250+ Funny Turkey Names

Funny Turkey Names
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Thinking of adding a touch of humor to your turkey tales? Whether christening a pet turkey or branding a turkey-centric business, a funny name can make all the difference. This article serves up a delightful platter of witty names across categories.

From dapper names for male and female turkeys to playful monikers for farms, chilis, sandwiches, burgers, restaurants, and shops, we have a name that will tickle your funny bone.

Why settle for the mundane when the world of turkeys offers such a treasure trove of giggles? Dive in and discover the funniest turkey names around!

Funny Turkey Names

Funny Turkey Names infographic

A name is more than a label; it’s an identity. As we dive into the captivating world of turkeys, each spirited gobble and distinguished strut brings forth personalities bursting with character. 

This list isn’t merely about naming but capturing these charismatic birds’ lively spirit and playful antics.

  • Mr. Gobbletastic
  • Feathered McStuffin
  • Wobble Woo
  • Sir Fluffington
  • Drumstick Dave
  • Bok Bok B’Gawk
  • Poultry Picasso
  • Gravy Gobbler
  • Feather Locklear
  • Turkules
  • GobbleGum
  • Feather Fiesta
  • Beak Boss
  • Fluffy Strut
  • Tango Turkey
  • Birdie Nom Nom
  • Wattle Wobble
  • Professor Plumage
  • Miss Bok-a-lot
  • Wingman Woo
  • Turkey Lurkey
  • Beak-a-Boo
  • Madame Wobblebottom
  • Sir Pecks-a-lot
  • Dandy Drumstick

Funny Male Turkey Names

Funny Male Turkey Names

Behind every male turkey’s proud strut is a name that defines his flair and charm. Each stride and gobble whispers tales of adventure and charm. 

Dive into a curated collection that celebrates the essence of every male turkey, offering names that resonate with audacity and charm.

  • Tom the Bomb
  • Baron Beak
  • Strutmaster Steve
  • Wing King
  • Sir Gobbles
  • Turk Titan
  • Plume Prince
  • Wattled Warrior
  • Beak Beckham
  • Mr. Fluffernutter
  • Captain Gobble
  • Sir Struts-a-lot
  • Turkey Twister
  • Beak Breakdancer
  • Strutter Butter
  • Gobble Gangsta
  • Bok Boss
  • Feathered Fred
  • Wattle Wiz
  • Beak Bro
  • Gobble Godfather
  • Plucky Pete
  • Bok Bouncer
  • Wobble Warlord
  • Tailfeather Ted
  • Strut Stud
  • Gobble Guru
  • Winged Wonder
  • Plume Poet
  • Tail Twist Tim
  • Baron Bok
  • Wattle Woofer
  • Feathered Fanatic
  • Turkey Tycoon
  • Gobble General

Funny Female Turkey Names

Funny Female Turkey Names

For the queens of the coop, a name has to resonate with grace and mischief. From their gentle coos to their sassy tail feathers, female turkeys own the barnyard runway. 

Here’s a collection dedicated to these divas, ensuring every gobble and wattle gets the limelight it deserves

  • Lady Gobblegood
  • Miss Wattle Wow
  • Queen Quill
  • Beak Beauty
  • Feathered Fiona
  • Gobble Goddess
  • Plumage Princess
  • Wobble Wonder
  • Madame Mystic
  • Duchess Drumstick
  • Tantalizing Tina
  • Beak Blossom
  • Starry Strutter
  • Wattle Woo Woo
  • Gobble Glitter
  • Fancy Feather
  • Wobble Waltz
  • Strut Starlet
  • Plume Pixie
  • Bok-a-Belle
  • Turkey Twinkle
  • Glittering Gobbler
  • Winged Whisper
  • Tango Twirl Tina
  • Feathered Flair
  • Wattle Whirlwind
  • Beak Ballerina
  • Gobble Glamour
  • Strut Sweetheart
  • Tailfeather Twister
  • Winged Wink
  • Plume Passion
  • Gobble Grace
  • Tail Twirl Tessa
  • Wobble Woo Woo

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Funny Turkey Chili Names

Funny Turkey Chili Names

Chili, a delightful cauldron of flavors, becomes even more enchanting when turkey joins the dance.

Naming such a dish goes beyond mere labels; it’s about capturing its essence, the soul of its taste. 

Join us in exploring names that promise a gastronomic experience, a flavorful tale in every bite.

  • Gobble-n-Grub Goodness
  • Wobble Heat Wave
  • Spicy Strutter’s Special
  • Chili Chirp Cheer
  • Tailfeather Tang
  • Bok-a-Blaze Bowl
  • Flamin’ Feather Fiesta
  • Spicy Wing Whirl
  • Gobble Glow Grub
  • Wattled Warmer Wonder
  • Beak-n-Heat Beat
  • Tangy Turkey Twist
  • Fire-n-Feather Fusion
  • Spicy Strut Surprise
  • Hotspot Hen Heat
  • Gobble-n-Glow Goulash
  • Plume’s Peppery Potion
  • Fiery Feathered Feast
  • Sizzle-n-Strut Soup
  • Gobble Gusto Grind
  • Piquant Poultry Pot
  • Beak’s Blaze Bowl
  • Fire Feather Fusion
  • Gobble Galore Gourmet
  • Tantalizing Turkey Temper
  • Sizzle Strut Stew
  • Hot Hen Harmony
  • Tangoing Turkey Temperature
  • Winged Warmth Wonder
  • Sir Gobble’s Spicy Spoonful
  • Meleagris Melt Magic
  • Spicy Wattle Waltz
  • Plucky Poultry Pepper Pot
  • Feather Flare Flavors
  • Gobbling Gusto Gravy
  • Wattled Warmth Wok
  • Blazing Beak Broth
  • Sir Spicy Strut’s Special
  • Turkey Tempest Tantalizer
  • Poultry Pepper Punch

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Funny Turkey Sandwich Names

Funny Turkey Sandwich Names

A turkey sandwich, often seen as a simple dish, hides tales of flavors layered between its slices.

Each ingredient tells its story as we peel back its layers, and a fitting name becomes its narrator. 

Feast on names that evoke a rich narrative, taking you on a culinary voyage with every bite.

  • Turkalicious Toastie
  • Gobble Gobble Grub
  • The Pilgrim’s Pocket
  • Tantalizing Turkey Tango
  • The Wobble Gobble
  • Turk-Tastic Tidbit
  • Feathery Feastwich
  • Thankful Thigh Biter
  • Stuffing Stuffed Stack
  • Cran-turk Creation
  • Baste & Taste Bite
  • Turkey Triumph Torta
  • Poultry Pocket Parade
  • Thanksgiving Throwback
  • Wattle Wonder Wrap
  • Feathered Friendwich
  • Dressing Drenched Delight
  • Mayo Mosaic & Meleagris
  • Bird is the Word Bread
  • Yummy Yarn Yelper
  • Turkey Tower Turnover
  • Gobbler’s Guilty Pleasure
  • Lettuce Talk Turkey Tortilla
  • Winged Winner Whopper
  • Roasted Rave Roll
  • Barnyard Banquet Bun
  • Cranberry Coast Cruiser
  • Sage & Savory Slider
  • Farmer’s Fancy Filler
  • Tailfeather Toasted Treat
  • Plump Poultry Platterwich
  • Cluck ‘n’ Crust Combo
  • Harvest Hootenanny Hoagie

Funny Turkey Burger Names

Funny Turkey Burger Names

Turkey burgers offer a delicious twist on the traditional patty. They are juicy flavorful, and deserve a name that captures their essence.

If you have ever wanted your burger to stand out in a sea of beef and chicken options, a catchy name is your best bet! 

Let’s craft some memorable titles for that mouth-watering turkey burger delight, which will have everyone wanting to take a bite.

  • Turk-Burger Twirl
  • Gobble Guacamole Grinder
  • The Baste-y Burger
  • Birdie Between Buns
  • Tom’s Tantalizing Tower
  • Pattied Poultry Pleaser
  • Gobbler’s Guiltless Gourmet
  • Belly Bobbling Bird Burger
  • Feathered Flip Flop
  • Wattle Wobble Wonder
  • Beak-to-Bite Bistro
  • Flightful Fryer Fritter
  • The Pilgrim’s Patty
  • Wingman’s Whimsical Wheel
  • Sassy Sage Stacked Slider
  • Cluck-N-Crave Creation
  • Roost ‘n’ Roast Roundup
  • Fowl Play Frisbee
  • Barnyard Bun Bliss
  • Nesting Nom Nom Nosh
  • Tailfeather Tasty Tidbit
  • Pasture-Plucked Perfection
  • Turkey Twirl ‘n’ Twine
  • Yummy Yardbird Yarn
  • Hen House Hamburger
  • Turk-Terrific Tummy Tickler
  • Jive Turkey Jamboree
  • Gobble Galore Gorge
  • Struttin’ Stuffin’ Stuffer
  • Bird in a Bun Boogie
  • Thanksgiving Thigh-Thumper
  • Ranch Rumble Roulade
  • Whistle While You Wattle
  • Peckish Poultry Puck
  • Drumstick Dream Disk

Funny Turkey Restaurant Names

Funny Turkey Restaurant Names

A turkey-themed restaurant isn’t just about the dishes on the menu; it’s about creating an ambiance that stays with diners long after they’ve left. 

Every great eatery begins with a name, a beacon inviting hungry souls. Here’s a curated list that promises a meal and an experience.

  • Gobble Galore Grille
  • Terrific Turk Tavern
  • Plume Palace Parlor
  • Wobble-n-Whistle Works
  • Tango Turkey Taproom
  • Beak Beat Bistro
  • Strut-n-Stuff Saloon
  • Tailfeather Tasty Tavern
  • Winged Wonder Workshop
  • Feathered Fiesta Foyer
  • Wattled Whimsy Wareroom
  • Bok Bistro Bonanza
  • Gobble Gourmet Grove
  • Meleagris Meal Mansion
  • Whimsical Wattle Waterhole
  • Perfect Poultry Pub
  • Drumstick Dive Diner
  • Whisper Wattle Winery
  • Turkey Tango Tearoom
  • Sir Gobble’s Gourmet Grub
  • Fluffy Feathered Feastery
  • Tailfeather Treat Tavern
  • Wingtip Wonderhouse
  • Bok-a-Bite Bungalow
  • Wattled Whopper Workshop
  • Poultry Palace Parlor
  • Gobble-n-Grain Gallery
  • Beak-n-Bread Boudoir
  • Sir Struts-a-lot Suite
  • Winged Whammy Warehouse
  • Toasty Turkey Tearoom
  • Plume Perfection Parlor
  • Whisper Wattle Wardroom
  • Gourmet Gobble Garden
  • Feathered Fusion Factory
  • Winged Woo Winery
  • Perfect Poultry Patio
  • Drumstick Delight Dive
  • Gobbling Gourmet Grove
  • Beak’s Best Bistro

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Funny Turkey Shop Names

Funny Turkey Shop Names

Beyond the doors of a turkey shop lies a haven for enthusiasts, a world teeming with unique finds and turkey tales. The name of such a place isn’t just a sign; it’s a portal. 

Dive into an ensemble of names that promise discoveries and treasures, and dance with the delightful world of turkeys.

  • Wattle & Whimsy
  • Gobble Gab Emporium
  • Beak ‘n Browse
  • The Chuckling Turkey Co.
  • Jive Turkey Trading Post
  • Whimsy Wing Boutique
  • Feathered Finds Market
  • Gizzard’s Giggle Gallery
  • The Strutting Storefront
  • Wobble ‘n Shop
  • Cluck & Collect Bazaar
  • The Gobble Goods Spot
  • Whistle Wattle Warehouse
  • Winged Wares Walk-in
  • Turk ‘n Titter Trading Co.
  • Gobble-to-Go Gifts
  • Turkey’s Tickles & Treasures
  • The Grinning Gobbler Goods
  • Beak Street Boutique
  • Gaggle & Giggle Gifts
  • ChuckleChic Chick Shop
  • SnickerSnack Poultry Packs
  • The Laughing Leg Lounge
  • Hoot Hen Haberdashery
  • GobbleGlee Gallery
  • Turkey Tickle Treasures
  • Waddle-In Wares
  • Plucky’s Playful Picks
  • Jolly Jive Junction
  • Gobble & Guffaw Goods

Funny Turkey Farm Names

Funny Turkey Farm Names

Every farm is a world unto itself, especially when home to cheerful turkeys. It’s more than just land and barns; it’s a stage for our feathered stars. 

These farm names promise to capture turkey life’s magic, cheer, and melodies, painting a vivid picture for every visitor.

  • Gobble Grove Farm
  • Tom’s Tumble Farm
  • Drumstick Drift
  • Feathered Folly Farmstead
  • Cluckin’ Acres
  • Wobble Wattle Farm
  • Beak Peak Pastures
  • Tailfeather Trails
  • Turkey Trot Terrains
  • Plucky Poultry Place
  • Gobble Gables
  • Wattled Way Farm
  • Giggling Gobbler Grounds
  • Whimsy Wings Farm
  • Ticklebeard Turkeys
  • Snood ‘n’ Strut Farm
  • Wingding Woods Farm
  • Poultry Prance Place
  • Chuckling Chicks Coop
  • Fluffy Feather Farms
  • Snicker Snood Acres
  • Gobble Gab Grounds
  • Wattle Whims Acres
  • Turkey Tickle Terraces
  • Bearded Bliss Barnyard
  • Trot ‘n’ Tease Turkeys
  • Gobbling Grin Groves
  • Chuckling Cluck Farms
  • Mirthful Meleagris Meadows
  • Feather Frolic Farmhouse


Whether you are naming a beloved pet, launching a turkey-centric business, or spicing up your menu, a memorable and witty name can make all the difference. 

It’s about creativity and connecting, evoking smiles, and creating lasting memories.

As we’ve journeyed through many playful names, it’s evident that a suitable name can genuinely set the tone, bringing joy, intrigue, and excitement. 

So, as you venture forth in your turkey endeavors, remember: a name is more than just words; it’s the essence, the first impression, and the enduring identity of your passion. 

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