210+ Funny Lamp Names To Brighten Your Day

Funny Lamp Names
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Light up your day in a way that’s anything but ordinary with a collection of lamps that carry more than just illumination they come with a twist of humor in their names. 

From cheeky to cute, lamp names can make your home lighting more fun and memorable.

So, we will share some funny and creative lamp naming ideas ranging from punny to playful vintage styles.

Let’s shed some light on these brilliantly named beacons of brilliance that prove when it comes to home decor; a name can indeed make all the difference. Ready to shine a light on them?

Funny Lamp Name Ideas

Funny Lamp Names infographic

Think of lamps not just as light sources but as the jesters of interior design, each with a name that offers a playful reprieve from the ordinary. 

Here, we explore the imaginative side of lighting, where every name is an opportunity to add joy to the functionality.

  • The Gleeful Glower
  • Baskin’ Robbins of Light
  • Lumi Laughter Pod
  • Chucklebeam Charm
  • Quip Quill
  • Gleam Grin
  • Bellylaugh Bulb
  • Frolic Flash
  • Wink-a-Watt
  • Lumo Squiggle
  • Snicker Shine
  • Bliss Blinker
  • Chirpy Chandelier
  • Merry Mosaic
  • Gleeful Glimmerer
  • Frisky Flashlight
  • Twinkle Toes
  • Radiant Rib-Tickler
  • The Happy Halogen
  • Chuckle Chalice
  • The Gleaming Grin
  • Joke-a-Watt
  • Delight Dynamo
  • Gaggle of Giggles Glow
  • Lampshade Laugh
  • Smirk Spark
  • Jester Gester
  • The Glee Beam
  • Sassy Shine
  • Humor Hub
  • Flicker Frolic
  • Jest-o-Light
  • Blithe Beacon
  • The Giggling Glowworm
  • Smiley Sconce
  • Frolicking Flame
  • Gleam Dream
  • Snigger Spotlight
  • Luminous Lampoon
  • Dazzle Drizzle
  • Chucklesome Lantern
  • Amusing Argand
  • Glint-a-Giggle
  • Mirthful Ray
  • Shimmer Shindig

Funny Vintage Lamp Names

Funny Vintage Lamp Names (1)

Journey back to an era of elegance with a comedic twist, where vintage lamps are given names that resonate with charm and wit.

These aren’t just relics of the past; they’re the keepers of laughter, with names that reflect their timeless allure and the joy of bygone days. 

Uncover the classic beauty of lamps that shine a light on both the sophistication and the playful banter of their times.

  • The Retro Guffaw
  • Oldie but Aglow-ie
  • Past-Tense Twinkle
  • Glee-ful Goblet
  • Chuckling Cherubim
  • Jolly Good Glow
  • Ancient Angler of Light
  • Whimsy Wrought Iron
  • Ye Olde Beam
  • The Gilded Giggler
  • Heritage Hilarity
  • Beaming Baroque
  • Laughter Lantern
  • Whistle-While-You-Work-Light
  • Yore’s Yucks
  • Jest from the Past
  • Time-Teller Twinkle
  • Olden Glowden
  • Rustic Radiance Riot
  • Victorian Vibe-maker
  • The Jovial Jasper
  • Fun-Flecked Filament
  • Antique Antics
  • Jester of Yesteryear
  • Flickering Fossil
  • Luminary Legacy
  • Noble Gas Guffaw
  • The Humorous Heirloom
  • Glow from Long Ago
  • Bantering Bulb
  • Jolly Jargon Jar
  • Silly Stained Glass
  • Twinkle from Time
  • Past’s Prism
  • The Punny Parlor Light
  • Time-Honored Titter
  • The Witty Wick ‘n’ Oil
  • Historical Hilarity Hub
  • Legacy Lumens
  • The Lampoon Lantern
  • Groovy Glow
  • Epochal Chuckle
  • The Giddy Gaslight
  • The Snickering Scepter
  • Classic Clowning Candlestick
  • Sputnik Snickers
  • Yester-year’s Yowl
  • Bubbling Brassy Bright
  • The Bantering Beacon
  • The Frivolous Fresnel
  • Jokester Joule
  • Flash from the Past
  • Retro Gag Glow
  • Ol’ Timey Tickler

Funny Table Lamp Names

Funny Table Lamp Names

Let’s focus on the tabletop companions that add character to our desks and nightstands.

A funny table lamp name does more than introduce a burst of light; it injects fun into the functionality. 

So, pull up a chair, lean in close, and let’s get ready to meet the comical table lamp names that are sure to light up your face as much as they light up your room:

  • The Desk Jester
  • Table Chuckler
  • Shine Sprite
  • Luminoodle Doodle
  • Giggly Lumen Guy
  • Gaze & Graze Glare
  • Mirthquake Maker
  • Snicker Sconce
  • Giggle Glint
  • Ticklish Tiki Torch
  • Luminary Laughy
  • Twinkle Teaser
  • Puns ‘n’ Lamps
  • Frolic Beam Buddy
  • Jest-o-Lux
  • Guffaw Glow
  • Frivolous Flame
  • Banter Beam
  • Snigger Snipe
  • Whoopee Winker
  • Cheeky Shine
  • Blithe Bulb
  • Merry Light Marvel
  • Jocular Jug Light
  • Buffoon Balloon Bulb
  • Quirky Quasar
  • Lampoon Lumière
  • Chortle Orb
  • Flicker Floozy
  • Silly Lumen Sentinel
  • Funster Floodlight
  • Twinkle Trifle
  • Har-Har Halo
  • Jestful Jewel
  • Lampshade Larrikin
  • Dapper Daylight
  • Wisecrack Watt
  • Witty Wick
  • Jolly Jig Lamp
  • Droll Glow Roll
  • Lighthearted Lighthouse
  • Bright Bite
  • Cackle Candle
  • Dazzle Dazzler
  • Chuckling Cherub
  • Glimmer Guffaw
  • Splendid Sparkle Sprout
  • Glitter Gag
  • Ha-Ha Halogen
  • Beaming Buffoon
  • Jovial Joule
  • Shimmer Shaker
  • Lumo Ludicrous
  • Comical Candlestick
  • Quip Quartz
  • Glow Gigolo
  • Spotlight Smirk
  • Whimsical Wattson
  • Larky Lightbulb

Funny Lamp Names (With Meaning)

Funny Lamp Name Ideas

Step into a room where the lamps do more than light up; they tell a story with their names, sparking laughter with their clever names.

Designers have crafted lamps that serve as functional pieces and entertainment sources in the nooks of creativity. 

Forget the standard lamp; let’s turn the spotlight on those brightening our rooms while tickling our funny bones.

1. The Glowing Chucklestick –

A playful twist combining the warmth of light with the joy of laughter. This name suggests a lamp that’s as entertaining as it is illuminating, perfect for lightening the mood in any room.

2. Shine-a-lot-a-looza –

This name bursts with energy, hinting at a lamp that’s not just about bright light but also about brightening life with its vibrant presence. 

3. Brighty McLightface –

With a nod to social media’s famous “Boaty McBoatface,” this lamp will surely be a conversation starter, offering a friendly beam of light with a cheeky personality.

4. Lumino-whatsit –

Here’s a name for a mysterious lamp that invites curiosity and a sense of wonder. It’s for those who love a touch of the unknown with their décor.

5. Glimmer Giggle Globe –

Imagine a lamp that offers a soft, global glow paired with a dose of cheer. This name is for a lamp that promises to be a round, radiating presence of joy in your home.

6. WhimsiLight Delight –

This name encapsulates a lamp that is not just a source of light but also a source of delight, embodying a fanciful and charming persona that can’t help but make you smile.

7. The Illumi-naughty –

Perfect for those with a mischievous sense of humor, this lamp brings a bright wink to the room, suggesting it’s up to some playful brightness.

8. Beaming Ballyhoo –

The name evokes a lamp that’s all about making a bright fuss, a showy piece that’s as dazzling as it is dramatic in its illumination.

9. Twinkle Tickle Tower –

It hints at a tall lamp designed to tickle your fancy with its sparkling light, like a tower that’s not just seen but also felt in its cheerful radiance.

10. Sparkle Snicker Sphere – For a lamp that combines a spherical elegance with a spark of humor, this name is perfect for a sophisticated and spirited light.

11. Lampy McLightpants –

A whimsically named lamp that adds a light-hearted touch to the room, like a trusty companion that brightens your day and your room.

12. The Radiant Riddler –

This lamp name suggests a design that’s as much a brain-teaser as a light source, bringing an intellectual charm to your lighting choices.

13. Bask-in-the-Sillyness –

A lamp that doesn’t take itself too seriously, inviting you to bask in its playful glow and perhaps find the lighter side of life.

14. Flicker Funnybone –

This name speaks to a lamp that’s not just a flickering light source but also tickles your funnybone, a sure pick for those who appreciate humor in their home accessories.

15. Glow-Mo Jester –

A lamp that may slow down time with its enchanting light while keeping up its jester antics, bringing a slow-motion glow to those cozy evenings.


As we reach the end of our luminous ride through laughter and light, it’s clear that a name can add a whole new layer of enjoyment to our everyday objects.

From the cheery beams of our ‘Gleeful Glower‘ to the historical chuckles brought by ‘Ol’ Timey Tickler,’ these witty names have proven that creativity shines brightest when infused with fun. 

These aren’t just names; they’re invitations to see the fun side of functionality, turning the act of lighting up a room into an opportunity for a smile. 

So next time you flick on a light, think of what playful title it could hold in the anthology of amusing lamp names, and let your space glow with laughter and light.

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