300+ Funny Monkey Names That Are Hilarious!

Funny Monkey Names
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Monkeys, renowned for their mischievous antics and adorable personalities, often inspire bursts of laughter and joy. And while their actions speak volumes, their names can add another layer of amusement. 

Whether you are crafting a story, naming a new pet, or just exploring for fun, this guide promises a rollercoaster of playful and unique names that represent the spirit of these delightful creatures. 

So, tighten your vines and prepare for a wild ride through a world of names that’s just bananas! 

Funny Monkey Names

Funny Monkey Names infographic

Monkeys, with their animated antics and spontaneous playfulness, truly epitomize joy in the wild. Their energetic nature and humor are worth capturing in a name. 

This list is dedicated to those who wish to explore funny monkey names that are a true reflection of the entertaining character of these primates.

1. Banana Split: This name captures the playful and delightful nature of monkeys, reminiscent of a classic dessert that’s both sweet and fun.

It’s perfect for a monkey who loves a good treat or always finds itself in split decisions!

2. Fuzzbutt: This endearing name speaks to the adorable fluffy rear end of many monkeys.

It’s a playful and light-hearted choice for monkeys with an unmistakable fuzz.

3. Muffin Top: Just like the best part of a muffin, a monkey with this name is irresistibly cute.

It suggests a chubby, loveable monkey with a penchant for the sweeter things in life.

4. Chuckleberry: Combining the joy of laughter with the sweetness of berries, this name is great for a monkey with a delightful disposition, always eliciting chuckles from those around them.

5. Tickle Toes: Perfect for a monkey with nimble feet, this name paints a picture of a creature who could sneak up and tickle you with its toes when you least expect it!

6. Giggle snort: For that one monkey whose laugh is infectious, the kind that bubbles up and is a mix of giggles and snorts. A name that promises a lot of fun moments!

7. Hairy Potter: A clever play on a famous fictional wizard, this name would be apt for a monkey with a magical charm and maybe a love for pots!

8. Mr. Peels: Reflecting the classic act of monkeys peeling bananas, this title-like name has an air of sophistication mixed with the ideal monkey mischief.

9. Pipsqueak: Best suited for a smaller-sized monkey or one with a high-pitched voice, this name perfectly captures the essence of something small yet full of energy.

10. Curly Tail: For a monkey with a distinct twist or curl in its tail, making it stand out and twirl around with unique flair.

Funny Monkey Names - NamesCrunch

11. Laughing Larry: For the festive monkey whose laughter echoes, bringing joy to all around. It paints the image of a primate always ready with a chuckle or two.

12. Fuzzy Wuzzy: A name that instantly reminds one of soft, fluffy fur. It’s a heartwarming choice for any monkey with a coat that invites cuddles.

13. Sir Mischief: Granting a title to the monkey’s playful antics, this name is perfect for a primate who’s always up to something sneaky and is the ringleader of fun.

14. Swing King: As the ruler of the treetops, this name is reserved for a monkey who’s mastered the art of swinging from branch to branch with utmost elegance.

15. Whisker Woo: A whimsical name for a monkey with prominent whiskers or facial hair that adds to its charming personality.

16. BumbleBree: Combining the carefree spirit of a bumblebee with a breezy demeanor, it’s an excellent pick for a monkey that buzzes around with light-hearted energy.

17. Cheekster: For those monkeys with undeniably pinchable cheeks, it captures their rosy and chubby facial features, which are hard to resist.

18. Bop-a-loo: A musical name that brings to mind a dancing monkey, moving to its rhythm and always ready for a jive.

19. Fluffernutter: Emphasizing the fluffy attributes, it’s apt for a monkey that radiates softness combined with a dash of playful nuttiness.

20. Tickletoes: Celebrating a monkey’s playful nature, this name is for the one that’s always active, and its presence tickles the funny bone of those around.

Funny Monkey Name Ideas

Funny Monkey Name Ideas

Monkeys, with their vast range of personalities and quirks, offer a canvas for endless creativity in naming. 

Whether you are searching for a unique, imaginative, or simply amusing name, this section promises a medley of choices to ignite your inspiration for the perfect monkey moniker.

  • Moonwalk Max
  • Spin Cycle
  • Noodle Noggin
  • Buzzy Buzz
  • Tumble Tot
  • Hula Hoopster
  • Merry Berry
  • Boogie Boots
  • Giggle Gear
  • Lively Lollipop
  • Tango Tangle
  • Jellybean Jump
  • Muddle Muff
  • Wobble Woo
  • Dizzy Daisy
  • Flappy Flop
  • Rumble Riff
  • Quack Quirk
  • Puffer Puff
  • Zigzag Zoom
  • Jiggle Jolt
  • Nifty Nuzzle
  • Perky Peek
  • Bouncy Boo
  • Jumble Joy
  • Whirlwind Whiz
  • Doodle Drop
  • Puddle Pop
  • Mingle Munch
  • Ripple Rumble
  • Jingle Jangle
  • Sprinkle Sprout
  • Tickle Tock
  • Bumble Bump
  • Giggle Grove
  • Sizzle Swoosh
  • Twizzle Twist
  • Fumble Fluff
  • Jolly Jumper
  • Dazzle Dot
  • Mumble Moot
  • Wobble Wizz
  • Tangle Toe
  • Dandy Doodle
  • Swizzle Stick
  • Fizzy Fizz
  • Razzle Razz
  • Joggle Jog
  • Bubble Bop
  • Zesty Zizzle

Funny Monkey Names for Boys

Funny Monkey Names for Boys

The dynamic presence of male monkeys, whether they’re gracefully swinging from trees or engaging in playful quarrels on the ground, showcases a blend of mischief and energy. 

Here, you’ll find a compilation of names that bring out the essence of these lively creatures, capturing both their adventurous spirit and their cheeky nature.

  • Sir Bananington
  • Mowgli’s Mate
  • Mr. Mischief
  • King Kongo
  • Sir Chuckles
  • Loco Louie
  • Jumpin’ Jack
  • Captain Bananas
  • Puddle Paws
  • Mango Tango
  • Nifty Nugget
  • Boomer
  • Buzzer
  • Twister
  • Buzzy Buddy
  • Twisty Tim
  • Muncher Mike
  • Skipper
  • Doodle Dandy
  • Spunky
  • Lively Leo
  • Zigzag Zack
  • Tumble Ted
  • Frisky Fred
  • Limbo Luke
  • Flipper Phil
  • Frolic Fred
  • Rocket Ron
  • Crackerjack
  • Spinner
  • Mumble
  • Bebop Bob
  • Nutty Nate
  • Slinky Steve
  • Jolly Jim
  • Jaunty Jake
  • Topper
  • Nudge
  • Wiggly Woo
  • Snicker Sean
  • Bubble Bob
  • Rollicking Roy
  • Jangle Joe
  • Jive Jackson
  • Rumble Ray

Funny Monkey Names for Girls

Funny Monkey Names for Girls

Grace, elegance, and a hint of playfulness define the world of female monkeys. Navigating through the jungle or nurturing their young, they bring a unique blend of softness and strength. 

This section offers names that beautifully intertwine these female primates’ gentle allure and spirited nature.

  • Missy Mischief
  • Dainty Daisy
  • Lulu Lemon
  • Giggly Gem
  • Tinker Twirl
  • Bella Banana
  • Pixie Peach
  • Rosie Rumble
  • Sassy Susie
  • Twirl Top
  • Muffin Moon
  • Lolly Lou
  • Doodle Dot
  • Cherry Charm
  • Fifi Frolic
  • Tilly Tango
  • Wiggly Willow
  • Cutesy Coco
  • Bubbly Bree
  • Jelly Jules
  • Peppy Penny
  • Ticklish Tina
  • Munchkin Mia
  • Zesty Zoe
  • Honey Hops
  • Dazzle Doll
  • Poppy Pounce
  • Fluffy Faye
  • Silly Stella
  • Nifty Nell
  • Prancey Pia
  • Twinkle Tess
  • Merry Myra
  • Popsy Pearl
  • Glee Grace
  • Rolly Ruby
  • Lively Luna
  • Dandy Dee
  • Flossy Flo
  • Whimsy Wren
  • Tootsie Tia
  • Jingle Joy
  • Breezy Bea
  • Chuckle Cherry
  • Mirthful Mya

Funny Sock Monkey Names

Funny Sock Monkey Names

The iconic sock monkey, a classic toy that has warmed countless hearts, brings together tradition and charm.

Representing both nostalgia and timeless appeal, these plush toys deserve names that evoke fond memories. 

A funny name can breathe life into these fabric buddies, making them even more irresistible and treasured.

  • Stitchy
  • Loomy Luke
  • Patchy Pete
  • Woven Wendy
  • Zigzag Zoe
  • Button Berry
  • Thread Ted
  • Seam Sammy
  • Purl Pearl
  • Cotton Candy
  • Yarny Yara
  • Weavey Woo
  • Ribby Ruby
  • Socky Sue
  • Loop Lola
  • Twisty Tail
  • Mismatch Mitch
  • Knotty Nick
  • Heel Helen
  • Tangle Tango
  • Stripey Steve
  • Fluffy Foot
  • Frill Fiona
  • Bobble Bobby
  • Slipper Sal
  • Spotty Spot
  • Elastic Eddie
  • Fuzzy Footsie
  • Ruffle Rufus
  • Cuff Cuddles
  • Twist Tina
  • Knot Nancy
  • Toe Twinkle
  • Slip Slide
  • Anklet Annie
  • Bindy Bind
  • Wriggle Wrap
  • Roll Rolly
  • Darn Dara
  • Stretch Stacey
  • Stocky Stock
  • Pompom Pat
  • Lacy Lulu
  • Woolly Wally
  • Tug Tim
  • Warp Warp
  • Thready Theo
  • Ribbed Ruby
  • Braidy Brad
  • Clinky Clara

Funny Twin Monkey Names

Funny Twin Monkey Names

The joy and excitement of having twin monkeys are unparalleled. Their synchronized moves, tandem tricks, and shared moments of mischief amplify the fun. 

This list presents harmoniously paired names that beautifully capture the essence of twin monkeys, making them an even more delightful duo.

  • Bippy & Boppy
  • Tingle & Tangle
  • Zippy & Zappy
  • Fizzle & Fuzzle
  • Mingle & Mangle
  • Pitter & Patter
  • Winky & Wanky
  • Riff & Raff
  • Sizzle & Drizzle
  • Doodle & Poodle
  • Hip & Hop
  • Flick & Flack
  • Jingle & Jangle
  • Quibble & Quobble
  • Tickle & Tackle
  • Bumble & Stumble
  • Giggly & Wiggly
  • Mumbo & Jumbo
  • Pippy & Poppy
  • Fuddy & Duddy
  • Whimsy & Whirly
  • Nifty & Thrifty
  • Kooky & Spooky
  • Lolly & Dolly
  • Chuck & Cluck
  • Fizzy & Dizzy
  • Jiffy & Juffy
  • Noodle & Poodle
  • Rizzle & Dizzle
  • Toot & Tootle
  • Binky & Blink
  • Puff & Fluff
  • Whippy & Whoppy
  • Jolly & Folly
  • Miffy & Muffy
  • Rolly & Polly
  • Silly & Dilly
  • Zing & Zang
  • Bop & Hop
  • Quip & Quop
  • Viva & Diva
  • Larky & Sparky
  • Zest & Quest
  • Biff & Buff
  • Jig & Jag

Funny Baby Monkey Names

Funny Baby Monkey Names

The sight of a baby monkey, with its tiny fingers, innocent gaze, and infectious giggles, is enough to melt any heart. These little bundles of joy radiate pure charm and cuteness. 

Celebrate their early days of life and playfulness with names that resonate with their youthful and heartwarming aura.

  • Snickerboo
  • Pudding Pop
  • Tumble Tot
  • Goober Grape
  • Lullaby Lou
  • Giggle Gem
  • Bubble Bub
  • Dainty Dot
  • Fuddle Wuddle
  • Jellybean Joe
  • Cuddle Cub
  • Moppet Mop
  • Nuzzle Nip
  • Sweetpea
  • Pip Squeak
  • Quiver Quip
  • Roly Poly
  • Sprout Sprinkle
  • Tootie Tumble
  • Tinkerbell
  • Viva Voom
  • Wobble Wib
  • Xing Xang
  • Yawnie Yum
  • Zippy Zap
  • Binky Blink
  • Coo Coo
  • Doodlebug Dee
  • Munchkin
  • Fluffy Fizz
  • Googie Goo
  • Huggy Heart
  • Itsy Bitsy
  • Jujube Joy
  • Kuddle Koo
  • Lollipop Lou
  • Mochi Moo
  • Niblet Nod
  • Mini Mischief
  • Puffball Pip
  • Quack Quick
  • Rumble Rub
  • Cuddlebug
  • Tickle Toes
  • Rolly Polly

For more name ideas, check out these:


Monkeys, with their cheeky antics and playful nature, truly deserve names that match their vibrant personalities.

Whether you are christening a twin pair, an adorable baby, or even a cute sock monkey, choosing the right name can be both a delightful and memorable experience. 

This extensive list has been carefully curated to provide a medley of choices for every monkey type and personality. From the whimsical to the comical, there’s a name here for every monkey enthusiast. 

Naming a monkey should be as fun as watching one, and we hope this guide brought you closer to finding that perfect, giggle-worthy name.

Cheers to all the future Gigglesnorts, Tinkletoes, and Noodle Noses out there! 

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