470+ Funny Medieval Names [Cool Ideas]

Funny Medieval Names
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In an era marked by the clashing of swords, the construction of towering castles, and the lore of mystical enchantments, the medieval period is a fascinating chapter in history’s vast manuscript.  

Within this age of chivalry and conquest, there lies a playful collection of names as captivating and humorous as the tales of yore that have danced through time. 

These names, brimming with the charm and eccentricity of the medieval world, invite us on a delightful expedition. As we delve into this landscape of history, we uncover names that spark laughter and a profound curiosity. 

So, buckle your armor and adjust your jester’s cap; we’re about to joust with jest, galloping into the heart of medieval merriment.

Funny Medieval Names (With Meanings)

Funny Medieval Names infographic

Medieval times were rich in culture and diversity, reflected in the names that have trickled down through history. 

These unisex and unique names carry the essence of medieval humor and inventiveness. 

Each name here tells a story, perhaps of the person’s occupation, a particular trait, or simply the creativity of medieval parents. 

1. Berry Buckleboot: Whimsically named for boots adorned with berry-like buckles.

2. Charlemagne Chucklewater: Suggests a leader whose mirth makes water joyful.

3. Sir Fluffernose: Knightly title hinting at an unusually fuzzy nose.

4. Lady Cuddlekins: Noblewoman famed for her affectionate demeanor.

5. Squelchy McToes: Evokes images of someone making wet, squelching sounds with their steps.

6. Wigglesworth Crumblechin: Indicates a person with a notably quivering chin.

7. Oswald Muttonchops: Named for possessing thick, sheep-like sideburns.

8. Finglebert Wartbottom: Hints at a distinctive mark on the person’s lower back.

9. Cedric Snotblossom: Playfully references someone prone to nasal congestion.

10. Boggs Stinkbreath: Known for having notably bad breath.

11. Wilfred Turnipnose: Evokes a turnip-shaped or -colored nose.

12. Duke Fuzzypaws: Title for someone with notably soft and furry hands.

13. Dimble Bumbletoes: Implies a clumsy, stumbling walk.

14. Fluffy Fartlepants: Humorously named for causing soft, fluffy disturbances.

15. Pippin Puddlejump: Known for delighting in leaping over puddles.

Funny Boy Medieval Names

Funny Boy Medieval Names

There’s an unexpected twist of humor and charm when it comes to boy names from the medieval era. 

Their names, often rooted in ancient languages, occupations, or characteristics, provide a window into the past and it’s naming conventions. 

From knights and scholars to ordinary villagers, these names showcase the richness of medieval culture and the creative flair of naming traditions.

  • Sir Laughs-a-Lot
  • Bartholomew Bakesalot
  • Cedric Socksnsandals
  • Duncan Duncehat
  • Egbert Eggcatcher
  • Fergus Fumblefeet
  • Giles Giggleshield
  • Humphrey Hairywobbles
  • Barnaby Bunface
  • Horace Headcheese
  • Hubert Hiccups
  • Ivor Itchypants
  • Percival Prankworthy
  • Cuthbert Cowpat
  • Marmaduke Mucusglug
  • Egbert Eyeball
  • Horace Hairyknuckles
  • Roland Rumpleskirt
  • Silas Sneezealot
  • Wilfred Wobblewand
  • Alfred Applethrower
  • Bernard Bubblebrewer
  • Cornelius Crumbcatcher
  • Dennis Doodlesquire

Funny Female Medieval Names

Funny Female Medieval Names

The ladies of the medieval era were not left out when it came to receiving names that spark the imagination. 

They echo the grace of medieval ladies while adding a dash of fun, perfect for heroines in tales where laughter is the best adventure.

Each name blends beauty and strength, reflecting women’s roles in medieval society and the stories passed down through generations.

  • Arabella Artichoke
  • Beatrice Bubblewand
  • Clarice Clumsycloak
  • Delilah Dandelionpuff
  • Esmeralda Eversneeze
  • Felicity Fiddlesticks
  • Gertrude Gigglesnort
  • Henrietta Hootenanny
  • Isadora Inkblot
  • Jemima Juggleberry
  • Katarina Kookyspoon
  • Loretta Laughalot
  • Matilda Mirthquake
  • Nellie Nettlesnicker
  • Ophelia Oddpickle
  • Penelope Puddlepie
  • Quilla Quirkquiver
  • Rosalind Riddlemirth
  • Seraphina Snickerdoodle
  • Tabitha Tickletrinket
  • Petunia Pockbottom
  • Annabelle Achoosprinkle
  • Bernadette Bumblebreeches
  • Cecily Chucklecherry
  • Dorothy Doodlefeather

Funny Medieval Last Names

Funny Medieval Last Names

Medieval last names often stemmed from occupations, physical traits, or locations, giving us insight into the lives of those who bore them. 

In our humorous twist on history, these last names could have easily belonged to characters in farcical tales of medieval merriment, where the surname not only identified but also added a layer of hilarity to the bearer’s persona. 

Here, these names are crafted to evoke laughter, suggest whimsical professions, or simply play on words in ways that tickle the funny bone:

  • Piddlebottom
  • Bunswoggle
  • Bogglesnort
  • Rumplesnuff
  • Snotgrass
  • Bumblechops
  • Hairybreeks
  • Stinkleton
  • Dribblesnout
  • Fiddlebottom
  • Toebiter
  • Muddlefoot
  • Goosewaddle
  • Cabbagebreath
  • Bumblerump
  • Pimplepopper
  • Stumblefoot
  • Cowpat
  • Dimblewit
  • Crumblechin
  • Snodwibble
  • Snifflebottom
  • Grubsnout
  • Turniphead
  • Haggletooth

Funny Medieval Dog Names

In medieval times, dogs were valued companions, hunters, and guardians. 

A comical name adds a playful twist to the medieval naming tradition, ensuring that even the four-legged members of the realm have titles as fun as their human counterparts.

Let’s explore these names that reflected their bravery, loyalty, and sense of humor. 

  • Barkimedes
  • Sir Waggington
  • Lady Sniffalot
  • Duke Droolington
  • Count Chewly
  • Baron Barksalot
  • Knight Nibbleback
  • Squire Slobber
  • Princess Puddle
  • Jester Jumpsalot
  • King Kibble
  • Rover Rumpus
  • Mage Muzzle
  • Paladin Pawprint
  • Scout Snuggles
  • Templar Tails
  • Minstrel Mutt
  • Bishop Biscuit
  • Crusader Cuddles
  • Peasant Paws
  • Archer Awoof
  • Siren Snarls
  • Druid Drooler
  • Monk Mischief
  • Guard Growlsworth

Funny Medieval Knight Names

Funny Medieval Knight Names

Knights, the epitome of bravery and chivalry, often bore names that inspired awe and respect. 

A funny name blending the courageous with the ridiculous suggests tales of daring where the quest might be as serious as rescuing a kingdom or as light-hearted as searching for the perfect honey pot. 

Each name here brings a touch of fun to the noble profession, reminding us that even heroes can have a sense of humor:

  • Sir Laughsalot
  • Baron Von Chuckles
  • Knight Tickler
  • Duke of Giggles
  • Sir Jokealot
  • Earl of Errands
  • Paladin Prankster
  • Lord Lollygagger
  • Sir Chuckleboots
  • Duke Droll
  • Knight of Nonsense
  • Earl Euphoria
  • Paladin Pudding
  • Lord Loafer
  • Sir Sillyhelm
  • Duke Dizzycrest
  • Knight Kneetrembler
  • Earl of Eccentrics
  • Paladin Pieface
  • Lord Laughtrack
  • Sir Snickerlot
  • Duke Dimwit
  • Knight of the Guffaw
  • Earl Egghead
  • Paladin Piddle
  • Lord Ludicrous
  • Sir Sillington
  • Duke Daft
  • Knight Noodle
  • Earl of Whimsy

Funny Medieval Team Names

In the spirit of friendship and competition, medieval societies often gathered for tournaments, feasts, and fairs, where groups would vie for glory, honor, or just plain fun. 

Their teams embody the spirit of unity, competition, and the medieval flair for the dramatic, all while keeping the mood light and merry.

These names blend historical context with playful wordplay, perfect for a laugh-filled tournament in the town square or a quirky quest through the countryside. 

  • Merry Meadmakers
  • Bumbling Bandits
  • Wandering Wisecrackers
  • Giggling Guardsmen
  • Prancing Peasants
  • Lusty Lute-Players
  • Droll Dragonriders
  • Chuckling Chivalrous
  • Frolicking Friars
  • Squire Squabble Squad
  • Knightly Knaves
  • Bardic Buffoons
  • Noble Noodle Knights
  • Foolhardy Falconers
  • Groaning Grail Seekers
  • Roaming Riddlemasters
  • Ticklish Trebuchets
  • Laughing Lancebearers
  • Quirky Quill-Quaffers
  • Peculiar Paladins
  • Silly Scepter Swingers
  • Daring Dunce Caps
  • Happy Heralds
  • Boisterous Bowmen
  • Hilarious Halberdiers

Funny Old Medieval Names

The humorous old names are steeped in the mists of time and carry the weight of history with a light-hearted touch, suggesting personalities and professions that could belong to characters in a medieval comedy. 

They reflect the diversity and creativity of naming traditions, where every name tells a story, perhaps now with a humorous ending. 

Each name is a nod to the past, reimagined with a wink and a smile, inviting us to wonder about the lives and adventures of those who might have borne them:

  • Agilbert the Amused
  • Bertramus Boombelly
  • Cuthbert Clumsyfoot
  • Dunstan Drollwit
  • Eadric the Everlaughing
  • Fulk Funnyfur
  • Godfrey Guffaw
  • Hubert Hilaris
  • Ivon Japejoy
  • Jestin Kinkcloak
  • Leofric Laughalot
  • Mildred Mirthmaid
  • Norbert Noggins
  • Wilbur Wobblechin
  • Oswin Oddsock
  • Piers Prankplenty
  • Quimby Quirkquest
  • Randolph Riddlesnout
  • Swain Snickerseek
  • Thurbert Tickletongue
  • Aldwin Alelaugh
  • Bardon Breezehaha
  • Cornelius Chucklechaser
  • Dermot Dimplesmile
  • Elwin Eagerjest

Funny Medieval Village Names

In the heart of the medieval world, nestled between rolling hills and dense forests, lie villages with names that prompt a second glance and a hearty chuckle. 

These are not typical hamlets but places where the imagination runs as freely as the local livestock. 

These names mix the ordinary with the magical, the silly with the serious, offering a glimpse into an era where even geography has a sense of humor:

  • Chuckleswick
  • Snodgrass Hollow
  • Piddleton-on-the-Swamp
  • Hootenhollow
  • Boggleswort Bottom
  • Prankpath Village
  • Laughton-on-the-Leap
  • Bumblechops End
  • Hairybreeks Crossing
  • Pimplepopper’s Pond
  • Stinkleton-by-the-Sea
  • Cowpat Corner
  • Blubbergoose Hollow
  • Toejam Junction
  • Snottingle-on-the-Wold
  • Dribblesnot Dale
  • Wobblechin Woods
  • Dimblewit Downs
  • Bumblebottom Basin
  • Underpants End
  • Muttonchops Manor
  • Eyeball Hollow
  • Squelchy Moor
  • Goosewaddle Glade
  • Buttercheeks Bridge

Funny Medieval Newspaper Names

Before the digital age, news was spread through town criers and, eventually, printed pages. 

These newspapers, with names fanciful and fun, would have been the talk of the taverns, delivering news with a wink and a nod, ensuring that even the most ordinary of reports came with a dose of delight.

Let’s dive into these names that reflected the purposes with which they viewed the world around them. 

  • The Daily Scurf
  • Ye Olde Piddleton Post
  • The Stinkleton Snooze
  • Hairybottom Herald
  • Bottoms Up Bugle
  • The Toejam Times
  • Haggletooth Herald
  • Wobblechin Weekly
  • Blubbermaid Bulletin
  • Poopsqueak Post
  • Eyeball Examiner
  • The Pimplepopper Press
  • Cowpat Chronicle
  • Blubbergoose Bugle
  • Muddlepuddle Monitor
  • Bumblebottom Banner
  • Crumblechin Chronicle
  • Dribblesnot Digest
  • Dimblewit Daily
  • Boggleswort Bugle

Unique Medieval Names

Stepping away from the humor momentarily, the medieval era was also a time of grandeur, mystique, and names that carried weight and wonder. 

These unique names, drawn from history and the realms of nobility, magic, and the common folk, bear the mark of an era where naming could be as significant as one’s own deeds. 

These names stand out for their uniqueness, evoking images of individuals who might have walked the cobblestone streets of history.

  • Alaric Shadowbane
  • Beatrix Starweaver
  • Cadmus Ironheart
  • Drusilla Moonbeam
  • Emeric Windwalker
  • Faelen Lightbringer
  • Giselda Nightingale
  • Hadwin Stormrider
  • Isolde Dreamsmith
  • Jareth Sunseeker
  • Kaelen Frostguard
  • Liora Flameheart
  • Myron Earthwhisper
  • Niamh Seaborn
  • Ophir Shadowend
  • Persephone Skydancer
  • Quillon Darkwater
  • Rhiannon Starfire
  • Soren Thunderforge
  • Thalia Moonshadow
  • Urien Stormweaver
  • Valerius Sunward
  • Wyndham Starcloak
  • Xylander Nightwind
  • Yseult Lightshadow

Cool Medieval Names

In the realm of cool medieval names, we find those that echo through the halls of castles and across the battlefields with a certain edge. 

They could easily belong to knights, scholars, or mysterious wanderers with stories begging to be told. 

Each name carries an air of mystique and power, effortlessly blending historical depth with a timeless cool factor. 

  • Axelar the Bold
  • Brion the Maverick
  • Caius Shadowbane
  • Draven the Daring
  • Evaric Iceheart
  • Falken the Fierce
  • Garrick Stormblade
  • Holt the Hardy
  • Ivar the Ironfist
  • Jaxon Wildwind
  • Kael the Keen
  • Lucan Darksteel
  • Morven the Mystic
  • Nero the Nightwalker
  • Orin the Outlander
  • Paxton the Protector
  • Quade the Quester
  • Ryker the Rogue
  • Saxon the Sentinel
  • Thorne the Thorned

Best Medieval Names

The best medieval names have been handpicked for their enduring appeal, historical significance, and the power they convey. 

They are names that command respect and admiration, imbued with qualities many aspire to. 

Perfect for those who lead armies, counsel kings, or forge empires, these names epitome medieval majesty and strength:

  • Aldous the Brave
  • Beatrice the Benevolent
  • Cedric the Sage
  • Duncan the Doughty
  • Eloise the Elegant
  • Fabian the Fortunate
  • Gwendolyn the Graceful
  • Harold the Honorable
  • Isolde the Inspiring
  • Julian the Just
  • Katherine the Kind
  • Lionel the Loyal
  • Matilda the Mighty
  • Nigel the Noble
  • Percival the Pure
  • Rosalind the Radiant
  • Sebastian the Strong
  • Tristan the Trustworthy
  • William the Wise

Creative Medieval Names

Creative names are rich in fantastical elements and often draw inspiration from medieval traditions while venturing into the realms of the unseen and the unknown. 

They are perfect for tricksters, adventurers, mythical creatures, or the residents of enchanted forests, echoing the potential for magic, mystery, and adventure.

Each name in this list merges the essence of medieval lore with a spark of imagination, birthing names fit for characters in tales where magic and reality intertwine. 

  • Arden Oakborn
  • Fallon Emberheart
  • Sage Riverstone
  • Willow Whisperwood
  • Stonewarden
  • Steelstorm
  • Seraphina Starfall
  • Esmeralda Nightshade
  • Luna Mistvale
  • Rhiannon Blackwood
  • Anya Brightflame
  • Whisperblade
  • Celeste Evermore
  • Corvus Nightfall
  • Merrick Silverhand
  • Peregrine Emberwind
  • Moonshaper
  • Frostwalker
  • Skyler Swiftwing
  • Nightstalker


As we draw the curtains on our playful tour through the corridors of medieval naming, it’s hard not to reflect on the journey with a chuckle and a smile. 

This exploration has been more than a simple list of names; it’s celebrated the creativity and humor inherent in the human spirit. 

Whether you’re a writer seeking the perfect name for a character, a parent looking for a name with a story, or simply a curious soul on the hunt for a good laugh, remember: the perfect blend of history, humor, and creativity is out there, waiting to be discovered.

So, as you go forth from here, carry with you the spirit of medieval delight, and may the names you encounter bring as much joy to your journey as they have to ours.

Why Choose Funny Medieval Names?

Uniqueness: Stand out with a rare name filled with character and whimsy.

Conversation Starters: These names spark interest and are perfect icebreakers, leading to engaging stories and laughter.

Creative Inspiration: Ideal for writers, game developers, and creatives seeking distinctive characters or settings.

Historical Fun: Connect with the past lightheartedly, blending education with entertainment.

Memorability: Funny and unique names stick in people’s minds, ensuring your characters, pets, or projects are unforgettable.

Versatility: Suitable for medieval-themed projects, from fantasy novels to historical reenactments or themed parties.

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