250+ Funny Names that Start with B!

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Are you on a hunt for funny names starting with ‘B’? Whether you need a creative spark for a new character in your upcoming novella, a snazzy name for your newest pet, or just searching for a giggle, we’ve got you covered! 

List Funny Names That Start With B

List Funny Names That Start With B

Have you ever heard a name that made you chuckle? Perhaps, the name was unusual, unexpected, or played off words in a funny way. 

Names like this have a certain charm; they are memorable and bring a bit of fun into the everyday.

Here’s our list of funny names that start with the letter ‘B’:

1. Banana Breeze: 

The name conjures the image of a gentle, tropical wind blowing through a banana plantation.

Imagine yourself sitting on a beach, enjoying a gentle gust of wind, only for it to carry the light, playful scent of bananas. It’s nature’s own tropical smoothie!

2. Bumble Beaming: 

Think of a clumsy bee buzzing around with a big smile on its face. Imagine a bee, not just any bee, but one that’s particularly cheerful. This bee doesn’t just buzz; it beams joyfully, even if it occasionally bumps into a flower or two.

3. Beaming Bliss: 

This evokes feelings of pure joy and contentment. Think about those moments when you are so happy that your smile radiates light.

It’s as if the universe is aligning just for you, and everything is perfect.

4. Bursting Bubble: 

Ah, the sheer joy and unexpected surprise when a bubble pops! Have you ever blown bubbles, watching them float gracefully in the air, only to have one land on you and “pop!”?

It’s a fleeting moment of wonderment and slight shock.

5. Bedazzled Biscuit: 

A plain old biscuit, but make it fabulous! Imagine a biscuit so glittery and shiny, you’d think it just walked out of a jewelry store.

This isn’t just your morning treat; it’s a statement.

6. Bizarre Blizzard: 

A snowstorm that’s not just cold and snowy but also a bit… off. Picture a blizzard with mini snowmen or candy canes falling from the sky instead of snowflakes. It’s winter’s odd little twist.

7. Bacon Blossom: 

Two words you never thought you’d see together. Visualize a flower, and imagine it’s made entirely out of crispy, savory bacon.

Nature’s perfect marriage of beauty and flavor.

8. Booty Biscotti: 

A biscotti with some sass and flair.

When you’re sipping your coffee and want a side treat with a bit more character and spunk, this biscotti isn’t just crunchy; it’s cheeky!

9. Bouncing Brew: 

A beverage is so energetic it can’t stay still.

Think of pouring yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and instead of a gentle steam rising, the beverage dances and bounces. It’s like it’s just as excited to wake you up!

10. Blazing Butterscotch: 

A candy that’s so hot, it’s on fire! You might want to have a glass of milk ready.

This isn’t just a sweet treat; it’s a butterscotch so intense you’d think it’s challenging the sun for brightness.

11. Bubble Burp: 

A burp after drinking a fizzy beverage, but exaggerated.

It’s the kind of burp that, after having a soda, announces itself loudly and carries a playful bubble pop with it. Talk about dramatic exits!

12. Bodacious Boomerang: 

A boomerang with style, flair, and confidence. When this boomerang is thrown, it doesn’t just return; it struts back with style, ensuring everyone’s eyes are on it.

13. Blubbering Blimp: 

A massive airship, but it’s a bit emotional. Imagine a gigantic blimp floating gracefully in the sky, but every now and then, it emits a comically sad “whimper.” Even airships have feelings.

14. Bawdy Blueberry: 

A blueberry with an audacious attitude.

This isn’t your regular fruit. It’s a blueberry that knows its worth and is unafraid to flaunt it.

15. Blaring Bagpipes: 

Not Scotland’s subtle, lilting sounds, but bagpipes that want to be heard.

You won’t just hear these pipes; you’ll feel them in your very core, and they might even surprise your grandma!

16. Bumbling Bison: 

A massive creature, majestic in its way but a tad clumsy.

Picture a bison, powerful and grand, but it sometimes trips over its own hooves, causing an adorable mini “earthquake.”

17. Brilliant Blobfish: 

A fish is often called the “ugliest,” but this one has smarts.

While it might not win a beauty contest in the ocean, it’s probably solving underwater calculus problems or developing deep sea theories.

18. Bucking Bronco: 

A horse with so much energy, it’s always ready for a rodeo.

Every time you approach it, it’s like it’s heard the starting bell of a competition. Better hold on tight!

19. Bumbling Butterfly: 

A delicate creature, fluttering about, but can’t quite navigate.

Its flights are a mix of elegance and sudden, unexpected dives, making you wonder if it had a tad too much nectar.

20. Bumptious Brontosaurus: 

A dinosaur with an inflated ego. In a world of ferocious T-Rexes and speedy Velociraptors, this brontosaurus struts around, convinced it’s the real star of the Mesozoic era.

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Funny Boys Names That Start With B

Now, moving onto the more personal side of things! Here, we’ve gathered a quirky collection of boys’ names starting with ‘B’ that’ll make you smirk. 

They’re funny, creative, and pack quite a punch. Remember, a name can be a great conversation starter, and these will certainly give people something to talk about.

1. Bouncer Bob: 

Meet Bouncer Bob, who doesn’t just enter a room; he bounces into it.

With a spring in his step, he’s always ready for fun or a game of basketball, and his boundless energy is contagious.

2. Boxer Bill: 

Boxer Bill might not be a prizefighter, but he surely packs a punch in humor.

Whether it’s his fighting stance when he’s playful or his never-back-down attitude, you can count on him for a lively time.

3. Biker Brad: 

Roaring into the room with the energy of a motorbike, Biker Brad is all about speed and adventure.

Whether on two wheels or two feet, he’s always zooming forward with a trail of laughter in his wake.

4. Bullfrog Bart: 

Ever met someone whose laugh or voice reminds you of a bullfrog’s croak? That’s Bullfrog Bart.

But it’s not just noise; it’s a symphony of humor that makes everyone chuckle.

5. Broccoli Brett: 

Broccoli Brett might not be everyone’s favorite at dinner, but he’s always a hit at parties.

With his quirky, green-thumbed humor, he grows on you and brings fresh, healthy laughter to the table.

6. Builder Bruce: 

Always constructing jokes and crafting fun, Builder Bruce’s humor is structural.

His laughs are built to last, and his ability to connect with others is the blueprint for a good time.

7. Barracuda Barry: 

Fast and relentless, Barracuda Barry always finds his way to humor. He’s sharp, he’s quick, and if you blink, you might miss one of his witty comments. But don’t worry; the laughter will catch you!

8. Bricklayer Bryan: 

Layer by layer, Bricklayer Bryan constructs his jokes with precision.

He’s not just tossing words around; he’s building a fortress of fun you’ll want to visit again and again.

9. Bushmaster Blake: 

With stealthy and cunning humor, Bushmaster Blake knows how to surprise you with a punchline.

His jokes might seem hidden initially, but then they strike, and you’re caught in a laugh-trap.

10. Blacksmith Bernard:

With the strength of a blacksmith, Bernard hammers out jokes and crafts fun out of the ordinary. His humor is as solid as iron and as brilliant as freshly forged metal.

11. Barbecue Byron: 

Sizzling with wit and marinated in humor, Barbecue Byron cooks up laughs like a master chef.

When he’s around, you know you’re in for a treat that’s grilled to perfection.

12. Banker Brody: 

Investing in fun and capitalizing on laughter, Banker Brody knows the currency of humor.

His wit pays dividends; you’ll always feel rich when he’s around in good times.

13. Bartender Beau: 

Mixing jokes like cocktails, Bartender Beau serves up humor that’s both smooth and refreshing.

The laughs keep flowing whether you’re at his bar or his backyard.

14. Bowler Baxter: 

With the precision of a pro bowler, Baxter aims for strikes in humor.

His jokes roll smoothly, hitting the pins of laughter, and you can’t help but cheer for more.

15. Bighorn Baldwin: 

Majestic and resonant, Bighorn Baldwin’s humor echoes across the room like the call of a mountain sheep.

It’s a sound that’s uniquely his, gathering people around for a hearty laugh.

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Funny Girl Names That Start With Letter ‘B

Funny names aren’t just for the boys! Girls’ names can be equally amusing and entertaining.

And if you are looking for a name that is a bit out-of-the-box and will make people giggle, we have just the list for you! 

1. Bella Ballerina: 

Have you ever seen a Bella who wasn’t graceful? Neither have I!

Bella Ballerina dances through life with elegance and poise, turning ordinary days into balletic displays of laughter and charm.

2. Beatrice the Beekeeper: 

Buzzing around with humor, Beatrice the Beekeeper brings sweetness to every gathering. Her jokes are honey-dipped, and she handles them with the care of a bee’s delicate wings. You’ll be drawn to her like bees to flowers!

3. Brianna the Brainiac: 

Brianna doesn’t just know facts; she knows how to have fun with them.

With wit as sharp as a professor’s pen, she turns knowledge into laughter. Who knew learning could be so amusing?

4. Brooke the Bookworm: 

Dive into a river of giggles with Brooke the Bookworm.

She’s got a library full of jokes, and every page is a splash of fun. Reading has never been so hilarious!

5. Brigitte the Baker: 

Brigitte bakes humor like she bakes fresh, warm, and comforting bread.

Her jokes are like pastries, filled with sweetness and a touch of nuttiness. You won’t be able to resist a second helping!

6. Babita the Birdwatcher: 

With eyes as sharp as an eagle, Babita spots humor where others might miss it.

Her wit soars on the wings of laughter, and she always lands the punchline gracefully. Join her flock, and you’ll be chirping with joy!

7. Belinda the Bubble-blower: 

Pop! That’s the sound of Belinda’s bubbly humor bursting into the room.

She inflates fun with her effervescent personality and leaves everyone floating on clouds of giggles.

8. Bernadette the Butterfly: 

Graceful and colorful, Bernadette’s humor flits and floats like a butterfly.

She brings a delicate touch to jokes, and her laughter is as soft as butterfly wings. Her metamorphic charm will enchant you!

9. Bruna the Bunny-lover: 

Hop along with Bruna, and you’ll find humor in every bunny hop.

Her love for fluffy friends translates into warm, fuzzy jokes that make you want to cuddle up and laugh.

10. Blanca the Snow Queen: 

Cool and crisp, Blanca’s humor falls like fresh snowflakes.

It’s a winter wonderland of wit, where every laugh is a unique crystal of joy. Come chill with her; you won’t get cold feet!

Funny Pet Names That Start With B

Pets are our constant companions and often become integral to our families. They are the ones we laugh with, play with, and love unconditionally. 

And what better way to show our pets how much they mean to us than by giving them a name that sparks joy and humor?

So, if you have a new furry, feathery, or scaly friend in your life, check out this list of amazing funny pet names starting with ‘B’:

  • Barky McBarkface
  • Biscuit Belly
  • Boo Boo Binky
  • Bumpkin Barks
  • Bonkers Badger
  • Bacon Bit
  • Biscuit Biter
  • Bobblehead Bunny
  • Bopping Biscuit
  • Bologna Barks
  • Baboon Butt
  • Bow-Wow Bongo
  • Bunny Boogie
  • Butterball Binky
  • Bigfoot Biscuit
  • Boozy Budgie
  • Batwing Bumble
  • Blueberry Bash
  • Bobtail Bumblebee
  • Bubblegum Binky
  • Brisket Barks
  • Butter Bean
  • Biscotti Bop
  • Bugbear Bunny
  • Ballistic Bumblebee
  • Breezy Budgie
  • Bobbletail Batwing

Funny Team Names That Start With B

In any team, the bond between members is crucial. The name of a team can serve as an ice-breaker, a conversation starter, and even a moral booster. 

So, why not choose a team name that brings a smile to everyone’s face? Here are the best funny team names that start with ‘B’ to kickstart your brainstorming session:

  • Banana Benchwarmers
  • Bongo Ballers
  • BBQ Brawlers
  • Bubblegum Bandits
  • Bucktooth Buccaneers
  • Butter Bloopers
  • Blazing Baguettes
  • Beatbox Batsmen
  • Boomerang Bashers
  • Bingo Bouncers
  • Brusselsprout Ballers
  • Breakdance Blitzers
  • Bongo Bobsledders
  • Balloon Benders
  • Bouncy Boxers
  • Butterfinger Bashers
  • Buckaroo Breakers
  • Bumblebee Bowlers
  • Butterfly Batteries
  • Badger Bouncers
  • Bonkers Bikers
  • Burrito Builders
  • Banjo Blazers
  • Bagpipe Ballers

Funny Baby Names That Start With B

Whether expecting a new bundle of joy, writing a whimsical story, or simply seeking some giggles, baby names can be quite a hoot! 

Here are some funny baby names that start with ‘B’ that might give you a giggle:

  • Boggle
  • Bonkers
  • Bobble
  • Binky
  • Blubber
  • Bumble
  • Bubba
  • Buttercup
  • Biscuit
  • Beetle
  • Blimp
  • Bingo
  • Baboo
  • Booger
  • Bucky
  • Boppy
  • Bozo
  • Buffoon
  • Banjo
  • Bunny
  • Burble
  • Bumblebee
  • Babbles
  • Binkie

Funny Best Friends Names That Start With B

Best friends are our confidants, our partners in crime, and our shoulder to cry on.

And what better way to celebrate this special bond than by giving each other funny nicknames that start with B? 

  • Banana Split
  • Biscuit Brain
  • Blunder Buddy
  • Bubble Burster
  • Buckaroo Buddy
  • Belly Laughs
  • Bumble Bee
  • Boisterous Boo
  • Bonkers Buddy
  • Bear Hugger
  • Bigfoot BFF
  • Boggle Buddy
  • Boo Boo Bear
  • Bubbly Belle
  • Bumper Buddy
  • Brisket Buddy
  • Biggie Bestie
  • Bumblebee Brother
  • Banter Boss
  • Bacon Bit
  • Butterfly Buddy
  • Brainy Bestie
  • Beaming Buddy
  • Biggie Bro

Funny Names for Couples That Start With B

Ah, love! It’s sweet, it’s powerful, and at times, it’s downright hilarious! A shared nickname can bring a couple closer together and add a touch of humor to their relationship. 

If you’re looking for a lighthearted, funny nickname you and your partner can enjoy, you have come to the right place!

  • Boisterous Buddies
  • Bubbly Bellringers
  • Bumblebee Lovebirds
  • Bantering Duos
  • Blithe Jokers
  • Beaming Comedians
  • Bonkers Partners
  • Belly-laugh Sweethearts
  • Bedazzled Entertainers
  • Brisk Hilarities
  • Blissful Chucklers
  • Baffling Pranksters
  • Bouncy Quipsters
  • Bewitching Gigglers
  • Breezy Lovebugs
  • Burbling Duo
  • Booming Jestmasters
  • Bopping Mischief-makers

Wrapping Up: Funny B’s

And that’s the end of our comedy show with the star of the day, the letter ‘B’!, where we unmasked the joy of humor hidden within names.

Remember, the best names are those that bring a smile to your face, spark joy, and remind you not to take life too seriously.

Stay playful, keep laughing, and always remember to embrace the fun side of life!

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