370+ Funny Printer Names!

Funny Printer Names
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Printers can be somewhat…boring. They don’t exactly spark joy, do they? But what if I told you that you could sprinkle some fun into the mix? Yes, you heard it right! Giving your printer a funny name can transform a mundane office chore into a source of laughter.

In this blog, we’re about to share some of the funniest printer names that can instantly lighten the mood. Let’s check them out!

Why Choose Funny Printer Names?

Choosing funny printer names adds a touch of pun and joy to the everyday printing task. It brightens your day and can become a conversation starter in offices and homes.

By personalizing and infusing humor into everyday tech, we transform mere machines into entertaining companions, making each print job a delightful experience. Always remember a touch of laughter makes everything better!

Funny Printer Names Ideas List

When you think of printers, you might not immediately think of fun or laughter, but why should tech be boring? 

I have come up with a list of hilarious printer names that will bring a smile to your face every time you see them. 

Whether you’re naming your home printer or setting up a new one at the office, these names are guaranteed to add a little joy to your day. Here we go:

  • Paper Jammin’ Jimmy
  • Inky McInkface
  • The Toner Ranger
  • Clickety Clackety Keys
  • Pixel Pusher
  • Dr. Printenstein
  • Buzz Lightlaser
  • Cartridges of the Caribbean
  • The Paper Mangler
  • Boba Fett-cher
  • WookIEE Noises
  • Sir Prints-a-Lot
  • Printy McPrintface
  • Hal 9001 (Just don’t let it take over)
  • Ctrl+Alt+De-ink
  • Out of Magenta (Again!)
  • Dumbledore’s Printorium
  • 50 Shades of Gray (If it’s black and white)
  • Print It & Weep
  • The Office Space Menace
  • PC Load Letter?!
  • Slowpoke Rodriguez
  • Error 404: Paper Not Found
  • Lord Volde-ink (No more ink for you!)
  • Baconator (Because… bacon)
  • Smells Like Toner Spirit
  • The Printy Python

Funny HP Printer Names

HP printers are everywhere, and they deserve names that reflect their importance in our lives. 

Below, you will find funny names explicitly tailored for HP printers. These names are a mix of puns, pop culture references, and just plain silliness, perfect for bringing a bit of fun to your office or home workspace.

  • HP Patronus
  • Expelli-Paper-us
  • Hogwarts Inkpress
  • The Leaky Cartridge
  • Dumbledore’s Print-o-Matic
  • The Weasley Wheezer
  • Moaning Myrtle’s Print Shop
  • HP Lovecraft
  • Yer a Printer, Harry
  • The Half-Printed Page
  • Printing Patronum
  • Accio Ink!
  • The Pensieve Printer
  • Riddikulus Print Job
  • 9 ¾ Platform Printouts
  • Hagrid’s Hairy Printer
  • Dobby’s Ink Sock
  • Snape’s Scowling Printer
  • Ministry of Toner
  • Quidditch Printouts
  • Newt Scamander’s Page Prowler
  • Daily Prophet Paper Pusher
  • Alohomora, Open Paper Tray!
  • Butterbeer Bubble Jets
  • The Goblet of Ink
  • Hedwig’s Delivery Delay

Funny Trendy Printer Names

In the world of printers, staying trendy and current is a must. For those who love keeping up with the latest and greatest, I have put together a list of funny and trendy printer names. 

These names are perfect for anyone who wants their printer to be as cool and current as they are. Ready to meet your new printer?

  • Yeet the Sheets
  • Ink Bae
  • Print Drip
  • Paper or Plastic? Neither. I Print.
  • Low Toner Vibes
  • WiFi? More Like Why-Fi Won’t You Print?
  • #nofilter #justink
  • I Came, I Saw, I Printed
  • Printstagram
  • Alexa, Print This
  • TikTok Toner Dance
  • Meme Machine
  • Print That Cat Video
  • Ok Boomer, Just Print Already
  • Fortnite Font Fanatic
  • Baby Yoda Print Protector
  • This is the Ink Way
  • Vintage Vibes, Modern Prints
  • Van Gogh? More Like Van No-Ink
  • Monet? Nah, Mo’ Paper
  • Basically Banksy, But With Paper
  • Caffeine & Cartridge Dreams
  • Plant Mom, Print Queen
  • Retro Print Party
  • Cancel Culture? Cancel Paper Jams!
  • Doggo Ate My Printout
  • Oops, All Ink
  • Ctrl + P = Panic
  • Snack Break > Print Task
  • Finna Print This Meme

Purr-fectly Hilarious Printer Names

Punny Names for printers - NamesCrunch

You won’t be able to resist a giggle every time you hit ‘print’ with these creatively funny names. So, let’s get that laughter rolling!

1. Printz Purr-sian: 

This name combines the majestic nature of the Persian cat breeds with the act of printing. Imagine a royal cat sitting on its throne, decreeing that all print jobs be done perfectly.

2. Purr-ge and Print: 

Play on the word “purge” (to clear or refresh) and printing. Like cats, printers sometimes need a little refresh before they get to business.

3. Meow-toner: 

Combining the cat’s meow with the essential printer component – toner. Whenever you hear a ‘meow’, think of it as your printer telling you it’s full of ink and ready to roll.

4. Tabby Takeout: 

Merging the playful tabby cat breed with the idea of taking out or printing documents. It’s as if your furry friend just served you the freshest printout!

5. Kitty Konveyor: 

Picturing a little kitty managing a conveyor belt of papers, ensuring each printout is up to par. Could there be anything cuter?

6. Purr-folio Producer: 

Think of a cat expertly managing your portfolio prints. Whenever you need a presentation or a document, your trusted cat has sorted it for you.

7. Whisker Workshop: 

A place where your prints come to life under the watchful eyes and twitching whiskers of a group of professional kitty technicians.

8. Furry Faxes: 

This one’s for the older folks who remember the days of fax machines. Imagine your faxes being sent by a furry little messenger.

9. Paw-print Press: 

The idea of a printer that leaves a cute little paw print on every page. You’ll always remember your feline friend with every document.

10. Paws and Prints: 

Merging the pause action with the cat theme. Sometimes you need to take a short paws…I mean pause before resuming your printing spree.

11. Purr-ge Mode: 

Envision a printer with a special setting where it purrs to let you know it’s in the perfect mood for printing.

12. Meow-nochrome: 

For those black and white prints, inspired by the monochromatic theme, with a cat’s meow for added flair. Your cat approves of your minimalist style!

13. Purr-allel Printing: 

The idea of multi-tasking in the world of printing. Just like a cat can focus on many things simultaneously, so does this printer, doing multiple jobs simultaneously.

14. Purr-inting Press: 

It plays on the old-school printing press with a cute, furry twist. This printer takes its job very seriously, with every purr indicating a job well done.

15. Cat-Scan: 

It’s as if your cat inspects each document before it gets printed. The ultimate quality check, if you will.

16. Copycat: 

Taking inspiration from the term ‘copycat’, this printer duplicates precisely, just like cats sometimes imitate their human friends.

17. Purr-ge Mode: 

Imagine a printer purring contentedly, just like a cat, as it clears its system and prepares for the next big print job.

18. Meow-nochrome: 

A quirky twist on the monochrome setting of a printer reminds us of a cat’s melodious meow, especially for those grayscale prints.

19. Purr-allel Printing: 

Like the smooth coordination of a cat chasing its tail, this printer name symbolizes the seamless operation of multiple printing tasks simultaneously.

20. Purr-inting Press: 

A nod to the traditional printing press but with a modern, feline twist. Every printout feels like it’s been approved by kitty royalty.

And if you have enjoyed this humorous spin on printer names, don’t forget to check out our Funny Conference Room Names article! More chuckles await in every corner of the office!

Funny 3D Printer Names

Funny 3D Printer Names - Names Crunch

3D printing is nothing short of a technological marvel, from building figurines to crafting complex machine parts. It only makes sense to spice things up with a fun name.

Here are some side-splitting names for your 3D printer that will make your day every time you use it!

  • Layer Slayer
  • Plastic Fantastic
  • Dream Streamer
  • 3Dee-lightful
  • Filament Frenzy
  • Maker Master
  • Extrude Dude
  • Z-Axis Zaniness
  • Model Marvel
  • Infill Thrill
  • Printhead’s Playground
  • Design Dazzler
  • Filament Factory
  • Pint-Sized Producer
  • Print-A-Saurus
  • Dream Machine
  • Create Crate
  • Print Dimension
  • Layer Player
  • Gizmo Gizmaestro
  • Poly Printer
  • Crafty Carver
  • Zesty Z-Printer
  • Awesome Assembler
  • Mighty Maker
  • Captain Craft
  • Print Prodigy

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Funny Network Printer Names

Networking printers make office work so much easier. But who said they have to be all serious?

These amusing names for your network printer will bring a touch of humor to your day. Each one is sure to bring a chuckle to anyone who sends a print job its way.

  • Link-ink
  • Network Nib
  • Print-ernet
  • World Wide Web Weaver
  • Spider’s Web
  • Router Raider
  • Digital Dispatcher
  • Wi-Fi Writer
  • Ping Printing
  • LAN Lord
  • Ethernet Emissary
  • Broadband Buffer
  • Wi-Fi Writ
  • Packet Printer
  • Cloud Copymaker
  • Internet Impression
  • Virtual Volumes
  • Remote Render
  • Binary Broadsheet
  • Cyber Copies
  • Protocol Press
  • Online Oracle
  • Connectivity Conduit
  • Firewall Folios

Funny Printer Pun Names

Who doesn’t enjoy a good pun? They are clever, they are fun, and they can brighten your day in an instant. Why not bring that same wit and creativity to your printer’s name?

Here are some pun-tastic printer names that are sure to put a smile on your face.

  • A-print-cot
  • Be-leaf It or Print It
  • Puns and Prints
  • Paper-azzi
  • Print-endo Switch
  • High Print-cipal
  • Prints-ess Peach
  • Reams Come True
  • Print-eresting
  • Ctrl-P-eanut
  • Copy Right Now
  • Ink-credible
  • Margin-al Humor
  • Printer-netics
  • Print-astrophe
  • Ink-ognito Mode
  • Cyber Print-izen
  • Print-finity and Beyond
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Font-astic Prints
  • Inking Out Loud
  • Printzilla
  • Jam Session
  • Arti-factual
  • Ink-ubator
  • Print-rospective
  • Paper Weight Champion
  • Borderline Brilliant
  • Masterpiece Maker
  • The Rolling Tones

Funny Office Printer Names

In a typical office environment, the little things can brighten your day. And a funny printer name is just the kind of pick-me-up we all need from time to time. 

Here are some entertaining names for your office printer that will make every print job a fun experience.

  • Office Offloader
  • Corporate Courier
  • Business Buddy
  • Cubicle Companion
  • Desk Jetsetter
  • Breakroom Buddy
  • Water Cooler Whisperer
  • Cubicle Courier
  • Paper Pusher
  • Staple Star
  • Toner Toiler
  • Meeting Maker
  • Desk Jockey Dispatcher
  • Corporate Clone Machine
  • Suit and Tie Scribe
  • Office Oracle
  • Break Time Bestie
  • White Collar Worker
  • Office Offspring
  • Cubicle Cloner
  • Boardroom Broadcaster
  • Corporate Castaway
  • Briefcase Broadcaster
  • Memo Machine

Funny Printing Business Names

A catchy business name is the first step to grabbing customers’ attention. And what better way to do it than with a hint of humor?

With these witty business names for your printing venture, you’ll stand out in the crowd and bring a smile to your customers’ faces.

  • Express Press Stress-Less
  • Laughing Letters
  • Comic Copies
  • Chuckling Chapbooks
  • Witty Widgets
  • Hilarity Herald
  • Mirthful Manuscripts
  • Jestful Journals
  • Comical Cartridges
  • Joyful Jottings
  • Peculiar Printers
  • Bizarre Broadsheets
  • Ticklish Typesetting
  • Humorous Halftones
  • Rib-tickling Reproductions
  • Fun Fonts Factory
  • Droll Duplicators
  • Whimsical Woodblocks
  • Quirky Quills
  • Zany Zincographs
  • Frivolous Founts

Printing a Cheerful Farewell

So there you have it, pals! We have toured the fun park of punny printer names, from your office desk to 3D printing labs, from networking systems to pun-filled joy. These cool names turn a normal item like a printer into a little joy machine. 

You see, a name can be more than just a name. It can spread joy, tell a funny story, and brighten a normal day. So let’s keep the fun alive, stay happy, and keep printing!

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