
  • Puffpetite
  • Jigglepip
  • TinyTickle
  • Flufflet
  • Pandalightful
  • Whiskerwhiff
  • Littlenuzzle
  • MiniMoose
  • Puffpinch
  • Pandalilypad
  • Cuddlechirp
  • Bambobble
  • Whiskerwiglet
  • Jigglejam
  • Puffpocket
  • Snuggleseed


While the provided list offers a treasure trove of choices, zeroing in on “Pandarazzi,” “Bambuzzle,” or “Fluffernut” might give you a delightful edge, capturing both humor and endearment.

Consider the panda’s unique quirks, embrace creativity, and let the list above inspire your final choice.

After all, the right title will make you smile and encapsulate these delightful creatures’ enchanting spirit.

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