The Best Funny Names to Call Your Dad!

Funny Names to Call Your Dad
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Are you tired of the same old “Daddy-O” or “Pops” when referring to the main man in your life? Every family has its language. You know, those special words or phrases that only members of your household understand?

Well, you’re in luck! We’ll explore funny and loving nicknames to use daily or save for your dad’s contact in your phone.

From pop culture references to terms of endearment with a twist, this comprehensive blog has creative, funny, and clever names to make your dad smile.

Funny Names to Call Your Dad (With Meaning)

Funny Names to Call Your Dad infographic

Giving your dad a funny name can lighten the mood during family gatherings, make mundane tasks like grocery shopping more enjoyable, or bring a smile to his face on an ordinary day. 

So, if you’re in the mood for some lighthearted banter, here are 20 funny names for your beloved father & their meanings:

1. Dad-o-saurus: Channeling his ancient wisdom and strength, this name suggests he’s as legendary as the mighty dinosaurs.

2. Poppa Loco: With a zest for wild adventures, he’s the father who adds an unpredictable twist to every family outing.

3. Captain Cuddles: Steering the ship warmly, he’s always ready to envelop you in a comforting embrace.

4. Pop Tart: A hint of sweetness and a sprinkle of fun, he’s the treat you didn’t know you needed in your day.

5. Old Man Swagger: Age doesn’t diminish his confidence but accentuates his charming panache.

6. Daddy McDadFace: Humor runs deep with this one, a light-hearted nod to his ever-jovial spirit.

7. Sir Laughs-a-lot: His hearty chuckles make every room brighter; laughter is his signature tune.

8. Boss of Bloopers: He’s made his share of mistakes, yet always with unmatched style and a knack for laughing at himself.

9. Daddy-O-Matic: Modern yet timeless, he’s the go-to gadget guru with a hint of retro flair.

10. Papa-razzi: Always with a camera in hand, he captures every moment, making memories last forever.

11. Grizzle Gramps: While he might grumble occasionally, it’s all in good nature, adding charm to his character.

12. Popcorn Pops: Bursting with energy and spontaneity, he’s the excitement on a movie night.

13. Sir Chuckles: With a chuckle always on standby, his laughter is the soundtrack to countless memories.

14. Jester Dadster: Life’s never dull around him; he’s the mastermind behind every family prank.

15. Pater Tater: Comforting and reliable, he’s like the mashed potatoes of the family – everyone’s favorite.

16. Doodle Dad: Every little scribble or drawing carries a piece of his heart, highlighting his artistic side.

17. Popster the Jokester: With a joke for every occasion, he’s the spark of joy during any family gathering.

18. Elder Elf: Sprinkling magic and mischief wherever he goes, he’s the mystical being of our family tales.

19. Baron of Blunders: Royally amusing with his occasional slip-ups, he teaches that it’s okay to be imperfect.

20. Sir Gigglesworth: A noble title fitting for the dad whose giggles can light up even the gloomiest days.

Funny Names to Call Your Dad Ideas List

Funny Names to Call Your Dad Ideas List

Every dad is unique, so there’s no one-size-fits-all name for them. The way he tells a joke or just the adorable way he mispronounces certain words, there’s always something about him that deserves a special nickname. 

To help you find that perfect, chuckle-worthy name, here’s a more extensive list of 60 funny names that you can use as inspiration or adopt as they are:

  • Muffin Man
  • Pop-n-Fresh
  • Daddio Bandito
  • Snuggle Baron
  • Gigglemeister
  • Poplock
  • Oldie Goldie
  • Grand Pabbie
  • Jolly Pops
  • Tickler King
  • Snore Lord
  • Pop-a-Dot
  • Laughter Legend
  • Dorky Daddy
  • Pop Quiz
  • Emperor Chuckle
  • Dadster of Disaster
  • Cuddle Commander
  • Mister Mischief
  • Father Time-Out
  • Daydream Dad
  • Sir Snickers
  • Popsicle
  • Zany Pappy
  • Pop-a-Top
  • Fatherly Frolic
  • Groove Master Dad
  • Dad-a-rama
  • Poppa-Roller
  • Whizpop
  • Jive Daddy
  • Senior Silly
  • Pa Pa Pun
  • Pop-Overlord
  • Chuckles Champion
  • Sir Gags-a-Lot
  • Dadonator
  • Top Pop Pop
  • Sir Duddle
  • Dreamy Dadster
  • Pop ‘n’ Sizzle
  • Silly Sir
  • Dadly Doodles
  • Pops ‘n’ Robbers
  • Dada Dingdong
  • Giggle Guru
  • Pop-n-Play
  • Papa Playtime
  • Dad’s Caboodle
  • Marvelous Mister
  • Daydozer Dad
  • Knight of Naps
  • Skip-n-Pop
  • Sir Jollybeans
  • Dad’s Dabbles
  • Boppin’ Pops
  • Cool Beans Daddy
  • Pop-erazzi
  • Sir Lighthearted
  • Pater Pie

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Funny Names to Call Your Dad in Contacts

Funny Names to Call Your Dad in Contacts

We’ve all been there – staring at our phone contacts, wanting to spice things up a bit, especially for the people we cherish the most. Your dad’s name doesn’t have to be the standard “Dad” or “Father” in your contacts. 

Here are fun and light-hearted names you can use to save your dad’s number on your phone:

  • Chief of Cha Cha
  • The Big Kahuna
  • Papa Pizzazz
  • Dial-a-Dad
  • Ringmaster Dad
  • The Dad Signal
  • Papa Ping
  • Dad-a-Ring
  • Dial-the-Smile
  • Pop-up Caller
  • Captain Call
  • Daddy Dialer
  • Sir Ring-a-lot
  • Pop-Up Alert
  • Call Me Maybe Dad?
  • Buzzin’ Pops
  • Ringer King
  • Call-in Captain
  • Pops on the Line
  • Daddy’s Dispatch
  • Alert the Elder
  • Sir Buzz-a-Lot
  • Papa’s Ping Pong
  • Callin’ Colonel
  • Daddy-O-Phone
  • Pops Hotline
  • Beep Beep Dad
  • Ringer Ringleader
  • Daddy’s Buzz
  • The Dadline
  • Papa Bell
  • Call Captain Pops
  • Sir Calls-a-Lot
  • Ring Pop
  • Dial Daddy Daily
  • Papa’s Bat Signal
  • Daddy Direct Dial
  • The Pop Line
  • Daddy’s Dispatch
  • Pops’ Ping
  • Dial-a-Doodle Dad
  • Direct Dad Dial
  • Pop Talk
  • Dada Disturb
  • Papa’s Pager
  • Dad’s Direct Line
  • Dial Dad’s Domain
  • Pops Pop-up
  • Pater Ringer
  • Sir Signals
  • Daddy’s Ding
  • Papa Phone Home
  • Daddy’s Direct
  • Pops’ Alert
  • Beep Daddy Beep

Funny Names to Call Your StepDad

Funny Names to Call Your Dad (1)

Becoming a stepdad is a special role, filled with its unique blend of challenges and rewards.

While a stepdad may not have been there initially, he surely becomes an integral part of one’s life. 

Celebrate this bond with a playful nickname, something that’s both affectionate and humorous. Here are names tailored just for stepdads:

  • Step Star
  • Super Step Sire
  • Chief Step-Chap
  • Step-Popsicle
  • Sir Step-a-lot
  • Step Up Dad
  • Mister Bonus Dad
  • Dad 2.0
  • Step-Stellar
  • Captain Bonus
  • Dad Plus+
  • Top Step Totem
  • Dad Next Door
  • Side-Step Sir
  • Dad Upgrade
  • Plus One Pops
  • Dad Sequel
  • Mister More
  • Step-in Style
  • Dad Encore
  • Pro Dad Redux
  • Bonus Buddy
  • Step-in-Time
  • Dad+ Edition
  • Double Dad Delight
  • Step Up Sire
  • D2: The Step Dad
  • New Day Dad
  • Step-in Gold
  • Mister Mainstay
  • Step Sentinel
  • Dad: Reloaded
  • Stellar Step Sir
  • Encore Elder
  • Plus Pop
  • Twice-the-Dad
  • Dad Remix
  • Papa Parachute
  • Dad Augmented
  • Next-Gen Guardian
  • Dad’s Extended Cut
  • Step-by-Stepdad
  • Daddy Du Jour
  • Stepping Stone Sire
  • Step-in-Smile
  • Dad Reboot
  • Papa Plus Patch
  • Dad: Director’s Cut
  • Dad-in-Demand
  • Pops Perspective
  • Mister Modifier
  • Dad Divertido
  • Step into Sunshine
  • Dado Deluxe
  • Supercharged Sire

For more ideas, check out these names


While each title holds its charm, considering ‘Dad-o-saurus’ for his legendary tales, ‘Papa-razzi’ for his photo-ready moments, or ‘Boss of Bloopers’ to celebrate his unique style can be top picks. 

Whichever title you lean towards, the sentiment behind it truly counts. So, explore these names, pick one that resonates, and watch as it brings a smile to his face each time he hears it.

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