200+ Funny Names for Teddy Bears

Funny Names for Teddy Bears
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Ever stared at that fluffy companion on your bed and thought, “Your name could be so much cooler…and funnier!”? You’re not alone! 

Our teddy bears are there for us during our best and worst times, and they absolutely deserve a name that brings a smile. If you’ve ever struggled to find the perfect name for your furry friend, fret not! This list of quirky, funny teddy bear names is just for you. 

And trust me, some of these will have you chuckling every time you call out to your stuffed buddy.

Funny Names for Teddy Bears (With Meanings)

Funny Names for Teddy Bears infographic

Finding the perfect name for your teddy bear can be a delightful experience. After all, teddies are more than just toys; they’re companions that deserve names as unique and quirky as they are. 

Let’s dive into our top 25 names for that lovable teddy in your life:

1. Bear-y McBearFace: A playful spin on the “McFace” internet trend, this name’s perfect for teddies with big personalities!

2. Fuzzlord: For that teddy who rules your heart (and the fuzzy kingdom).

3. CuddleMonster: This one’s all love and warmth, especially during those midnight snuggles.

4. Sir Fluffalot: With a dignified demeanor and a heart of gold, this teddy’s nobility shines.

5. BearNecessities: Inspired by the famous Jungle Book song, it’s for the bear that’s essential in your life.

6. Hug-o-nator: A teddy with an endless supply of hugs, always ready to comfort.

7. Chewbacca: Perfect for the teddy that reminds you of the Star Wars Wookiee – strong, silent, and loyal.

8. Bearlock Holmes: A teddy with an inquisitive nature, always on the lookout for bedtime mysteries.

9. Teddy Spaghetti: This one’s for bears with long limbs or perhaps those with an Italian flair!

10. Snugglestein: With a name like this, expect scholarly discussions during cuddle sessions.

11. Bear-gundy: Best for a teddy with deep red fur or a refined sense of style.

12. Fluffington Post: A name for the teddy that’s always up-to-date with the latest bedtime stories.

13. Teddy Ruxpin-off: A nod to the famous animatronic toy, but with its unique charm.

14. Bearrito: Cozy as a wrapped-up burrito, perfect for snuggling tight.

15. Teddy ToastyBuns: Whether it’s a toasted brown hue or just a warm demeanor, this teddy’s always comfy.

16. Beargle: With sharp observational skills, knows when you need a hug.

17. Mr. Bearious: For the teddy that carries a hint of mystery and intrigue.

18. Beartholomew: Classic and sophisticated, this name for the bear with timeless charm.

19. Teddy Twinkles: Perfect for the teddy that lights up your room with its shimmering eyes and glowing heart.

20. Bearberry Pie: Sweet and delightful, this teddy is as comforting as a slice of homemade pie.

21. Fluffy McSnuggles: The epitome of cuddliness, promises endless warmth and affection.

22. Beary Potter: A magical companion for those who dream of Hogwarts and enchanted forests.

23. Bearack Obearma: Presidential in demeanor, leads with kindness and grace.

24. Teddy BooBoo: Mischievous, always up for some light-hearted fun.

25. Teddy Bear-nado: A whirlwind of joy, energy, and fluff, this teddy’s presence is truly refreshing!

Funny Names for Teddy Bears Ideas List

Funny Names for Teddy Bears Ideas List

Alright, so you’ve browsed our top names, but maybe you’re still searching for that one perfect fit. Or perhaps you’re a teddy bear enthusiast with a growing collection in need of names. 

Don’t worry, and we have an even larger treasure trove of names just waiting to be discovered.

Here’s a list of 60 additional fun names to consider:

  • Bearby Doll
  • Sir Bearington
  • HoneyHugger
  • Teddy Turner
  • Furball Freddy
  • Teddy Tumbler
  • Sir Snugglefest
  • Bear-y Winkle
  • Paws McGraw
  • Cuddlepuss
  • Teddy Tidbit
  • Furry Fizzle
  • Baron von Bear
  • Teddy Tickles
  • Puffy Paws
  • Bearmuda Triangle
  • Beary White
  • Mr. Snuggabear
  • Teddy Softpaws
  • Fluffanutter
  • Bear-y Potter Jr.
  • Snugglebug
  • Bear-a-Lago
  • Grizzle Grin
  • Sir Fuzzypants
  • Beary Bonds
  • Cuddle Commander
  • Teddytopia
  • Honeybear Hugs
  • Teddy Tenderfoot
  • Baroness Bearington
  • Teddy Tango
  • FuzzFace Finn
  • Sir Cuddlesworth
  • Teddytoes
  • Bearmuffin
  • Teddy Trooper
  • Cuddle King
  • Bearbecue
  • Snuggle Squish
  • Teddy Truffle
  • Bearilliant
  • Teddy Tower
  • Cuddle Cub
  • Teddy Toffee
  • Sir Bear-bows
  • Teddy TwoShoes
  • Baron BearBeard
  • Teddy Tinker
  • Bearoon
  • Teddy Twirl
  • Sir Hug-a-lot
  • Teddy Tidewater
  • Beary Bliss
  • Teddy Tangle
  • Bearlicious
  • Mr. Bearoonie
  • Teddy Turvy
  • Bearacle
  • Teddy Tundra

Funny Girls Names for Teddy Bears

Funny Girls Names for Teddy Bears

Teddy bears come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, but sometimes, a teddy just has a vibe that screams “girl power”! 

So, for all the girl teddy bears out there looking for a funny, unique, and charming name, we’ve curated a list of delightful monikers for you:

  • Miss Fluffleton
  • Lady Hug-a-lot
  • Snuggly Sparkles
  • Fuzzabella
  • Cuddlesworth Diva
  • Teddy TwinkleToes
  • Lady Fluffington
  • Miss Bear-Bows
  • Teddy Tiaras
  • Fuzzalina
  • Cuddle Cake
  • Bearbie Doll
  • Teddy Tutu
  • Hugabella
  • Miss HoneyPaws
  • Glitter Grizzle
  • Lacy Snugglebee
  • Teddy Taffy
  • Miss Hugberry
  • Beary Blossom
  • FuzzFairy
  • Lady Bearabelle
  • Teddy Tinsel
  • Miss Fluffernut
  • Cuddle Couture
  • Miss Bearoomerang
  • Hugheart Honey
  • Fuzzy FrouFrou
  • Beary Bowtiful
  • Twirltop Teddy
  • Lady Huggleberry
  • Teddy Tassel
  • Lullaby Lou
  • FuzzFeather
  • Teddy Teacup
  • Lady Lovelocks
  • Miss Bearbubbles
  • Teddy TwinkleBow
  • Fluffy Frills
  • Lady HugHaven
  • Teddy Treasure
  • Cuddlebug Cupcake
  • Miss Moonhug
  • Teddy TinkleStar
  • Fluff Flutterby
  • Teddy Tutti-Fruitti
  • Miss BearBallet
  • Teddy Tumblelina
  • Lady LaceHugs
  • Beary Ballerina
  • Teddy TiaraTwirl
  • FuzzFancy
  • Teddy Trinket
  • HugHarbor Honey
  • Beary Bumblebee
  • Lady HugHorizon
  • Teddy Twirltop
  • Miss Bearbelle
  • Fluffy Fandango
  • BearyBelle Blush

Funny Boys Names for Teddy Bears

Funny Boys Names for Teddy Bears

On the other side of the teddy spectrum, we have the boys – the teddy bears with a hint of mischief in their eyes or maybe an imaginary top hat or tie.

These dapper dudes need fun and fitting names for their distinct personalities. 

For all the boy teddies out there, here’s a list of humorous names that are sure to make you chuckle:

  • Sir Fluffster
  • Teddy Tuxedo
  • Baron Bearington
  • Mr. Snuggs-a-lot
  • FuzzFace Fred
  • Teddy TopHat
  • Lord Huggleworth
  • Cuddle Commander
  • Teddy Tumbles
  • Fluffy Fitz
  • Hugster Hank
  • Mr. BearBoots
  • Teddy TieTwist
  • Lord Fluffington
  • Sir SnuggleStash
  • Baron BearBow
  • Teddy Tinker
  • CuddleCaptain Carl
  • Teddy Tumbleton
  • FuzzFellow Frank
  • Sir Hugsley
  • Teddy Topspin
  • Mr. Muffintop
  • Cuddle King Ken
  • Teddy Trilby
  • Baron BearBlitz
  • Teddy Tumbleweed
  • Sir SnuggleSuit
  • Teddy ToppleTower
  • Lord HugHorizon
  • Mr. BearBrogues
  • Teddy TopDeck
  • Fuzzball Finn
  • Sir HugHook
  • Teddy TangleTwist
  • Baron BearBreeze
  • Teddy TumbleTwist
  • Sir SnuggleSlide
  • Fuzzy Fedora Fred
  • Lord HugHarbor
  • Teddy TwoTie
  • Sir CuddleCrest
  • Teddy TiltTop
  • Mr. BearBlink
  • Teddy TickerTape
  • Sir HugHill
  • Teddy TwillTop
  • Baron BearBrook
  • Sir SnuggleSpin
  • Teddy TopTilt
  • Mr. MuzzleMuff
  • Teddy TasselTip
  • Baron BearBlink
  • Teddy TumbleTop
  • Lord HugHaven
  • Sir CuddleCrown
  • Teddy TangleTop
  • Mr. BearBowtie
  • Sir HugHalo
  • Teddy ToppleTip

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With such a wide array of humorous and whimsical names to choose from, selecting the perfect one might seem daunting.

If it’s a playful Bear-y McBearFace or a dignified Sir Fluffalot, choose a name that makes you smile every time you say it. 

After all, the bond between you and your teddy is special, and the perfect name can make it even more memorable. Happy naming! 

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