560+ Funny Boyfriend Names

560+ Boyfriend Names
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Love, sugar, babe – too ordinary, right? If you’re searching for fresh and funny names to call your boyfriend that’ll bring a burst of laughter into your relationship, look no further!

We have handpicked some unique, endearing, and humor-filled pet names in this delightful guide. So get ready for an exciting, laughter-packed, nickname-filled ride!

Let’s add that unexpected twist of fun to your everyday conversations.

Funny Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Funny Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Well, who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? Injecting humor into your relationship can keep the sparks flying. 

Here are some funny nicknames, each one carrying its own charm, that you can use to add a sprinkle of comedy to your conversations. They’re downright hilarious, and we bet they’ll get him laughing!

1. Daredevil Dud: 

Hey, is your boyfriend the adventurous type, always up for a new challenge? Calling him Daredevil Dud teases him about his sometimes reckless endeavors but in the most affectionate way.

Sure, he might not be jumping off buildings, but maybe he’s the one always daring to take that extra spicy hot wing!

2. Comedy King: 

Do you know that guy who always has a joke up his sleeve? That’s your boyfriend. Comedy King is the title he deserves for always keeping the laughter alive.

But hey, even if his jokes are more ‘dad jokes’ than ‘stand-up,’ he still rules your comedic world.

3. Noodle Nugget: 

Soft, squishy, and oh-so-endearing. No, I’m not talking about that favorite pasta dish, but about your boyfriend’s sometimes goofy nature.

Tag him as Noodle Nugget when he’s being all cute and clumsy. Trust me; he will noodle his way into even more affectionate gestures.

4. Banana Split: 

Is he sweet with a side of unpredictable fun? Banana Split is just the name for him! One moment, he’s the banana straightforward and reliable; the next, he’s the delightful surprise of sprinkles and cherries.

5. Mr. Chuckles: 

Oh, come on! That spontaneous laugh he bursts into? It’s infectious! Naming him, Mr. Chuckles is an ode to that heartwarming laughter that can brighten up the gloomiest of days.

6. Giggle Guru: 

He doesn’t just laugh; he understands the art of it. Giggle Guru is for that boyfriend who can find humor in the most unexpected places. He’s the master of turning a frown upside down.

7. Tootsie Twister: 

No, it’s not about candy! It’s for the boyfriend with a knack for surprising you, making you twirl with unexpected happiness.

When he does something that leaves you spun and happy, remember to thank your Tootsie Twister.

8. Zany Zebra: 

Stripes symbolize his unpredictable side! If your boyfriend is a mix of quirky and offbeat fun, then Zany Zebra should be his mascot. It’s as if he gallops from a fun, wild safari!

9. Snuggle Skunk: 

Okay, not the usual cute animal you’d think of, but isn’t there something endearing about his mischievous side? Call him Snuggle Skunk when he’s being particularly cheeky yet utterly huggable.

10. Crispy Crunch: 

For the boyfriend who’s always up for adventures and brings a certain “crunch” to life. When things might seem bland, he’s the one to add that crispy, exciting twist.

11. Oreo Obsessed: 

Sweet on the outside and even sweeter on the inside. If your boyfriend reminds you of this universally adored cookie, dub him Oreo Obsessed. Bonus points if he can’t resist an Oreo (or you)!

12. Nacho Ninja: 

Stealthy, sneaky, and always snatching the last nacho! If you’re always play-fighting over the last bite, Nacho Ninja suits him to a tee. Guard your snacks!

13. Sushi Samurai: 

For the boyfriend with a refined taste but also a fierce protective streak. Call him Sushi Samurai when he expertly chooses the best sushi or defends your honor with the same passion.

14. Wacky Woosh: 

He enters a room, and suddenly everything’s lively. That’s the Wacky Woosh effect! His energy is unparalleled and completely contagious.

15. Dorky Dancer: 

His moves might not win him “Dancing with the Stars”, but in your eyes, he’s got all the right moves. When he’s grooving in his unique style, cheer on your Dorky Dancer.

Funny Names to Call Your Boyfriend - Names Crunch

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16. Bozo Bouncer: 

He might have moments of silly mistakes, but hey, he always bounces back! Resilient, with a hint of goofy – that’s your Bozo Bouncer.

17. Crazy Comet: 

He’s fast, fiery, and full of surprises, lighting up your universe. If every day with him feels like a celestial event, then Crazy Comet is his fitting title.

18. Pretzel Pretender: 

Is he a master of disguises, or just like twisting himself into comfortable positions on the couch? Either way, Pretzel Pretender captures his flexible, twisty nature.

19. Corny Corn: 

Admit it! His jokes are often corny, but they’re also the reason for your endless smiles. An ode to his charmingly cheesy humor, tag him as Corny Corn.

20. Pistachio Peculiar:

There’s a nutty side to him that’s oddly captivating. Much like cracking open a pistachio, discovering his peculiarities is always a delightful adventure.

21. Caramel Clown: 

He’s sweet, sticky, and sometimes a total mess – but always in a fun way. Your laughter owes a lot to this Caramel Clown.

22. Lemon Loony: 

Sour expressions, zesty comebacks, and a tangy sense of humor? Sounds like your boyfriend is a Lemon Loony. Just squeeze out those fun moments together!

23. Chocochip Champ: 

Little moments of sweetness make him special. Much like biting into a cookie and finding a chocochip, he’s full of pleasant surprises, making him your Chocochip Champ.

24. Snacky Smurf: 

Blue or not, if he’s always munching on something and has that playful vibe, then Snacky Smurf is the playful name for your boyfriend, who loves his snacks just a tad too much.

25. Frosty Frisky:

Is he cool yet playful? This name is for the boyfriend, who’s a blend of composed and mischievous. Let’s be honest; there’s never a dull moment with your Frosty Frisky.

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Cute Funny Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Cute Funny Names to Call Your Boyfriend - Names Crunch

On the flip side, cute and funny nicknames can be just as impactful. They carry an endearing tone, blending sweetness and humor into a unique pet name. Try these on for size – they might be cute, but they’re funny too!

1. Smoochie Poo: 

Oh, the classic lovey-dovey pet name! Smoochie Poo brings to mind all those times when he’s being extra sweet and deserving of a smooch.

It’s cutesy, it’s funny, and it’ll have him laughing and blushing at the same time. Use this when he’s acting adorable, and you want to plant one on his cheek.

2. Huggable Hank: 

When he is the kind of guy you want to wrap your arms around, that’s when Huggable Hank is the most appropriate.

Think of this name as a blend of old-school charm (thanks to “Hank”) and modern-day affection. The very name brings to mind a boyfriend who’s as reliable as he is cuddly.

3. Boo Bear: 

Marrying the spooky “boo” with the endearing “bear” gives you Boo Bear! It’s for that boyfriend who might be trying to act all macho but melts down to his teddy bear softness with just one look from you.

Give him a shout-out with this name when he is your big, protective teddy.

4. Kissy Face: 

Every time he makes a pout or sends you a flying kiss, remember to call him Kissy Face. This is for the boyfriend who is never shy to show affection, whether in private or in a crowd.

And let’s be honest; it is impossible not to laugh when using this name!

5. Heartie Hunk: 

Ah, for those moments when he’s being both heart-meltingly sweet and undeniably handsome! Heartie Hunk is the perfect blend of charm and humor. It’s a nod to his good looks and the even bigger heart he carries with him.

6. Lovely Lolly: 

Is he the sweet treat in your life? Lovely Lolly captures the essence of a boyfriend who’s delightful, colorful, and just a tad bit sticky (in terms of affection, of course!).

It’s playful and vibrant, reminding you of all the fun times shared over candies and giggles.

7. Honeydew Honey: 

Not just any regular honey, but honeydew honey! This name speaks to his uniqueness. When he’s being sweet and refreshing, just like a slice of honeydew on a hot day, that’s when you have a Honeydew Honey on your hands. A nickname that’s as refreshing as a summer day.

8. Cherub Chum: 

Angelic and endearing, Cherub Chum is for that boyfriend with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, reminiscent of a playful cherub.

It is heavenly, heartwarming, and hilariously fitting for when he is your angelic partner-in-crime.

9. Twinkie Tootsie: 

Think of a creamy center wrapped in a golden cover; that’s your boyfriend for you! With Twinkie Tootsie, you’re referring to his soft, sweet nature, wrapped in a package of charm and goofiness.

It’s sugary and adorable, making him feel as cherished as a treasured snack.

10. Giggly Gumdrop: 

For the boyfriend who’s always in splits, laughing at the drop of a hat. Giggly Gumdrop brings to mind those colorful, sugary candies that burst with flavor. It’s a burst of joy and sweetness, capturing the essence of a partner who always knows how to lighten the mood.

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Sweet Funny Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Sweeter than a sugar rush, these names blend sweetness and comedy. They’re all about light-hearted humor and a sprinkle of adoration.

Get ready to make your beau smile like never before with these sweet, funny names!

  • Sugarcoated Snickers
  • Sweetpea Snicker
  • Honeycomb Hilarity
  • Caramel Chuckle
  • Sugarplum Silly
  • Lollipop Laughter
  • Marshmallow Mirth
  • Gummy Bear Giggles
  • Chocolate Chuckler
  • Sweet Tart Teaser
  • Candy Cane Comedian
  • Jellybean Joker
  • Gelato Giggle
  • Taffy Tickler
  • Sweetroll Smirk
  • Cotton Candy Chuckles
  • Butterscotch Boyo
  • Peppermint Prankster
  • Lemon Drop Laugh
  • Sugarsnap Smile
  • Candyfloss Cutup
  • Popsicle Punchline
  • Donut Delight
  • Pieface Playful
  • Toffee Tease
  • Minty Mirth
  • Honeybun Hilarity
  • Cupcake Cackle
  • Buttercup Bumble
  • Strawberry Snicker

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Weird but Funny Names to Call Your Boyfriend

While these names might seem strange at first glance, their quirkiness makes them funny!

Don’t worry about them being a little offbeat; that’s where their charm lies. Give them a whirl, and you might find the perfect nickname that will have you both laughing out loud.

  • Goofy Goober
  • Wonky Wombat
  • Bizarre Bumblebee
  • Eccentric Elf
  • Outlandish Orangutan
  • Wacky Walrus
  • Zany Zebra
  • Quirky Quokka
  • Silly Squid
  • Ridiculous Raccoon
  • Funky Flamingo
  • Ludicrous Leopard
  • Daffy Dingo
  • Whacky Woodpecker
  • Oddball Otter
  • Hilarious Hedgehog
  • Absurd Alpaca
  • Loony Lemur
  • Batty Bat
  • Kooky Kangaroo
  • Nutty Narwhal
  • Funny Ferret
  • Giggly Giraffe
  • Quaint Quail
  • Loopy Llama
  • Merry Mongoose
  • Crazy Koala
  • Peculiar Penguin
  • Baffling Buffalo

Cute Funny Names to Call Your Boyfriend in Spanish

Cute Funny Names to Call Your Boyfriend in Spanish

Giving your love a nickname in another language can be fun, and Spanish is a language full of affection and humor.

Here are some adorable and funny Spanish names that you can use to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

  • Cariñito Cómico (Funny Little Darling)
  • Dulce Diversión (Sweet Fun)
  • Bombón Bromista (Joking Bonbon)
  • Osito Ocurrente (Witty Little Bear)
  • Churro Chistoso (Funny Churro)
  • Galletita Gracioso (Funny Cookie)
  • Azucarado Alegre (Joyful Sugary)
  • Tesoro Tonto (Silly Treasure)
  • Amorcito Absurdo (Absurd Little Love)
  • Sol Sonriente (Smiling Sun)
  • Corazón Cómico (Comic Heart)
  • Risueño Regordete (Chubby Cheerful)
  • Guapo Gracioso (Funny Handsome)
  • Conejito Cariñoso (Affectionate Bunny)
  • Dulzura Divertida (Funny Sweetness)
  • Encanto Entretenido (Entertaining Charm)
  • Chico Chistoso (Funny Boy)
  • Bebé Bromista (Joking Baby)
  • Ratón Ridículo (Ridiculous Mouse)
  • Caramelo Cómico (Comic Candy)
  • Mi Mimoso (My Cuddly)
  • Gatito Gracioso (Funny Kitten)
  • Pajarito Payaso (Clownish Little Bird)
  • Bicho Bonito (Pretty Bug)
  • Hermoso Hilarante (Hilarious Handsome)
  • Amado Absurdo (Absurd Beloved)
  • Maravilloso Mocoso (Wonderful Brat)
  • Romeo Ridículo (Ridiculous Romeo)
  • Príncipe Payaso (Clown Prince)
  • Querido Quejoso (Whiny Darling)
  • Galán Gracioso (Funny Gallant)
  • Amante Alocado (Crazy Lover)
  • Joya Jocosa (Joking Jewel)
  • Rey Ridículo (Ridiculous King)
  • Mariposa Molestosa (Annoying Butterfly)
  • Nene Necio (Foolish Baby)
  • Papi Payaso (Clown Daddy)
  • Tesoro Tontorrón (Silly Treasure)
  • Niño Nocivo (Harmful Boy)
  • León Loco (Crazy Lion)

Funny Names to Call Your Boyfriend on Snapchat

Snapchat is all about fun, right? These names will bring some extra laughs to your snaps and make your guy feel special. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the right nickname is priceless.

  • SnapStar
  • Emoji Expert
  • Filter King
  • Sticker Stunner
  • GIF Guru
  • Bitmoji Boss
  • Lenses Lover
  • Snap Samurai
  • Chat Charmer
  • Score Slayer
  • Story Superman
  • Caption King
  • Screenshot Stopper
  • Replay Raider
  • Viewership Victor
  • SnapSpeedster
  • Memory Master
  • Geotag Genius
  • Snap Streak Sustainer
  • Chatback Champ
  • Doodle Dude
  • Pic Prince
  • Snap Savior
  • Spectacle Specialist
  • Photo Philosopher
  • Chat Cheerleader
  • Snap Scribe
  • Pic Puzzler
  • Pixel Pro
  • Story Stallion

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Funny Names to Call Your Boyfriend in Bed

Sleepovers and bedtime can be humorous with these adorable and hilarious pet names. Whether it’s for goodnight texts or whispers before drifting off, these names will surely elicit giggles and sweet dreams.

  • Dreamy Dozer
  • Sleepy Smiles
  • Pillow Prince
  • Blanket Bandit
  • Snuggle Snicker
  • Nighttime Nut
  • Snooze Snorter
  • Duvet Daredevil
  • Pajama Joker
  • Starlight Snigger
  • Moonlight Mirth
  • Night Owl Naught
  • Bedtime Buddy
  • Cozy Comedian
  • Drowsy Dreamer
  • Midnight Munchkin
  • Sundown Smirk
  • Slumber Silly
  • Nightcap Nut
  • Twilight Tease
  • Starshine Snicker
  • Cushion Clown
  • Sheet Sherpa
  • Mattress Maestro
  • Quilt Quipper
  • Slumber Snugglebug
  • Dreamland Dude
  • Nightwear Nudnik
  • Restful Rib-tickler
  • Doze Duke

Funny Food Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Love is like cooking – it’s all about mixing the right ingredients. Here are some food-inspired names that can add a dash of humor to your relationship. Just don’t blame me if they make you hungry!

  • Bacon Boyfriend
  • Hamburger Hero
  • Sushi Sweetheart
  • Pizza Prince
  • Donut Dude
  • Hotdog Honey
  • Steak Stud
  • Burrito Beau
  • Cupcake Cutie
  • Noodle Nook
  • Pancake Pal
  • Taco Treasure
  • Fries Fanatic
  • Popcorn Partner
  • Sandwich Sweetie
  • Biscuit Buddy
  • Muffin Man
  • Bagel Boy
  • Pretzel Prince
  • Jellybean Jester
  • Brownie Beau
  • Lollipop Love
  • Pickle Pal
  • Waffle Wonder
  • Ice Cream Idol
  • Cheeseburger Champ
  • Sausage Sweetie
  • Tater Tot Teaser
  • Macaroni Mate
  • Cookie Cutie

Funny Names to Call Your Boyfriend in the US ????????

In the U.S., couples often have unique pet names they use for each other. Here are some funny names that are popular in the States – they’re charming, fun, and full of personality.

This section presents some hilarious pet names inspired by the culture, lingo, and landmarks of the United States. 

  • Burger Babe
  • Hotdog Hottie
  • Yankee Yummy
  • Statue of Liberty Lover
  • Hollywood Hunk
  • Cowboy Cutie
  • Broadway Beau
  • Nascar Nut
  • Bronco Buddy
  • Cheeseburger Champ
  • Eagle Eye
  • All-Star Adonis
  • Rocky Mountain Romeo
  • Gridiron Guy
  • Wild West Whiz
  • Bison Buddy
  • Golden Gate Giggler
  • Captain Cornbread
  • Big Apple Beau
  • Yosemite Yoda
  • Route 66 Rider
  • Mississippi Master
  • Denver Dude
  • Texas Twister
  • Lobster Lover
  • Buffalo Wing Beau
  • Potomac Prince
  • Grizzly Guy
  • Patriot Pookie
  • Dollar Dude

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Funny Cringe Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Have you ever wanted to make your boyfriend blush, squirm, or giggle out of sheer cringe cuteness? Here are some adorable cringe names that are so corny they’ll make you both laugh out loud.

  • Cuddlebug Cootie-Catcher
  • Giggly Goosebump
  • Tickle Treasure
  • Honeybunch Horsefeathers
  • Sillybilly Sweetums
  • Pookybear Pudding Pop
  • Lovey-Dovey Lumpkins
  • Candy-Cane Cuddler
  • Twinkle-Toes Tickler
  • Puppy-Love Prancer
  • Giggly Gumdrop
  • Baby-Cakes Buttercup
  • Love-Bug Lollipop
  • Marshmallow Muffin-top
  • Hunny-Bunny Huggybear
  • Tootsie-Wootsie Twizzler
  • Sweety-Pie Snuggler
  • Coochie-Coo Cutie
  • Doodle-Bug Dandy
  • Dumpling Dimples
  • Gooey-Goo Goofball
  • Peanut-Butter Prince
  • Boo-Boo Bumblebee
  • Fluffy-Puff Funnyface
  • Smoochie-Woochie Sugarsocks
  • Poppet-Poo Pumpkin
  • Babushka Bonbon

Funny Cheesy Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Who doesn’t love a good cheese slice, especially when paired with humor? These cheesy names for your boyfriend are so punny that they’re bound to make him melt…with laughter!

  • Monterey Jack of All Trades
  • Brie-lliant Beau
  • Gouda Guy
  • Swiss Sweetie
  • Cheddar Charmer
  • Colby Cutie
  • Feta Fellow
  • Parmesan Prince
  • Mozzarella Man
  • Provolone Pal
  • Chevre Chum
  • Asiago Adonis
  • Limburger Love
  • Camembert Companion
  • Roquefort Romeo
  • Stilton Star
  • Gruyere Guy
  • Ricotta Romeo
  • Mascarpone Mate
  • Blue Beau
  • Pepper Jack Pal
  • Cream Cheese Companion
  • Fontina Friend
  • Boursin Buddy
  • American Adorable
  • String Cheese Sweetheart

Final Thoughts About Pun Names For Your Boyfriend!

There you have it! We’ve explored the world of funny, cheesy, cringey, and even animal-inspired names to call your boyfriend. These names testify to how humor can add fun and lightness to our relationships. 

So, try out these names and see which ones make your boyfriend laugh out loud or turn into a blushing, giggling mess. You might find the perfect humorous pet name that becomes your unique way of expressing affection. 

After all, love is not just about sweet whispers and soft kisses. It’s also about roaring laughter and warm smiles.

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