450+ Funny Newspaper Names [Best Ideas]

Funny Newspaper Names
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Today, we are going to explore a really fun topic: funny newspaper names. Whether you are looking for a good laugh or the perfect name for your mock newspaper, this article has got you covered.

From puns that will make you giggle to clever plays on words that will have you admiring the creativity, we are diving into a collection of names that are as entertaining as they are unique.

So, why should you keep reading? Because who doesn’t love a bit of humor mixed with creativity!

Plus, you might find the inspiration you need for your next project or just the right name to brighten your day.

Funny Newspaper Names Ideas List

Funny Newspaper Names infographic

In the realm of humor and news, some titles stand out not just for the stories they tell but for the laughter they bring even before you flip the first page. 

This list captures the spirit of fun embedded in daily news, presenting names that promise chuckles and light-hearted moments in every edition. 

Imagine starting your day with a newspaper that doesn’t just inform but also entertains, making every news piece a delightful experience.

  • The Daily Squawk
  • The Weekly Oops
  • The Oops! I Did It Again Chronicle
  • The Nose Picker Gazette
  • The Procrastinator Times
  • The Mystery Meat Journal
  • The Cat Hair Chronicle
  • The Why Me? Herald
  • The Pajama Times
  • The Bad Hair Day Gazette
  • The Bad Joke Bulletin
  • The Daily Yawn
  • The Awkward Moments Express
  • The Belly Button Lint Daily
  • The I Lost My Socks Again Weekly
  • The Oops! I Spilled My Coffee Post
  • The Dog Ate My Homework Tribune
  • The I Need More Coffee Gazette
  • The Zombie Apocalypse Weekly
  • The Oops! I Forgot My Pants Today
  • The Why Is the Sky Blue? Inquirer
  • The I Tripped Over My Shoelaces Bulletin
  • The Bad Breath Bugle
  • The Eyebrows on Fleek Post
  • The I Hate Mondays Monthly
  • The Grumpy Cat Gazette
  • The I Stubbed My Toe Times
  • The Papercut Post
  • The I’m Always Late Ledger
  • The Weird News Weekly

Funny Fake Newspaper Names

Funny Fake Newspaper Names

The art of creating a fake newspaper name lies in striking the perfect balance between believability and humor. 

This segment explores titles that could easily fit into a satirical comedy sketch or a parody, offering a playful escape into worlds where news is anything but ordinary. 

Picture a publication where every story is a gentle nudge not to take life too seriously, inviting readers into a space where laughter is the main agenda.

  • Sneeze Gazette
  • I Can’t Find the Remote Times
  • I Don’t Like Vegetables Post
  • My Room Is a Mess Weekly
  • The Homework Sucks Herald
  • The Burrito Blast
  • Alien Invasion Monthly
  • The Bigfoot Bugle
  • Toilet Paper Crisis Chronicle
  • My Sibling is Annoying Gazette
  • The Weird Dreams Daily
  • My Pet Rock Ran Away Times
  • I Hate Mornings Inquirer
  • The Broccoli Chronicles
  • I Don’t Want a Bath Bulletin
  • The Pimple Post
  • The Hairbrush Woes Weekly
  • The I Hate School Herald
  • The Zombie Unicorn Times
  • Mystery of the Missing Sock
  • The Booger Bulletin
  • My Dog Talks To Me Journal
  • The I Lost My Tooth Post
  • Why Is Homework a Thing? Times
  • The I Hate Bedtime Journal
  • Brussel Sprouts Yuck! Gazette
  • Mystery of the Disappearing Cookie
  • The Talking To My Plants Post

Funny Made-Up Newspaper Names

Funny Made-Up Newspaper Names

Venturing further into the world of creativity, this section introduces newspaper names completely conjured from imagination, blending whimsy with wordplay. 

These titles suggest publications that could exist in alternate universes or fantasy worlds where ordinary news rules do not apply. 

Each name is an open door to a universe where stories defy expectations, and every article is an adventure in itself, waiting to amuse and captivate.

  • The Flying Fish Fiasco
  • The Ticklish Toad Times
  • The Banana Peel Press
  • The Talking Tree Tribune
  • Dancing Duck Daily
  • Purple Pig Post
  • Giggling Giraffe Gazette
  • The Hairy Hippo Herald
  • The Singing Snake Sentinel
  • hatty Chicken Chronicle
  • Sneezing Sloth Sentinel
  • Grumpy Gorilla Gazette
  • Spotted Snail Sentinel
  • The Laughing Lion Ledger
  • Hungry Hamster Herald
  • The Stinky Sock Sentinel
  • Giggly Goat Gazette
  • The Dancing Dolphin Daily
  • The Bouncing Bunny Bulletin
  • The Fluffy Flamingo Fiasco
  • Howling Hound Herald
  • Chubby Chipmunk Chronicle
  • The Slithering Serpent Scoop
  • Giggling Guinea Pig Gazette
  • Squeaky Squirrel Sentinel
  • The Sleepy Sloth Scoop
  • The Prancing Pony Post
  • Chattering Chipmunk Chronicle
  • The Hopping Hare Herald
  • The Waddling Walrus Weekly

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Funny School Newspaper Names

Funny School Newspaper Names

When it comes to school newspapers, a name can set the tone for the entire publication. 

This list is about bringing a smile to students’ faces, capturing the essence of school life with a humorous twist. 

Imagine picking up a school newspaper that doesn’t just cover the latest in sports, arts, and school events but does so with a title that makes you chuckle. 

These names are designed to add a bit of joy and levity to the everyday hustle of school life.

  • The Backpack Blues
  • Pop Quiz Panic
  • The Lunchroom Chronicles
  • Detention Daze
  • Homework Headaches
  • Field Trip Fiascos
  • The Tardy Bell Times
  • The Mystery Cafeteria Meat
  • Lost Pencil Post
  • Substitute Teacher Scoop
  • The Playground Press
  • The Brain Freeze Bugle
  • The Dodgeball Daily
  • Science Experiment Explosion
  • The I Hate Math Gazette
  • Bus Ride Boredom Buster
  • The Hallway Monitor Monthly
  • Attack of the Killer Papercuts
  • Battle of the Book Reports
  • The Gym Class Chronicles
  • The Fire Drill Frenzy
  • The Pop Quiz Panic Post
  • The School Spirit Sentinel
  • The Recess Report
  • The Spelling Bee Buzz
  • I Forgot My Homework Herald
  • The Crushes Chronicle
  • Whispers in the Hallway Weekly
  • The School Dance Disaster
  • The Exam Cram Chronicle

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Good Newspaper Names

Good Newspaper Names

Good newspaper names carry a sense of prestige, reliability, and authority. 

They evoke a feeling of trust and respectability, inviting readers to delve into their pages for insightful news and analysis. 

This list brings together names that could proudly grace the masthead of any publication, promising journalism that enlightens, informs, and engages with the world around us.

  • The Daily Beacon
  • The Community Chronicle
  • The Town Crier
  • The Neighborhood News
  • The Local Voice
  • The City Courier
  • The Public Press
  • The Weekly Watch
  • The Citizen Journal
  • The Main Street Monitor
  • The Front Page Post
  • The Current
  • The Times Today
  • The Informant
  • The Daily Digest
  • The News Now
  • The Evening Echo
  • The Morning Memo
  • The Record
  • The Observer
  • The Independent
  • The Tribune
  • The Sentinel
  • The Gazette
  • The Herald

Old Newspaper Names

Old newspaper names carry with them a sense of history and tradition, echoing the days when the printed word was the primary source of news and information for many. 

These names harken back to when newspapers were the pillars of the community, providing insights, updates, and analyses on the world’s happenings. 

They reflect the dignity and respectability of journalism’s golden age.

  • The Penny Press
  • The Daily Dispatch
  • The Newsie
  • The Morning Ledger
  • The Evening Star
  • The Town Talk
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • The Broadsheet Bulletin
  • The Printing Press Post
  • The Extra! Extra! Edition
  • The Headline Herald
  • The Newsboy Journal
  • The Inkwell Inquirer
  • The Typesetter Times
  • The Investigative Quill
  • The Midnight Messenger
  • The Dawn Dispatch
  • The Rumor Mill Rag
  • The Gossipmonger Gazette
  • The Daily Scandal Sheet
  • The Whispers Weekly
  • The Marketplace Messenger
  • The Town Square Telegraph
  • The Lamplighter’s Ledger
  • The Daily Declaration

Famous Newspaper Names

Famous newspaper names are those that have become household names over the years, known for their journalistic integrity, groundbreaking stories, and influential commentary. 

These names are recognized worldwide for their contribution to the field of journalism, holding a place of distinction in the history of news reporting. 

They represent the pinnacle of success in the newspaper industry.

  • The New York Times
  • The Washington Post
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • USA Today
  • The Los Angeles Times
  • The Chicago Tribune
  • The Boston Globe
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • The Guardian
  • The Telegraph
  • The Times of India
  • The Daily Mail
  • Le Monde
  • The Asahi Shimbun
  • The Yomiuri Shimbun
  • The Sydney Morning Herald
  • The Globe and Mail
  • The Toronto Star
  • The Daily Mirror
  • The Sun
  • The Independent
  • The Financial Times
  • The Economist
  • The New Yorker
  • The Atlantic
  • Time Magazine
  • Newsweek
  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Forbes
  • Fortune

Catchy Newspaper Names

Capturing the reader’s attention right from the get-go, catchy newspaper names are all about memorability and charm. 

These names are designed to stick in your mind long after you’ve put the paper down, combining wit, relevance, and a dash of creativity to make you want to dive into the content. 

From puns that make you pause to clever wordplays that draw a smile, these names are perfect for publications looking to stand out in a crowded newsstand.

  • The Word on the Street
  • The Buzzworthy Bulletin
  • The Inside Scoop
  • The Breaking News Blues
  • The What’s Happening Herald
  • The Talk of the Town Times
  • The Daily Dish
  • The Rumor Mill Rag
  • The Hot Off the Press Post
  • The Did You Hear? Daily
  • The Trending Topics Tribune
  • The Breaking News Blast
  • The Must-Read Memo
  • The Top Stories Telegram
  • The Page-Turner Post
  • The Can’t Miss Chronicle
  • The Headline Holler
  • The Newsflash Now
  • The Don’t Miss This Daily
  • The Read All About It Rag
  • The Urgent Update
  • The Big Story Bulletin
  • The Front Page Flash
  • The Latest & Greatest Gazette
  • The Up-to-the-Minute Monitor
  • The Need-to-Know News
  • The Hold the Presses Post
  • The Stop the Presses!
  • The Extra! Extra! Edition
  • The Talk of the Town Times

Common Newspaper Names

Common newspaper names often carry with them a sense of familiarity and reliability, serving as the cornerstone for daily news consumption. 

These names have become almost synonymous with the concept of news itself, often incorporating time-honored words that signal trustworthiness and a serious commitment to journalism. 

They are the go-to titles for readers seeking straightforward, dependable news coverage.

  • The City Times
  • The Daily News
  • The Evening Post
  • The Morning Herald
  • The Community Chronicle
  • The Regional Reporter
  • The National Journal
  • The State Sentinel
  • The Town Tribune
  • The Area Advisor
  • The Local Ledger
  • The Public Press
  • The District Dispatch
  • The Metro Mirror
  • The Civic Connector
  • The Suburban Sun
  • The Province Paper
  • The Urban Update
  • The Village Voice
  • The County Courier
  • The Capitol Commentary
  • The Borough Bulletin
  • The Neighborhood Notice
  • The Sector Spectator
  • The Zone Zine

Popular Newspaper Names

Popular newspaper names resonate with a wide audience, often reflecting their long-standing history and significant societal impact. 

These titles are well-known across generations, carrying the weight of journalistic integrity, excellence, and the ability to shape public opinion. 

They have become benchmarks in the industry, consistently delivering news that matters to their readership.

  • The Daily Telegraph
  • The Globe and Mail
  • The Sun
  • The Daily Mirror
  • The Daily Mail
  • The Guardian
  • The Times of India
  • The Independent
  • Le Monde
  • The Sydney Morning Herald
  • The New York Times
  • The Washington Post
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • USA Today
  • The Los Angeles Times
  • The Chicago Tribune
  • The Boston Globe
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • The Toronto Star
  • The Financial Times
  • The Economist
  • The New Yorker
  • The Atlantic
  • Time Magazine
  • Newsweek

Fictional Newspaper Names

Diving into the realms of imagination, fictional newspaper names offer a glimpse into worlds both familiar and fantastical. 

You might find these titles in novels, movies, or video games, where the news covers everything from superhero sightings to intergalactic events.

Creative and bound only by the limits of imagination, these names invite readers into stories that captivate and entertain.

The Daily Prophet (from Harry Potter)

The New York Ghost (from Ghostbusters)

The Hawkins Post (from Stranger Things)

The Pawnee Journal (from Parks & Recreation)

The Springfield Shopper (from The Simpsons)

The Riverdale Register (from Riverdale)

The Scranton Times-Tribune (from The Office)

The Hilltop Howler (from Archie Comics)

The Gotham Gazette (from Batman)

The Metropolis Marvel (from Superman)

The Bugle (from Spider-Man)

The Central City Citizen (from The Flash)

The Star City Sentinel (from Green Arrow)

The Keystone Chronicle (from DC Comics)

The Duckburg Daily (from Donald Duck)

The Radiator Springs Reporter (from Cars)

The Monstropolis Monitor (from Monsters Inc.)

The Townsville Tribune (from Powerpuff Girls)

The Bikini Bottom Bulletin (from Spongebob)

The Dimmsdale Daily (from Fairly Odd Parents)

The Quahog Chronicle (from Family Guy)

The Quahog Clam (from Family Guy)

Elwood City Express (from Arthur)

The Langley Falls Ledger (from American Dad)

The Stoolbend Standard (from American Dad)

The Gravity Falls Gossiper (from Gravity Falls)

The Cybertron Chronicle (from Transformers)

The Autobot Bugle (from Transformers)

The Decepticon Daily (from Transformers)

The Tatooine Times (from Star Wars)

Creative Newspaper Names

Creative newspaper names break from the norm, offering fresh and imaginative takes on what a newspaper can be called. 

These names often incorporate puns, alliterations, or unexpected combinations that spark interest and curiosity. 

They stand out on a newsstand, not just for the stories they promise but for the creativity they embody, inviting readers into a world where news delivery itself is an art form.

  • The Ponder Press
  • The Chronicle Canvas
  • The Inkwell Inspiration
  • The Prose Pulse
  • The Narrative Nectar
  • The Quill Quest
  • The Muse Monitor
  • The Thought Thread
  • The Word Wave
  • The Echo Essence
  • The Articulate Arrow
  • The Scribble Scroll
  • The Insight Island
  • The Vision Vine
  • The Whisper Web
  • The Dream Drift
  • The Idea Incubator
  • The Notion Nebula
  • The Tale Torrent
  • The Fable Fountain
  • The Story Stream
  • The Concept Cove
  • The Allegory Atlas
  • The Mythos Map
  • The Legend Ledger
  • The Fantasy Flyer
  • The Saga Sphere
  • The Epic Envelope
  • The Odyssey Oracle
  • The Narrative Nova

Unique Newspaper Names

Unique newspaper names venture into uncharted territory, offering titles as distinctive as the content they cover. 

These names might blend words in new ways, draw on less common languages or concepts, or strike a chord that resonates with uniqueness. 

They are perfect for publications emphasizing their one-of-a-kind approach to journalism and storytelling.

  • The Prism Press
  • The Zenith Zephyr
  • The Epoch Echo
  • The Oracle Observer
  • The Nexus News
  • The Aura Argus
  • The Infinity Ink
  • The Quantum Quill
  • The Vortex Voice
  • The Meridian Mirror
  • The Zenith Chronicle
  • The Horizon Hub
  • The Aether Advisor
  • The Cosmos Courier
  • The Nebula Nexus
  • The Serenity Sentinel
  • The Paramount Post
  • The Luminous Ledger
  • The Ether Express
  • The Odyssey Observer
  • The Apex Archive
  • The Beacon Blog
  • The Catalyst Chronicle
  • The Dynamo Dispatch
  • The Echo Enigma

Best Newspaper Names

The best newspaper names carry a sense of authority, reliability, and quality. They manage to convey the essence of the publication’s mission and values, all while being memorable and impactful. 

These names are not just titles but badges of honor, representing journalistic excellence and a commitment to serving the public interest. 

  • The Guardian Guide
  • The Prime Perspective
  • The Trust Tribune
  • The Integrity Index
  • The Insight Informer
  • The Unity Update
  • The Visionary Voice
  • The Quality Quest
  • The Ethos Examiner
  • The Honor Herald
  • The Prestige Post
  • The Legacy Ledger
  • The Merit Mirror
  • The Wisdom Weekly
  • The Clarity Courier
  • The Valor View
  • The Dignity Digest
  • The Esteem Echo
  • The Principle Paper
  • The Virtue Vanguard
  • The Respect Review
  • The Truth Teller
  • The Justice Journal
  • The Fidelity Focus
  • The Excellence Express


Even if you are drawn to the humor of “The Giggle Gazette” or the authority of “The Guardian Guide,” the perfect name sets the tone for your publication’s unique voice and mission. 

As you consider creating or renaming your own newspaper, let these lists inspire you to choose a name that captures the essence of your content, resonates with your audience, and stands out in the ever-evolving news and media landscape.

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