200+ Cute Christmas Baby Names For Boys & Girls

Christmas Baby Names
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Choosing a name for your newborn is a joyous yet daunting task, especially for those enchanted by the spirit of Christmas. Our article presents over 200 Christmas-inspired baby names for both boys and girls, perfect for capturing the season’s essence.

From timeless to trendy, each name in our list is carefully selected to resonate with the magic and warmth of the holidays.

Whether you’re drawn to the classics or seeking something modern and unique, you’ll find a name here that sounds beautiful and embodies the festive cheer.

Let’s explore these names that are as special and memorable as the holiday.

Christmas Names for Boys

Christmas Names for Boys

Selecting a name for your baby boy with a Christmas theme adds festivity and meaning.

The holiday’s religious significance can inspire these names, its winter setting, or the general joy and warmth of the season. 

Let’s explore a range of names from A to Z, each with unique charm and meaning, perfect for a boy born during or around the holiday season.


Asher – (Hebrew) meaning “happy” or “blessed,” reflecting the joy of Christmas.

Angel – (Greek) representing the celestial messengers of the Christmas story.

Aubin – (French) meaning “white,” symbolizing the purity and peace of the holiday season.


Balthazar – (Persian) one of the Three Wise Men, embodying the spirit of giving.

Benedict – (Latin) meaning “blessed,” resonating with the blessings of Christmas.

Boris – (Slavic) meaning “to fight,” reminiscent of the enduring spirit of the season.

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Casper – (Persian) is another name for one of the Wise Men, bringing a historical touch.

Cedar – (English) after the evergreen tree, symbolizing everlasting life.

Christian – (Latin) directly reflecting the religious aspect of Christmas.


David – (Hebrew) a biblical king, symbolizing strength and leadership.

Douglas – (Scottish) after the Douglas Fir, a popular Christmas tree choice.

Drummer – (English) inspired by the “Little Drummer Boy” in the famous Christmas carol.


Eldan – (English) meaning “old friend,” fitting for the season of companionship.

Emmanuel – (Hebrew), meaning “God is with us,” is significant in the Christmas narrative.

Evan – (Welsh) meaning “young warrior,” symbolizing strength and new beginnings.


Felix – (Latin) meaning “happy” or “fortunate,” a sentiment echoed in holiday wishes.

Frost – (English) inspired by the winter frost, evoking the season’s chill and beauty.

Francis – (Latin) after St. Francis of Assisi, credited with creating the first nativity scene.


Gabriel – (Hebrew) the name of the angel who announced the birth of Jesus.

Gaspar – (Persian) is another variation of one of the Wise Men’s names.

Glenn – (Gaelic) meaning “valley,” symbolizing peace and tranquility of the season.


Hollis – (English) referring to holly, a plant synonymous with Christmas.

Hope – (English) embodying the spirit of hope during the festive season.

Hunter – (English) represents the pursuit of joy and happiness in the holidays.


Isaiah – (Hebrew), a prophet’s name, representing hope and prophecy associated with Christmas.

Ivan – (Russian) meaning “God is gracious,” a sentiment fitting for the season.

Icelyn – (English) inspired by “icicle,” reflecting the winter aspect of Christmas.


Jasper – (Persian) another name for one of the Wise Men, signifying treasure and wisdom.

Joseph – (Hebrew) after Saint Joseph, a central figure in the Christmas story.

Jude – (Latin) meaning “praised,” embodying the spirit of gratitude during the season.


Kris – (Scandinavian) short for Kriss Kringle, another name for Santa Claus.

Kane – (Welsh) meaning “beautiful,” reflecting the beauty of the holiday season.

Kendrick – (English) meaning “bold power,” symbolizing strength and joy.


Lucas – (Latin) meaning “light,” symbolizing the light of Christmas.

Lior – (Hebrew) meaning “my light,” a reminder of the festive lights and joy.

Logan – (Scottish) meaning “little hollow,” reminiscent of cozy, intimate Christmas gatherings.


Melchior – (Persian) one of the Three Wise Men, associated with the spirit of giving.

Myron – (Greek) meaning “fragrant,” reminiscent of Christmas scents like pine and cinnamon.

Malachi – (Hebrew) meaning “my messenger,” fitting for the season of messages and tidings.


Nicholas – (Greek) after Saint Nicholas, the original Santa Claus.

Noel – (French) meaning “Christmas,” directly connecting to the holiday.

Nathaniel – (Hebrew) meaning “gift of God,” echoing the theme of giving at Christmas.


Orion – (Greek) is a constellation that symbolizes the starry nights of the holiday season.

Oliver – (Latin) meaning “olive tree,” representing peace and goodwill.

Owen – (Welsh) meaning “young warrior,” symbolizing new beginnings.


Paxton – (Latin) meaning “peace town,” fitting for the peaceful Christmas season.

Pine – (English) after the pine tree, a symbol of everlasting life in Christmas tradition.

Peregrine – (Latin) meaning “traveler,” reminiscent of the Wise Men’s journey.


Quinn – (Irish) meaning “wise,” resonating with the wisdom of the Christmas story.

Quincy – (French) meaning “estate of the fifth son,” a unique choice for a Christmas name.

Quest – (English) symbolizes the journey and search for meaning during the season.


Raphael – (Hebrew) the name of an angel, bringing a heavenly touch to the festive season.

Robin – (English) after the bird, a symbol of good luck and happiness in winter.

Rudy – (German) short for Rudolph, the famous reindeer in Christmas folklore.


Shepherd – (English) reflecting the shepherds in the nativity story.

Sterling – (English) meaning “little star,” symbolizing the Star of Bethlehem.

Simeon – (Hebrew) is a biblical figure representing anticipation and joy.


Theodore – (Greek) meaning “gift of God,” a fitting sentiment for the season.

Tanner – (English) reflects the season’s craftsmen, working hard for festive joy.

Tristan – (Welsh) meaning “sorrowful,” yet symbolizing the hope that Christmas brings.


Uriel – (Hebrew) another angel’s name, representing light and fire of God.

Ulysses – (Latin) meaning “wrathful,” but also symbolizing a journey and adventure.

Urban – (Latin) meaning “from the city,” reflecting the communal joy of Christmas.


Victor – (Latin) meaning “conqueror,” symbolizing victory and celebration.

Viggo – (Scandinavian) meaning “war,” yet representing the peace that Christmas brings.

Vincent – (Latin) meaning “conquering,” echoing the triumph of the festive spirit.


Wyatt – (English) meaning “brave in war,” yet reflecting the peace of the holiday season.

Wesley – (English) refers to the western meadow, symbolizing openness and tranquility.

Winston – (English) meaning “joy stone,” resonating with happiness and celebration.


Xander – (Greek) short for Alexander, meaning “defender of men,” reflecting protection and care.

Xavier – (Basque) meaning “new house” or “bright,” symbolizing new beginnings and light.

Xerxes – (Persian) meaning “ruler over heroes,” a unique and powerful name.


Yule – (English) directly relating to the Yuletide season, symbolizing celebration and festivity.

Yannick – (Breton) meaning “little John,” a name with a touch of simplicity and joy.

Yarden – (Hebrew) meaning “to flow down,” symbolizing the flow of blessings and joy.


Zachary – (Hebrew) meaning “the Lord has remembered,” fitting for the season of reflection.

Zion – (Hebrew) represents a place of peace and serenity, akin to the Christmas spirit.

Zephyr – (Greek) meaning “west wind,” symbolizing the movement and change brought by the season.

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Christmas Names for Girls

Christmas Names for Girls

Naming your little girl Christmas provides a treasure trove of beautiful, meaningful names. Each name on our list draws inspiration from the festive season, capturing its spirit and charm. 

We’ll delve into a diverse array of girl names inspired by the Christmas season, ensuring that each alphabet letter has three wonderful options.


Amaryllis – Greek origin, named after a beautiful red flower that blooms around Christmas, symbolizing beauty.

Angele – French origin, meaning “angel”, reflects purity and Christmas’s celestial messengers.

Aurora – Latin origin, meaning “dawn”, reminiscent of the new light and hope Christmas brings.


Belle – French for “beautiful”, echoing the beauty of the Christmas season.

Bethany – Hebrew origin, a biblical town, conveying a historical connection to the season.

Blanca – Spanish origin, meaning “white”, reflecting the snow-covered landscapes of Christmas.


Carol – English origin, after the traditional Christmas carols, symbolizing joy and music.

Celyn – Welsh origin, meaning “holly”, a classic Christmas decoration.

Clara – Latin origin, meaning “bright” or “clear”, like the twinkling Christmas lights.


December – After the month of Christmas, representing joy and festivity.

Dove – English origin, a symbol of peace, reminiscent of the peaceful spirit of the season.

Diana – Latin origin, meaning “divine”, echoing the sacredness of the holiday.


Eve – English origin, for Christmas Eve, a time of anticipation and wonder.

Eira – Welsh origin, meaning “snow”, a nod to the winter season.

Estelle – French origin, meaning “star”, like the star of Bethlehem.


Faith – English origin, embodying belief and hope, central themes of Christmas.

Felicity – Latin origin, meaning “happiness”, reflects the season’s joy.

Frostine – English origin, inspired by frost, representing the beauty of winter.


Gloria – Latin origin, meaning “glory”, echoing the glorious nature of Christmas.

Gabrielle – Hebrew origin, after the angel Gabriel, symbolizing good news.

Ginger – English origin, after gingerbread, a festive Christmas treat.


Holly – English origin, after the traditional Christmas plant, symbolizing everlasting life.

Hope – English origin, representing optimism and the spirit of the season.

Hazel – English origin, a tree associated with wisdom, fitting for the holiday season.


Ivy – English origin, representing fidelity and attachment, like the clinging ivy plant.

Iris – Greek origin, named after the flower, symbolizing good tidings.

Isolde – Welsh origin, meaning “ice ruler”, a nod to the winter season.


Joy – English origin, the essence of the Christmas spirit.

Jasmine – Persian origin, named after the flower, symbolizing purity and grace.

Jovie – English origin, a playful name meaning “joyful”, perfect for the holiday season.


Kristen – Scandinavian origin, meaning “follower of Christ”, directly connected to the holiday.

Kara – Italian origin, meaning “beloved”, reflecting the love of the season.

Keira – Gaelic origin, meaning “dark”, suggests the long winter nights.


Lucia – Latin origin, meaning “light”, celebrates the season’s brightness.

Lumi – Finnish origin, meaning “snow”, directly relating to winter.

Lyra – Greek origin, named after the lyre, symbolizing harmony and music of the season.


Merry – English origin, reflecting the happiness and festivity of Christmas.

Miriam – Hebrew origin, meaning “wished-for child”, a sentiment fitting for a Christmas baby.

Mabel – Latin origin, meaning “lovable”, embodies the season’s warmth and affection.


Noelle – French origin, meaning “Christmas”, a direct nod to the holiday.

Natalia – Latin origin, meaning “birth”, signifying the birth of Jesus.

Neva – Spanish origin, meaning “snow”, perfect for a winter baby.


Olwen – Welsh origin, meaning “white footprint”, reminiscent of a winter’s walk.

Orielle – Latin origin, meaning “golden”, like the glow of Christmas lights.

Opal – Sanskrit origin, a gemstone that symbolizes hope and purity.


Piper – English origin, after the pipers piping, bringing music and celebration.

Paloma – Spanish origin, meaning “dove”, a symbol of peace.

Primrose – Latin origin, a flower, symbolizing youth and new beginnings.


Quinn – Gaelic origin, meaning “wisdom”, reflects winter’s introspection.

Quincy – French origin, meaning “estate of the fifth son”, representing inheritance and tradition.

Quella – German origin, meaning “quiet”, captures the season’s peacefulness.


Robin – English origin, a bird often associated with Christmas, symbolizing joy and song.

Rosalie – French origin, meaning “rose”, a flower representing love and beauty.

Ruby – Latin origin, a gemstone that symbolizes passion and energy, fitting for the vibrant holiday spirit.


Stella – Latin origin, meaning “star”, like the Christmas star.

Seraphina – Hebrew origin, meaning “fiery-winged”, reminiscent of angels.

Sapphire – Greek origin, a gemstone, symbolizing wisdom and purity.


Tinsley – English origin, inspired by tinsel, representing sparkle and decoration.

Talia – Hebrew origin, meaning “dew of God”, symbolizing freshness and new beginnings.

Twila – English origin, meaning “twilight”, suggests peaceful Christmas evenings.


Ursula – Latin origin, meaning “little female bear”, a nod to the coziness of winter.

Unity – English origin, representing the togetherness and harmony of the holiday season.

Uma – Sanskrit origin, meaning “tranquility”, fitting for the peaceful Christmas time.


Violet – Latin origin, a flower, symbolizing faithfulness and modesty.

Vivienne – Latin origin, meaning “life”, represents Christmas’s vitality and joy.

Vera – Russian origin, meaning “faith”, a key element of the Christmas spirit.


Wren – English origin, a small bird, symbolizing agility and liveliness.

Winter – English origin, after the season, representing calm and serenity.

Willow – English origin, a tree symbolizing flexibility and grace.


Xenia – Greek origin, meaning “hospitality”, a key element of the holiday spirit.

Xylia – Greek origin, meaning “wood”, reminiscent of Christmas trees and the natural world.

Xanthe – Greek origin, meaning “golden”, reflects the season’s warmth and richness.


Yasmine – Arabic origin, a Jasmine variant, represents purity and grace.

Yara – Arabic origin, meaning “small butterfly”, symbolizing delicacy and beauty.

Yuletide – English origin, after the Yuletide season, representing celebration and joy.


Zara – Arabic origin, meaning “princess”, fitting for a Christmas miracle.

Zoe – Greek origin, meaning “life”, embodies the holiday season’s liveliness.

Zinnia – Latin origin, a flower, symbolizing endurance and affection.

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This guide offers a delightful array of Christmas-themed names, each imbued with its special meaning and connection to the festive season. 

For baby boys, names like Asher, Balthazar, and Noel stand out, encapsulating the joy, spirit of giving, and the essence of Christmas itself. Amaryllis, Noelle, and Stella shine brightly for girls, reflecting beauty, the heart of the holiday, and the guiding star of Bethlehem. 

You forge a deep and enduring connection with this beloved holiday season by choosing a Christmas-inspired name for your child.

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